imgbot=== IMAGE 59 building (started: 20141219-02:05) ===02:05
bzoltan_trainguards: May I ask for  silo for the line 40. It will be a hit'n run job.. max an hour03:47
robrubzoltan_: sure03:47
bzoltan_robru:  thanks03:48
robrubzoltan_: you're welcome! vivid 303:48
bzoltan_robru:  that silo thinks that it still has qtubuntu-camera and thumnailer05:02
robrubzoltan_: yeah, you listed them in the spreadsheet.05:02
bzoltan_robru: me???05:03
robrubzoltan_: sorry, there's no way to know who wrote them. but the line you asked me to assign clearly had those packages listed at the time that I assigned it05:03
robrubzoltan_: right there in cell G4005:04
bzoltan_robru:  I have never entered anything there ... black magic05:04
robrubzoltan_: ok well if you don't want those, please delete that cell, I'll reconfigure, and then a WATCH_ONLY build should get you on your way05:05
bzoltan_robru:  that sheet is broken... I have never entered such values to that cell and now that line shows that it was landed05:06
robrubzoltan_: ugh. ok fixed.05:08
bzoltan_robru: it seems that my instance of the sheet showed an empty line when the backend version had some leftover form an other landing ...05:08
bzoltan_robru:  The learning is to push few times F5 before editing the sheet05:08
robrubzoltan_: we are like THIS CLOSE to having a spreadsheet replacement online. So. Soon.05:09
* robru gestures furiously with his fingers05:09
robruTHIS. CLOSE.05:09
bzoltan_robru: :D push it05:11
robrubzoltan_: the code is all ready to go. I am literally just waiting for the replacement to have a public IP. I guess it'll happen early in january.05:12
robrubzoltan_: ok, did you really test the silo or is that spreadsheet staleness you were talking about?05:18
bzoltan_robru:  the cell was incorrect, but now I really did mark it as tested05:40
robrubzoltan_: ok cool05:40
Mirv2015 with no spreadsheets - the wish for the new year06:02
bzoltan_Mirv: +106:47
robruMirv: I can't promise NO spreadsheets, i can only promise one less ;-)06:49
Mirvrobru: I'm sure others will come up with 10 more :)06:54
Mirvseriously, I'm quite happy about how Launchpad is again used for milestones06:54
robruMirv: yes, very nice. there's something about the right tool for the job06:57
mzanettiMirv: hey, is there a qt 5.4 ppa?09:58
Mirvmzanetti: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/QtTesting10:01
Mirvie. yes :)10:01
mzanettiah cool. thanks :)10:01
mzanetti"Note: the instructions on this page are always kept up-to-date. "10:02
mzanettithat's a bold statement for a wiki page :D10:02
Mirvmzanetti: that's why it's there, because otherise no-one would believe it :)10:02
* mzanetti is still having a hard time :D10:03
Mirvjust added now a note "enough packages are available to update both desktop (Ubuntu SDK & Plasma5 if wanted) and phone"10:04
sil2100Mirv: I don't believe it!10:05
mzanettiMirv: so mainly I'm interested in the QtNetwork bearer stuff. Do you know if we distro patched that into rtm only?10:05
mzanettiI'm having network issues on vivid10:05
Mirvmzanetti: vivid was first, so the same patches that are in rtm are also on top of vivid's 5.3.210:06
mzanettihmm, ok10:06
mzanettilpotter: ^10:06
Mirvmzanetti: for any phone testing of 5.4.0 bug #1403758 makes it slightly difficult - although an improvement from the reboot loop we had until yesterday :) tsd_geos is on it.10:07
ubot5bug 1403758 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Unity8 shows black screen with Qt 5.4.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140375810:07
mzanettiah. right, yeah. saw him working on that yesterday10:08
Mirvmzanetti: note that you're pinging lpotter at 20:05 in the evening on the day his holidays start :)10:12
Mirvso filing a bug / emailing test case might be a better idea10:12
lpotterholidays? whats that?10:13
mzanettiMirv: we had a chat in another channel, but yeah, I do not expect high responsiveness at this point any more :)10:13
lpotterI updated to vivid-proposed, should it be there? because I see no networkmanager configurations appearing10:16
Mirvthe patches were rebased, but all of them should be there https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/qtbase-opensource-src_5.3.2%2Bdfsg-4ubuntu8.debian.tar.xz including "disable-generic-plugin-when-others-available.patch"10:18
MirvI see "configuration "2krs21" QFlags(0x2|0x4|0x8)" on my desktop10:22
Mirvthat's my wlan essid on network manager10:22
