PryMar56that is shell for libvirt00:00
PryMar56you can remove the default network00:00
acovrigPryMar56, brctl delbr virbr0?00:01
PryMar56sure, till reboot00:01
acovrigPryMar56, can I permanently do that (since I don't think I use it), or would I need to put something in /etc/init.d?00:02
acovrigPryMar56, I do have VMs in kvm/libvirt, but they're using other bridges, none of them are using virbr000:03
PryMar56virsh net-undefine default00:05
* PryMar56 apologizes for spoon feeding00:06
acovrig_PryMar56, thanks00:08
acovrig_when masquerading, what if do I specify, the one I'm expecting a connection on, or the one I'm connecting to?00:09
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PryMar56acovrig_, looking at the iptables trace, the bridges are MASQ'd00:19
PryMar56you can dump those rules as `iptables-save`00:19
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acovrig_PryMar56, I'm currently double-NAT'd (for the next ~week) is an ubuntu machine running pfsense as a router VM (libvirt); it connects (WAN) to a LAN; if I have 'iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o br0 -j MASQUERADE' in 5.4 (the VM host), other clients can't connect to anything on the network.00:28
acovrig_PryMar56, 5.4 is a client-to-client-LAN gateway to the 5.0/24 network from an openvpn overlay network (to a VPS)00:29
acovrig_PryMar56, when setting this system as a gateway, do I MASQUERADE br0 (LAN with 5.0/24) or tun0 (OpenVPN client IP to overlay network)?00:30
PryMar56don't try that at home, setup is for professionals only... pretty complicated to say for me00:34
DirnanHaving trouble with postfix not recieving or sending outside domain00:50
Dirnanany takers00:50
Dirnani can login to the pop server remotely and send and recoeve to only local accounts00:52
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LarsNkirkland: are you there?04:21
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fandii got gpg error : link this04:32
fandihow to delete gpg key or disable that04:33
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lordievaderGood morning.09:40
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jamespagecoreycb, zul: I've bumped new versions of alembic and oslo.utils into vivid; oslo.context is in the NEW queue11:11
zuljamespage:  whats using oslo.context?11:42
jamespagezul, neutron11:43
jamespagezul, does the py 2.7.9 incompatibility matertilize via unverified certs?11:45
zuljamespage:  it does11:45
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jamespagezul, where is the bug again? keystone is impacted11:45
zuljamespage:  https://github.com/python/peps/blob/master/pep-0476.txt11:45
zuljamespage:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/140306811:46
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1403068 in cinder "Tests fail with python 2.7.9" [Undecided,New]11:46
zuljamespage:  i have a patch that ignores some test failures for cinder if you want (rtslib)11:50
jamespagezul: I think glanceclient is impacted as well11:52
jamespagezul: hmmm11:58
jamespageoslo.vmware 0.8.0 uploaded11:58
jamespagezul, ok trying a patch to glance tests12:02
jamespageglancelient that is12:02
jamespagecoreycb, btw I'm applygin a new uversionmangle - "s/\.0b/~b/"12:03
zuljamespage:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9569176/12:04
jamespagezul, I see the issue with glanceleitn12:09
jamespagezul, glanceclient fixed and proposed upstream12:59
zuljamespage:  cool13:00
thor77hello, i tried to install mpd with pulse-audio like described here http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/PulseAudio on my ubuntu 14.10-server, but i stuck on this (http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/PulseAudio#Adjusting_Volume_.2F_Sinks_.2F_etc.) step, i dont get it to connect to pulse using pacmd, it always says "No PulseAudio daemon running, or not running as session daemon" but i can see a pulseaudio process with "ps x"14:13
kirklandLarsN: yes, hi14:17
coreycbjamespage, looks like python-rtslib-fb needs to get into main for cinder, and python-wsgiref needs to be synced14:29
jamespagecoreycb, nack on rtslib14:30
jamespagecoreycb, just patch it out - see zuls pastebin above14:30
coreycbjamespage, ok14:31
jamespagecoreycb, zul: can I get a +1 for including rabbitmq-server in the kilo CA please - 3.3.5 introduced better default queue failover14:38
coreycbjamespage, +114:39
coreycbjamespage, should I request a sync of python-wsgiref?14:39
jamespagecoreycb, I can't see that in debian or ubuntu?14:40
jrwrenany simplestreams folks around?14:40
jrwrenhow does simplestreams get the latest version?  is it lexical order? numeric order?14:41
