chuYou know why you were banned, right?01:15
IdleOneSo the reason I banned you is because I have noticed you have a tendency to push the limits of what is acceptable behavior in ubuntu channels. Also because there are certain things you don't make jokes about. So I request that you read the channel !guidelines which are linked in the channel topic and after you have done that and you agree to follow them I will remove the ban01:17
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines01:18
chuSo, importantly, do you now understand where you went wrong?01:27
IdleOneGood enough for me.01:28
IdleOneYou may now enter #ubuntu-offtopic and part this channel.01:28
chuYou do understand that this means we will be keeping a closer eye on you, and that any infractions in the future will come with a harsher penalty, right?01:28
IdleOneThank you01:28
retroisprestoIt's not letting me send anything to #ubuntu01:32
phunyguylol @ one line pastebin01:35
Tm_Tchu: penalty?04:34
chuPunishment I guess is more appropriate.04:35
Tm_Toh no, more like damage control measures, bans aren't for those who get banned but for those who are left in channel04:38
chuOh I see. Yeah, I was trying to make a point; I made it known to him a few days I was an operator while he was skirting the line - today he kept skirting it, IdleOne banned him, and I wanted to stress that we were both very serious when we said he needs to watch his behaviour.04:40
ubottuakiva-thinkpad called the ops in #ubuntu (adip)06:12
valorieI agree with Tm_T: even when I get angry, bans are about keeping the peace, not punishment06:19
valoriea kline is punishment06:19
Tm_Tvalorie: not even that, it just kick/ban in network wide, similar reason07:23
DJonesikonia: WOuld this be better for john__ http://www.sysads.co.uk/2014/06/install-pycharm-3-4-ubuntu-14-04/ rather installing a tar file09:08
DJonesAt least it gives a deb file to make removal easier09:09
ikoniaDJones: could well be, I don't trust the getdeb.net stuff as a rule of thumb, but that doesn't mean it's not a better solution09:09
DJonesThat was just the first link I came across09:10
DJonesLooks like getdeb is the official repository for it09:10
ikoniago for it, I don't know the state of that, it's only a personal thing that I don't trust getdeb09:10
ubottuIn ubottu, zebra111 said: !hello is Hello, how are you?17:28
k1l_SuperEddy (~Superman@c-76-118-97-106.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) hfsplus again in +118:04
DJonesand gone18:06
SuperEddynooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaa18:16
genii@comment 65446 Disruptive, known troll18:21
ubottuComment added.18:21
genii@comment 65448 Disruptive, same as 65446, starting up in multiple channels18:22
ubottuComment added.18:22
turntogodnownooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaa19:04
geniiHe'll probably be doing this all day now.19:07
k1l_what a sad life19:08
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