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cdoublejjhow do  install grub to a partition and not jus the whole hard drive?03:22
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Ahmuckhi.  i've lost my power icon in the tray.  it's just blank.  is there a way to get it back?19:11
testdrAhmuck: right-mouse-click on free panel-space and in menu select add panel-entries and from the list there select the power-settings19:17
Ahmuckya, that is not the problem.  the icon does not show but the panel entry and a blank space is there where the icon would show19:20
Ahmuckit's there, it's not showing19:20
Ahmuckit's like the reference for the icon is missing19:21
testdrAhmuck: so - a mouse-click at this place gives the normal info about power-setting of battery etc.19:21
Ahmuckadding the power manager again has now broke the panel19:22
Ahmuckhow stable is lxpanel?19:22
Ahmucksomeone suggested i use a different panel.  i really like the panel when it works19:22
testdrAhmuck: did you change themes? Maybe a theme setting with missing icon-grafics for it.  And lxpanel is not very crash-proved.19:23
Ahmucki´m going to try and see if I can track down docs on the panel19:23
Ahmucki changed the wallpaper19:23
Ahmucki tried using a wallpaper changer19:23
Ahmucki'll try to set aside an hour a day to begin working through lx issues19:24
testdrAhmuck: never did this, because the default wallpaper-admin-program is pcmanfm (the file-manager for the desktop and for such things like wallpager) - you may have to disable to use another program19:24
Ahmucksomething else that is happening, i'm getting 98% usage for firefox.  any idea?19:26
Ahmuckbtw, what firefox components are tied into *buntu19:26
Ahmuckor vice versa.  i remember when i looked at addons that there was an ubuntu addon with an option to disable.  i did find a way to remove it completely19:27
Ahmucklooking yesterday i noticed there were a few number of "firefox-ubuntu" related packages marked with v19:27
* Ahmuck forgets what "v19:27
Ahmuck means19:27
holsteinAhmuck: remove them, if you like19:31
holsteinAhmuck: whatever package manager you like to use can tell you about whatever packages you want to research..19:32
holsteini suggest, for troubleshooting both the panel and firefox, try fresh/default configs.. you can do that by trying the guest account, or a new user you make.. or, just renaming the config for both, and logout and back in, and see if things are more as you expect19:34
holsteinthis will help you see if the issue is with the system, or your users config files for the specific application19:34
Ahmuckok, so it seems that v is for virtual (reading docs on aptitude).  (v   firefox-ubufox)19:35
Ahmuckis the firefox in ubuntu a modified version?19:35
Ahmuckubuntu customized?19:35
holsteinAhmuck: im not a packager, just an end-user, and volunteer stating that, if you *dont* want those packages, remove them, and get the one's you want19:36
holsteinAhmuck: i dont have issue with my browser like that, unless i am using flash content with the out-of-date flash player adobe provides linux19:36
Ahmuckyea, i'm not saying i don't want them, i'm saying that i want to know what modifications have been done to the browser19:36
testdrfirefox out of ubuntu repos is modified19:36
* Ahmuck does not have flash installed19:37
Ahmucktestdr: thx19:37
Ahmuckreading ubuntu firefox dox19:37
holstein*all* packages are re-packaged19:37
testdrAhmuck: you can install a firefox linux-version from the creators directly - but not via the paket-manager - you have to download and install it on yourself19:38
Ahmuckyes, i know19:38
Ahmucki'm trying to determine what the trade off is19:38
holsteinin that case, you will maintain updates yourself.. if you add a PPA, or use the repackaged one, updates come in automatically19:38
holstein^ trade-off19:38
holsteinthough, *nothing* about the repackaged one should be using 90+% of the CPU like that..19:39
Ahmuckthat's what i thought.  i was wondering if it was the addons as i have several "blocking" add ons19:39
testdrahmm - this depends on the web-sites visited19:40
holsteinsure.. all i can do is suggest, again, to bypass your users config, thus bypassing the "add-ons"..19:40
Ahmuckmsn, cnn, youtube19:41
testdrAhmuck: if you try changes - experimenting with settings - alway use another user-account (you can create more than one) to be shure you only mangle the settings of this user and not the necessary main-admin-user19:41
holsteinAhmuck: those are flash..19:41
holsteinAhmuck: t19:41
holstein*that* is likely your issue.. using the older flash19:41
Ahmuckblock ads, gifs, flash, canvas, etc.19:42
Ahmuckyoutube converts flash to h00019:42
holsteincurrent flash is provided to, ^as you can read *factually* above, the chrome browser19:42
Ahmucksomeone really needs to take companies to bat in court over the use of technology that drops cookies, etc. without user consent under DMCA19:43
holsteinregardless, since, im not interested in arguing something you can factually research, and see if you are using flash or not.. if you are accessing that content, *that* is why your CPU is at 90%..19:43
testdrAhmuck: create a new admin-user-account and login with this and try there the installed firefox without those "enhancements"19:44
Ahmucktestdr: thx for the help, i've got an idea for direction19:44
Ahmucki´m well aware hot to test this in another account19:44
Ahmucki'm trying to understand structure more than anything, for purposes of analysis19:45
holsteinfor purposes of anylisis, you remove variables.. like online content like that19:45
Ahmucksure holstein and the first variable i want to remove is ubuntu customizations if possible through aptitude.  before these were add on packages.  may i assume they are now integrated in the browser itself?19:47
holsteinAhmuck: go for it!19:48
holsteinAhmuck: ppa,for firefox, or the package from the site, as suggested above.. or, as also suggested, the user config.. or again, the content you are visiting..19:48
holsteinnot to mention, GPU driver support19:48
Ahmuckholstein: is there ubuntu documentation that indicates the changes they have made to firefox?19:49
