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nileshHello, what is the proper method to allow tcpdump in apparmor when it is in enforcing mode?05:38
nileshI tried aa-genprof, but that doesn't work. I'm still getting permission denied when it goes back in enforcing mode.05:39
jjohansennilesh: what does the DENIED message in the logs look like?06:16
jjohansen  grep DENIED /var/log/syslog06:16
jjohansen  dmesg | grep DENIED06:17
nileshjjohansen: it's denying all kinds of sockets06:30
nileshand this happens for mysqld, tcpdump, dhclient06:30
nileshcurrently I've put all of them in complain mode06:30
nilesheven checked apparmor_parser, and the final profile file does contain the relevant declarations (net_raw, inet, etc)06:31
jjohansennilesh: right but what are the messages, can you pastebin them? I could then tell you what rules you need to add06:31
nileshone second06:31
nileshjjohansen: here https://gist.github.com/anonymous/17aed11fde3276b4444906:34
jjohansennilesh: what release are you running? And did you replace the profile?06:38
jjohansenThe profile looks like it has the necessary rules06:38
nileshit's natty with 3.2 kernel... (this is used for some custom software, so we are unable to upgrade to a supported ubuntu version right now)06:41
nileshthe work is in progress06:41
jjohansennilesh: okay, so this seems to be familiar, I'll see if I can dig up a bug.06:42
* nilesh fingers crossed06:43
jjohansennilesh: hrmm, I didn't find it, would you be willing to try a newer compiler?06:49
jjohansennilesh: actually just try06:50
jjohansen  sudo apparmor_parser -r /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.tcpdump06:50
jjohansenfirst and check that the profile was properly reloaded06:50
jjohansennilesh: okay its looking like I can't build a natty package in the ppa anymore, I will have to see if I can't setup locally to do it07:04
jjohansennilesh: the other thing you could paste me is the output of07:07
jjohansenapparmor_parser -QT -S /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.tcpdump | hexdump -C07:07
jjohansennilesh: I am going to step away for a few hours and will look at this more when I get back07:11
nileshjjohansen: https://nileshgr.com/tcpdump_apparmor_hexdump08:07
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lordievaderGood morning08:53
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jamespagejodh, morning09:35
jodhjamespage: hi!09:35
jamespagejodh, so.... is doko the only foundations team person who deals with python? I have a core language problem I need resolving in 12.0409:36
jamespagebut I'm not 100% comfortable doing the update myself09:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1081022 in python2.7 "logging.SysLogHandler doesn't close UNIX socket when connection failed" [Undecided,Fix released]09:36
jodhjamespage: not just doko - we have barry of course. But he's on vac now.09:39
jamespagehmm I can't find doko on irc either09:39
jodhjamespage: I think doko should be around later. If not, then slangasek/stgraber might be the best bet.09:42
jamespagejodh, ack - I'll ping doko later09:55
jamespageI'm happy todo the SRU - just wanted a expert review of my patch pre-upload09:55
Odd_BlokeAm I right in thinking that the ordering of dependencies in /etc/init.d/.depend.* isn't significant (i.e. a: b c is equivalent to a: c b)?10:00
qisHi! Would you suggest using the ubuntu LTS server image as a workstation base to get rid of ubuntu-specific GUI applications?10:04
qisFor Android and Chromium development.10:04
qisOr rather the desktop version and manually uninstall all unrequired software?10:04
lordievaderqis: I'd use the server iso or the mini iso, indeed.10:06
qislordievader: Thanks.10:07
qisI'll go with the server iso since I need a postgresql database anyway.10:07
jadesoturihi all. im in a process of purchasing a new hp proliant dl380p server, and hp is pushing me to get a HP 512MB P-series Smart Array Flash Backed Write Cache for caching most accessed files from the raid array on to the OS ssd. is there a software/free way of doing this without loosing much performance?10:17
jadesoturifrom what i understand, its possible to achieve this using LVM with 1 vg and 2 lvs - 1 for "slow" raid and 1 for the SSD raid array...10:19
jadesoturibut is it as good as using the smart array option=10:19
sheptardjadesoturi: zfs + l2arc on ssd10:23
jadesoturisheptard, ok. zfs as filesystem for the OS then ?10:23
jadesoturihave to googel l2arc. :P heh e10:23
sheptardit's the caching part of zfs10:24
jadesoturiok. and this would give me the same results as using that smart cache controller?10:25