lpotterbah! my test app was linked to another qt10:23
lpotterok, I see the nm configs now. but QNetworkSession::isOpen works correctly10:31
jibelsil2100, you search someone to promote the image or magically summon ogra_ ? ;)10:36
sil2100jibel: let's not trouble ogra ;)10:46
sil2100jibel: in the worst case we do as we discussed on the meeting: wait a little bit until slangasek wakes up and ask him for promoting ;)10:48
Mirvsil2100: I think 7am should be enough to sms slangasek :)10:49
sil2100For now it's still 3am at his place ;)11:00
sil2100Still looking for someone else, but so far no one from the people I poked seems to be around11:12
ogra_sil2100, jibel i can surely promote an image :P11:12
ogra_imgbot, status 59 vivid11:17
imgbotError: There does not seem to be any build with the number 5911:17
brendandogra_, here to save the day :)11:17
ogra_Errors were encountered while processing:11:20
ogra_ oxideqt-codecs11:20
ogra_E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)11:20
ogra_hmm ...11:20
sil2100uh oh!11:21
sil2100ogra_: REST!11:21
ogra_Selecting previously unselected package oxideqt-codecs:armhf.11:21
ogra_Preparing to unpack .../oxideqt-codecs_1.3.5-0ubuntu7_armhf.deb ...11:21
ogra_Unpacking oxideqt-codecs:armhf (1.3.5-0ubuntu7) ...11:21
ogra_dpkg: considering removing oxideqt-codecs:armhf in favour of oxideqt-codecs-extra:armhf ...11:22
ogra_dpkg: oxideqt-codecs:armhf is not properly installed; ignoring any dependencies on it11:22
ogra_dpkg: yes, will remove oxideqt-codecs:armhf in favour of oxideqt-codecs-extra:armhf11:22
ogra_Preparing to unpack .../oxideqt-codecs-extra_1.3.5-0ubuntu7_armhf.deb ...11:22
ogra_this loooks like cjwatson's setup for bzoltan_ didnt really work out ... or there is a breaks/replaces missing in the deps somewhere11:22
sil2100ogra_: hm, since you're already here, despite the vivid issues - could you press teh promotion buttonz? :)11:23
* sil2100 is a bad person11:23
ogra_sil2100, sure, just waiting for someone to tell me the image number :P11:24
* sil2100 is using a holiday person to do work11:24
jibelogra_, ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed/krillin : 18411:24
jibelubuntu-rtm/14.09.es-proposed/krillin : 13311:24
jibelubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed/mako: 15411:24
jibelubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed/x86: 14811:24
sil2100Krillin #184 and it's equivalents11:24
ogra_perfect, thanks11:24
brendandsil2100, if he was really on holiday he wouldn't be on irc :P11:24
sil2100pfff ;p11:25
* sil2100 needs to un-poke a lot of people now11:25
cjwatsonogra_: nothing to do with me.  all I did was to assist with arranging that unity-scope-click (etc.)'s autopkgtests didn't install both packages.  that doesn't stop other situations from still having both.11:25
cjwatsonalso, on holiday.11:25
ogra_same here :)11:25
bzoltan_ogra_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9568884/ the ubuntu-sdk-libs still pulls that package11:27
cjwatsonNo it doesn't11:28
cjwatsonYour apt cache just still happens to have the old version in it11:28
bzoltan_ogra_: Mirv has removed from the seeds http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.vivid/view/head:/sdk-libs But the package is still not released...???11:28
cjwatsonThe package is released11:28
cjwatsonYour check is wrong11:28
bzoltan_cjwatson:  phew11:28
cjwatsonBut of course ubuntu-touch still depends on it so they're both still in image builds11:30
ogra_well, there is some other issue with the oxideqt-codecs package then ... i wonder if it is Mirv's last upload from wed.11:31
Mirvogra_: the upload was a revert to the original codecs ordering11:41
ogra_yeah, doesnt look like it cause this11:41
ogra_https://launchpadlibrarian.net/192991440/buildlog_ubuntu_vivid_armhf_ubuntu-touch_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gzis the build error in case anyone wants to dig deeper (x86 is the same btw)11:43
Mirvogra_: it looks identical to the bug #1399597 that now got fixed with that meta package update for autopkgtests11:45
ubot5bug 1399597 in oxide-qt (Ubuntu) "unity-scope-click autopkgtests with a package installation failure because of oxide codecs" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139959711:45
Mirvthat got broken with the original sdk fix, that got fixed by the next oxide build, that got broken again with the Wed's revert, that got fixed by this meta package update...11:46
