chasHi, I am lubuntu user myself for some years now. I want to install lxde into a frien's ubuntu 14.04LTS (sudo apt-get install lxde) but the environment is ugly compared to my beloved lubuntu00:59
chaswhat other packages do I need?00:59
wxlchas: why not just install lubuntu? :)01:00
chaslubuntu-desktop seems to be a lot more than what I need01:00
wxllxde is bloaty compared to lubuntu01:00
chashe is happy with unity01:00
wxlthen what does he want?01:01
chasI want him to have both unity and lxde as dm options in lightdm01:02
chasHe does now, but the default lxde is no dissapointing as-is...01:02
chasI feel he might like it better01:03
chasbut I don't want to change what he has, I just want to add something else01:03
chasso he can use it whenever he feels01:04
wxlwhy not give him a live cd?01:04
wxltl;dr don't know how to help you in light of ubuntu01:05
chasthanks anyway :)01:06
Kamilionchas: it's 'lubuntu-core' or 'lubuntu-desktop'02:10
Kamilionchas: the trick to getting it to start up with the lubuntu LXDE theme is:02:11
Kamilionlxsession -s Lubuntu -e LXDE02:11
holsteini think the issue is, that may ruin the unity install02:11
holsteinjust adding lxde would be easiest..02:12
Kamilionholstein: just installing lxde gets you the default lxde theme, which is f-gly02:12
holsteini dont go to lxde for the whizz-bang02:12
holsteini think it looks "functional" and light..02:13
Kamilionlubuntu-core will get you the 'proper' theme expected for lubuntu, versus the 'windows 95 without antialiasing' theme that lxde on it's own gives you02:13
Kamilionholstein: http://puu.sh/dAwjn/786ec154e7.png02:14
Kamilionthis is what he is expecting02:14
holsteinKamilion: lol02:16
holsteinKamilion: yeah, im familiar, loosely, with lubuntu ;)02:16
ianorlinit gets wierd with the the themeing and lxqt02:16
holsteinthough, the issue is, when you install those meta's, it can really break the stock ubuntu setup02:16
ianorlinsome theme conflicts but you can still install lxde02:16
holsteinand the user doesnt want lxde or lubuntu at all..02:16
ianorlinyes that is true02:16
Kamilionoh? that's news to me02:17
holsteini can understand not wanting to break the currently enjoyed unity setup02:17
chasKamilion: so, I installed lxde so far, and I have to add lubuntu-core now02:17
KamilionI've had unity, kde, and the lubuntu-themed lxde on the same machine02:17
Kamilionbut so far as I know 'lubuntu-core' should be safe enough to 'just add to the sessions list'02:17
Kamilionwait, I know what you mean now02:18
JackFrost!info lubuntu-artwork02:18
ubottulubuntu-artwork (source: lubuntu-artwork): artwork for Lubuntu. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.49 (utopic), package size 149 kB, installed size 1048 kB02:18
chasKamilion: what I want is just what you have mentioned, a nice unity running 100% trouble-free + a nice lxde-a-la-lubuntu running 100% trouble-free02:20
Kamilionholstein: Well, I've been working on a *buntu spin for a xen livecd, and I got myself into some trouble last year with trying to install the lxde stuff without 'the rest of lubuntu'02:20
holsteinnot me02:20
Kamilionchas: haha, I too would love 'trouble free', unfortunately I live in the real world02:20
holsteini just "sudo apt-get install lxde" and use... though, i personally end up with openbox or some other setup..02:21
Kamilionholstein: the screenshot I posted is of said Xen LiveISO. :)02:21
holsteini like the live iso idea.. or vm.. i mean, "if it aint broke".. and if the user likes unity, let them use unity02:21
Kamilionhttps://github.com/kamilion/kamikazi-deploy   <--- personally I'm going a step further... If you really want something like unity, stuff it in a VM. (imho)02:22
KamilionI also tested windows 7, PCI passthroughing it a PCIE GPU. Couldn't tell the difference from a native win7 install for gaming, framerate benchmarks were within 1-2 FPS.02:24
holsteinlet us discuss in the ot channel..02:25
Kamilion*shrug* I really have no more to say at the moment.02:26
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:26
Kamilionsorry, but I think "lubuntu-based liveISO" is on topic enough.02:26
Kamilionbut I digress and return to silence and lurking.02:27
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dyeomanshello, could somebody here help me with crontab?04:51
acecipherI could maybe try?04:54
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:54
dyeomansokay, so im trying to run a bash script04:57
ianorlinyou might want to give the script execute permission but make sure it isn't something malicious04:59
dyeomansthere's two scripts: one opens firefox to a specific web page and starts audio-recorder, and the other stops audio-recorder and closes firefox04:59
