dholbachgood morning07:07
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Underdog Day! :-D09:53
justCarakasgood morning JamesTait09:58
JamesTaitjustCarakas, o/09:59
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ahayzentimp, ping12:04
timpahayzen: hello12:09
ahayzentimp, is it possible in a pure QML app to make it fullscreen? ... i know you can do it in a QML/c++ or webapp12:09
timpahayzen: a desktop app?12:12
ahayzentimp, no on the phone12:12
timpahayzen: I'm not sure, but for phone it may be a setting in your desktop file12:12
ahayzentimp, i can't see anything in the camera apps desktop file...but i assume that does it via c++?12:13
timphmm. I may be wrong about the desktop file then12:14
ahayzentimp, in a webapp you use Window {} instead of MainView {} ? should i just use that for the QML app as well?12:15
ahayzen...but then you don't have some of the same properties available12:15
timpahayzen: I see that the camera-app indeed does it in cpp.12:15
ahayzentimp, is there any way of accessing that from QML?12:16
timpI think we should ask some unity8-dev about these things12:17
ahayzeni spot in some webapps that they do Window { visibility: Window.FullScreen }12:17
ahayzenbut then i assume you can't use the MainView ?12:17
timpmaybe Saviq or mzanetti are around?12:18
timpahayzen: if you have a Window you can put the MainView inside of that12:18
ahayzentimp, i suspect that might work :) ... i'll try that after lunch thanks for the help :)12:18
timpI never explicitly define a Window though.12:19
ahayzentimp, i'll try it see if it works...12:20
ahayzentimp, well its fullscreen but its gets confused about rotation or which way around the view is or something and i get "Conflicting properties 'visible' and 'visibility'"12:24
ahayzentimp, ok managed to get rid of the error and reduced the rotation confusion a little12:28
timpahayzen: some of the orientation support that is now in UITK is moving to unity12:34
ahayzenoh with the shell rotation?12:34
timpahayzen: see the revisions here by Daniel https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/staging12:34
timpbest ask him, he knows more about it. But I don't see him around now.12:36
ahayzenlooks pretty cool :)12:37
ahayzendo you know if there is any way to tell if the device you are working with has a particular sensor? eg if it has a tiltsensor?12:38
timpwe don't have that in ui toolkit. Maybe you'd need cpp for that12:39
ahayzenheh ok :)12:39
dholbachdpm, davidcalle: we're done with replacing 作用域 :)12:41
dholbachnow for the rest of the links which need fixing :)12:41
davidcalledholbach, yay :)12:44
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dholbachjdstrand, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/platform/guides/app-confinement/ and https://developer.ubuntu.com/zh-cn/apps/platform/guides/app-confinement/ refer to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtubuntu-sensors/+bug/1227116 - I guess we can remove the link to the bug now?12:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 1227116 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu Trusty) "qtsensors tilt and rotation is non-functional" [Medium,Fix released]12:53
davidcalledholbach, dpm, one interesting/subtle thing to note for page layouts: the number of cols used by an item is relative to the parent one *on a twleve cols base*. eg: <div class="four-col"> inside a "twelve-col" div is the same size as a "six-col" div inside an "eight-col" div.12:56
dholbachdavidcalle, I tried never to touch any of those items12:57
davidcalledholbach, you should, it's "fun" ;-)12:57
dholbachno :)12:57
dholbachI have enough fun in the area I'm working on :)12:57
* dpm reads that twice13:00
dpmdavidcalle, good to know, thanks! I generally try to have one single twelve-col parent, in which page would you use cols inside an eight-col parent?13:03
davidcalledpm, all the text (as requested by you) :p13:03
davidcalledpm, jk, images in text. I'm aligning them to the grid13:04
dpmdavidcalle, yeah :) but I mean, in which page have you used columns inside that?13:04
dpmdo you have an example?13:05
