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SergobotRiddell: are you here?09:17
BluesKaj_'Morning folks12:19
soee_hiho BluesKaj_12:30
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BluesKaj_hey soee12:33
kranzerRiddell: hi, are you here&17:12
PaliRiddell: ping, have you looked at my PPA?18:30
murthyshadeslayer: are you there?18:33
murthyyofel: are you there?18:35
murthyshadeslayer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/138984718:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1389847 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity waits until the driver-manager finishes before proceeding to the partitioning screen" [Undecided,New]18:35
murthyshadeslayer: who is the maintainer of ubiquity-kde?18:36
shadeslayerno one18:36
shadeslayermore or less unmaintained18:36
murthyshadeslayer: Can you give me some direction on how to push for this bug \18:36
shadeslayerI can have a look18:36
shadeslayermurthy: so basically, you ran driver manager on a live medium18:37
shadeslayerand then ubiquity got blocked when it was doing it's thing18:37
murthyshadeslayer: no18:37
murthythe driver-manager is the sub process of the ubiquity18:37
shadeslayercan't be18:38
shadeslayerseparate things18:38
yofelit is though18:38
murthyok let me explain18:38
shadeslayerdriver-manager isn't supposed to be triggered by ubiquity afaik18:38
yofelubiquity can install third party drivers during install if you check the "install 3rd party software" box18:38
murthyps aux shows driver manager running and after that apt-get downloading the binary driver18:39
yofelit does that in the background, and the nvidia blob is pretty huge18:39
murthythe thing is if the bug is in the 3rd party side i wont care but i feel the bug is in our side18:39
shadeslayeryofel: ah so it starts downloading things right after the system requirements page?18:40
shadeslayerI did not know that 0.o18:40
yofelI don't quite remember when exactly, but it does block on it at some point without visual indication that it's doing something18:41
murthythe wait for me is 53 mins18:42
shadeslayermurthy: might be useful to send a email to Kubuntu Devel if no one looks at it in a few weeks18:42
shadeslayerI might be able to, but can't say for sure18:42
shadeslayermaybe sgclark would like to learn about ubiquity :p18:42
yofelI *think* the idea was to install stuff like broadcom wifi drivers before continuing with the install, but the driver manager doesn't blacklist the nvidia one at that point18:43
yofelbecause installing nvidia at this point is pretty useless18:43
shadeslayerone could potentially have some sort of timeout, that goes : "Downloading for > 15 mins, bugger it and proceed"18:43
murthywhy is it blocking the main process?18:46
yofelif this really is about wifi drivers, then those should've finished installing before the wifi selection at the next step18:47
murthygood point18:48
murthyyofel: so konversation is default now?18:51
yofeldunno, our defaults for p5 aren't quite correct18:56
yofele.g. konqueror is NOT the default browser18:56
murthyyofel: ok. got confused after I saw it in 15.0418:57
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sitteryofel: I don't see how driver-manager factors into this?19:08
sitterthe 3rdparty stuff is implemented in ubiquity19:08
yofelthe third party installation stuff isn't re-implemented in ubiquity. It just tells u-d-m to install the drivers at that point19:12
sitterthere is no driver-manager package anymore19:15
sitterit's a query library nowadays19:15
sitterso the install happens in ubiquity19:15
soee_when will QT4 be availabel in Vivid ?19:58
shadeslayerDepends on how much wine sitter gets19:58
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kranzerRiddell: hello, are you here?20:01
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