dyeomansi gave both scripts execute permissions (sudo chmod u+x)05:00
dyeomansshould they be placed in /bin ?05:00
dyeomans_browser closed by accident05:05
ianorlinyou don't need them in /bin but use full paths05:11
ianorlinyou will need to export environment variables to your display05:11
dyeomans_how do i do that?05:12
ianorlinexport DISPLAY =:0 if you only have one monitor05:13
dyeomans_bash: export: `=:0': not a valid identifier05:13
ianorlinexport $DISPLAY I mean05:14
acecipherSYSTEM VARIABLES! :P05:14
dyeomans_bash: export: `:0': not a valid identifier bash: export: `=:0': not a valid identifier05:14
acecipherTry it without the space?05:15
ianorlinexport $DISPLAY=:005:15
dyeomans_bash: export: `:0=:0': not a valid identifier05:15
ianorlinwait you might already be setting that05:15
dyeomans_so do i just type export?05:16
JackFrostianorlin: DISPLAY, not $DISPLAY.  It expands that to 'export :0 =:0' as you see above.05:17
dyeomans_i typed in export DISPLAY and got nothing :S05:18
acecipherTry typing in DISPLAY=:005:18
dyeomans_...still nothing05:18
ianorlinit is hard to do this without seeing what you already have in the script05:19
dyeomans_want me to paste bin those?05:19
dyeomans_pretty simple05:21
dyeomans_i've tested them on their own and they work, just not with crontab05:21
dyeomans_i've tried both crontab -e and editing /etc/crontab05:21
dyeomans_they are located in /home/dan/midnight-city05:24
ianorlinalthough the problem with this is with you killing firefox in this way is if you have another firefox open it would kill that05:25
dyeomans_yeah... i dont know another way of doing that, but it shouldn't really be a problem since this linux machine is just pretty much running servers05:25
ianorlinthen why do you have X on it?05:26
ianorlinX11 for a GUI05:26
dyeomans_no particular reason... i do occasionally use it to look up something if im too lazy to boot up my windows PC05:27
dyeomans_i guess i'm not very clever would be the main reason :P05:28
ianorlinah and you wouldn't be that comfortable administiring it over ssh05:29
dyeomans_i am comfortable with SSH... but i'm uncomfortable with having a black box i can't interact with directly05:30
dyeomans_anywho, X wouldn't interfere with cron right? :S05:32
ianorlinno it just makes it a bit more annoying05:32
dyeomans_how so?05:33
ianorlinas you have to set the right environment variables otherwise it will say can't open display05:33
ianorlinit is not like launhcing from an xterm05:34
dyeomans_so what would you recommend?05:34
ianorlinah you would need flash to record from that site05:35
ianorlinok that takes using a command line program out05:35
wlxmhlshello guys! how to remove 'character map' from lubuntu?05:48
holsteinwlxmhls: you are trying to remove a character map?05:48
ianorlinsudo apt-get purge gucharmap from the command line or remove the gucharmap package in lubuntu-software-center or synaptic05:48
ianorlinI do like that though05:49
ianorlinget useful characters05:49
holsteinand, its not saving much space to purge it..05:49
ianorlin!info gucharmap05:49
ubottugucharmap (source: gucharmap): Unicode character picker and font browser. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.14.0-1 (utopic), package size 43 kB, installed size 632 kB05:49
ianorlinyeah won't even get you much05:50
wlxmhlsthank you all. i am a little squeamish.05:57
holsteinsqueamish about what?05:57
wlxmhlsi want to remove all tools which I dont use.05:58
holsteinwlxmhls: sure, i understand that, but, why?05:59
holsteinwlxmhls: its not going to save you much space on the disk.. and they are not using resources in the background? so, why bother?05:59
holsteinone might prefer starting with nothing and building up, with the mini iso..05:59
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:59
wlxmhlsi think it is my habbit problem.05:59
wlxmhlsholstein: thanks!06:00
chris349I commented out the taskbar in ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/desktop.conf but now the commented line is missing. How can I enable the taskbar again?06:20
holsteinyou can always generate a fresh config, and start there.. finding the "missing" line, and revert back to your old one06:21
ianorlincreate a new user to get a copy of the desktop.conf06:22
holsteinyup.. that will generate one06:22
JackFrostdiff -u /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/desktop.conf ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/desktop.conf06:23
holsteineven better ^ :)06:23
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silverliono/ therue10:26
theruejust installed lubuntu on vmware :D10:26
silverliontherue : and? happy?10:26