davidcalledpm, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/html-5/tutorials/cordova-camera-app-tutorial13:05
davidcalledpm, the page is not finished (still waiting on the middle section), but images are four-col13:06
davidcalledpm, of course, you can also switch back to twelve for images13:07
dpmdavidcalle, ok, gotcha. But do images not float to the left in any case?13:07
dpmman, btw, the tutorials and the guides are looking fantastic with the new site13:08
dpmdavidcalle, another thing we could do for long images is to put them on the empty 4-col at the right. This is just a thought, I'm not asking to change it :)13:10
davidcalledpm, yes, but with cols, all image sizes are consistent, you can align them, side by side, etc. Which brings back some flexibility to that wonderful editor we will learn to love one day.13:11
dpmok, makes sense13:11
davidcalledpm, indeed, but the android dev site does it and it's not that great in terms of readability (but it works well to introduce a new section or a new theme, though)13:12
davidcalle( a bit like a hero img)13:12
mzanettitimp: what up?13:30
timpmzanetti: ahayzen was having some questions about running apps fullscreen on the phone (is that possible from qml, or do you need cpp for that?). I didn't really know the answer so I was looking for a unity8-dev to help out13:32
mzanettiah. I'm not sure tbh... I know the gallery app uses it so it must be possible somehow13:34
mzanettimight well be that it just does QQuickView->showFullscreen()13:34
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mzanettitimp: ahayzen: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/gallery-app/trunk/view/head:/src/gallery-application.cpp#L24213:36
mzanettitimp: I guess this means MainView lacks13:36
timpmzanetti: thanks13:40
timpmzanetti: MainView is written in qml only and inherits from some other qml components13:41
timpmzanetti: so it may be a bit tricky to add a "fullscreen" property there13:41
timpshould be possible though.. Not sure if we want that. Do many apps need a fullscreen mode?13:41
jdstranddholbach: yes, thjat can be removed13:42
jdstranddholbach: is that something you are looking at or shall I?13:43
aquariusdpm, do you know of any popular apps which use URLDispatcher (that is: they register themselves for handling a "special" URL) other than the clock ("alarm:"), the music app ("album:"), and the messaging app ("message:") ?13:46
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ahayzentimp, mzanetti, thanks :) i've nearly managed to hack window around mainview to work13:49
ahayzenjdstrand, ping13:50
jdstrandahayzen: hey13:50
ahayzenjdstrand, Hey, i've been writing a game that uses a TiltSensor and have noticed I do not need any apparmor policies? I have checked here http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/platform/guides/app-confinement/ and it says by the 'sensor' policy 'policy pending due to LP: #1227116', but that bug is now resolved. So should this policy exist and be enforced?13:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1227116 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu Trusty) "qtsensors tilt and rotation is non-functional" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122711613:50
jdstrandahayzen: what policy version are you using?13:52
ahayzenjdstrand, 1.213:53
jdstrandahayzen: you are supposed to get haptic for free, and then get fill access to usensorsd via 'sensors'13:54
ahayzenjdstrand, i seem to be able to run with no policies and can access the TiltSensor readings13:55
jdstrandoh, and there there is: 'apps may always use the accelerometer and orientation sensor'13:55
jdstrand/etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf r,13:55
mzanettiahayzen: please let me know how you get it to work in qml only13:56
mzanettiI'd need that for a bunch of apps too (didn't really investigate)13:56
mzanettitimp: yes, I'd say many need that. especially games13:57
ahayzenmzanetti, basically i've done this https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/volleyball2d/fullscreen/+merge/24519613:58
ahayzenmzanetti, just put the MainView inside the Window as timp said13:58
