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Guest93745i installed ubuntu-gnome 14.04.1 on usb flash but it stand on screen ubuntu gnome   why ?07:23
draven33need some help with compiz in 14.04  i activatewd dual loghin compoz and metacity an can't align the 3d windows on the cube they form outside the cube14:55
darkxstNoskcaj, can you get in contact with debian maintainer for grilo-plugins re splitting grilo-plugins? bug 139473119:45
ubot5bug 1394731 in grilo-plugins (Ubuntu) "[MIR] grilo-plugins" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139473119:45
* darkxst thinks GTK 3.16 is going to be a whole lot worse than 3.14 (Which is taking forever) :( 19:55
Noskcajreally? that's bad20:04
Noskcajalthough part of the issue wirth 3.14 is no CSD patches, rather than actual gtk stuff20:04
darkxstNoskcaj, theme engine has been removed, in favour of pure CSS themes20:07
darkxstNoskcaj, most of of the issues with 3.14 have nothing to do with apps20:07
darkxstlots of theme issues, huge icons, and more20:09
Noskcaj3.16 sounds fun then20:12
darkxstthose are/were 3.14 issues, but ubuntu heavily depends on the theme engine20:13
darkxstI don't even think there is anyone on the -desktop team, that could actually port ubuntu themes to CSS20:14
NoskcajI think xubuntu has enough theme people that that will be less of an issue there, i'll see if they can help next cycle20:20
darkxstdoes xfce even use gtk 3?20:25
ubot5Gnome bug 735211 in Class: GtkStyleContext "Deprecating gtkthemingengine in 3.14" [Normal,Unconfirmed]20:31

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