qball1I need some help with my ceton infinitv and mythbuntu01:29
qball1somehow after adding the ip for the ceton tuner, the frontend loses connection to the master backend01:29
qball1I'm stumped and not sure how to fix it01:29
qwebirc27897Hello, is there a specific forum for Mythbuntu?03:23
tgm4883qwebirc27897: it's on the Ubuntu forums03:24
tgm4883In on my phone, but it's linked there from the mythbuntu website03:24
cnjjInteresting.  I reinstalled 12.04, the latest 0.25 version in the repos both works with SchedulesDirect and records from the ceton tuner.06:03
cnjjUpgraded 12.04 to 0.27, causes the lockups I was seeing with 14.04 (of course, to use 0.27 I had to upgrade other things, like mysql, so maybe that did pull in something else that caused the problems).  At this point, I'm just going back to a fresh install and updating 0.25 branch.06:04
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Kwishercan anyone help with my playback settings?21:21
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