JackFrostyano: Hmm, are all the ##weather-* channels that empty?00:47
skellat.nws 4400400:49
jenniThere are no active watches, warnings or advisories, for Ashtabula, OH.00:49
skellat.wx 4400400:49
jenniCover: Cloudy, Temp: 32.0°F (0.0°C), Dew Point: 28.9°F (-1.7°C), Humidity: 88%, Apparent Temp: 24.4°F (-4.2°C), Pressure: 30.17in (1021.76mb), Condition: Partly Cloudy Night, Wind: Gentle breeze 8.7mph (14.0kmh) (←) - Ashtabula, Ohio, United States (Powered by Forecast, forecast.io)00:49
skellatJackFrost: No blizzard yet!00:49
skellat.removepoint JackFrost00:51
skellatOh, wait, your incarnation has none00:51
jenniTop 10 (for #ubuntu-us-oh): unit193: +3/-0, 3 | paultag: +2/-0, 2 | jrgifford: +2/-0, 2 | belkinsa: +2/-0, 2 | yano: +2/-0, 2 | dzho: +1/-0, 100:51
JackFrostIf I get that down to 0, does it remove it from the list and stop pinging?00:52
skellatDon't know00:52
skellat.removepoint unit19300:53
jenniskellat: For a list of all of my commands, please visit: https://is.gd/CPStvK00:53
skellat.rmpoint uni19300:53
jenniuni193: +0/-1, -100:53
skellat.rmpoint JackFrost00:53
skellatI am rate-limited00:53
skellat.tell Unit193 THE GAME00:54
jenniskellat: I'll pass that on when Unit193 is around.00:54
yanoJackFrost: what do you mean?03:39
skellatThis has implications: http://boingboing.net/2014/12/19/obama-on-sony-hack-sony-mad.html21:21
jenni[ Obama on hack: "Sony made a mistake" in killing 'The Interview' - Boing Boing ] - https://j.mp/1AP9bDP21:21

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