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shaunocurious.  what'd cause 'load' to go through the roof with idle procs00:47
penguin42shauno: IO00:51
penguin42shauno: Load is the number of processes that would like to run, irrespective of what's stopping them doing that00:51
penguin42shauno: So a bunch of processes that would like to run but blocked on disk will cause the load to spike00:51
shaunoI think I have disk issues.  that's why the process table was confusing me00:52
penguin42yeh, that would do it00:52
shaunojust spotted a disturbing amount of this in my logs; http://paste.ubuntu.com/9584865/00:53
penguin42shauno: Merry xmas00:53
shaunowell the good news is I just need to shove a ticket in for it00:54
penguin42shauno: That's definitely a bad disk, it's actually saying medium error as opposed to anything else00:54
shaunoluckily it's a paired mirror, so it'll only be "inconvenient"00:55
penguin42sure, if the other one keeps it's end of the bargain00:55
daftykinsshauno: smartctl -a /dev/sdx ?01:00
daftykinsoh it's RAID01:00
daftykinssorry i'm pretty drunk.01:00
shaunoyeah I was just looking at that.  smart's happy with the drive01:07
daftykinsmay i see?01:07
daftykinsi'm kind of a hard disk killer XD01:07
daftykinsah friggin' seagates are evil to read SMART data of :>01:17
daftykins6736 reallocated sectors sir? that puppy is toast01:17
daftykinsline 6701:18
daftykinsshauno: she's dead, jim!01:20
shaunoyeah, I already put a ticket in01:21
daftykinsah, hosted box?01:21
shaunoyeah, hetzner01:22
daftykinsgood lord, i've been out drinking for 13 hours01:23
daftykinsa mates back over from Australia, for a local version of his engagement party01:24
diddledanthose error rates look scary (I have no idea whether they're nominal or not, but big numbers scare me anyway)01:28
daftykinsseagate are unfortunately ass-backwards when it comes to SMART data, so those big numbers for error rates are actually fine =|01:29
daftykinsbut they also can show up as huge values when a disk truly is wonky01:29
daftykinsso yeah, i </3 Seagate01:29
diddledanthis is hours? 10071268814033601:30
diddledanthat's from total head flying hours01:30
daftykinsdiddledan: !01:30
daftykinsdiddledan: I'M FLYING!01:30
diddledandaftykins, no, you're high01:30
diddledandaftykins, don't jump out the window!01:30
daftykinsit's ok i'm only on the first floor01:31
daftykinsalso, don't do drugs and stay in school01:31
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shaunouff, rebuilding 3TB ..04:23
mapitoanother day done06:45
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:50
knightwisemorning everyon e11:17
popeyknightwise: you bought a chromebook recently? which one?11:18
knightwiseHey popey ,11:26
knightwisethe Acer C730 (chromebook 11à11:27
knightwisegot it yesterday. (working on it right now)11:27
knightwisebut , popey , its a cute little device for the small amount of money you pay for it.11:31
popeyknightwise: is your main laptop broken?11:49
popeywhats the motivation for using a chromebook?11:50
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zmoylan-picheap? not paying windows tax? ssd from get go? happier with netbooks?11:51
knightwisepopey: no , I just wanted to play around with it a little bit.11:51
popeyzmoylan-pi: I mean, if you already have a laptop.11:52
hamitronchrome is shiney11:52
knightwiseI need to do a workshop on cloud computing in a couple of weeks and since Chrome has been a great help in my 'cross platform workflow' I also wanted to play with the chromebook too11:52
popeychromebooks worry me.11:52
knightwiseAnd its a handy cheap machine to chuck into my bag when I go out. (i have a 15 inch mbp that is just too expensive)11:53
popeyvendor lock in just like windows + microsoft office11:53
knightwisepopey: True, its a little bit of a lock in , but there are plenty 'non google' web services you can work with11:53
