tewardstill accepting feature suggestions / feature change suggestions?18:14
tewardcjwatson: wgrant: whoever else ^18:14
dobeyteward: pretty sure bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad hasn't been blocked from receiving bug reports :)18:22
tewarddobey: wasn't a bug report, though :P18:24
tewarddobey: that and it's laggggging here18:24
* teward is on public wifi that is semi-congested :/18:24
dobeyfeature requests are bug reports. or rather, you should explain what you are trying to achieve and how you can't do that with the current design/implementation/whatever, rather than simply stating a feature you want18:25
tewardgot it, i'll file one as soon as i'm at stable internet :)18:25
dobeyirc is not a good place to log requests for changes, whether they are new features, or straight bug fixes. :)18:26
tewarddobey: done, thanks to luck with the packet cycles18:28
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