mzanettiahayzen: nice. thanks13:59
ahayzenmzanetti, i then just had to play about with my detection of when it is in portrait13:59
timpmzanetti: Should games use MainView? That's there mainly to add the app header, and (currently) automatic orientation13:59
timphmm let me check ahayzen's code :)13:59
ahayzentimp, my game uses Page {} for the settings etc14:00
ahayzentimp, but yeah most just directly put the Game {} directly instead of MainView IIRC14:00
timpahayzen: oh the change is not that big :) nice!14:00
mzanettitimp: how does that work with applicationId stuff then if you don't use a MainView?14:00
ahayzen^^ was my other thought14:01
timpmzanetti: that's the applicationName property?14:01
mzanettiahayzen: love that game btw14:02
mzanettihave been playing an hour at least yesterday :D14:02
ahayzenmzanetti, awesome thanks :) still some stuff to clean up but the basis is there14:02
mzanettibut man... it's hard!14:02
timpmzanetti: all that MainView does with that is this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9569973/14:02
mzanettididn't win a single time14:03
ahayzenyeah there is no AI difficulty levels yet14:03
timpso that can easily be repoduced without the MainView14:03
mzanettitimp: ah ok, yep, that seems ok14:03
timpbut ahayzen's solution with a MainView inside a fullscreen Window looks like a good solution anyway :)14:03
ahayzenits just on 'hardest' ... i know a way to *always* win though ;) although i'll patch that soon with some new AI logic hehe14:03
mzanettiI managed to lose 5:4 at best14:04
dholbachjdstrand, will do14:08
jdstranddholbach: thanks!14:09
dholbachdone :)14:13
dpmaquarius, reminder does, but I'm not sure that is in trunk yet14:15
mzanettijdstrand: hey, when developing apps it's really annoying that the system constantly prints some "Error opening shm" into the app's debug messages. I've looked into the code that prints it and I have a feeling it's denied by apparmor to access that.14:28
mzanettiwhat would you say would be way to go to fix that? I guess we won't allow it to access that... but then I don't really know if lttng is even useful without it14:29
aquariusdpm, ooh, really? who do I ask about details of that?14:33
popeyaquarius: mzanetti ☻14:35
mzanettiand http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~reminders-app-dev/reminders-app/trunk/view/head:/reminders.url-dispatcher14:37
mzanettiaquarius: ^14:37
aquariusaha, evernote: URLs.14:37
* aquarius rtfs :)14:38
aquariusah, darn, I can't provide the *text* for a note via uridispatcher.14:38
mzanettinope... I guess we could add that14:39
aquariusdoes the reminders app run on 14.04?14:39
mzanettiit's in apt14:39
mzanettialthough I'm not sure if url-dispatcher does14:39
aquariusmight add it myself. I'll think about it. It's all part of my Current Master Plan :)14:39
mzanettiits quite straight forward... you just create that json file describing you url, register that in the manifest file14:40
mzanettithen, if the app is running you'll get calls from UriHandler.onOpened14:41
aquarius*nod* yep14:41
mzanettiif not, the app will be started and the uri passed as cmdline arg14:41
aquariushrm. Trying to build it in Ubuntu SDK, I get "error: [CMakeFiles/com.ubuntu.reminders.desktop] Error 127"14:43
aquariususeful, Ubuntu SDK. Not.14:43
aquariusaha! there is a COmpile Output tab with actual errors in. GOod :)14:44
* aquarius installs intltool 14:45
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aquariusmzanetti, how do I run it? I can build it now, but clicking the big Run triangle in Ubuntu SDK says "no executable specified"14:48
aquariusah, I need to select "reminders2", do I?14:48
aquariushm. "module "QtQuick" version 2.3 is not installed "14:49
aquariusmzanetti, are you sure this works on 14.04? http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=reminders-app only has it packaged for 14.10 and vivid14:52
mzanettiaquarius: hmm... trunk might not. however you should be able to just change the imports to QtQuick 2.2 and it should work14:54
mzanettioh, you said 14.0414:54
mzanettithen you might need QtQuick 2.1 :D14:54
