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hatchfrankban: thanks for the reveiw I replied 15:06
frankbanhatch: I see15:07
frankbanhatch: could you add an XXX then?15:08
hatchI can, thanks15:08
hatchuiteam still need one more review here https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/68415:12
jcsacketthatch: i can look.15:13
hatchand my link to my charm branch was removed from the card....awesome15:13
hatchbac: why u remove my link?15:13
* hatch crys15:13
bachatch: i put it where it belongs15:13
hatchoh now I see15:14
bacright-clicky -> link to15:14
hatchinteresting, I didn't know about that15:14
urulamahatch: done :)15:14
hatchbac: I do need a hand landing it, I thought there would be a 'merge' button :) Do I have to do it manually?15:15
bachatch: since you couldn't use lbox then we'll have to hand land it15:16
bachatch: it requires a few steps.  get a clean trunk, merge your dev branch into it with the message "[r=frankban,bac] blah blah description", then push that branch back to trunk on LP15:17
hatchurulama: you and frankban both want it as a constant....Where would you like it placed?15:17
hatchbac: ok I can do that15:17
urulamahatch: it's just all over the code and it looks like something that could be "global" 15:18
hatchurulama: well it's actually only in a single place in the code, but all over in the tests15:19
hatchthe only way to possibly protect from that is to use a global which introduces other issues15:19
urulamahatch: yes, you can change that in that one place, but the test will work anyway even if the actual code fails15:19
urulamayeah, probably too much "go-like" requirement anyway15:20
urulamai just noticed that you can change main code and break it but the test will still work15:20
hatchThere are places where globals would be nice but we don't really have a 'safe' place to put them 15:22
hatchI was sure the tests would fail if I changed the code, lemme take another look15:23
rick_h_hatch: what is this?15:23
hatchrick_h_: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/684/files15:23
hatchfirst comments15:23
rick_h_hatch: hmmm, yea seems it'd be api specific so a go.js thing15:24
hatchunfortunately that's what caused the original issue :) it being go.js specific haha15:25
hatchI COULD move it back in there15:25
hatchbut every time it makes a request in any method it would have to get the credentials and then check the username15:25
hatchso this is quite a bit more dry15:26
rick_h_hatch: so can you just make it a constant in this file?15:27
hatchsure 15:27
rick_h_= 'user-'15:27
hatchjust not sure the 2 places it's used really warrant a constant :) 15:28
hatchbut 4:1 I lose :P15:28
frankbanhatch: yeah I agree with 2 places is not a parameter point, but in this case I value more the documentation aspects, i.e. we are not adding prefixes just because, we know this is how juju builds the freaking user entity tags ;-)15:33
hatchit is very odd15:34
hatchI've noticed phantom crashing quite a lot lately15:42
MakyoMe too. It's a pain15:43
hatchnow to try and merge my guicharm changes without blowing it all up15:46
* hatch starts the Mission Impossible theme song15:46
MakyoI was thinking more along the lines of Yackety Sax.15:47
MakyoOr http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V66m52YFZBg15:47
hatchHah I don't know that one15:48
rick_h_uiteamm call in 10 kanban please15:50
* hatch is going to be a golang master after the break15:55
hatchbac: the branch that I worked in was branched from lp:~juju-gui/charms/trusty/juju-gui/trunk and there is only a single commit - can I jush push it back up without doing all the merge business?15:57
rick_h_kadams54: call16:01
* Makyo runs to coffee16:23
hatchMakyo: once you get back and get your branch all figured out lemme know and I can re-review16:23
MakyoSure thing16:24
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hatchrick_h_: http://2014.jsconf.eu/speakers/rob-ashton-got-make.html :)16:59
rick_h_lol /me queues up on the chromecast17:00
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hatchhttp://css-tricks.com/icon-fonts-vs-svg/ TLDR use SVG 19:30
mbruzekHey hatch21:27
mbruzekI need your help21:28
mbruzekIs there a way to get a list of maintianers for some given charms?21:29
hatchmbruzek: hey21:49
hatchumm got a charm in mind?21:50
hatchI can see21:50
mbruzekhatch: ALL of them21:50
mbruzekyou guys have all the crazy apis21:50
mbruzekvarnish for example21:50
hatchok lemme see what's available21:51
hatchmbruzek: well I don't think that those are listed yet21:56
hatchat least I can't find anything which has them21:56
hatchmbruzek: you might want to fire an email about that one21:57
mbruzekhatch: thanks.  I figured with your API knowledge you might be able to find some kind of query like that.21:57
hatchmbruzek: yeah it doesn't appear to be in the api *shrugs*21:58
hatchso either I'm missing something or it's actually not there :)21:58
mbruzekhatch: it would probably be:  get_charm(), get_metadata()['maintainer']21:59
mbruzeksomething like that.  I suspect that would be really resource intensive, what rick_h_ told me going inside the charms was expensive21:59
mbruzekbut it beats what I am doing now.  $ charm getall && grep -h maintainer */metadata.yaml | cut -d : -f 2 | sort | uniq > charmers_email.list22:00
hatchhaha not gona lie anything done with the api wouldn't be much better :D22:00
mbruzekcharm getall branches ALL the files of ALL the charms22:00
hatchyou'd have to request them one/one (or in batches)22:00
hatchwell blame bzr for that nonsense :P22:00
hatchmbruzek: you could probably rig up some type of a script to request the metadata.yaml html page from LP22:02
hatchand then you could parse from there22:03

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