Kilosmorning all of ya :)04:34
Kiloseish 231m upgrade04:37
Kilosthats gotta wait04:37
Kilosai! me mortally wounded07:00
Kiloshi Private_User 07:11
Kiloshi superfly Squirm inetpro theblazehen_ 08:33
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 08:55
ThatGraemeGuylo :)09:01
theblazehen_Hi Kilos ThatGraemeGuy 09:05
Kiloshi gremble 10:19
charlgood morning10:20
charlMaaz: coffee on10:20
* Maaz flips the salt-timer10:20
charlhi Kilos 10:20
Kiloshi charl 10:21
KilosMaaz: coffee please10:21
MaazKilos: Alrighty10:21
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!10:24
KilosMaaz: ty10:25
MaazYou are welcome Kilos10:25
grembleGood morning Kilos and charl 10:26
Kiloshehe you woke kinda late , its avy already10:30
Kiloscomfy bed there10:30
Kilosnot as bad as the pro though, he says morning at 6pm10:31
grembleI went to bed at 3:30 :P10:32
grembleThe dogs had me up at 6 again10:33
grembleSo I just went to bed and slept10:33
Kiloswow what were you doing till then?10:33
charlMaaz: danke10:41
charlhi gremble 10:41
magespawngood afternoon11:41
charlhi magespawn 11:48
charlhow are you today11:48
magespawnhi charl11:48
magespawngood and you?11:48
charlgood good11:48
Kiloshi magespawn 11:59
* Kilos pigged out on watermelon. almost look preggy11:59
Kiloshi SDCDev 12:01
SDCDevhey Kilos, how are you?12:03
Kilosgood ty and you?12:03
SDCDevim good thanks :) just tired :<12:11
Kilossjoe! at lunch time?12:12
Kiloshi nlsthzn 12:33
nlsthznuncle Kilos , alo :)12:33
* nlsthzn is now not running Linux or Windows >.<12:33
Kiloslol what now?12:34
nlsthznmackintosh running the latest and greatest from apple12:37
nlsthznI have no idea why I did, I guess because I can 12:37
Kiloslol what bank did you rob?12:37
nlsthzndidn't buy it... I installed it on my PC12:39
Kiloswell at least it can do irc12:40
nlsthznI am using 99% of the same apps that I used in Windows and in Linux :p12:40
nlsthznand it was about the same amount of googling and swearing as installing linux about five years ago12:41
superflynlsthzn: a hackintosh?12:42
nlsthznyup... running yosemite all updates and everything working (thus far) superfly 12:43
superflyI have a Mac Mini here. Still holding out on Yosemite12:43
superflyneed to make sure OpenLP runs fine on it first (got someone else being the guineapig12:43
nlsthznexcept I am getting a little bit of distortion on the sound (which may be because I have 5.1 connected but not set up properly I think)12:44
nlsthznbut it seems to be only in browser and not other apps12:44
nlsthznfirst time on mac for me ... dabbled a bit in box but never on real hardware12:45
nlsthznthat worked well in any case12:45
nlsthzneven playing games12:45
Kilosenjoy it12:50
nlsthznbiggest issue is my normal screen doesn't identify itself properly so I have a work around in linux but nothing yet for OS X so I am using a 32" LCD TV for a screen >.< and it is slightly to close to my face for comfort :p12:51
Kilostake off your glasses12:51
magespawnit is a good way to get practice an os12:56
magespawnlet me retype that13:13
magespawnit is a good way to get practice with an os13:14
Kiloswe understand13:14
Kilosyou hands go faster than your head at times13:14
Kiloshave you thought about your wifi prob yet?13:15
magespawnnlsthzn: how close is it to BSD/OpenBSD/FreeBSD?13:15
magespawnyes Kilos i will just have to find an open channel13:16
Kilosoh you sure thats the prob?13:16
Kilosnot some obstructions like trees13:17
magespawni do not think so Kilos, trees grow but not that fast13:17
magespawnand when i scan from the sites it shows all the other networks in the area13:18
Kilosdepends on the clearance you had before summer13:18
nlsthznmagespawn, I have no idea... I think they have wondered away far enough to only have bits and pieces 13:18
nlsthznthey also use the mach kernel afaik 13:19
magespawnKilos there are at least two others that are on the same frequency13:23
Kilosthats good to know13:26
Kilosis it major work to change channels13:26
Kilosoh its just you main link to empangeni13:26
Kilosnot all of the points surely13:26
magespawnno not major, and yes it is just the one link13:27
superflyMaaz: tell magespawn Darwin is the name of the kernel. It looks like BSD and smells like BSD, but it's far removed from BSD. Anyone who says OS X is just BSD is talking nonsense.15:03
Maazsuperfly: Okay, I'll tell magespawn on freenode15:03
Kiloshi Squirm 16:04
superflyhi Squirm. Gotta go to church now, but maybe coffee tomorrow? I presume you're working during the day, so maybe in the evening? Chat later.16:11
SquirmHey superfly, would have been cool, but have work in the evening too..... Maybe Tuesday could work16:17
Squirmwill let you know too16:17
inetprogood mornings17:23
inetprooops... evening already?17:24
Kiloshahaha hiya inetpro 17:27
Kilosgremble: see ^^17:29
Kilosi can laugh at twitter with their suggestions of who to follow17:33
Kiloshi SmilyBorg 17:33
SmilyBorgHi Kilos17:33
Kilosthey advise ubuntuza to follow KFC17:33
Kilossjoe graphine i think it is called, a sheet as thin as paper can hold the weight of an elephant17:49
Kilosthey wanna make roll up cell phones with it and paper thin tvs17:50
Kilossee more in fb 50 5017:50