zmoylan-pimy ancient netbook is starting to make funny sounds on startup so may be on way out.  looking at chromebooks in argos they look nice but thanks to windows panic over them their seem to be netbooks again so might go for one of those instead.  but that's because i prefer hd over ssd11:53
hamitronmore so tbh, at least with windows you can install libreoffice11:53
knightwise(owncloud , shellinabox, etc)11:53
popeyits still chrome though11:53
popeygoogle ID11:54
knightwisepopey: true.11:54
knightwisealthough you can use the device in Guest mode11:54
popeydoesn't save though?11:54
popeyand not what most people will do11:54
zmoylan-piyou can run crouton on chromebook but every time you boot you have to select developer mode which would annoy me11:54
knightwisetrue .. but giving up their freedom is their choice11:54
knightwisezmoylan-pi: you can also dual boot ubuntu on most chromebooks (see Acer 720)11:55
popeyright, but people in the free software community seem to be promoting chromebooks a lot11:55
knightwisebtw : Microsoft will be coming out with similar laptops with 8.1 at the same pricerange11:55
popeythey already did11:55
popeyHP have one11:55
zmoylan-pithe chromebooks have a zen minimalism about them :-)11:55
popeythey do11:55
popeythey're rather nice devices11:55
knightwisesaw an 11 inch Toshiba I5 for 250 euros with 'microsoft 8.1 with bing' yesterday11:55
popeysome of them11:55
knightwisenext year is going to be very interesting11:56
knightwiseTrue , I like the simplicity of the OS.11:56
hamitronthis still tempts me: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191398987339?_trksid=e100084.m1843&_trkparms=clkid%3D2473023964625320656&_qi=RTM1967670#lo-descr11:56
popeythats a nice device11:56
knightwiseI'm just finishing up my 'first impressions' article, i'll post it a little later today11:56
penguin42popey: Oh that's nice11:57
popeyI can't imagine that microsoft tablet will ever get any software updates11:57
popeyI may be wrong11:58
popeysame for other intel based android tablets11:58
popeythey're made to a very low price point, get them out the door and forget about them11:58
popeysee also:- Hudl211:58
foobarrydoes cyanogen support hudl2?11:58
foobarryor intel chips11:58
popeydont think so11:58
directhexintel windows tablets just get windowsupdate11:58
penguin42popey: They've got a chance of getting updates; it should be a lot less hastle to do the updates for them than ARM11:58
hamitronpopey, but that is a throwaway priced device11:58
popeypenguin42: sadly not the case11:59
popeythe intel bits are needed11:59
penguin42popey: Why?11:59
popeyalso, powervr11:59
penguin42popey: Yeh I know they have powervr, but what else?11:59
knightwisepopey: Acer is bringing out the Iconia W811:59
popeythere is some faff with the boot sequence11:59
knightwisean 8 inch tablet with Windows 8.1 for 150 euros11:59
popeyi dont know the details, but AIUI it's not straightforward11:59
penguin42popey: Hmm annoying11:59
popeyI'd be interested in AOSP on my hudl212:00
directhexdo we even have root on hudl2 yet?12:00
directhexor bootloader access?12:00
penguin42popey: But still, the kernel mods for it should be a lot smaller than for an Android tablet12:00
popeydirecthex: http://www.modaco.com/topic/373642-how-to-root-your-hudl-2/page-1212:01
popeylooong thread about it12:01
popeybut yes, he did I think12:01
directhexis it dependable? last thread i saw was brick city12:02
foobarrybet that tablet has poor battery life12:02
popeyyes, thats the only thread I've seen12:02
popeythe hudl2 isnt bad12:02
popey7-9 hours12:02
foobarryi'm loking at the ebay one12:02
foobarryebay tablets are gernally bad news12:02
popeyI'd imagine they're all similar12:02
popeydont buy it from ebay ☻12:03
directhexthey're everywhere12:03
directhexamazon had one in an xbox bundle12:04