therueya i like it10:26
theruei have used linux mint before but had some problems with it10:27
theruelike everytime i load a web page in browser, the browser's cpu usage jumps up to 40% cpu usage for some reason10:27
theruebut lubuntu seems very light weight10:27
therueso liking it so far10:27
theruenice and clear10:27
therueand hopefully wont have the same problem10:27
silverliontry it out10:28
silverlion'm running my entire hardware with it10:28
silverlioneven my home-office10:28
theruei should run software & updates in Preferences right?10:28
* silverlion just uses the terminal but for starters the software centre is the right place to look10:29
theruealso, where can i see the drivers that are installed? i can't seem to select the right screen resolution. 1920x1080 isn't available so far10:30
silverlionvmware uses different resolutions if I recall correctly10:31
silverlionyou should have a read on the internet about that10:31
therueah ok10:31
silverlionsorry I'm currently working under windows so I've got no chance to check myself :D10:32
silverlionsome things for work still need to be in windows :(10:32
ignacioHi, I need help. The font size on my apps is too big D: is there any way to decrease it?12:56
testdrignacio: did you controll the correct setting of the x11-server "dpi" value? What is it for what screen(you are using)?12:57
ignaciotestdr, just for my laptop screen, its a VM12:58
testdrignacio: you may need to setup the screen-hardware-emulation then -- inside linux, you can check the "dots per inch" settings in the output of "xdpyinfo" (run in a terminal)13:01
ignaciotestdr, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9569624/13:06
testdrignacio: already said it - change your vm-settings or try to change the "dots-per-inch" (?to 92x92 instead of this large values) with tools like xrandr (there should be info available how to use it)13:11
ignaciotestdr, thanks you for the help! :)13:12
testdrignacio: if not already found, for example:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/197828/how-to-find-and-change-the-screen-dpi13:13
tewardsilverlion: (really old scrollback poke regarding the VMware issue) vmware allows any resolution that the system drivers can support - it's possible to restrict based on the VM environment settings but in a default VM setup it can go even beyond the screen res for the host system15:33
silverlionteward, thanks for the heads up15:43
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yeehiIs there an RSS feed for the images by which we may automatically download and seed new torrents? What is its URL?18:56
ianorlinyeehiL images for releases or what?19:15
ianorlinyou mean the releases of like alpha and beta and final relaeses I am not sure there is19:16
ianorlinI think that would be a good idea to have an rss feed19:17
ianorlinI sadly think there isn't one19:21
ianorlinyeehi_: I don't think there is one but I am not quite sure where to put a feature request in for it19:24
ianorlinargh doesn't have a mailing list19:28
yeehi_ianorlin, yes, RSS for ISO images of Lubuntu distro19:29
yeehi_ianorlin, if you could request this RSS feature, that would be great. I don't think it would be hard to implement.19:30
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jer_hi all !20:24
Trickster1hello all23:20
Trickster1someone know why on lubuntu my /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart is totally empty ? ^^23:21
Trickster1because it is supposed to have my program when i start my pc23:22
wxlTrickster1: see ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart23:23
Trickster1it is not for lubuntu 14.10 ? i have lubuntu 14.0423:24
Trickster1i will check it23:24
wxlanything outside of home is global, but most configs happen user-specific23:24
Trickster1euh it is empty too :x23:25
Trickster1i open the leafpad and for both it is empty23:26
wxldid your program open automatically?23:26
Trickster1i have some programs since i install lubuntu last week like kvirc, chrome, and other stuff but i don't need to have program start actually23:27
Trickster1but my file doesn't supposed to be empty ? right ?23:27
wxlunless you set it up otherwise23:28
Trickster1because when i go in lxs session in the menu autostart i still have pulse audio, network and updater for the starter23:29
Trickster1but in the file i have nothing23:29
wxlnot strange23:29
Trickster1LXsession configuration sorry23:29
Trickster1that show the program graphically that supposed to be launch on the start23:30
Trickster1and thoses programmes start well when i enter in my session but the file is empty ...23:30

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