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valorie!info testdrive04:00
ubottutestdrive (source: testdrive): run the daily Ubuntu ISO in a virtual machine (meta-package). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.26-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 3 kB, installed size 35 kB04:00
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ali__Hey all. I'm about to install Kubuntu next to UEFI Windows 8. Most likely after Kubuntu is finished installing, it won't load GRUB. Tutorials say to boot back into live linux and to use "boot-repair" from "repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair." My question is if this will work with Kubuntu? Is there a different rep for Kub?07:40
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reb_I'm currently trying out Plasma 5 Kubuntu, does it come with the newest version already? how can I update it? because currently is pretty much unusable, constantly freezing and such.11:15
reb_I mean plasma 511:16
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BluesKaj_'Morning folks12:19
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anderslHi. I downloaded a kubuntu-ci live image to try plasma 5/kf5, but I can not log into it. What is the password again?12:33
apparleGuys how to set the preferences of what files are used by firefox on downloaded files?12:40
BluesKaj_andersl, there's no password, kubuntu-ci [ackages are very unstable , try the recovery kernel then update and upgrade12:40
anderslI try to find another image. Preferebly something semistable, just want to try out plasma 5, but I do not want to fight ghosts in order to achieve that12:41
* BluesKaj_ shrugs , fine12:42
anderslthanks for your input anyway :)12:46
BluesKaj_apparle, in FF edit>preferences>general>downloads>save files to, then choose the folder you want12:53
apparleBluesKaj_: so the thing is, I've set PDF files to be opened inside firefox itself, if possible12:54
apparleBluesKaj_: Now this happens correctly if I click on pdf links. But if some link redirects to pdf, then it gets downloaded and then firefox is trying to open with Krita12:55
BluesKaj_that's a different thing altogether12:55
apparleI think I asked a wrong question. I meant how does firefox decide what application to use for different file types12:56
BluesKaj_apparle,  in FF edit>preferences>applications12:59
apparleso there I have set it to preview in firefox13:00
apparlebut that works fine for links which I click.13:00
apparlenow if I right click and save as... to download the file13:01
apparlethe download completes, and I click to open it, then it opens outside firefox13:01
apparleand I've no idea how firefox decides which application to open it with13:01
BluesKaj_apparle, the pdf files will use the pdf app you have as default, FF doesn't save the pdf as a link, however other html files will ,open with FF of course if it;s the default browser13:06
apparleno, you are not getting my point13:06
BluesKaj_guess not13:07
apparlein KDE my default app is set to Okular13:07
apparleso dolphin opens a PDF file with okular13:07
BluesKaj_for pdf, ok13:07
apparleinside firefox I have set the PDF to "preview in firefox"13:08
apparleso if I click on somelike on internet which is a PDF file, it will open inside firefox itself, which is also fine.13:08
apparlesome link*13:08
apparleI know I want to save this file, so instead of clicking I just right click and "save as" the file.13:09
apparleso it starts downloading in the download manager and eventually the download completes13:09
apparleI click on this completed download, it opens with "Krita"13:10
apparleit neither previews inside firefox, nor it opens through okular13:10
BluesKaj_apparle, just copy the file, rather than save as13:11
artiomjarwhen you do the debootstrap with package exclusion parameter, the excluded package is still installed. sudo debootstrap --arch=amd64 --exclude=hostname --components=main,universe --variant=minbase --print-debs utopic .kubuntu ftp://mirror.as43289.net/ubuntu/ is this a bug?13:12
apparleBluesKaj_: It's not a question of one file. I know workarounds like going to the location and opening it dolphin. I'm trying to figure out from where does firefox decide that Krita is the applicaiton to use for PDF files13:13
BluesKaj_apparle, try searching in about:config in FF, pdf and krita perhaps13:19
apparledidn't find anything. already tried that13:19
apparlealthough in the drop down menu in Preferences->Applications->PDF13:20
apparleI have "Use as default (Krita)"13:20
apparleI don't know why firefox things Krita is default13:20
BluesKaj_apparle, then edit the line to use pdf13:21
apparleI eidt and change to "preview in firefox"13:23
apparlethat's why I'm stumped... I'm half in mind to actually open and start reading firefox source13:23
apparlebtw, I'm sorry for all the typos. I don't know what's wrong. My english is not this bad also...13:26
Avihay_workapparle: run an experiment for me? what does "mimeopen -D /usr/share/cups/data/default-testpage.pdf" do for you (you may use any other pdf file name13:30
apparleit is asking me what to open the file with.13:32
Avihay_workso it displayes 1) other... ? apparle13:33
Avihay_workhow bout you look at: Not entirely sure - two places that might play a part in this:13:34
