ahoneybunhey I do not have framework 14.1000:41
ahoneybunjust 14.0400:41
ahoneybuneverything else is 14.10-dev ...00:41
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itsMichaelhi, how use "Google Speech Recognition" in QML?09:56
AkivaAvrahamitsMichael, good question09:56
AkivaAvrahamitsMichael, you likely need to find an api for google speech recognition09:56
AkivaAvrahamparticularly if they have one in c++09:57
* AkivaAvraham guesses09:57
DanChapmangood morning all o/09:57
DanChapmanitsMichael: for javascript you can use https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/speech-api/raw-file/tip/speechapi.html10:01
DanChapmanitsMichael: whether you can use that in qml or not i have no idea. But should be more than possible for a html5 app10:03
itsMichaelok, thanks10:06
draken34434what I'm doing wrong? does not recognize 'name'16:37

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