jadesoturiand i am still able to use LVM  ?10:25
sheptardif you want something simple that just works, go with what you were thinking and the 'smart' cache controller10:25
jadesoturicause im thinking of setting up a encrypted LVM on top of the raid(will be handeled by the built in raid controller)10:25
jadesoturiok.. l2arc is complicated setup ?10:26
sheptardzfs is different10:26
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sheptardl2arc is part of zfs10:27
sheptardI'd just go your route10:27
sheptardand haggle HP down on the price of the controller10:27
jadesoturiok. never used ZFS, so know little about it.. :)10:27
jadesoturithis is a "Barebone" server that we will be expanding later on. but performance is crucial, so if a little more work gets me the extra horsepower im willing to do it.:P hehe10:28
sheptardif performance is critical, why are you encrypting10:28
LightswordI’m trying to use ubuntu-server as a proxy with iptables, I’m using these rules but it doesn’t seem to be working https://gist.github.com/jameshilliard/45d4bcf840533116bf0710:29
jadesoturiwell, as i understand, that does not affect performance, since its decrypted on boot, or does it actually encrypt all the time. safety is important since it will be handling personal client information..10:30
Eggs_jadesoturi: you dont really want to use any raid card with ZFS as it messes with it, so i suggest using the cache, though the 512MB seems very small10:31
jadesoturiyeah, thats why i wanted to use a part of the os ssd for that instead..10:31
jadesoturiEggs_, so software raid would be better then ?10:31
sheptardjadesoturi: if you're going to spend all that money on a hw raid controller, might as well use it as a hw raid controller10:32
jadesoturiwell. the HW raid controller is part of the proliant dl380p chassie.. so cant really opt out it, but i can choose not to use it if l2arc is safer/better..10:33
Eggs_jadesoturi: with the raid controller you will have more headaches than its worth on ZFS10:33
jadesoturithat smart array cache is just an addon..10:33
jadesoturiEggs_, ok..10:33
sheptardjadesoturi: does it have battery backup at least?10:33
jadesoturiso how does one secury one self from drive failure on ZFS ?10:34
jadesoturisheptard, the smart array controller or the built in raid controller?10:34
mardraumcan't you set the controller to JBOD?10:34
jadesoturimardraum, dont have it in hand yet, so not sure, but most likely..10:34
mardraumjadesoturi: you choose a raid level you are comfortable with in terms of redundancy10:35
Eggs_jadesoturi: ZFS is designed to be used with direct access to the disks for fault tollerance, you `scrub` the disks and it checks the checksums against a table and corrects any bit rot10:35
White_Catis there a mail server that I can use with ubuntu-server. I was looking at postfix but that requires creation of ubuntu accounts per each email account. I'd rather keep the two seperate10:37
jadesoturiok. so what happens when a drive fails then? dataloss? how is redundancy handeled?10:38
maswanthe hp raid "flash-backed" raid controller is a raid controller with 512MB write-back RAM cache10:38
maswanthe flash comes in as the fallback when power is lost, then it gets flushed to flash10:38
maswan(only need small caps instead of the big batteries of old raid controllers with write-back cache)10:39
maswanit is not accessable as a disk from the OS for zil or so10:39
jadesoturiok.. thanks for the info:) so the "caching part is handeled by the raid controller then, without ubuntu ever knowing about it then?10:40
jadesoturii just want a safe and redundant solution wthout having to cash out all of my money.10:41
Eggs_jadesoturi: you can set drives as hotswappable,  if a drive fails the new one picks up, or you can manullly replace the drive without rebooting, very similar to what raid controller does but its all software based10:44
jadesoturiok.. so it is a software raid with a different name then:) ehhe10:45
jadesoturihow many drives can fail before there will be dataloss?10:45
mardraumjadesoturi: the reality is though, since you are ponying up the cash for a decent server, it does have decent hardware RAID10:45
mardraumjadesoturi: depends on your RAID level, every time10:45
mardraumand this is coming from a big ZFS guy (me, though not on ubuntu).10:46
Eggs_jadesoturi: you can set up RAID5,6,10 etc10:46
Eggs_jadesoturi: i use ZFS as a large store, 20TB10:46
sheptard~140'ish TB here10:47
jadesoturiok. let me get this straight.. if i use ZFS, then i should NOT use the built in raid, but use software raid instead? (ref. your comment about ZFS being picky with hw raid)? is this correct?10:47