* Kilos watching the hobbit on mnet18:40
magespawngood evening18:48
Maazmagespawn: By the way, superfly on freenode told me "tell magespawn Darwin is the name of the kernel. It looks like BSD and smells like BSD, but it's far removed from BSD. Anyone who says OS X is just BSD is talking nonsense." 3 hours, 45 minutes and 5 seconds ago18:48
Kiloshi magespawn 18:48
magespawnMaaz tell superfly thanks for the heads up18:53
Maazmagespawn: Got it, I'll tell superfly on freenode18:53
inetproso I ended up installing qemu-kvm late last night, or rather make that early this morning, even after I actually wanted to sleep early.... 18:57
inetprobe that as it may... I like it much more than virtualbox18:57
inetproquestion, how do I convert the installed VM of Ubuntu Server 14.04 to KVM?18:58
Kilosvirtualbox is slow i think is that thing leaner18:58
magespawninetpro could you use something like clonezilla?19:00
inetproactually looks like I should just clone it and them import or something like that... there are solutions for this19:01
* inetpro busy reading19:01
Kilosgoogle is your friend19:02
Kilosand man19:02
Kilosand you are my friend19:02
Kilosdie engelse is slim ne19:03
inetprojust need to get over the error "VT-x is being used by another hypervisor" first in order to stop the paused host before I clone19:04
Kilosdwarves are like van der merwes, their ears dont listen good19:26
magespawnhave you meet many dwarves Kilos ?19:28
* Kilos watching hobbit19:28
inetprowhat I needed is:19:28
inetproVBoxManage clonehd /path/to/hard_drive_image/guesthd.vdi /path/to/hard_drive_image.img --format raw19:28
Kilosfixed inetpro ?19:28
inetproafter doing tha, KVM can simply import19:29
Kiloswell done19:29
inetproKilos: yep, now I can uninstall VBox19:29
inetproor just not use it19:29
Kilosjy nogal slim vir n toppie ne19:30
inetpromoet wees19:35
inetproas jy nie sterk is nie moet jy slim weed19:35
inetprobut I made one very silly mistake19:47
inetproKilos: gee my daai adres van jou man19:47
* inetpro thought when importing the raw image that it had made another copy19:48
inetprodeleted the image and effectively killed the new machine19:49
* inetpro shall take that as a lesson19:49
Kiloswatter een inetpro ?19:50
inetprofirst cleaned up the VBox image and then wiped the raw image as well, so can not even re-generate19:50
inetprojust have to stay late and re-install again19:50
Kiloswatter adres soek jy19:51
Kiloso lolol19:51
inetproKilos: gelukkig het ek nog my ISOs20:01
inetpronet die updates wat onnodig weer gedownload moet word20:02
Kilossjoe ja baie gelukkig20:02
Kiloslol spaar jy nie jou archives nie?20:02
inetproinstallasie is amper vinniger as om die cloning te doen20:02
Kilosek doen dit gereeld vandat jy my geleer het van rsync20:03
magespawncloning saves the data though, if you have beeni using the machine20:12
Kilosja but he removed his cloned thing too20:13
Kilosalways keep a copy of /var/cache/apt/archives somewhere else is you use 3g20:13
magespawninetpro what was the vm for?20:16
inetpromagespawn: now just experimentations... started only last night... nothing set up yet, so not serious at all20:17
magespawnahh right, cool beans20:21
Kilosyou didnt say anything man20:21
Kilosvan der merwes20:21
Kiloswhat was the vm for20:21
Kilosexperiment with what20:22
Kilosai! ek sukkel darem met my volk20:22
inetproKilos: just experimentations20:22
magespawni wonder if it would be possible to run recovery programs on a deleted vm20:22
Kiloswith what20:22
inetproalways nice to have spares lying around20:23
Kilosspare what?20:23
inetprospare machines20:23
Kilosthis is worse than pulling teeth20:24
inetpromust I spell it out?20:24
magespawnfor testing different software, or setups or combinations of settings etc also allows you to specify the hardware like ram etc20:26
inetproIf I want to test server related stuff, I'll rather test in a VM locally before I try stuff in the real world out there20:27
Kilosty for that knowlege20:27
inetprothe VM allows me to simulate a full production environment20:27
magespawnalways best to have a test rig first in case something goes very wrong20:28
magespawna safety net if you will20:28
Kilosaw now there gotta be another hobbit because this one ends where they release the dragon20:31
Kilosanother year or 2 to wait20:31
magespawni think they have already released it Kilos 20:32
magespawnbut i am out of things a bit20:32
Kilosoh yay20:34
Kiloshopefully they show it soon then before i forget this one20:34
Kilosi had a good day today, didnt break anything20:35
Kilosinetpro: you trying the server with that static thing20:36
inetproKilos: not yet20:36
inetprodon't really need the server for that20:37
inetpronikola is simple enough on any desktop 20:38
Kilosglad you find it simple20:39
Kilosi go crash now20:40
Kilosyou all sleep tight20:40
inetprogood night oom20:41
Kilosand dont stay up too late20:41
Kilosnight my peeps20:41
magespawni am also out of here, good night20:43
superflySquirm: Tuesday evening could work.22:11
Maazsuperfly: By the way, magespawn on freenode told me "tell superfly thanks for the heads up" 3 hours, 18 minutes and 3 seconds ago22:11

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