Mirvall dancing around the same two codecs package, and that all worked fine before the conflicts was made arch specific so that SDK could install different arch packages in chroot11:47
ogra_well, that image build has the new meta (should at least)11:47
jibelogra_, can you promote 14.09.es-proposed (build 133) too?11:47
Mirvogra_: yes, so my guess is that it's now broken there and fixed elsewhere11:47
Mirvogra_: the image building wasn't broken when the autopkgtests were broken11:48
ogra_jibel, everything you listed above (nearly done, the diff generation takes its time)11:48
jibelogra_, ah, I don't see a new image on http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09.es/krillin/11:48
ogra_jibel, es is always the last one i do11:48
Mirvogra_: so for the record, before this http://launchpadlibrarian.net/191773903/oxide-qt_1.3.5-0ubuntu1_1.3.5-0ubuntu4.diff.gz was done everything worked, but SDK needed the change to fix click chroot.. the history afterwards is summarized at bug #140027511:49
jibelogra_, okay, sorry I'm impatient :)11:49
ubot5bug 1400275 in oxide-qt (Ubuntu Vivid) "Fix oxide-qt codecs dependencies (continued)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140027511:49
ogra_what a mess ... luckily i'm on vacation :P11:49
ogra_=== Image RTM 12 Promoted !!! ===11:51
Mirvogra_: yeah, yesterday it seemed we had the option where all three things work together, and now you found about a fourth thing that used to be working whole this time and is now broken :)11:51
ogra_imgbot, map 18411:51
imgbotkrillin rtm version: 184 maps to mako version: 15411:51
imgbotkrillin rtm version: 184 maps to generic_x86 version: 14811:51
ogra_(and es 133)11:52
ogra_(which bacame es 5)11:52
Mirvogra_: can you now /quit irc so that you wouldn't notice any more ping:s? :) anyhow, thanks for finishing this milestone.11:54
ogra_Mirv, lol, no, but i can ignore IRC :)11:55
* Mirv updated bug 1399597... once again. it really seems like a dance around apt. or what's it called, musical chairs?11:59
ubot5bug 1399597 in oxide-qt (Ubuntu) "package installation failure because of oxide codecs" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139959712:00
Mirvthe participants in the game are sdk, desktop, images and autopkgtests. and there are only three chairs. we've now played the game for three rounds or so...12:00
Mirvand it all started when sdk joined the game that was working perfectly so far, so I blame bzoltan_ (and mvo) :D12:01
Mirvand I guess oxide is the orchestrator of the game, then12:01
jibelthank you ogra_ , nice way to end the year!12:02
Mirvindeed, ogra made the day12:03
Mirvsil2100: so, e-mail ready? :)12:11
bzoltan_Mirv: I take the blame :) with pleasure12:27
sil2100Mirv: ready! Will send out after lunch ;)12:31
sil2100Anyway, great work everyone!12:31
* davmor2 hugs ogra_ and wishes everyone health, wealth and happiness12:31
mardywhat is the latest stable image? #12?13:32
sil2100mardy: yes ;)13:43
mardysil2100: at first I panicked, it seemed unusable13:46
mardysil2100: the touchscreen was crazy, it was probably reporting more events than real13:46
mardysil2100: now, after some minutes, it seems normal13:47
* Mirv assigns ^, and with that happy holidays everyone!15:09
bregmahey trainguards, is anyone going to be around to pull the levers over the next couple of weeks?15:40
sil2100bregma: safly this can be a bit troublesome15:55
sil2100Ill try to log in from time to time15:56
bregmaI'm just curious, I'm not demanding or expecting anything15:56
bregmaof course, I expect the ci-airline to become fully functional 02 January 2015 :)15:58
sil2100bregma: but it's a good question - I'll try to organize time and do at least 1 quick shift every day to clean, assign and release silos17:13
* bregma goes to pile on silos in every possible project he can17:14
robrubregma: I'll probably be around more often than not.18:05
cyphermoxrobru: hey18:11
robrucyphermox: heya18:11
cyphermoxwanna do a landing? :)18:14
robrucyphermox: sure?18:14
cyphermoxawe_: still around?18:15
robrucyphermox: silo 618:15
robruyou're welcome!18:15
awe_cyphermox, yea, but just about to head out for some lunch.  wharsup?18:23
cyphermoxhelp testing NM in silo 6 when it will be uploaded18:23
cyphermoxI tested it on my end already, looks fine on phone in vivid18:23
cyphermoxbut a second opinion would be good :)18:24