Avihay_work/usr/share/applications/defaults.list (which points to /var/cache/gio-2.0/gnome-defaults.list)13:34
apparlefirst one does not have an entry for pdf. 2nd one has an entry for evince13:35
BluesKaj_apparle, what does file associations in system settings display as default if you type in pdf ?13:36
apparleIt should be okular, but let me reconfirm13:36
apparleOkular it is13:37
BluesKaj_yeah m same13:37
Avihay_workthen I guess you go to ff, turn preview pdf to download or ask or whatever, pick a pdf to download, thn tell it open with okular, and return ff to preview mode?13:37
apparleAvihay_work: I think I did try that, but let me try it once again13:38
Avihay_worksorry for the shoddy penmanship13:39
BluesKaj_Avihay_work, that seems like a good suggestion then you have a choice13:39
BluesKaj_being a home user , I don't run into these kinds of situations much13:40
apparlestill Krita :(13:48
apparleAvihay_work: BluesKaj_ Any more ideas ?13:48
Avihay_workuninstall krita, open a pdf from downloads, tell it okular, reinstall krita, stopped working? reinstall okular, doesn't work? shoot computer13:50
BluesKaj_apparle, nope , I'm stumped too ...krita must see the pdf file as an image file ..it's the only thing that makes sense to me, but why?13:50
Avihay_workor  install nautilus and change the GTK file associations with it13:51
apparleAvihay_work: I'm a student. Can't afford shooting the computer13:51
Avihay_workgo to one of the tall buildings in your faculty and toss the computer over the ledge then13:52
apparleAvihay_work: Is there any other place I can modify GTK file associations ?13:52
apparleWhy doesn't someone write firefox with Qt :(13:52
Avihay_workI don't GTK much, so ask in #ubuntu ? I tried google searching it for a bit for you, but came up a bit short13:53
BluesKaj_apparle, because mozilla is hypnotized by GTK :)13:53
apparleI heard Unity itself is considering moving to Qt13:53
Avihay_workfirefox uses XUL wich is a meta toolkit that uses an existing toolkit to draw, for some reason, on linux, or on buntu, it choses GTK13:54
Avihay_workat compile time13:54
BluesKaj_yes , I heard that too ,aamof they already experiment with it , Qt13:54
apparleAvihay_work: so you are saying, technically someone can compile firefox with Qt as well ?13:55
Avihay_workapparle: why, yes, I guess I am.14:08
apparleAvihay_work: That obviously raises the question, why has no one attempted to do so till now !?14:09
Avihay_workunity is moveing to qt. ubontu movile is ising qt already14:09
Avihay_workI think there were attempts14:09
apparleI don't have the knowledge to do so, but if there is such an effort I'd love to contribute.14:10
BluesKaj_apparle, look here http://qt-project.org/wiki/Install_Qt_5_on_Ubuntu14:11
apparleBluesKaj_: yeah I'm in process of learning Qt14:13
Avihay_workapparle:  http://chakraos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=12538 :-<14:14
apparlesomehow I've always faced a lot of issues with KDE and firefox.14:15
BluesKaj_how to get FF to use Qt is the question though, and that sounds like a major project to me .. apparle have you considered a different browser that uses webkit14:15
apparleI am aware of rekonq but it is too slow14:16
BluesKaj_QupZilla ?14:16
apparlechromium seems to be crashign with any flash for last month14:16
apparlethis one I did not know14:16
apparlewhat is QupZilla ?14:16
BluesKaj_apparle, don't use chromium , use google-chrome , it has it's own builtin flash14:17
Guest87553great for Netflix :)14:17
apparleBluesKaj_: you can use the pepperflash with chromium as well. Irrespective of that, google chrome is also crashing14:18
BluesKaj_netflix...bah humbug :)14:18
BluesKaj_apparle, pepperflash isn't being updated/upgrade anymore afaik14:18
apparleBluesKaj_: but pepperflash is the name of flash which is inside chrome14:19
BluesKaj_apparle, it's not being maintained fopr chromium, linux users are being encouraged to switch to chrome for some reason14:24
BluesKaj_one chrome linux browser is enough I guess14:25
apparleThe whole point why people use Chromium is because Google Chrome isn't completely open source14:25
apparleI have both of them installed and flash is crashing on both... so no difference for me14:26
BluesKaj_apparle, well I use what works for me, not going to let some philosophical argument get in the way of usability14:27
Guest87553The sooner HTML5 replaces Flash the better14:28
BluesKaj_odd, chrome is working fine here plasma4 kde 4.14.1 on kubuntu 14.1014:28
apparleI'm on 14.04 32bit14:29
Guest87553It will be environment specific, Chrome and Chromium with Flash both work fine for me across 3 machines, one on Mint, the others on Kubuntu 14.10 Plasma 514:29
apparleGuest87553: I agree, but doesn't look like it will happen any time soon14:29
apparleBluesKaj_: QupZilla and Rekonq are almost same I'd say14:30
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Dave42What's wrong with Firefox, by the way?14:31
BluesKaj_apparle, heh, ok , rekonq is a bust14:31
BluesKaj_Dave42, it uses gtk :)14:32
Dave42So?  I must have missed something14:32
apparleBluesKaj_: for both rekonq and qupzilla it can't play youtube videos.14:33
apparleDave42: It is not so well integrated in KDE environment14:33
apparlethat's where the discussion got started, now it is sort of offtopic14:33
Dave42in what way does it not integrate well with KDE?14:34
