Guest37354am trying to upgrade 13.10 to 14.** - updater doesn't give upgrade option tried changing settings and cmd line 'do-release-upgrade' which returns 'No new release found'02:09
xangua!eol | Guest37354 did you try this02:13
ubottuGuest37354 did you try this: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:13
Guest37354your second link doesn't exist and first link doesn't show 13.** anything02:17
xanguaboth false02:20
Guest37354shouldn't 'do-release-upgrade' find 14.04 and 14.1002:20
xanguawell if you are using 13.10, you can only upgrade to 14.0402:21
Guest37354Yeah i know but shouldn't it find 14.0402:23
Guest37354retried links - first links to documentation that i folowed  - failed an am now here02:24
Guest37354do-release- upgrade is now doing massive sh**T will watch and pray to de ole grasshopper in de field that it works02:31
NotRsHello, anyone on?07:39
* xangua turn off07:39
NotRsturn off?07:40
LuyinNotRs: ask your question, not if anyone's on.07:44
NotRsDon’t really have a question (or problem for that matter). Was just wondering if there might be an engaging discussion happening. Seems pretty dead.07:46
krytarik!ot | NotRs07:47
ubottuNotRs: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:47
NotRsah, thank you ubottu! I was not aware of that.07:48
xubuntu31wDear all, i have a problem with texworks on ubuntu - texworks uses the wrong appearance on my system - is there a way to make it use gtk properly?11:05
brainwashxubuntu31w: xubuntu 14.10?11:09
brainwashit's listed as known issue in the release notes -> http://xubuntu.org/news/14-10-release/11:11
xubuntu31wbrainwash: yes11:11
brainwash"Qt apps don’t use the Gtk+ style by default, workaround is to install qt4-qtconfig and set the style there"11:11
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craigbass1976Anyone use Mint?  I just threw a Mint 17 DVD into a brand new TOshiba laptop and the graphics card wasnt' recognized.  But I put in a fairly new Xubuntu disc and I'm good to go.  It's just weird, and I thought the two OSes were using the same repos.15:53
knomecraigbass1976, mint isn't supported on this channel, so you'll want to seek for support on their support channels15:55
craigbass1976I'm going with Xubuntu, just curious as to why one would work and the other didn't if they're using the same repos.15:55
craigbass1976Fedora didn't work either, but that's a whole other ball of wax15:56
knomethey aren't using the same exact repositories/packages for each package15:56
knome...and that's one of the main reasons why we can't really do cross-support15:58
craigbass1976No, don't get me wrong; I wasn't looking for Mint support. I was just curious and didn't realize the repos weren't exactly the same.15:59
knomei understand :)16:00
craigbass1976And this brand new laptop (christmas present for my neighbor) should be running an installed Xubuntu shortly.  I love it when I can do it without even accidentally booting to Windows.16:01
knomegreat to hear, hope they enjoy it16:02
craigbass1976I got her hooked around xubuntu nine or ten.16:02
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NotRsI’m running Xubuntu 9 live cd on a powermac G4. Is there a way to mount the internal hard drives?18:14
geniiInstall into the livecd the package hfsutils and hfsprogs18:24
geniiYou may need also hfsplus, depending on it's current fs18:25
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ18:26
NotRsah so nothing included on the live cd then?18:26
geniiNotRs: It usually loads filesystem drivers for more common types like ext and fat/ntfs18:27
NotRsthe fs is ext218:27
drcNotRs: Be advised unless you installed the ISO to the media with some sort of persistence, those packages will NOT be there if you reboot the LiveCD.18:27
NotRsthanks drc I realize everything will be loaded into ram18:28
drcOK, we do sometimes get extreme newbies here, was just making sure :)18:29
NotRslol, still gonna call myself a newb but not completely clueless18:30
NotRsI’m using gparted to get the info about the drives and I’ve tried every command i can think of.18:30
geniiIf the right filesystem drivers are already installed, then Thunar ( or any other file manager ) should be able to view them18:30
NotRsthey simply won’t mount18:30
NotRsthere are two internal hard drives. one has the mac os x install the other has a really old distro of linux.18:31
geniiNotRs: If you do: dmesg | tail -n20    ...does it show any HD i/o errors? ( or similar)18:32
NotRsthe old distro of linux is what I’m trying to mount18:32
NotRsone second and I’ll let you know18:32
NotRsnot showing anything about HD18:34
NotRswhat would lp be?18:34
NotRsfor that it says driver loaded but no devices found18:34
holsteinNotRs: you should entertain the possibility the drive is dead.. they dont like to just set around..18:35
drcNotRs: Can you still boot the machine into the "really old distro of linux" ?18:35
holsteinyou should see *something* when trying to boot it, at least18:35
* drc was anticipating holstein's question :)18:36
NotRsmy apologies, I had to take a call18:44
NotRsthe hard drive is fine, it was in a really old computer and was booting great just a few days ago18:44
NotRsnow the old computer will not boot at all (motherboard, ram? who knows)18:45