mardraumjadesoturi: ZFS is your entire RAID solution, you present the disks to it as JBOD10:48
jadesoturiwe are going for raid 6 to begin with, and over to raid 60 later, as it has better write performance( just cant afford all the drives to begin with).. starting with 3tb and the plan is to extend to 15TB by q3 2015..10:48
mardraumyou don't sound like you know much about this or are willing to research (no offense). If you don't want to get fired, go with the HP RAID, which is perfectly good.10:48
jadesoturimardraum, thanks you, exactly what i was wondering about..10:49
jadesoturiwell. i know enough about raid, nut not zfs,, got a little confused here..10:49
mardraumI would suggest get this into production and in your spare time play with ZFS and understand it more10:50
jadesoturiand i am willing to do the research, this being part of it.. always best to talk to people who deal with it on a regular basis, isnt it?10:50
Eggs_jadesoturi: zfs has only recently become native to linux, it used to be fuse and its much better now, its defintatly worth a test10:50
jadesoturimost likely is what im gonna do - start off with hd raid and lvm cache, and move one to ZFS once i know more about it.. :)10:51
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jadesoturiEggs_, i will play with it a little and see. thank you so much for the help.. just one last question: the LVM cache feature - anyone used it or have any performance info on it? tried google but cant seem to find much in terms of comparison.10:52
Eggs_jadesoturi: i guess any kind of caching system depends entirly on the data your accessing, what is it used for?10:53
jadesoturidocument archive with php processing, pdfs, docx, jpegs etc..10:54
jadesoturii know i can use dmcache, bcache etc also, but not sure witch one is best suited for the setup we are doing here..10:55
jadesoturianyways. thank you for great answers.. gonne stick around in here:) but have to run to a meeting.. be back later to bug you guys some more if its ok ;)10:56
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jadesoturichecked up on it, the built in controller does not support JBOD, solution is single raid0 drives, but that does really work in the long run... looks like raid+lvm it is untill i get a LSI sas controller and learn zfs some more,, shame.. i liked what i read about it...11:25
qisIs there a guide how to install cloud9 on a local ubuntu 14.04 server?11:29
qisYes, I tried googling for it. A lot of noise!11:29
qisHmm, I'll just make a VM snapshot and try the instructions on https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/11:31
daviiidddddddsomeone can help me plz?11:33
daviiidddddddi've reinstalled dhcp-server, but /etc/dhcp is empty.11:33
daviiidddddddi need to configure dhcp.conf in order to customize my net11:33
daviiidddddddbut folder is empty :(11:34
daviiidddddddnoone can help me?11:40
qisIs there a real ubuntu documentation?11:42
qisLike FreeBSDs handbook.11:42
qisOr can I just use the debian documentation for server configuration and management?11:43
qisAt least the pre-systemd one.11:43
Eggs_qis: i dont think so, ubuntu messes with the networking a lot so its not going to be the same as debian11:45
Eggs_qis: but i dont really know more than that sorry11:45
jadesoturiqis, if you have allready checked the documentation on help.ubuntu.com then forums/google is your best bet i guess11:47
qisjadesoturi: Forums have a long response time. Google and forum search usually return a lot of noise in form of outdated or inept answers.11:48
jadesoturivalid point.. but guess thats the reality of the internets now-a-days.11:49
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zuljamespage:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/140306813:54
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1403068 in cinder "Tests fail with python 2.7.9" [Undecided,New]13:54
zuljamespage:  same with neutron13:56
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jadesoturiwhat filesystem would you recommend for a relativly large raid6+lvm setup ? 3-4tb to begin with and will be growing uo to 15-20tb during the next year. files are mostly pictures and docx/pds with normal size.15:12
jadesoturiim thinking btrfs or XFS, (ZFS will be considered later, not supported on current hardware due to lack of JBOD) or will a regualar ext4 do ?15:13
* patdk-wk just uses ext415:14
patdk-wkdue to lack of xfs knowledge15:14
patdk-wkI have ran ext4 systems upto 26tb15:14
patdk-wkbtrfs, heh, has not been good to me15:14
jadesoturihehe ok:) isnt the limit 16TB on ext4 ?15:14
