infinityxnox: That seems to be lacking explanation.02:52
ochosihey folks, can any of you please approve this blueprint? i sent an email about xubuntu blueprints to the -release ML at the beginning of the cycle, but seemingly this one was overlooked: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-v-docs08:03
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mlankhorstcan someone drop mesa-lts-utopic? A small error crept in that leaves mesa-vdpau-drivers-lts-utopic unusable08:43
wxlhey folks, what's the deal on alpha1? any sort of timeline?18:11
apwwxl, the release schedule says the 18-dec-2014 for alpha1, so I'd expect to see freezes around the 16-dev-2014 for that18:15
wxlapw: i'm used to seeing images the monday before, but okie dokie :)18:15
apwwxl, there are daily images every day ...18:16
wxlapw: MILESTONE images, i mean.18:17
apwwxl, for that i'd expect to see milestone migration blocks going in tommorrow indeed18:18
wxlokie dokie apw thx18:19
balloonsstgraber, you plan to put a call for alpha 1 out this week?18:31
stgraberballoons: yes, I was travelling today and will do the alpha-1 stuff tomorrow.21:14
stgraberballoons: though IIRC I'm only on engineering duty, not on paperwork duty for this one21:14
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infinitystgraber: I'm going to slide a new kernel/d-i in before you alpha-1, if that's cool.21:25
infinitystgraber: (Not a very new kernel, just a copy from utopic-proposed)21:25
stgraberyep, that's fine with me21:28
balloonsstgraber, yes jriddell is paperwork duty :-)22:13
infinitystgraber: Alright, kernel and d-i in proposed.22:18
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bdmurrayslangasek: I'd like to early release the fix for bug 1401390. Sound okay?23:27
ubot2bug 1401390 in hwloc (Ubuntu Utopic) "apt-get install nvidia-331 triggers 691 packages to be installed" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140139023:27
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