mzanettiaquarius: but unless you install it with click, I don't think url-dispatcher works on the desktop14:56
aquariuschanging to 2.2 seems to work14:56
aquariusI'm fine with urldispatcher not working - I can just run the app with the url on the command line14:56
aquariusand edit the tests14:56
aquariusbut! having changed to 2.2, I still get an error when running14:56
aquariusqml/components/RtfButton.qml:26:32: Invalid alias location14:56
aquarius         property alias iconSource: icon.source14:56
aquariusdon't even know what that means14:57
* aquarius googles :)14:57
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mzanettiaquarius: I guess you can work around that by changing it to: property alias iconSource: icon.iconSource15:01
aquariusI have temporarily worked around it by making that a string property, which means that I won't get any icons, but I can live with that :)15:01
mzanettilet me dig out the old docs15:01
aquariuswtf? Now it's claiming that AccountServiceModel doesn't have an applicationId property, which indeed it does not according to the docs, but then how did it ever work for anyone?15:02
aquarius             applicationId: "com.ubuntu.reminders_reminders"15:02
aquariusqml/reminders.qml:248:9: Cannot assign to non-existent property "applicationId"15:02
mzanettiaquarius: well, it probably does have that in the newer version, no?15:03
aquariusbut you're not *using* a newer version; you're using Ubuntu.Components 1.1.15:03
aquariusunless the SDK makes breaking changes while keeping the same version number?15:03
mzanettifair point15:03
mzanettimardy: ^15:04
aquariuswhat? that's a possibility? I was joking!15:04
* aquarius does the angry look.15:04
aquariusthis is what version numbers are *for*!15:04
mzanettiaquarius: well, it's in the import of Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts15:04
aquariusmardy, ping, then :)15:04
mzanettiand yeah, according to the docs it's still at 0.115:04
aquariusya, if you were using a newer version than I have then I'd have failed on the import15:05
aquariuswhich means that new properties got added to Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts 0.1 rather than a new version number15:05
aquariusand that means it won't run on 14.04 but it's impossible to tell why :(15:06
* aquarius looks sad.15:06
mzanettiwell, not impossible to tell, but yeah, you do have a point15:06
mzanettiaquarius: in any case, you can just comment that line away and get going15:07
mzanettiit won't break much iirc15:07
aquariusyay! now it starts up at least15:07
mzanettisooo. now the real online accounts fun :D15:08
mzanettiyou have to add a evernote account in systemsettings (the desktop one)15:08
mzanettiyou can install online-accounts-plugin-evernote for that15:08
mzanettithen restart the app and *it should* work15:08
mardyaquarius, mzanetti: the applicationId was indeed a later addition, let me check when it happened...15:08
aquariusam just filing an aggravated bug for mardy to read ;)15:08
aquariusmardy, aha, you're here. I don't mind that new properties were added, that's fine -- I mind that the version number stayed the same, so I can't tell whether the version I have will work or not.15:10
mardyaquarius: so, it happened in May, and indeed I forgot to bump the version number15:10
aquariusmardy, http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-1.0/Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts.AccountServiceModel/ and http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts.AccountServiceModel/ have different API and the same version number :(15:10
aquariusis it worth me filing a bug about it, or is it now too late?15:11
mardyaquarius: right, please file a bug, I guess we can bump the version number, then push the new lib to 14.10 and re-update the docs15:11
aquariushttps://bugs.launchpad.net/accounts-qml-module/+bug/1404272 filed :)15:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1404272 in accounts-qml-module "QML Accounts API changed without version number change" [Undecided,New]15:13
aquariusmzanetti, do I use my existing evernote account, or do I create a new one for the sandbox?15:14