patdk-wkmany years ago15:14
jadesoturiwell iknow btrfs might be a little unsafe, but supposted to perform very nice, right? and is heading to replace ext4 as the "main" fs in distros?15:15
patdk-wkthat can be very much debated :)15:16
patdk-wksure every thing someone makes they would love to be the default15:16
jadesoturithing is every file that will be written will first be preprocessed in php, do this might be a bit CPU intensive need a FS that is not so resource hungry, but still able to perform nicely:)15:16
patdk-wkbut the btrfs teams priories are not inline with that goal :)15:16
jadesoturieheh that is true, just read some noise on the internets about it..15:16
patdk-wkyes, they dream about that15:17
patdk-wkbut they fail to *do the dirty work* to make btrfs usable enough for that goal15:17
patdk-wkand instead put effort into pretty things15:17
jadesoturiok. so what you are saying is that btrfs is a nogo in a production system ?15:17
patdk-wkpersonally? use btrfs on data you don't care about15:17
jadesoturithat leaves xfs and ext4 - where xfs is the best thing for big files, but how does it go with files from 1 to maybe 25mb ?15:18
jadesoturicause thats the regular size of the files for that server..15:18
patdk-wkwhy is xfs best for big files?15:18
patdk-wklast benchmark I did, ext4 and xfs for large files where the same15:18
jadesoturiapperntly redhat did some test etc and measured very nice performance on 200mb+ filesizes..15:19
patdk-wkexcept when deleting LOTS of LARGE files, xfs would be craploads faster15:19
patdk-wkbut ext4, heh, most of that was fixed15:19
jadesoturihmm ok. so from what you are saying, not much to gain from xfs ?15:19
patdk-wkthere are gains with xfs15:19
patdk-wkbut there are issues too15:19
patdk-wkso you have to pick what your willing to deal with15:20
patdk-wkfor me, it's lack of knowledge to fix it, when it goes wrong15:20
jhobbsrbasak: howdy15:20
ppetrakixfs plays better with raid15:20
jadesoturippetraki, really ? this will be a raid6/60 setup with lvm on top and ssds in raid 1 for the os...15:20
jhobbsrbasak: know much cloud-init? got any ideas what's going on here? https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/140286115:21
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1402861 in maas "cloud-config-url ignored, install fails" [Undecided,New]15:21
jhobbsrbasak: i think cloud-init is timing out trying to reach cloud-config-url and is silently failing, but i'm not sure how to prove it15:21
ppetrakijadesoturi, https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/RAID_setup#XFS15:21
jadesoturithank you. ill have a look :)15:21
ppetrakiyou'll want a wide stripe, like 256K.. and your SSDs, you should over provision them by 20% to give the garbage collector headroom e.g. only allocate 80% of the disk15:22
jadesoturiok... this will be a hw raid, using the builtin p420i smart array controller from hp... but should i also use the xfs on the os drives? these drives will just run the os and be used for caching from the raid array.15:25
ppetrakijadesoturi, that would come down to preference, ext4 would be fine for OS.15:26
ppetrakijadesoturi, you should also just test it with fio, see how the array behaves wrt that filesystem15:27
ppetrakijadesoturi, RAID60 is a little overkill IMHO, customers tend to put off spare replacements...15:27
jadesoturiwell. my boss wants safety, so this gives him 2 drives fail before shit goes down... and this being a big array and all..15:29
jadesoturialso, i read it has better write performance then raid 615:29
patdk-wkwhat size disks?15:29
ppetrakijadesoturi, you could install a cache to get better read performance15:29
jadesoturi900gb SAS 10k drives..15:29
ppetrakijadesoturi, like rapid disk15:29
jadesoturippetraki, im going to go for lvm caching to the ssd drives..15:30
jadesoturihp wants me to buy smart cache though.. but its so pricy..15:30
jadesoturiwhat is rapid disk ?15:30
patdk-wkwhat are you optimizing for?15:30
patdk-wkwrites? reads?15:30
patdk-wkand what kinds of writes/reads do you have?15:31
patdk-wkand what size is your working set?15:31
jadesoturiwell. preferebly both...15:31
patdk-wkyou can't have both :)15:31
ppetrakijadesoturi, http://www.rapiddisk.org/15:31
patdk-wkunless both are equal, then it's not optimized :)15:31
jadesoturihehe. appertly zfs has both if i understand it correctly, but thats another story..15:32
ppetrakijadesoturi, it's a writethrough mem cache, so all your reads will come from memory15:32
patdk-wknormally, I only ever optimize for writes, as my servers only do writes15:32