cyphermoxI want to land this soon since there's a 1.0 release now and all18:24
awe_cyphermox, sure... I could do so when I get back ( ~1-1 1/2 h )18:24
cyphermoxof course18:24
cyphermoxno rush18:25
awe_k, sounds good.  I'll ping you when I'm back18:26
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: Landing team off until next year - only bare minimum maintenance
cyphermoxrobru: to add a package can I do the reconfigure myself? I can't remember ;)18:42
cyphermoxI forgot about one thing that needs to land with NM18:43
robrucyphermox: are you a core dev? or me? ;-)18:43
robrucyphermox: oh actually you should be able to do it18:44
robrucyphermox: but the trick is, don't use the reconfigure link18:44
robrucyphermox: use the 'landing team tools' menu -> 'assign to silo' and it'll reconfigure for you18:44
cyphermoxah, right18:49
sil2100Happy holidays everyone!18:49
sil2100And a happy new year later on as well ;)18:49
cyphermoxhappy holidays sil2100, take care18:50
=== ev_ is now known as ev
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* Mirv finds it hard to get to this "holiday" mode19:57
Mirvafter lurking at the irclogs, came to say \o/ to cyphermox about new nm landing19:57
cyphermoxstill needs to pass a second opinion of testing ;)19:58
Mirvor not that hard, the problem is just "what fun could I do" partially revolves around "finish this Debian/Ubuntu/freesoftware stuff/packaging" :)19:59
cyphermoxfinishing these things over christmas music works surprisingly well20:00
Mirvheh, nice20:02
awe_cyphermox, I'm back... still need me to silo test?20:17
cyphermoxyes, if you can spare some time for it20:17
cyphermoxit's silo 620:17
* bregma cheers21:00
robrubregma: happy holidays!21:03
awe_cyphermox, the indicator UI21:32
awe_first time after the flash I hadn't associated, so I enabled wifi21:33
awe_then tapped an AP, entered a pw21:33
awe_and it connected21:33
cyphermoxbut the indicator UI doesn't allow you to disable 3g data?21:33
awe_( although the indicator takes *forever* to notice )21:33
awe_I'm not sure what you mean... no "disable 3g data" involved21:34
awe_this is all about enabling / disabling wifi21:34
awe_when you enable wifi, and it connects to an ap21:34
awe_everything looks good, but I can't ping a hostname21:34
cyphermoxbut to switch from 3g to wifi21:34
cyphermoxI see, the other way around :)21:34
awe_if I then reboot in that state ( ie. w/wifi enabled & attached )21:35
awe_it works fine21:35
awe_also going from wifi->3g always seems to work correctly21:35
dobeyawe_, cyphermox: fwiw, i've been getting the exact behavior you're describing on my nexus5 with rtm-proposed image, for a while now21:36
dobeyso i am not sure that's a new thing with that silo21:36
cyphermoxit's impossible it's the exact same problem, we're discussing a new version of NM21:36
dobeyno, i have the exact same problem as awe described21:37
awe_the same bug can't exist with both?21:37
awe_seems plausible to me21:37
dobeyi'm on 3g, connect to wifi, and the UI and everything looks connected, but i can't use the internet21:37
awe_dan didn't rewrite 100% of the coce21:37
cyphermoxawe_: do you also see errors in syslog about sending route sollicitations?21:37
dobeythen i reboot and wifi works fine21:37
* awe_ looks21:37
cyphermoxI think it's seeing the rmnet_usb devices now and just not liking it21:38
dobeyit coudl be that maybe new nm changed something where it might happen more often on n4 now or something?21:38
awe_cyphermox, the only thing I see is a message that states: nm_system_iface_flush_routes: assertion 'iface != NULL' failed21:39
awe_but I only see two of them back to back21:39
awe_nothing else re: routes or solicitation21:39
cyphermoxthat might be my ipv621:39
cyphermoxthe assert there is fine21:39
cyphermoxawe_: the routing is broken21:48
cyphermoxSettings = { Address= Netmask= Method=static Interface=rmnet_usb0 DomainNameServers=,, Gateway= }21:48
cyphermoxactually, nevermind that, it's fine. the dns use the default route via the specified gateway21:58
cyphermoxawe_: so the issue is that rmnet_usb devices aren't being properly ignored anymore22:14
cyphermoxso something is trying to bring up the device at the same time as the device IP is set for data; you'd be seeing this even without toggling wifi:22:15
cyphermox22:14:53.037838 IP > 45071+ A? yahoo.com. (27)22:15
cyphermox^ ie. broken. ;)22:15

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