directhexafaik they're cheap at staples12:04
popeythat'll end soon I believe12:04
popeyIntel ending their subsidy of baytrail tablets12:04
popeyI doubt the hudl2 will ever see lollipop12:05
popeyTesco don't really care, they're box-shifters12:05
knightwisethe review is live :)12:06
popeyknightwise: that link is duff12:06
popey(at the bottom of the article)12:06
hamitronI just wish my nexus 7 worked better12:06
popeyyou copy/pasted a google link12:06
popeyhamitron: 2012?12:06
popeyI use mine all day every day12:06
popeyit's the second screen on my desk12:06
popeyit sits showing irssinotifier and pings me when I get email/tweet etc12:07
hamitronI just find the wifi not as good as my phone12:07
popeyoh, not seen that12:07
hamitronyoutube always buffers and stuff12:07
ali1234my 2012 got really slow12:07
ali1234and crashy12:07
popeyyeah, mine is quite slow12:07
foobarrymy tablet is horrendously slow12:07
foobarryand my wifes samsung12:07
ali1234it's sad, it was really fast when new12:08
popeyi wiped and flashed lollipop on it, now it's slower12:08
foobarryi factory reset the samsung, still slow12:08
popeythe 2012 nexus 7 has a known io issue12:08
ali1234i hve not upgraded to lollipop but all the apps updated individually12:08
foobarrylow ram i think is an issue12:08
ali1234i wiped cache partition and it helped a little bit12:09
foobarrymy wife does play some high ram games, but my tablet is just slooow all the time12:09
hamitronI think my issues started when I upgraded to 4.412:09
ali1234yep same here12:09
foobarryi wish android was adminable like linux12:09
popeywhich one does your wife have foobarry ?12:09
popeymy hudl2 is my "main" tablet now.12:10
foobarrygalaxy tab 10.1 popey12:10
popeyobv being the newest, it's the fastest12:10
popeybut I love the screen size12:10
ali1234i think i would actually like ubuntu touch on a tablet12:11
foobarryi still have the touchpad hp12:11
ali1234i wouldn't "touch" it for phone or desktop obv. :)12:11
hamitronI'm tempted to try a stripped down android firmware12:12
hamitronbut never have the time12:13
foobarryglaxy tab 10.1 has a weird defect where the screen shows an oily patch after a while12:13
popeyhttp://n1.nokia.com/en looks nice13:04
popeyanother intel based tablet - apparently shipping with lollipop13:04
popeymight mean other tablets can get lollipop once that ships13:06
hamitronI still can't get the hang of the interface on android13:09
hamitronthink I've used windows 8 and wp7/8 too long13:09
popeyI've not used Windows 8 or Windows phone at all13:12
popeyother than grabbing someone elses windows phone and swiping around a bit13:12
hamitronright now I'll use anything really13:14
hamitronmain things holding me back are knowing what is happening at work (talk of us getting iphones)13:14
hamitronand wanting a dual sim phone13:14
ali1234get a moto g13:15
ali1234they are super cheap, reasonably good, android 5.0, and dual sim13:15
hamitrontorn between lumia 630, moto g and Sparkle V13:16
hamitronif I personally choose13:16
hamitronsuspect work are going to force me to use an iphone 4s13:17
ali1234seems like an easy choice to me13:17
hamitronmy favourite is the lumia 63013:17
hamitronbut mostly because I use a lumia 710 and lumia 520 right now13:18
hamitronthat android one program sounds interesting13:19
ali1234i've never heard of sparkle V but the name sounds a bit lame13:21
hamitronhaha, yeh13:21
ali1234get the moto g instead of that it has much better specs13:21
popeyiphone 4s is getting a bit crusty13:21
hamitronpopey, yeh :/13:22
ali1234http://www.gsmarena.com/karbonn_sparkle_v-6687.php http://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_moto_g_dual_sim_%282014%29-6648.php13:23
popeysurprised if a company is dishing those out13:23
hamitronpopey, site manager is looking at getting re-furbs13:24
popeyi have a 4s I rarely use now, its a bit slow13:24
