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ryaxnbikonia: hi02:09
ryaxnbchu: hi02:09
chuHey ryaxnb02:09
ryaxnbikonia set a ban on me02:10
ryaxnband chu and me want it removed02:10
phunyguywhat can we do... oh.02:10
ryaxnbchu believes ikonia has a personal thing against me02:10
ryaxnband is banning me for personal reasons02:10
phunyguywow, ok...02:10
phunyguyryaxnb: give me a moment please.02:12
phunyguyryaxnb: you are all set to rejoin the channel02:20
phunyguyryaxnb: please just stay low key and when asked to stop ranting, do so... please don't provoke.02:20
ryaxnbhave you talked to ikonia02:22
chuNah, he's not on right now. I did leave a message in -ops-team asking what was up.02:22
ryaxnbikonia likes to ban me02:23
ryaxnbhe tried to do this one when i wasn't on the channel02:23
ryaxnbi'm not sure what his motivation is02:23
phunyguyok.  Thanks for the input. If you are all set, please /part the channel.02:30
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ubottuenchilado called the ops in #ubuntu (money)09:10
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SuperEddyjoke of the day12:23
SuperEddybazhang,  You have left channel #ubuntu (requested by bazhang (Goodbye))12:23
ubottuThe operation succeeded.12:59
ubottudaftykins called the ops in #ubuntu (Singam)20:14
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:20
phunyguyI cannot seem to set ban duration20:20
* phunyguy grumbles20:20
ikoniaFlannel: there was a guy in freenode complaining that some guy had been spamming that channel (it was his channel) in other channels and would continue to do so unless the owner gave him ops in that channel22:39
ikoniathe guy was asking for help from staff/others on how to deal with it and stop him spamming a channel to ruin the reputation22:39
FlannelI got a CTCP USERINFO from someone earlier for that channel.22:41
FlannelI think it's amusing that there's more noise from people going "huh?????" than the original spam.22:41
ikoniathe guy who is running #vy or whatever it is, seemed pretty worried that this guy was causing bad feeling towards his channel22:42
FlannelMakes sense.  I don't care about the target channel one bit.  Just the people spamming it in #u*22:43

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