mzanettiaquarius: however you want. if you want sandbox, you need to install account-plugin-evernote-sandbox and start the app with --sandbox15:16
aquariusmzanetti, 14.04 only has the sandbox plugin for online accounts, afaict15:16
mzanettihmm, really15:16
mzanettiyeah... could be15:17
aquarius$ apt-cache search evernote15:17
aquariusaccount-plugin-evernote - Allow Ubuntu to access the Evernote developer sandbox15:17
mzanettiright.. then we created the production one only afterwards15:17
aquariusah, using my real account doesn't work, so I'll create a new one :)15:17
mzanettiI'd like to recommend you to use the offline-mode branch which would allow you to use the app without evernote account15:17
mzanettihowever, I really don't know how that behaves on 14.0415:17
aquariusI would, but you only handle evernote: URLs, right?15:18
mzanettiwe handle them offline too :)15:18
mzanettiif you want to try: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/offline-mode/+merge/24471315:18
mzanettiI thought before I should probably change it to reminders:// now that we don't have a hard dep on evernote any more15:19
aquariusindeed :)15:19
mzanettiaquarius: there are rumors you saw an ubuntu phone :)15:21
mzanettiexciting times, eh?15:21
aquariusI got a nice little briefing from cparrino and rupinder15:21
aquariusI really like the pitch -- not locking your stuff up behind a grid of icons.15:22
aquariushm. We now start up OK, but I get the spinner for ever... and a ton of warnings15:23
aquariusError fetching username: "Not connected."15:23
aquariusthat seems relevant...15:23
dholbachdpm, what do we do about http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/qml/cookbook/?15:24
mzanettiaquarius: that's with trunk or the offline-mode branch?15:25
mzanettihmm... it should get the account from OA now and then connect15:26
aquariusline 15 is where userstore.cpp throws the error about not being connected15:26
mzanettiah no, it did that15:26
* mzanetti looks up the code15:27
mzanettiah right... mismatch in the plugin and the app (as you have the old OA plugin)15:28
mzanettiaquarius: edit reminders.qml:26215:28
mzanettichange it to EvernoteConnection.hostname = "http://sandbox.evernote.com"15:29
mzanettior actually https://sandbox.evernote.com15:29
aquariusok, progress... no more spinner. Now the connection actually fails and the app catches it15:30
mzanettihave a meeting now15:30
aquariusI don't think that's the right URL. I'll look into it15:31
aquariusgetting Thrift: Fri Dec 19 15:31:06 2014 TSocket::open() getaddrinfo() <Host: http://sandbox.evernote.com Port: 443>Name or service not known15:31
aquariusfor both http and https15:31
aquariusit's a hostname, not a url :)15:32
aquariusand now I am connected!15:32
mzanettiah :)15:32
aquariusmzanetti, have filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/reminders-app/+bug/1404289 whining about needlessly requiring qtquick 2.3 ;-)15:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 1404289 in Ubuntu Reminders app "Imports QtQuick 2.3 when it doesn't need it and works with 2.2" [Undecided,New]15:56
aquariusmzanetti, also, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9570863/ improves the URL parser a bit, allowing arbitrary query strings, and implements one example: you can specify the title of a newly created note.15:57
aquariusmzanetti, it's not a proper merge request because I also had to make about a million comment-this-out-so-it-works-on-14.04 changes which should not be merged :)15:58
aquariusmzanetti, I'd have allowed specifying the body of the new note in the querystring as well, but I don't know how to do that; NotesStore.createNote does not return the note it's just created!15:58
mzanettiaquarius: thanks for the feedback :)16:00
mzanettino worries about the merge proposal, I'll put it in here somewhere.16:00
mzanettiand yes, currently it's all async, however, now with the offline mode support that could (or probably should) be changed16:00
aquariusyou can probably think of a zillion other parameters that could be passed in, but I'll leave that to you :)16:01
