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IKRAMHello people :) I want to start my contribution in ubuntu in bug triaging . I haven't done anything . Can anyone guide me the way , please15:56
penguin42IKRAM: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs15:57
penguin42IKRAM: Remember, you don't have to triage everything, if you're not sure just skip that one15:57
IKRAMI haven't created anything . Is there any specific thing that I should create when I am contributing or before contributing ?15:58
penguin42have you got a launchpad account?15:59
IKRAMno :(15:59
penguin42oh well, that's the 1st step, only takes a few seconds16:01
IKRAMis it ubuntu one thing ?16:02
penguin42I think it might be the same sign in mechanism16:03
penguin42but just got to launchpad.net and create yourself an account16:04
IKRAMI have create an account in launchpad . what will be my next step ?16:04
penguin42ok, get used to finding and looking at ubuntu bugs in there, and see the link I sent you above about triaging bugs16:05

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