patdk-wkreads are all cached in ram15:32
patdk-wkzfs optimizes HEAVY on writes15:32
ppetrakijadesoturi, so... you won't need the 0 in RAID 6015:32
patdk-wkand causes read hell15:32
patdk-wkthis is why zfs needs lots of ram15:32
* ppetraki can't stand zfs, can't wait to get a new hd in laptop to give it the boot15:33
* ppetraki correction btrfs :)15:33
* patdk-wk hugs his zfs systems15:33
jadesoturihehe so split opinions on this matter:P15:33
ppetrakiI'm sure it works, btrfs, not so much15:33
patdk-wkwell, the issue with zfs, and btrfs, is it optimizes writes, cause it's cow15:34
patdk-wkso all writes are APPENDED to the end of the disk15:34
patdk-wknice stream writes, from your random writes15:34
patdk-wkso it's fast15:34
jadesoturiwell. the system will be running a php/mysql web app where users will be uploading files(mostly jpegs and some pdfs) and doing some revieing of this files and editing the db.. so i guess we need to optimize for writes..15:34
patdk-wkthe problem is, when you read that data back in, it becomes purely random reads15:34
patdk-wkthis will cause HUGE performance issues, if you attempt to do a *streaming read* backup job15:35
ppetrakijadesoturi, so back to parity, yeah, RAID5/6 whatever, just make sure you actually have hotspares. RAID 0+ anything increases your liability because if you lose a member, your data is gone. With the failure rate of drives these days it's easy to lose both your parity drives in RAID6 in the span of a few days15:35
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jadesoturihmm ok. so you saying go for raid6 instead of 60 ? also, still better to have 2 drive failover then 1.....15:36
patdk-wkyou should never use raid5 :)15:37
jadesoturiyeah. sort of got that - got a long as email from dell the other day where they officially recommended to move away from raid5 .. lol15:37
ppetrakiraid6 + several hot spares + read cache like rapiddisk or equiv15:37
ppetrakiand test test test with fio :)15:38
jadesoturiok. can i use lvm cache(dmcache) instead of rapiddisk ? since rapiddisk cache to dram right? and we are a little low on our specs to start with..15:38
patdk-wkI dunno about hotspares15:39
patdk-wkit's better to make them a parity disk than a spare if you can15:39
patdk-wkso if you went raid6 + 3 spare, I would do raid60 +1spare instead15:40
ppetrakisure you can use the lvm version. Though you might want to add more RAM, especially if you're using SSDs. it's cheaper than NAND flash that's for sure and last longer :)15:40
patdk-wkonly lasts as long as the power does :)15:41
jadesoturiwell. we will be starting with 6 drives, need 4 to build the array,, so 2 can go for spare...  power is on UPS and emergency generator, we are strting with 32gb and planing to up it to 128 during next year..15:41
ppetrakiwell, I just assume people have the power thing figured out by now...15:41
jadesoturippetraki, you were talking about raid0+ something being not safe as if you loose a member your out of luck, but isnt thats why raid60 is nice? cause it adds that "safety" option..15:42
jadesoturiallowing for 2 drives to fail before your out of luck ?15:43
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jadesoturianyways.. got to run now, be back tomorrow or later tonight. cots to catch that bus. thanks for great insight guys:) i think we will go for XFS on the raid array and ext4 on the OS drives with raid6 to start with and then move on to 60 once we get some more drives inside:)15:44
ppetrakijadesoturi, *if* you keep up the RAID6 yeah, it works. but memory is cheaper than disk and you're not caching the world15:47
patdk-wkppetraki, your forgetting about a huge issue though15:48
patdk-wkone large raid6 is fine and good15:48
* ppetraki little distracted by work15:48
patdk-wkexcept when 1 disk is bad15:48
patdk-wkthen your performance goes down to 20% what it was15:48
patdk-wktill the rebuild completes15:48
ppetrakipatdk-wk, that's what hotspares are for15:48
patdk-wkit has to rebuild15:48
patdk-wkTILL it is rebuilt, your screwed15:48
ppetrakiwell, sure, it took a fault15:48
patdk-wkdoing a raid60, will mitigate that, only 70%15:49
ppetrakiit's all about context and the availability of the application, if you need something that's nonstop then buy an equalogic15:49
patdk-wkcause half of it, is stil lfull speed15:49
ppetrakisure, with twice the disks15:49
ppetrakiSSDs aren't cheap15:49
ppetrakiyou have a valid point15:49
patdk-wkours kept going down, about 3times a year, they are cold storage mode now, we don't even power them up anymore15:51
patdk-wkanything that needs good reliability and speed we put onto pure systems15:51