mzanettiyeah... we just added the ones that would be useful to call from the (upcoming) scope16:01
aquariusbeing async is the right thing to do, certainly! NotesStore.createNote(notetitle, null, function(newnote) { console.log("this is the new note:", newnote); });16:02
aquariusthat is, provide a callback16:02
aquariusbetter still, return a Promise, but that's probably a bit advanced for QML's slightly noddy JS parser ;)16:03
mzanettiwell, the callback is there NotesStore::noteAdded()16:03
mzanettibut I guess what I'm going to do is to return the note straight away16:03
aquariusI should have done that then :)16:04
mzanettiand then when I get the evernote sync reply I change it's guid16:04
mzanetticurrent trunk is quite bad with error handling though16:04
mzanettiso if it goes wrong you won't get anything atm16:04
mzanettiwhich again is a non-issue with offline mode because it'll just try to sync later and keep the note offline for the time being16:05
aquariusfair enough. I'm not sure if I'd use this (I'm still thinking about how it would fit into my current app plan) but it seemed an easy enough contribution to make :)16:05
jdstrandmzanetti: I guess you are referring to bug #126049116:08
ubot5bug 1260491 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "please explicitly deny access to /run/shm/lttng-ust-*" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126049116:08
jdstrandmzanetti: "Talking with tedg, these shouldn't be available to confined apps and we can safely explicitly deny the access to silence the errors."16:08
jdstrandmzanetti: so, apparmor is denying it, but silently. lttng should probably suppress the log message16:09
mzanettijdstrand: ah, yeah. but the code is not ours and it doesn't have a possibility to silence things at compile time or so (already checked that).16:10
mzanettimaybe that could be added16:10
mzanettibut yes, that seems to be it16:11
aquariusanyone got examples of what they'd consider a really nicely visually designed SDK app?16:19
mzanettiaquarius: I guess the internal ones, like messaging, dialer etc. Some of the core apps look quite good too, like the new music app. And imo nik90_ did a good job with that tv series app (forgot the name)16:24
ahayzenmzanetti, nik90_ 's 'flashback'?16:24
mzanettiyep, that's the one16:24
aquariusaah, yeah, I did like nik90_'s app, indeed16:24
ahayzennew music app \o/ :)16:25
aquariusthe new music app does look good, but it looks good because it has loads of cool art to choose from, which is not the case for my app :)16:26
mzanettivery good point16:26
mzanettiyeah, I'm always struggling with that too16:26
aquariusnik90_, who did the visual design for Flashback?16:26
ahayzenhah yeah .. we don't have bottom edge yet though :/16:27
aquariusah! there was that little group of people, wasn't there? who were offering designer services16:28
aquariustorico or something16:28
* aquarius googles.16:28
aquariusyep! torico. https://plus.google.com/107423272812169770223/posts/HiVAkp1Yn1W16:28
aquariuswonder if they're still up for it?16:28
aquariushuh. seems perhaps not; hardly anyone in the channel :)16:29
mzanettiahayzen: just opened the music app: http://i.imgur.com/csLySx2.png16:29
ahayzenhah oh dear16:29
ahayzenmzanetti, we are still waiting for empty state designs from the designers as well :/ thats just some text we put there but we should probably wrap that lol16:30
mzanettiyep, wrapping would help :)16:30
ahayzenmzanetti, the 'tap to shuffle music' is now hidden if you don't have any music as well :)16:30
mzanettiseems reasonable too :)16:30
aquarius'The form [from torico] "Application Ideas " is no longer accepting responses.'16:30
aquariusoh well :)16:30
mzanettiahayzen: actually you probably should just pop the complete stack16:31
ahayzenmzanetti, the toolbar is a rectangle over the top of everything?16:31
mzanettiahayzen: some image that shows a PC and Phone connected by cable and some text would be nice I guess16:31
ahayzen..its custom16:31
ahayzenmzanetti, yeah thats what we wanted16:31
ahayzenmzanetti, but we need design to design it...we even have a walkthrough prototype somewhere16:32