hamitronproblem is, my school uses some software that is iOS only13:24
popeymind you mine has ios 8 on13:24
popeybut it runs out of RAM very quickly and kills off apps13:25
hamitronoh dear13:25
popeyso when you switch apps it's always re-starting them13:25
popeywifey has a 4, and hers is even slower13:25
hamitronthey still cost £12013:26
ali1234iOS sends the suspend signal and then kills the app if it doesn't suspend in a certain time13:26
hamitronwaste of money imo13:26
popeyyeah, apple stuff holds its value13:26
popey10 mins I think?13:26
ali1234no, more like 10 ms13:26
ali1234that's why apps are getting killed when you switch13:26
popeyoh, i thought apps got an exception and could run longer13:26
ali1234if they don't respond fast enough they are toast13:26
popeylike dropbox13:26
popeythats something separate13:27
ali1234perhaps if they specifically request it13:27
popeyfor doing background uploads etc13:27
ali1234apparently it's 5 seconds, still could cause some apps to die if they are really slow13:29
hamitronso is this the correct moto g? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Motorola-5-Inch-SIM-Free-Smartphone-XT1068/dp/B00NBSZ56C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1419168007&sr=8-1&keywords=moto+g13:29
ali12342nd gen dual sim? yeah looks like it13:29
ali1234there is also a 4G version but it does not have dual sim13:30
ali1234and there are also two 1st gen version which you don't want13:30
hamitronwell, dual sim is the biggest factor13:30
hamitronplus new ofc13:30
hamitronand working13:31
foobarryi got a moto g and the only thing i wish i knew was that new android doesn't let you go under 500mb free13:51
foobarryi would have got a 16gb otherwise13:51
nigelbI have a Moto G as well.14:00
nigelbAnd I hadn't discovered that.14:01
foobarryits useless limit, since a lot of features don't work under 500mb14:12
foobarrye.g. receiving email, messages, etc14:13
foobarryfound facebook using 200mb of data recently14:22
foobarrythe functionality is identical to when it has 0mb of data14:22
foobarryno idea what its doing14:22
foobarryit#s not even cache14:22
nigelbOh, I use fb on the web on my phone.14:24
nigelbNot comfortable installing it.14:24
nigelbI keep deleting apps I don't use.14:24
popeyI've started using telegram a lot more to chat to friends14:41
nigelbYep, I use Telegram as well.14:43
* penguin42 isn't that sure about Telegram's logo for being 'open'14:46
nigelbTextSecure is pretty good too.14:56
nigelbIt's my default SMS app now.14:56
popeyi saw someone has made a command line version of that14:58
popeyso there may be an ubuntu version at some point14:58
foobarryhas anyone found a twitter app that integrates multiple accounts other than plume?14:59
nigelbdoesn't the default twitter app do that?14:59
foobarryplume recently broke usability in their app with massively spamming full screen ads14:59
popeyit does, yes14:59
nigelbpopey: There's a Telegram binary that works on Ubuntu.14:59
foobarryas far as i see, twitter app allows to switch accounts14:59
nigelbI used to use it briefly.14:59
popeyi do14:59
foobarrybut not mux all feeds together14:59
popeyi never found an app that could do that15:00
popeywell, gwibber15:00
foobarrybut they want £3 for it15:00
nigelbfoobarry: there's a webapp15:00
foobarrythe ad supported one they have destroye15:00
nigelbI have not used their desktop version.15:00
foobarrywebapps on phone are a bit sucky15:00
nigelbah, on phone. Right.15:00
popeyyeah, i use tweetdeck on desktop15:01
foobarryi recently installed donotcrash15:05
foobarrysaw a review by some guy called popey on my app store15:05
foobarryhard/annoying, quite fun15:05
* popey checks his high score15:05
foobarrymight uninstall as its stressy15:06
foobarrymight be easier on a tablet15:06
popeyer, 3115:06
popeyyeah, i use it on a hudl215:06