apparle:D :D14:34
BluesKaj_apparle, rekonq never worked for me on youtube, altho i seldom use youtube14:34
apparleDave42: so firefox thinks that it should open PDF files with Krita. Rest of KDE thinks it should open with Okular. I can't fix it14:35
Dave42I see what you mean14:35
Dave42Save the PDF and open it manually?14:35
apparleyeah that is what I do everyday14:36
apparleBluesKaj_: btw, Chrome gets the file associations and everything just perfect. I don't get how firefox hasn't got it right in so many years14:36
Dave42I can feel the frustration :(14:37
BluesKaj_yeah, I used FF for yrs off and on , never consistently, I've been using chromium and now chrome as my default for over a yr now and have no desire or reason to change.14:38
apparlebtw, any of you know what is kded ?14:39
Dave42kde daemon?14:39
apparleso I want to start development on an app. KDEConnect to be precise.14:41
Dave42Do you know what a daemon is?14:41
apparlenot really, it's a background process is all I know14:41
Dave42pretty much, it's like a service in Windows14:41
apparleDave42: no idea about Windows service either14:41
BluesKaj_yeah muon describes kded as "KDED runs in the background and performs a number of small tasks. Some of these tasks are built in, others are started on demand"14:42
Dave42just something that runs in the background to do things that don't require your attention/knowledge14:42
apparlehmm... so if something is a daemon, can we just kill it and launch it, or there is some process to start/stop it ?14:43
Dave42depends what it is14:47
Dave42you been using Linux long, apparle?14:48
apparleDave42: on and off14:49
apparleDave42: used linux as my main operating system from 2008-2011. Then used KDE3.5 and RHEL4 for some office work, but main desktop as Windows. Now back on Linux14:50
Dave42Ahh okay14:50
apparleso missed what all happened in the linux world during 2011 to 201414:50
Dave42Do you work with Linux, still?14:50
apparleno, back to student life14:50
Dave42Hah :)14:51
apparlenow a graduate student. so only machine I have is my laptop14:51
apparleDave42: anyway... so I wanted to contribute to the KDEConnect project. Got started by building it. But I'm not sure how to launch it, since it is a daemon14:52
Dave42sec, phone14:52
Dave42telemarketers -- on a Sunday... :@14:52
Dave42I'm not too sure, I've never touched KDE Connect14:54
Dave42they're usually controled using something like "sudo service daemon-name start/stop/restart14:55
Dave42or /etc/init.d/daemonname start/stop/restart14:55
Dave42Maybe this mini 'how-to' can help?14:58
apparlekde daemons aren't listen in either place as far as I know14:58
apparleDave42: I don't have any issues getting it up and running. I am not sure how to run my locally built version, so that I can make changes to it.14:59
Dave42apparle I'm gonna set it up now and see if I can shine some light on it15:00
apparleDave42: sure. It is a really cool project.15:00
Dave42apparle difficulties compiling it at the moment15:05
Dave42nm, there's a package :D15:05
apparlepackage works like a charm15:06
Dave42run the following in the terminal15:07
Dave42ps -ef | grep kdeconnect15:07
Dave42what's the output15:07
apparleit is showing the installed version of kdeconnectd running15:10
Dave42copy and paste the output15:12
Dave42if it's running, what's the problem? :P15:12
apparleDave42: The package version is working fine. I setup up my own build environment, made a very very minor change to the source code and built it. Now I want to run this version. It starts running but is not pairing with my phone15:15
Dave42did you change the version number in your build?15:17
apparleversion number of ?15:30
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Linusnewbgood evening everybody16:24
Linusnewbis the kubuntu muon server still offline?16:24
ikoniamuon server ?16:32
Linusnewbikonia i mean muon software too add new apps for kubuntu it's still blank16:53
ikoniadoesn't that just read from the ubuntu sources ?16:53
ikoniaeg: sourcs.list16:53
Linusnewbi think it's read by default but is still blank16:54
Graf_WesterholtLinusnewb, did you try apt-get?16:56
Linusnewbi can install via apt get normal16:56
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artiomjarwhen you do the debootstrap with package exclusion parameter, the excluded package is still installed. sudo debootstrap --arch=amd64 --exclude=hostname --components=main,universe --variant=minbase --print-debs utopic .kubuntu ftp://mirror.as43289.net/ubuntu/ is this a bug?17:57
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DIshHi. I am looking for some help with a suspend issue.  I have a LUKS USB partition which I have configured to unlock at boot with a keyfile.  Since then I cannot suspend as screen goes black but fails to power down. Any ideas? Thanks21:34
gnu_dHi, how do I reenable hibernate in KDE ? - pm-hibernate works?21:44
AleksejsHomeHi, after restart Konsole got some bug: now I cannot write in languages that use any character beyond ascii.22:05
AleksejsHomeany other program doesn't have this problem22:06
WalexAleksejsHome: that's unlikely... what does "locale" say in Konsole?22:28
WalexAleksejsHome: also look at the menu "View->Set Encoding"22:29
AleksejsHomeWalex: View->Enc is UTF-822:40
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