mzanettiahayzen: hah. I just won!16:39
ahayzenmzanetti, well done :)16:39
mzanettiahayzen: while you're waiting on design, you can add multiplayer over bluetooth to it16:39
ahayzenmzanetti, yeah i've already thought about that... bluetooth vs wlan16:39
ahayzenmzanetti, as it runs really well on the desktop as well16:39
ahayzenmzanetti, note the click package is arm only you'll have to branch and run to do it on the desktop a the moment16:41
mhall119timp: Kaleo: https://plus.google.com/u/0/111980561516715514914/posts/FUrmN5F9uWi what would cause this?18:44
rpadovanimhall119, different toolkit maybe?18:52
bzoltan_mhall119:  my quick answer is that the phone is vivid and the desktop is not.18:54
mhall119bzoltan_: assuming they use the same UITK version in their imports, like Ubuntu.Components 1.0, shouldn't they look the same?18:55
mhall119or will they still get 1.1 versions of the components if they're available?18:55
mhall119or 1.2 or whatever is on the phone18:55
bzoltan_mhall119: we had 1.1 release both on V and on U18:56
bzoltan_mhall119: anyhow, the first question I would ask is about the image number and the desktop series18:57
mhall119ok, ignore the specific version numbers, the question is whether it'll use a newer version that what was specified if a newer version exists on the device18:57
rpadovanimhall119, or maybe is only a bugfix that is landed on vivid, and not on Utopic yet - so the experience is different atm, but at the end Components 1.1 will have the same behavior both on desktop and on phone19:00
rpadovanimhall119, I think this is a consequence of this bugfix: #138620819:01
rpadovanisee comment nr 819:02
rpadovanibug 138620819:02
ubot5bug 1386208 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Purple overflow panel in SuruGradient theme" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138620819:02
mhall119thanks rpadovani19:04
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Letozaf_mzanetti, hey19:49
mzanettiLetozaf_: hi19:55
Letozaf_mzanetti, I am having some issues running reminders autopilot tests: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10083981/Ubuntu%20errors/Evernote-1.png   and http://paste.ubuntu.com/9572868/19:57
Letozaf_mzanetti, I am running them on vivid with autopilot319:57
mzanettiLetozaf_: need to try. gimme a bit19:58
Letozaf_mzanetti, no problem I can wait :-)19:58
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mzanettiLetozaf_: hmm... I don't get this error here20:11
Letozaf_mzanetti, you are on vivid like me ?20:12
Letozaf_mzanetti, I used to write autopilot tests for reminders time ago, could it be I have some directory with old configurations to cancel ?20:13
bzoltan_rpadovani: no UITK changes will land on Utopic as Utopic is closed.20:13
bzoltan_rpadovani: mhall119: it is important to note that convergence is between form factors and not between Ubuntu series20:14
mzanettiLetozaf_: actually now I can reproduce it20:16
mzanettiLetozaf_: still need to figure how to fix it20:16
Letozaf_mzanetti, ok20:16
Letozaf_mzanetti, you can let me know by email if you are busy now... I am not in a hurry20:16
rpadovanibzoltan_, no, wait, so we could have different behavior on different releases with the same component version? I expect the behavior of , I dunno, Text, it's the same both on vivid and utopic if I imported the same version of Ubuntu.Components (e.g 1.1)20:17
mzanettiLetozaf_: there seems to be a bug in the autopilot tests20:21
mzanettiLetozaf_: each time I run them it creates a new account20:22
mzanettiand then fails to use the newly created account20:22
mzanettiit still works on jenkins for some reason20:23
* Letozaf_ is looking at the tests20:24
Letozaf_mzanetti, I am unable to delete the Evernote accounts created by autopilot tests in online accounts I have Permission Denied error20:45
mzanettiLetozaf_: yeah, I had to delete the accounts.db too20:45
mzanettiwarning: it'll drop ALL the accounts20:45
Letozaf_mzanetti, ok thanks, I was wondering were it was :)20:45
Letozaf_mzanetti, no matter20:45
* Letozaf_ needs to reboot21:03

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