patdk-wk3years now, and 0 failures from over a dozen of those15:52
ppetrakiI don't know what's up with your deployment. I work with a storage dev formally from EQL so that sort of uptime comes as a surprise to me15:52
patdk-wkor well, several failures, but nothing service impacting, and rarely performance impacting15:52
patdk-wkit was just a unit connecting via 8g fc, to a vmware cluster15:53
patdk-wkjust had problem after problem after problem15:53
patdk-wkor rather, it worked fine, till stressed, then would fall over15:54
ppetrakiI don't doubt your experience, it just strikes me as odd.15:54
patdk-wkthe whole thing seemed odd, have some others without issues15:55
patdk-wkbut they never get stressed15:55
patdk-wkand the unit that was having issues, without production data now, runs fine15:55
patdk-wkbut distrust has been built15:55
ppetrakiit is odd, usually they work hard to rectify stuff like that16:00
rbasakjhobbs: sorry, otp since you pinged16:03
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diegoholiveiraguys, i wrote a upstart script and when I call it with sudo service my-service start it does not back to prompt, it keeps running forever. How can i made it back to prompt?17:00
diegoholiveirai try it without success :(17:04
diegoholiveirai also try to use nohup with &17:04
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HellMindmy pptp client is adding a route rule before it connects, how can I disable that feature19:46
bekksHellMind: Most likely it add the route after it connects, doesnt it?19:47
HellMindbekks: no, thats the default route, before it adds some route to not loss connectivity to the server, here is an example: dev lo  scope link  src
HellMind190.210.182.172 is the pptp server, is the client box ip,19:48
bekksA route using the loopback interface?!19:49
HellMindyes, it seems if for avoid using the new defaultroute to connect to the pptp server19:54
HellMindugly but it does that19:54
bekksHellMind: Could you pastebin netstat -rn please?19:56
bekksHellMind: You are using xen as well.19:57
bekksHellMind: And that route you are talking about is a host route, not a defaultroute.19:58
HellMindyep, the pptp server ip19:58
HellMindwhen I do pon thatpptp it adds it19:58
HellMindif I remove it it got added again19:58
bekksBut thats no defaultroute.19:59
HellMindisnt added using ip.up ip.down cuz it never executes those19:59
HellMindthe default route is which is the same ip as the server19:59
HellMindI use ip rule (marks) to choose routes19:59
bekksBut you dont have a defaultroute, no matter which tool you use.20:00
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redfoxHi, i've a problem with apt.-get on kernel  ... someoune could "save me"?20:51
redfox linux-generic : Depends: linux-headers-generic (= but is to be installed20:52
sarnoldredfox: perhaps your mirror has an inconsistent set of packages; it'd be a little bit of work to add new servers for e.g. germany-based servers, but it is likely to let you continue20:54
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redfoxthere was an error on /boot partition, was too little, so I deleted old kernel (not the one that is "incriminated")20:55
redfoxI made autoremove options and after made so20:55
redfoxsarnold: what do you mean?20:56
sarnoldredfox: well, your /etc/apt/sources.list will probably include something like it.archive.ubuntu.com, right? if you add similar lines for de.archive.ubuntu.com, you'll download package lists from two mirror networks, and there's a good chance the other mirror will be updated by now20:57
sarnoldredfox: ... hmm, is the real problem that you're out of drive space to install them? I thought it gave different errors for that..20:58
kevindfDoes a bind9 dns server use alot of hardware resources on a network with ~ 3 pc's20:59
kevindfJust to set up some A records on my network20:59
redfoxsarnold: I made the change on source, without success, the errors are: dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of linux-generic:21:00
redfox linux-generic depends on linux-image-generic (=; however:21:00
redfox  Package linux-image-generic is not configured yet.21:00
redfox linux-generic depends on linux-headers-generic (=; however:21:00
redfox  Version of linux-headers-generic on system is
sarnoldredfox: did you re-run apt-get update  first?21:01
sarnoldkevindf: feel free to use the weakest, oldest machine you own for that job21:01
sarnoldredfox: hmm. maybe you've got worse problems then :/21:01
redfoxI know ....  any suggest to reinstall old modules ?21:02
sarnoldredfox: how much free space do you have on /boot ?21:02