popeymy tablet is muted, how do you unmute?15:08
penguin42turn up the volume?15:08
nigelbthe volume butttons?15:08
popeyno, i still have a line through the speaker and no in game sound15:08
popeyyeah, of course i tried that! ☻15:09
nigelbhow about volumes bit in settings?15:09
penguin42hold down the power button until the menu comes up where you can chose the profile?15:09
nigelboh, and make sure it's not set to silent15:09
nigelbthat makes things weeeeeird.15:09
popeyit was already not silent mode15:09
popeybut flipped it silent on then off again15:09
popeyand all is fine again15:09
popeyhow odd15:09
nigelb"Hello IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?"15:10
popeyfoobarry: played dont touch the spikes?15:11
popeyMinute quest might be up your street ☻15:13
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Guest15576someone plz help my 14.10 not shutting down or suspending ... it freezes15:32
foobarryno, will check out15:32
popeyGuest15576: #ubuntu is the official ubuntu support channel15:35
popeymore people there15:35
popeyjust type /join #ubuntu15:35
popeyhttp://liliputing.com/2014/12/hp-chromebook-14-now-available-full-hd-touchscreen-display.html looks interesting15:35
Guest15576thanks :)15:35
diddledanmorning. just bought christmas15:41
diddledanlots of dvds involved15:42
penguin42is there any left for anyone else?15:42
foobarryanyone played world of tanks?15:42
ali1234i've played similar f2p games15:43
popeynot me15:43
ali1234star conflict is world of tanks in space15:44
diddledanhmm, one of my monitors seems dead15:48
* zmoylan-pi would not want to go shopping in next 4 days for a new monitor....15:51
diddledanok, unplugging it and replugging worked15:51
brobostigonwho was that Guest15576, did he randomly pm other people?15:56
popeynot me15:57
diddledanergh, why must people refer to "ubuntu 14"?!16:57
diddledanfair enough this is a random twit, but it grates me every time I see it16:58
penguin42especially when it's then not clear if it's 14.04 or 14.1016:58
diddledanpenguin42, exactly16:59
diddledane.g. https://twitter.com/Suuth_TGD/status/54670052676809932916:59
zmoylan-pii must confess i do sometimes forget to say .04 or .10.  i do try and not do that but it happens17:01
diddledanit's not a version number17:02
penguin42diddledan: Well, it's unique and incrementing, so it may as well be17:03
diddledanit doens't really increment tho - else we'd have 14.1 then 14.217:03
hamitron14.04 and 14.04.117:03
penguin42diddledan: OK, OK pedant!  It's monotonic and unique17:04
zmoylan-pipedantry on irc?? :-P17:04
diddledanit's a name which just happens to also be a pair of numbers17:05
diddledanthe other one that gets me is dropping the 0 off 0417:06
penguin42is that a problem?17:06
penguin42oh, just checking17:06
penguin42diddledan: I mean yes it causes ASCII sorting problems, but not really that big an issue17:07
hamitrontbh, I've never liked how some software considers 2.10 to be a newer version to 2.817:07
diddledanhamitron, yeah I don't like that either17:07
diddledanhamitron, I've got used to it tho because pretty much everyone does it these days17:07
* hamitron doesn't17:07
* penguin42 finds himself running vim 7.4.475-217:08
diddledanI don't really like multiple .s either17:08
diddledanI like to treat anything numeric as proper numbers17:08
hamitronoh, I don't mind that17:09
diddledanthe problem I have with multiple dots is that you end up with
penguin42doing comparisons on them is a pain17:10
diddledan(yes at work we have had version numbers like that)17:10
hamitronsure, but better than having 2 different versions of
zmoylan-pithey could always chuck a little hex in their to mix it up :-)17:11
hamitronI don't like the word "beta" is version numbers either17:11
penguin42I'm currently trying to figure out tags on an Android kernel my phone uses, the closest tag I can find is LNX.LA.