jrwrene.g. jq '.products."com.ubuntu.cloud.daily:server:14.10:amd64".versions |keys' com.ubuntu.cloud\:daily\:aws.json  looks numeric, can I rely on that?14:41
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coreycbjamespage, nevermind it's in libpython2.7-stdlib14:54
agendhi - i'm just setting up server - and I need plenty of requests per second, started with ubuntu, and had nf_conntrack problem - fixed it, got better rps troughput - but I wonder is there linux distro which would be tuned for high permormance http serving out of the box?15:06
agendor some links to sources about tuning ubuntu server?15:06
coreycbjamespage, what do you think about getting a new vesion of pecan > 0.8.0 into vivid?  (ceilometer)15:23
jamespagecoreycb, sounds like a good idea - I assume its required for ceilometer?15:25
jrwrenagend: not afaik. Are you server static content or an application. Typically you would tune your application to be faster.15:39
coreycbjamespage, sorry, yes it's required by ceilometer15:59
jamespagecoreycb, ++ then16:06
agendjrwren: content is dynamic, and not its not application problem - its written in go and it's pretty fast. I have to tune the os16:06
jrwrenagend: ah, so already profiled. Interesting. What issues are you seeing then?16:09
jamespagecoreycb, https://github.com/openstack/requirements/commit/70b10edb67ae72bf1f2436ee5abe6ae208ea4d2a16:34
agendjrwren: like i said: nf_conntrack so far, got it better, now waiting for next surprise16:35
agendjrwren: looks like i have to be ubuntu expert to get it done16:35
coreycbjamespage, oh great16:36
jrwrenagend: i'm not sure what nf_conntrack is, but I've mostly run on cloudimg, which is a bit different than ubuntu-server16:36
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agendjrwren: running on bare metal16:36
jamespagecoreycb, I'm seeing a nova test failure I think its related to that16:38
coreycbjamespage, and 0.9.2 is the latest version it looks like16:40
jamespagecoreycb, yeah16:45
jamespagecoreycb, just thinking as to whether we should revert back to 0.9.116:45
tekkhi guys, once the server has booted up and services initialized, just before it goes to the console login prompt, the video mode seemingly changes… does anyone know where this is configured? as my kvm-switch doesn’t seem to support it.16:48
coreycbjamespage, or temporarily revert the 0.9.2 change the caused it16:49
tekki’m abou to try GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=keep16:50
tekkwell that didn’t owrk16:52
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jamespagecoreycb, actually it might be OK16:56
jamespagecoreycb, zul reverted the offending commit - I think I just has a bad test run locally - in ppa its fine16:57
coreycbjamespage, ok16:57
coreycbjamespage, https://code.launchpad.net/~corey.bryant/ubuntu/vivid/python-pecan/merge16:57
jamespagecoreycb, "Merge from Debian unstable?"17:00
jamespagecoreycb, what are you merging? I'm confused17:00
jamespagevivid has the same version as debian right now17:00
jamespagecoreycb, I was expecting 'New upstream release'17:01
coreycbjamespage, ok.. yeah I guess we're forking in a way17:01
jamespagecoreycb, probably only for a bit - I've told zigo we're pushing kilo-1 updates this week17:01
jamespageso he should have an eye out17:02
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jamespagecoreycb, merge == pull in changes from debian, re-apply ubuntu delta17:02
jamespagecoreycb, new upstream release == just ubuntu17:02
jamespagecoreycb, sync - just sync over from debian -> ubuntu17:02
jamespage(drop any changes)17:02
coreycbjamespage, yeah, makes sense17:03
coreycbjamespage, ok pushed a new version17:04
jamespagecoreycb, for future reference, you don't need to say 'updated maintainer' - that's impled for a 0ubuntu117:06
coreycbjamespage, ok17:06
jamespagecoreycb, I'm this close to having nova ready I think17:07
jamespagecoreycb, unfortunately my power rate sync patch breaks tests now17:07
* jamespage sighs17:07
coreycbjamespage, :/17:07
jamespagecoreycb, if https://launchpad.net/~james-page/+archive/ubuntu/vivid/+build/6661407 completes +117:08
jamespagecoreycb, swift is done btw17:08
jamespagebut that's all from my list17:08
coreycbjamespage, ok.  I'm a bit behind.  ceilometer is just waiting on python-pecan and should be all set once we get the new version.  cinder has a few more failing tests that I need to figure out.17:09
coreycbjamespage, that's all I've made it to so far17:09
jamespagecoreycb, pecan uploaded - thanks!17:11
coreycbjamespage, thank you!17:11
tekkafter booting, just before the login prompt the screen resolution changes to something i don’t support… any ideas? (Ubuntu Server 14.04)17:13
jamespagecoreycb, nova - done17:17
jamespagecoreycb, and with that I'm off17:17
