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weasel_popperso, this is obvious another stupid idea, but it would be nice if linux treated paths like  ':/myfile' the same as '/myfile'. It would make interoperability with windows easier, as the ':/' would easily be identifiable as root, as opposed to '/mypath' being ambiguously relative04:26
weasel_popperagain, not expecting anything, just venting a pet peeve of mine as a cross-platform developer04:27
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CajunTechieHey everyone, I posted this to the dev mailing list but then thought about this chan. Does anyone know the future of Mono on Ubuntu? Are their any plans to begin including it in the distro again?05:28
xnoxweasel_popper: no, we cannot. checkout $ echo $PATH07:29
xnoxweasel_popper: ":" is used a path separator on unix already (windows uses ; for similar purpose)07:30
directhexa path beginning with / is never relative08:19
directhexit's not ambiguously relative, it's unambiguously off the root08:20
infinityweasel_popper: To expand on what directhex said, a path starting with a slash is unambiguously rooted in Windows too.  \foo doesn't mean $cwd\foo it means \foo on the root of the drive you're on.  Not the same as the UNIX root concept, but definitely not a deep relation either.08:59
infinityweasel_popper: And I hinted at it above, but the UNIX / and the DOS \ are not the same thing, as DOS can have multiple roots (drives), UNIX can only have one.09:00
infinityweasel_popper: The internal representation in NT actually fixes this, but that's not what people see at the command line or from most scripting languages.09:01
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hjdHi all. Could someone please start a rebuild of https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libbssolv-perl? It looks like it was synced the day before https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libsolv which it depends upon and ended up in a dependency wait state.12:10
infinityhjd: Done.13:37
hjdinfinity: Thank you :)13:50

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