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linuxmintHello, I setup an NFS. I have 4 HDDs and don't know how to make HDD 2, 3 and 4 be used for extra storage?09:18
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AxtonSo i am running my ubuntu server on a laptop. But I just got a HP miniserver. What is the most easy way to tranfer from old to new server. Just moved old HDD into new server or, reinstall OS and app again..?10:40
linuxmintI'm looking to use mhddfs to allow 4 HDDs to be used as server storage. I'm wondering when I 'merge' the 4 HDDs together, if I'll wreck HDD1 which has Ubuntu and NFS installed?11:05
samba35on my system when i run netstat -ant i don't see port 80 open  (same with lsof -i4 )but i am able to check web server is running with localhost and check with telnet and port 80 is open13:35
samba35but it show port 80 open with ip6 not ip413:35
bekkssamba35: So it is running on IPv6, not IPv4.14:08
samba35when i run telnet ipv4 80 i am able to pass telnet so ,its on ipv414:10
bekksThen you would see it on lsof -i414:16
bekksWhich you said you dont.14:16
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MeerkatEvery time I upgrade my kernel on 14.04 the grub menu.lst wants to replace /dev/vda1 with /dev/sda1 - How do I make it keep /dev/vda1 by default?16:09
patdk-lapwhat is a vda1?17:03
ikoniavirtual disk17:05
ikoniausing the virtio driver17:05
patdk-lapwell fix it then17:08
patdk-lapdpkg-reconfigure grub?17:08
Meerkatpatdk-lap, I do not know how to fix it, which is why I asked for help.17:12
patdk-lapwhy I said to use dpkg-reconfigure17:14
patdk-lapit will be on one of the grub packages you have installed17:14
patdk-lap I don't know what flavor of grub your using17:15
MeerkatI ran the command but nothing showed up.17:17
MeerkatHopefully it is just really fast and it works from now on :)17:17
l2ksolkovis it possible to install ubuntu server ONTO a USB drive and boot off it?18:16
SchrodingersScatsounds ok18:16
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tewardanyone got a link to the arguments for ntfs mounts in /etc/fstab?  I need to mount an NTFS drive on one of my servers here, but need to dig into the options a little deeper.19:44
dasjoeteward: "man mount.ntfs" may help20:05
tewarddasjoe: thanks.  I take it the HTML gui manpages site will have that?20:05
tewardi'm stuck on a netbook, so terminal res is ***small*** :/20:05
dasjoeteward: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/en/man8/mount.ntfs.8.html20:05
tewardthanks :)20:06
dasjoeSure :)20:06
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