NotRsI just need to get some things off the HD, but don’t have any towers that accept IDE any more18:45
drcRogue Santa's elves, trying to drum up business?18:45
NotRsexcept for the powermac g4 that is18:46
NotRsso when I connected the HD to the powermac g4, mac os x (tiger) can “see” the hd it just can’t mount the fs18:46
geniiNotRs: Does it show the drive when: sudo fdisk -l    ..?18:46
NotRsthat command shows the HD with mac os x but not linux18:47
NotRsgparted shows both HDs18:47
geniiVeryt odd.18:49
NotRslol good, so it’s not just me18:50
geniiNotRs: Was the linux drive in a machine with EFI?18:50
NotRsnope bios18:50
NotRs17 year old gateway18:50
NotRswhen I discoverd mac os x could the hd but not mount it, I figured well load linux live cd and do it that way18:51
NotRscan’t figure out how to mount18:51
drcWhat was " really old distro of linux"...SLS?18:51
NotRskeep getting fstab and mtab errors18:52
NotRsTurbolinux 6.018:52
NotRscame out in 2000 or 200118:52
geniiNotRs: Please install pastebinit  and then   dmesg | pastebinit and give us the link. I'd like to scan it for errors relating to the hd or hd controller18:55
NotRswell, that’s another hiccup I don’t have an easy way to currently connect the G4 to the internet18:56
NotRsI was hoping there might be some CLI command wizardry beyond by ability that might help heh18:59
NotRsI can get the G4 connected it just won’t be able to be done until later tonight19:00
geniiNotRs: When you put the Linux IDE drive in the Mac, did you put it on it's own channel as master? If you used the channel the Mac's hd is on, did you explicitly set the one nearer the controller as slave and the one at the end of the ribbon as master? Or both on Cable-select?19:00
NotRsboth on cable select where the Mac HD is master and the other slave. wouldn’t boot otherwise19:01
* genii makes more coffee and contemplates19:02
NotRsI don’t know what happened with the PC it was originally running on, just decided to quit posting. I believe it may be a ram or motherboard issue19:03
holsteinNotRs: one thing that *can* make is stop posting would be a bad hard drive.. those older ppc mac's can hang like that19:05
holsteinNotRs: you dont need any drivers to access the drive.. the drive *is* old, and you were having issues with the machine19:06
NotRsit’s not the G4 that won’t post it’s the old gateway PC19:06
holsteinNotRs: you can take the hard drive out and go to another machine, one that you know boots.. a non mac machine.. you can then see if the hard drive boots19:06
NotRsthe G4 works fine it’s just the only other IDE capable tower I have19:06
holsteinNotRs: sure.. but, that *still* doesnt mean the hard drive is good19:06
NotRswell… true lol19:07
NotRsI just wish I had another IDE PC19:07
holsteini think you should just entertain the idea that it could be causing the hard drive not to mount/show19:07
holsteini have a handy USB connection for that.. USB to SATA/PATA19:07
NotRsin the end I may have to buy an IDE to USB HD enclosure19:08
NotRswell I do appreciate everyone’s time in trying to help, thank you19:10
holsteinNotRs: its not even an enclosure i have19:11
NotRsjust an adapter?19:11
holsteinNotRs: thats what im saying19:12
holsteinNotRs: its handy for doing *exactly* what it seems you are trying to do.. hook a drive up and get things off.. or whatever19:12
holsteinim not interested in an external enclosure for my 10 year old drives19:12
NotRsfair enough, all I’ve ever seen were the IDE enclosures though19:13
holsteinNotRs: sure. .these are less expensive.. i got mine on sale from amazon for under $10 US19:13
NotRsnice! thanks for the tip!19:14
NotRsI think we have a winner heh19:16
NotRswell I need to leave. have a great one19:19
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thxhi. i'm with problems when a close my notebook lid.20:00
thxcan someone help-me?20:00
drcthx: It might help if you gave a little more detail, Say "Hi, I installed Xubunt XX.XX on a XXXX laptop.  When I close the lid and reopen it, the screen stays black.  I've checked  XXXX and YYYY and the configurations there seem (to me) to indicate that it should not do this."20:24
thxI'm running Xubuntu 14.04 on inspiron 14z and when I close my lid and reopen it, the screen stays black. Searching on google I saw information about enable light blocker, but this recipe doesn't work.20:29
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xubuntu347Hi, could some ]23:27
xubuntu347could someone please tell me which steps to follow in order to update firefox?23:28
xubuntu347I have already downloaded it... but I don't have the option to run it...23:29
xubuntu347help please!!23:29
GeekAfkI've just installed xubuntu onto a thinkpad X6023:32
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GeekDudethe screen keeps shutting off randomly while in use23:32
GeekDudeactually, a thinkpad x6123:36
GeekDudeIt seems to happen consistently when I open firefox, then go to the page to install google chrome23:38
GeekDudeFF freezes up, then the screen turns off23:38
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GeekDudedmesg indicates that the graphics crashed23:44
GeekDudeit says the crash could've occurred anywhere in the graphics stack, including userspace23:44

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