holsteinAhmuck: yes, friend.. as stated, whatever package manager you are using19:49
holsteinAhmuck: the package source is in the repos..19:49
holsteinthe package maintainer will be listed as well as contact19:50
Ahmuckwould you say that "examples of extensions" are those "included" or "possible"?19:55
holsteinsure.. and *thats* nothing to do with the packaging we were discussing before..19:55
Ahmuckit's unclear to me what the meaning is?19:55
holsteinAhmuck: i would just look and see what i have, factually.. in my system19:56
Ahmuckif they were included, as packaged within the firefox package, then it would be a part of the firefox packaging19:56
holsteinAhmuck: correct.. do you have them?19:57
Ahmuckin aptitude the short description for firefox packages marked with a "v" for virtual (can we assume that virtual means it is part of the firefox package that is installed) is missing19:57
holsteini dont assume that..19:57
Ahmuckif i do a search for "firefox" i would assume that these addons would be labeled "firefox-addonname"19:58
holsteini *know* that im getting the package listed, and whatever dependencies or other requirements.. it pulls in what it needs.. i look and see waht is there, and get what i want or use somehting different if i prefer19:58
holsteinwhen i used firefox, which i dont anymore, but, when i did, i used the mozilla stable ppa for it19:58
holsteinthat was when firefox wasnt upgraded in the ubuntu repos.. now it is.. so, i would probably just use the repo one.. if the repo wasnt what i wanted, i would go back to the ppa19:59
holsteinthe mozilla ppa is handy, since, its from the actual mozilla team.. its like getting it from mozilla and maintaining it one's self19:59
holsteinof course, i think you are still assuming that 90% of the CPU is being used due to some "ubuntu customization".. and i think you'll find, its just the content you are accessing20:00
holsteinyou can also use #ubuntu since this has *nothing* to do with lxde or lubuntu specifically, and likely find other users who are sharing your same concerns.. a larger community is there20:00
Ahmuckholstein: i initially came here for the lxpanel20:05
Ahmucki only derailed to firefox because you began discussing it20:05
holsteinAhmuck: sure.. i assure you, im not being combative, or kicking you out.. im literally stating, there is a factual larger community in #ubuntu that will have specific firefox users20:06
Ahmucklxpanel is broke for some reason (testdr gave me an idea as to why)20:06
Ahmuckso i'm tracking that issue down first20:06
Ahmuckholstein: the problem is that we always get into the same type of discussions.  i dont know the answer and you state you dont either20:07
holsteinAhmuck: there is no "answer", friend.. i dont share the issue you have with firefox, so, i cant say what the issue is.. i can say, like i have, that when i see *any* browser using a lot of CPU, its due to the content im accessing..20:09
Ahmuckit's good holstein, i'm off on a bunny trail chasing the fox20:10
Steve_Tis there a living person in here? :p20:41
AhmuckSteve_T: yes20:44
tewardwe're all lurking and being quiet :P20:45
tewardexcept me, i'm beating Wireshark's source code with a hammer20:45
tewardSteve_T: it helps, though, to just ask your question20:45
Steve_Tdoes anyone know the location of the icons for the keyboard settings language?20:47
Ahmuckisn't wireshark already stable?20:47
AhmuckSteve_T:  what are you trying to do?20:48
Steve_Twell, i have a dark panel at the bottom, all icons are bright, but the language icon is also dark and not good to see if you know what i mean, maybe i could change it myself to make it light20:49
Steve_Toh there they are, thanx testdr!20:50
testdrflags are there /usr/share/lxpanel/images/xkb-flags/de.png20:50
Steve_Tyup, i just edit the us icon, changed, inverted it, an adjusted the brightness contrast, now i have a very nice looking white icon on black bar :)21:03
testdrSteve_T: put skull and bones on it .. ;-)21:04
Steve_Ti don't get it, all the other icons are white just the keyboard settings is a dark one21:05
testdrmaybe - i only changed the lxde-menu-panel-icon because i use the panel not at top or bottom - i use it at the side and the icon was to wide21:07
Steve_Ti changed the lxde-menu-panel icon to the xfce icon, that mouse icon :p21:09
Trickster1someone can tell me what is the difference between lubuntu, lubuntu netbox et openbox before we log in our session plz ?21:36
ianorlinTrickster1: Lubuntu in 14.04 or newer should have a  little bird in the top left corner21:39
ianorlintop right I mean on the panel at the top21:40
silverlionlike it says: Lubuntu netbook is beconfigured for netbooks, Lubuntu itself should have at least a laptop and openbox can run everywhere because it's another Desktop Environment21:40
ianorlinand openbox or lubuntu-netbook will have another icon21:40
Trickster1ah oki i did'nt notice it thx21:41
ianorlinand you can click on that to change them21:41
Trickster1but the utility is the same we can do the same work and use same programs on all of them no ? or there is restriction ?21:42
ianorlinIn lubuntu and lubuntu-netbook everything should be the same21:42
Trickster1i think for netbok there is some program for the battery21:42
Trickster1and openbox ?21:42
ianorlinalthough openbox is more a kit you setup how you want it21:43
ianorlinas in it takes some configuration to get to a nice state but can do most things21:43
Trickster1so openbox uses more ressources than the classic lubuntu ?21:44
ianorlinno it uses less but is a little harder to configure21:44
ianorlinopenbox runs in a way that more just manages window in the lubuntu session but you get a panel wallpaper and other things21:44
ianorlinwhich you don't with default openbox21:44
Trickster1oki thx21:45
Trickster1anf for program it is better to use program in the lubuntu store or on the official website of that prgm ?21:46
Trickster1by exemple for wireshark or tor21:46
Trickster1because in lubuntu store i notice that it is not the last version21:46

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