ippitybippitybopyeah? so what?00:32
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ahoneybunping popey02:25
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rpadovanipopey, o/07:45
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dholbachgood morning07:50
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Swagger1337sudo apt get08:11
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TommyBrunnHey, do you guys know of any scopes written in Go? My company is having a hack week, so I thought I'd put together a scope for our stuff, but the only thing I know less about than Go is C++, so I was hoping that I'd be able to write in in Go, but it would be nice to have something to reference.08:36
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday and happy Cat Herders Day! :-D10:03
TommyBrunnI got disconnected, so I just wanted to check in case I missed something. Is it currently possible to create scopes in Go, and if so, is there a reference scope available?10:14
mzanettidpm: ping10:18
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Mirvmzanetti: \o/11:31
Mirvnothing against evernote other than that I don't use or need it11:31
mzanettiMirv: http://notyetthere.org/data/com.ubuntu.reminders_0.5.latest_armhf.click11:32
mzanettiit's not in the store yet11:32
davmor2mzanetti: what that is insanity ;)11:35
dpmhi mzanetti, sorry, busy morning11:38
mzanettidpm: still busy or have a minute now?11:38
dpmmzanetti, I'm a bit busy today, so I might not bee too responsive. But feel free to shoot, and if I can help I can try to answer straight away11:44
mzanettidpm: 2 questions:11:45
mzanettia) are we allowed to merge stuff to trunk in reminders?11:45
mzanettib) when are we releasing :D11:45
mzanettiand one more thing:11:45
mzanettioffline-mode is read for testing/reviewing11:45
mzanetti*ready* even11:47
dpmmzanetti, yeah, we should be able to merge into trunk. Where we have to keep the gates controlled is in the store11:48
mzanettiwhich I'm still not sure why...11:48
mzanettibecause it's only getting better :D11:48
mzanettidpm: ok. I approved rpadovani's tags ui then11:51
dpmthanks mzanetti12:12
mrqtrosballoons hello, we need your help! https://code.launchpad.net/~mrqtros/ubuntu-rssreader-app/ubuntu-rssreader-app-new-devel-period/+merge/24465612:25
TommyBrunnCreating a new Scope project yields an error. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/4db51644c27db81e825a g++ needs to be 4.9 but is 4.8. g++-4.9 is installed and the symlink at /usr/bin/g++ points to /usr/bin/g++-4.912:44
mrqtrosTommyBrunn confirm12:49
TommyBrunnWhat was with the 14.10 framework, btw. Trying it with 15.04 now, as I found an AskUbuntu post where someone had the same problem.12:57
TommyBrunnHmm. It works if I don't tick the desktop kit when creating the project, but I really need that, because the emulator doesn't work in my VM.13:19
TommyBrunnCan I really not build scopes in 14.10?13:23
mihirhey rpadovani13:35
rpadovanimihir, o/13:45
mihirhey rpadovani what's up?13:45
mihirgot few mins ?13:46
mihirrpadovani: just wanted to get sync up with calculator, back from vacation. :P13:46
rpadovanimihir, yap, nothing special, we've to implement something for the db, I'm working on cmake at the moment13:47
mihirrpadovani: oh great, i just pulled reboot and works great :) mathjs working awesomely :)13:47
mihirrpadovani: anything we do have in todo list and i can grab to make it work ?13:47
rpadovanimihir, yap, you find a great thing!13:48
rpadovanimihir, well, there is some work to do on db: atm we use u1db, but it has some perfomance issues and we cannot use sortfilterproxy with it, so we're looking for something else, but dunno what yet13:48
rpadovanimihir, or, find bugs and fix them :P13:49
mihirrpadovani: okay , are we planning for moving to sqllite ?13:49
rpadovanimihir, dunno yet, could be a solution13:49
mihirrpadovani: hmmm okay.13:49
rpadovanimihir, try to implement it and look if it has good performance13:50
mihirrpadovani: so if I want to do the stress testing using u1db , i have to do lots of calculation and store it ?13:50
rpadovanimihir, yap, after like 100 calcs it takes 1 sec on a i7 to add a new cal13:50
mihirrpadovani: hmm okay , i guess we had sqllite in our old calculator right13:51
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nerochiarobfiller: hi Bill. i was wondering if we could set up a silo with camera-app and the ubuntu ui extras, now that they have been reviewed and most bugs fixed14:10
bfillernerochiaro: yup, let me know the MR's and I'll create one14:11
nerochiarobfiller: https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/camera-app/photo-editor/+merge/242696 and https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/ubuntu-ui-extras/photo-editor/+merge/24269514:11
nerochiaroartmello_: hi, can you please ping me when you are around ?14:42
artmello_nerochiaro: ping :)14:42
nerochiaroartmello_: ah, ok :) i put out some time ago a review for gallery to use the new componentized photo editor. i thought florian was looking at it but actually it turns out it should be you14:43
nerochiaroartmello_: the code is https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/gallery-app/gallery-app-photo-editor/+merge/24324314:44
nerochiaroartmello_: so whenever you have some time if you could have a look it would be great14:44
artmello_nerochiaro: sure. as soon as I fix some issues with AP tests on gallery I take a look on that14:45
nerochiaroartmello_: it sounds like a big review, but it is mostly moving stuff into a component14:45
nerochiaroartmello_: ok, thanks14:45
artmello_nerochiaro: np14:46
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nerochiaroom26er: can you have a quick look please and let me know why this build is failing ? https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/camera-app/photo-editor/+merge/24269615:28
TommyBrunnHas anyone gotten the emulator to work in 14.10 in vmware? When I try to run it, it seems to just hang after running /lib/init/init-d-script15:35
om26ernerochiaro, its not your code, the problem is in the infrastructure15:45
om26er*looks like15:45
nerochiaroom26er: ok. any idea if a fix is in the works and who's looking at it ?15:45
om26ernerochiaro, not really sure, I have not been working with the CI team lately15:46
om26ernerochiaro, can you join #ubuntu-ci-eng please, we could ask plars there15:47
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om26ersalem_, Hi!17:12
om26ersalem_, regarding fix for bug 139852517:12
ubot5bug 1398525 in Canonical System Image "Proximity sensor should not control the screen when using an earphone/headset" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139852517:12
om26erthe screen does not turn on if I have my hand over the sensor and I plug the headphones17:12
om26erso at this stage the screen wont turn on, even if I remove my hand from the sensor17:13
om26erbfiller, ^17:16
salem_om26er, hm, good catch. can you check if the same happens if you pair a bluetooth headset while covering the proximity sensor?17:16
om26erok let me try that17:17
om26ersalem_, yes, happens with bluetooth headsets as well17:26
salem_om26er, ok, thanks. can you leave a comment on that bug report?17:39
rpadovaniThere is any PPA to have QtQuick 5.3 on trusty?18:25
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quatroxHello all.  I want to try to create a click package from an app.  This app has a dependency to a library written in C.  What is the recommended approach?  Should I bundle both into one single click package?22:43
balloonsquatrox, yes22:52
quatroxballoons: thank you.22:58
perrito666god night everyone23:54
perrito666I am using ubuntu 14.10 and ubuntu sdk seems to be broken/incomplete for go+qml apps is there a more bleeding edge version I could get? I am not so worried about lack of go syntax but there seems to be an error in qml with ubuntu.components23:55

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