dakeryo mhall11920:32
mhall119daker: hiya20:42
dakermhall119: do you know what Daniel means by "One problem we are still seeing is that translations (of main strings,20:43
dakernot of translated pages) still don't quite work."20:43
mhall119daker: he and dpm have been trying to load translations into a Django instance, but so far haven't gotten it working20:45
dakermhall119: ok i'll try to have a look at it20:46
mhall119as far as I know they're generating the .pot file and either via LP or manually created the .po files20:46
mhall119but they can't get the devportal django-cms setup to load and use the translations in the .po20:46
dakermhall119: found the issue :D22:13

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