hamitronbut sure there is plenty we all hate ;)17:12
diddledanI prefer the idea of odd numbers being beta and even numbers as stable17:12
penguin42I think the 8x74 is the CPU, but the 3.5.2 definitely doesn't correspond to the kernel version - it's 3.4.0 acording to it's Makefile17:12
hamitrondiddledan, yeh, I like that17:13
diddledan(that requires two dots tho, which counters my statement above)17:13
zmoylan-pithat was a good idea to my mind alright17:13
penguin42popey: You've failed to answer an important question; what is the smug looking rabbit at the Ubuntu stand in Cina Mobile dev conference?17:47
* popey sees this notification on his phone and wanders into the den to reply17:47
popeyI have no idea ☻17:47
diddledanyey phones17:48
diddledannotifications ftw17:48
penguin42in that case we'd best just call him Frank17:49
diddledanpenguin42, is there a photo?17:49
penguin42diddledan: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-wdfQ2S2m7rY/VJVjjNe_IoI/AAAAAAAAByY/KLi5gR01aJk/w1202-h801-no/IMG_1927.jpg17:49
diddledanlots of men in suits. and a giant rabbit.17:50
popeyi think he belongs to the stand next to us17:50
zmoylan-pivery bunny :-P17:50
penguin42looking straight into the camera17:50
popeylook at the banner behind him17:50
popeyyou can tell where he's looking!?17:50
zmoylan-piit's an odd looking rabbit17:51
popeyits cute17:51
zmoylan-pijust bunny costumes usually have bigger ears17:51
diddledanI think he's eyeing the ubuntu phones17:51
diddledanhe wants to have one away17:51
diddledantis a decent-sized stand for ubuntu17:52
zmoylan-pithe british phone network rabbit will rise again :-)17:52
penguin42yeh long time ago now17:53
diddledanI used to own a cellular pager17:54
diddledanno idea why I owned it tho17:55
zmoylan-pii had a pay as you go pager.  cost a quid i think to send a message to me.  ran on a aa battery for a week with space inside for spare battery17:55
penguin42to get you alerted to something17:55
diddledanpenguin42, I was in school, what would I need to be alerted to?17:55
zmoylan-piand no one ever worked out how to send messages to it despite been shown.17:55
diddledanI think you had to dictate to an operator to get a message to me via the one I had17:56
penguin42diddledan: Impending doom, as normal17:56
zmoylan-pii wrote a programme in basic back then to send messages to engineers pagers.17:56
diddledanpenguin42, surely I'd know about that already being that it would be my doing17:57
zmoylan-pithe service worked at 300bps.  the text just used to fly by...17:57
diddledanmy doings are renowned17:57
zmoylan-pithey tried the dictate the messages service in ireland but in a weird first stab at outsourcing to india nobody coulld understand the irish or the indian accents which left some weird messages been delivered.17:58
diddledanthis would be shocking if 1) it wasn't so common, 2) is wasn't so ironically funny: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/antilgbt-preacher-gaylard-williams-arrested-for-grabbing-and-squeezing-mans-genitals-9938465.html18:01
zmoylan-pithe more some one protests against gay rights the more i suspect they're closest cases.  tragic really18:02
foobarry3) his name is gaylard?18:02
diddledanfoobarry, yeah18:02
diddledanhis parents obviously knew something18:03
foobarrynature or nurture?18:03
diddledanplus his mugshot makes him look like a thug18:04
diddledan(that's unrelated to his gayness, obviously)18:05
diddledan-- I realised after I wrote about his mugshot that someone might get the impression that I was suggesting that gay folk look like thugs18:06
diddledan-- that is NOT what I was implying18:07
diddledanI do wish sometimes that I didn't have this shovel readily available for digging holes18:10
foobarryurl was too long to click18:11
foobarryirssi+nicklist = fail18:11
diddledanshall I shorten it?18:12
foobarryi can imagine the story18:12
diddledanI should install a self-hosted shortlink thing rather than using bit.ly18:13
foobarryindependent have a real problem with comment spam18:14
foobarryevery single story has multiple18:14
foobarrywhy don't they curate it or moderate?18:14
ali1234because it is sunday evening?18:18
shaunoI don't get why newspapers have comments in the first place.  that's not what I visit them for18:20
knightwiseanyone ever tried the virtual box web interface ?18:28
popeypenguin42: you should ask joey directly about the wabbit. It could be some highly significant character in china?18:30
knightwisei'm following this manual , http://www.howtoforge.com/managing-a-headless-virtualbox-installation-with-phpvirtualbox-on-ubuntu-14.04-ltshttp://www.howtoforge.com/managing-a-headless-virtualbox-installation-with-phpvirtualbox-on-ubuntu-14.04-lts18:30
knightwisebut when I enter the command update-rc.d vboxweb-service defaults it says it cant find the service18:30
knightwisei checked , its also not in the /etc/init.d directory. i've installed virtualbox AND the extentions so i'm a little puzzled at why I cant find the service anywhere18:31
penguin42popey: It wants me to join the community to post a comment18:31
popeyyou could tag him on my post18:31

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