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cristian_ci've installed ubuntu with lxde in armv7 soc10:47
cristian_cAnyway, I need to change display settings and add a new resolution (actually, I'm using 1280x720 but it's too little for my 17 inches display)10:49
cristian_cI've tried to add 1440x900 resolution by cvt, xrandr --newmode and xrandr --addmode10:49
cristian_cbut if i select it, nothing changes10:50
cristian_cAny ideas?10:50
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cristian_cThe server has disconnected me12:04
cristian_cHas anyone answered to me?12:05
cristian_c<cristian_c> The server has disconnected me12:18
cristian_c<cristian_c> Has anyone answered to me?12:18
cristian_cI hope this question can be send12:18
cristian_cok, pings works12:19
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