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attente_dandrader: hi. is clipboard support only available through u8 and not mir?16:06
dandraderattente_, yes16:06
attente_dandrader: that means toolkit support for clipboard then depends on u8, isn't that a problem?16:08
dandraderattente_, current clipboard architecture is not the final one16:09
attente_dandrader: oh ok, so there is some plan to move it back down to the mir level?16:09
dandraderattente_, I don't think so. if I'm not mistaken the plan is to move it to content hub16:09
dandraderattente_, consensus seems to be that system clipboard  != display server16:10
dandraderattente_, tvoss knows the details16:10
attente_dandrader: ok, thanks16:12
mardybschaefer: hi! I'm trying to run a SDL2.0 game on the nexus 417:01
bschaefermardy, awesome, hows that going?17:01
mardybschaefer: SDL_CreateWindow fails:17:01
bschaefermardy, are you trying to run this on unity8?17:01
mardyCould not create window: Failed to created a window surface 0x117:01
bschaeferor on a standalone mir server?17:02
mardybschaefer: looks like the message comes from here: http://hg.libsdl.org/SDL/file/2b2cfda26085/src/video/mir/SDL_mirwindow.c#l13317:02
mardybschaefer: unity817:02
bschaeferoooo ... haha yeah i think thats my fault17:02
bschaeferfor not patching SDL2 yet...17:02
bschaeferi think sdl2 still has opengl compiled with it on the phone17:02
bschaefermardy, sooo you'll need to recompile SDL2 with --disable-video-opengl17:03
mardybschaefer: I had to rebuild libsdl2 myself, because of https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/140275317:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 1402753 in libsdl2 (Ubuntu) "Mir backend doesn't work, rebuild needed" [Undecided,New]17:03
bschaefereeek, i've not seen that yet!17:03
mardybschaefer: ok, I'll try17:03
bschaefermardy, thanks! let me know if that works17:03
mardybschaefer: after rebuild with --disable-video-opengl, the window is created and the app runs, but nothing is visible on the screen17:22
mardybschaefer: it's not just black, it's completely transparent17:22
bschaefermardy, what app are you testing?17:22
mardybschaefer: https://github.com/mardy/trg2/tree/sdl2.017:22
mardybschaefer: the SDL code is in src/main-sdl2.cpp17:23
bschaefermardy, o haha yeah i was about to say looks like 1.217:23
mardybschaefer: what happens if the window size does not match the screen? could this be the problem?17:24
bschaefermardy, try to confirm its getting the correct window size17:24
bschaeferif its 0,017:24
bschaeferthat would be an issue :), you can also try to force a size to confirm is an issue on my end17:24
mardybschaefer: SDL_GetWindowSize() returns the same size I used to create it: 854x48017:25
mardybschaefer: I didn't understand: should I specify 0,0 as size?17:25
bschaefermardy, no, i was thinking if it get 0,017:26
bschaeferit would be an issue but mir doesn't support resize :)17:26
bschaefermardy, is it still ... working besides no image?17:26
mardybschaefer: yes, the music plays17:27
bschaefermardy, alright...whats the res on the n4?17:27
bschaeferalso, if you want to you can get some errors17:28
bschaeferprintf("ERROR:\n%s", SDL_GetError());17:28
bschaefermardy, let me get a phone running for me to attempt to run the game!17:30
bschaefermardy, also you made a desktop file to launch the app right?17:31
* bschaefer waits for phone to not be dead17:37
mardybschaefer: sure, I have a click dir, let me push it somewhere17:38
bschaeferclick dir? you've made a click package?17:38
bschaeferman i need to learn how to make one of those haha17:38
mardybschaefer: https://github.com/mardy/trg2/tree/click17:40
mardybschaefer: so, to build the app:17:41
mardybschaefer: mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make17:41
mardybschaefer: then, once the executable is build: cd ../click && cp ../build/trg2 . && click build .17:41
bschaefercool, and do you get any errors after you init17:41
bschaeferor after you create the window?17:41
mardybschaefer: nope17:42
bschaeferie. after you do an SDL_Init do a print on SDL_GetError()17:42
bschaefero, dang17:42
mardybschaefer: If I print SDL_GetError() I can see some error, but it varies; I think that I shouldn't call SDL_GetError() if the functions return success17:42
mardybschaefer: anyway, I added a SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN flag, and if I specify a size of 768x1222 (like other QML apps), I see that the returned size is 768x1280, which is really fullscreen17:43
bschaefermardy, yeah just call it anytime17:43
mardybschaefer: I get this: Failed loading eglChooseConfig: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libSDL2-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: _eglChooseConfig17:44
bschaeferif theres no error, its empty17:44
bschaeferhmm IIRC thats not really an error but still happens17:44
mardybschaefer: or maybe they forget to clear it?17:44
bschaeferpossibly that17:44
bschaefermardy, i also have an sdl1.2 branch as well17:45
bschaefermardy, and you app works fine on X11?17:46
mardybschaefer: yep17:47
bschaefercool, just want to double check :)17:47
bschaefermardy, another thing you could test17:50
bschaeferin SDL/tests/17:50
mardybschaefer: now I added a probably useless SDL_GL_MakeCurrent, and it returns 0 (no error)17:50
bschaefertheres a few tests that are a good to check things are working17:50
bschaefermardy, no you do need that17:50
bschaefermardy, you should also store the SDL_GLContext17:51
bschaeferso you can do17:51
bschaefer  SDL_GL_DeleteContext(context);17:51
mardybschaefer: that shouldn't have an impact, right?17:52
mardybschaefer: ops, I have to leave now17:52
bschaefernone at all :)17:52
bschaeferalright, do you have an email?17:52
mardybschaefer: if you can find some time to play with it, I'd be grateful17:53
mardybschaefer: alberto.mardegan@canonical.com17:53
bschaefermardy, cool, ill take a look. Thanks!17:54
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