kevindfsarnold: That's kind of the problem :) I'm using weak old machines, one of them is running a Zabbix, webmin, apache, mysql server and other one apache, teamspeak, openvpn server21:03
redfox  236M  187M   37M  84% /boot21:03
kevindfi wonder if i could add a dns server up to that on one of the servers21:03
redfoxsarnold: this is output on apt-get dist-upgrade21:03
redfoxThe following packages have unmet dependencies.21:03
redfox linux-generic : Depends: linux-headers-generic (= but is installed21:03
redfox linux-image-generic : Depends: linux-image-3.2.0-69-generic but it is not installed21:03
sarnoldredfox: yeah, cleaning some older kernels might help; you can apt-get purge linux-headers-generic and linux-generic, apt-get purge older kernels, then apt-get install linux-generic and linux-headers-generic again (to make sure you keep getting security updates)21:04
redfoxsarnold: the problem is that apt-get before want to solve conflict21:05
sarnoldredfox: that's why I like to remove the packages that introduce the specific version requirements..21:05
redfoxany ideas?21:06
sarnoldredfox: any luck with apt-get purge linux-generic linux-headers-generic  ?21:09
redfoxsarnold no it wants to install before linux eneric .. .that has unmet dependance21:10
geniiThat might be painful if you don't reinstall linux-image-generic immediately again afterwards21:10
sarnoldgenii: indeed, that's the last bit of advice from earlier :) hehe21:10
redfoxit don't want to install21:10
redfoxthere's a way to "tell" to ignore the depends?21:11
redfoxonly for this 2 package for now?21:11
sarnoldredfox: not easily; purging packages until apt is content with its database is often the easiest way out21:12
redfoxbut I can't purge it21:13
redfoxapt-get purge linux.... can't execute before it don't solve the pgrade problems21:13
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sarnoldredfox: can you pastebin the results from the most recent apt-get purge linux-generic linux-headers-generic  attempt?21:14
redfoxthis is apt-get -f install21:16
sarnoldredfox: okay, now try this: apt-get purge linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic21:17
sarnoldredfox: it'll probably throw another error message..21:17
redfoxNO ERROR21:18
redfoxnow I'll reinstall it?21:18
redfoxapt-get install  linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic21:18
redfoxsarnold you save my life :)21:19
sarnoldredfox: now check out dpkg -l 'linux*' | grep ii   -- prune that list as needed21:19
redfoxsarnold: what you mean?21:20
sarnoldredfox: chances are good you've got four to six kernels installed; I suggest deleting all but two kernels. keep the kernel you're running, keep the newest kernel, and if they're the same, keep one more :)21:21
redfoxsarnold: http://pastebin.com/aCHtqUcQ21:21
sarnoldredfox: and what does uname -r   show?21:22
redfoxI didnt reboot21:22
sarnoldit's been a while, hehe :)21:22
redfoxsarnold: so I can do easily: apt-get remove linux-headers-3.2.0-68 linux-headers-3.2.0-68-generic  linux-image-3.2.0-68-generic21:25
sarnoldredfox: yeah, and keep going; I think this ought to do what you want: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9544128/21:25
redfoxsarnold: Wonderful, now I have only 2 kerner. 74 last and 37. should I reboot and purge 37 too?21:27
sarnoldredfox: not yet21:28
sarnoldredfox: reinstall the metapackages, first, apt-get install  linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic21:29
redfoxfor all say  ....  is already the newest version.21:29
sarnoldredfox: okay, I -think- you're put back together again :)21:30
redfoxfiuuu let's try to reboot?21:30
sarnoldredfox: don't delete the -37 right away, though, it's served you well lately, you might as well hold on to it while testing the -74  :)21:31
redfoxsarnold: ok so reboot? or there are other check that you want me to do .. to be sure21:31
geniiIt's always good to keep at least one other previous working kernel around21:32
sarnoldredfox: I think you're good for rebooting21:33
redfoxI'm doing21:33
redfoxsarnold: WOW i'ts up21:35
sarnoldredfox: :D21:36
redfoxand the kernel is the last21:36
sarnoldredfox: you might want to take the german mirrors back out of your apt sources, maybe just comment them out; you ddon't really need to download all the lists twice, and out-of-sync mirrors doesn't happen all that often21:36
adsf_bitfury: test21:37
redfoxsarnold: yeah I put back the original mirror list ... I must thank you .... you save me :)21:37
sarnoldredfox: great :) have fun!21:37
adsf_bitfury: test21:37
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