solarscan anyone tell me how to get the nm-applet indicator in mythbuntu?20:41
tgm4883solars: have you tried starting nm-applet20:44
solarsyeah, apparently something is missing with mythbuntu, but I don't know what20:44
solarsit's the default in the distribution20:44
tgm4883solars: have you done updates?20:46
tgm4883OK, just a sec20:47
tgm4883solars: there was a bug in the 14.04 release of xubuntu where nm-applet wasn't starting at boot. It was fixed in 14.04.1, is this a mythbuntu 14.04 or 14.04.1 install (eg. which media did you use to install? Regular updates would get you to 14.04.1 but I'm not sure if that would resolve the issue)20:50
solarshmm, lsb_release says: Description:    Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS Release:        14.0420:56
solarsbut I tried starting it, etc20:57
solarsthe indicator just doesn't show up20:58
tgm4883solars: let me check my frontend, I might still be starting it manually21:07
tgm4883solars: try this  http://askubuntu.com/questions/449658/networkmanager-tray-nm-applet-is-gone-after-upgrade-to-14-04-trusty21:11
solarstgm4883: still not working :/22:19
solarsah now I got it22:22
solarsdbus-launch nm-applet22:22
tgm4883solars: cool22:23
solarsthanks for the hints!22:26

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