coreycbjamespage, alright, thanks17:18
Karunamonhuh, didn't know this channel existed. neat17:58
Karunamonrepeating my other question then - is anyone aware if it is possible to control the installer dialog when doing a preseed/kickstart?17:59
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pmatulisKarunamon: you can suppress most dialogs by providing a pre-determined answer19:06
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* mait is getting "AuthType Basic configured without corresponding module" from apache2 in 14.04.1 LTS20:32
maitafter upgrading from precise20:32
Meerkatthey upgraded apache 2.2 to 2.4 so there are some changes. site config files need to end in .conf for example.20:42
maitGot past some of those initial issues...20:43
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maitI was thinking others might have seen this. My config looks very close to the example given for Apache 2.4 by apache.org20:44
Meerkatmait, enter apache2ctl -M20:50
Meerkatis auth_basic_module listed there?20:50
maitYes. Actually, the simple case works. My troubles are with AuthnProviderAlias20:52
Meerkatmait, does that help?20:56
maitYes, that was part of what I've already gotten past.20:59
Meerkatcould you paste your config file then?21:00
maitThanks, but I think there's something about 2.4 that doesn't work like 2.2's mod_authn_alias did.21:00
Meerkatmait, indeed. "The functionality provided by mod_authn_alias in previous versions (i.e., the AuthnProviderAlias directive) has been moved into mod_authn_core. "21:01
maitI'm trying to do the first example in http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/mod_authn_core.html21:02
NineTeen67CometHello all .. I'm not totally new at running my webserver, but I did a clean install of 14.04 (01) and now when I set up my sites they all point right back to the default Apache page . did something change?21:12
MeerkatNineTeen67Comet, what does ls /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ return?21:14
NineTeen67Comet000-default.conf and www.openlug.com.conf (my site) .. I've got more to add, but the first one was broken so I quit to seek knowledge :) ..21:15
Meerkatif you wanna remove 000-default.conf you can do so with "a2dissite 000-default"21:18
NineTeen67CometYeah .. headed in the right direction .. thank you much Meerkat .21:20
Meerkatthen you need to enter "service apache2 reload" to load the new configuration.21:20
NineTeen67CometRoger .. buttoned that one up .. I'm usually pretty good with the Ubuntu server (Been running it since I left Gentoo in 06 or so) .. So much thanks, I've been kicking myself all day ..21:20
* mait may be hitting https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=55622 using apache2 2.4.7-1ubuntu421:34
uvirtbotmait: Error: Could not parse XML returned by issues.apache.org: HTTP Error 404: Not Found21:34
uvirtbotmait: Error: Could not parse XML returned by issues.apache.org: HTTP Error 404: Not Found21:35
maitHmm. my broswer like it at least :(21:36
Meerkatit works for me too.21:42
asantoni_hi all, an apt-get nfs-kernel-server update on ubuntu 12.04 seems to have taken our production NFS share down :(21:56
asantoni_it's like read-only21:56
bekksDid you restart the nfs server after updating?21:57
asantoni_I just did that a few mins ago, did I do it right? I did sudo serviec nfs-kernel-server restart21:57
asantoni_logs on the server show21:58
asantoni_dmesg on the client machines show: [23366474.713247] NFS: state manager: check lease failed on NFSv4 server xyz.com with error 1321:58
bekksDid you remount the share?21:59
asantoni_bekks: yeah, first I did "sudo umount -lf /mnt/nfs", then::22:00
asantoni_sudo mount.nfs -o nosuid,nodev,noatime,nodiratime,noacl,nocto,rsize=32768,wsize=32768 xyz.com:/mnt/disk/nfs /mnt/nfs/22:00
asantoni_it remounts but it's read-only... I get permission denied if I try to create or modify files22:01
bekksWhats the output of "mount | grep nfs" on the client?22:02
asantoni_nfs.xyz.com:/mnt/disk/nfs on /mnt/nfs type nfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,nodiratime,noacl,nocto,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,vers=4,addr=2a01:4f8:150:1309::2,clientaddr=2a01:4f8:150:30a8::2)22:03
bekksoh, you are using ipv622:04
asantoni_still getting permission denied all the time, it's weird22:07
asantoni_OK I turned on access logging (rpcdebug -m nfs -s proc) and I see: kernel: [3201308.065629] NFS reply getattr: 022:11
asantoni_OK so22:35
asantoni_anonuid=0 and anongid=0 saved us22:35
asantoni_the rpc idmapping thing is apparently not working right all of a sudden22:35
asantoni_maybe it is some ipv6 vs. ipv4 issue22:35
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