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lagbox2gb of resident memory seems a lil high for xorg ?00:03
Loshkilagbox: 14.10 isn't exactly LTS quality. I suppose you could try replacing xorg. Run something more stable?00:13
lagboxyea i guess ill just have to go back to 14.04 ... dont see why these problems should exist but okay00:15
ProfJoaoTelesGood evening00:16
Loshkilagbox: bugs exists. No way round that entirely...00:16
Nectar_Does anyone know where i can locate the power icon (top right hand corner) so i can customize it?00:17
Loshkilagbox: Even 14.04 is only at 14.04.1. Not exactly a mature, well-debugged distro yet...00:17
lagboxbugs exist ... cool, i would love to see the bug report00:18
lagboxperhaps i can add to it00:18
Loshkilagbox: have you checked? I can't believe you're the only one to see this...00:18
lagboxa lot of bugs with people upgrading catalyst to "fix" though 14.10 has a version higher than the version the "fix" came in00:26
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rogerfedhi everybody00:33
Chuck_Norrisaloha rogerfed00:33
mojtabaHi, I know how to extract geotags of the image using exiftool. Do you know how can I convert them to the location name? (ultimately I want to rename the image file based on the location.)00:34
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BlueProtomanHelp!  I can't push to a remote git repository on Ubuntu 14.10!  I get this error: "git-remote-https: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libhogweed.so.2: undefined symbol: __gmpn_cnd_add_n"  Any tips?00:38
lagboxcan you check dpkg -l | grep libgmp and see what version it is ?00:42
rosaecaeruleaeboot screen problem, plymouth. I can see a boot screen when turning off the machine, not when turning it on00:43
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lagboxBlueProtoman, might be a version issue with libgmp    those symbols were renamed00:45
BlueProtomanlagbox:  2:6.0.0+dfsg-4build100:45
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klI'm trying to set up X11 forwarding from my Vagrant box (Ubuntu precise64) to my Mac. would anybody care to offer a bit of help?00:48
klI've done much of it already - I expect there's just one part that's not quite right.00:48
daftykins"ssh -X host"00:51
daftykinscan't be much simpler? :>00:51
daftykinsbut yeah, mac. 'nough said.00:51
Chuck_Norrisrosaecaeruleae: i found something related to that a couple a days ago, are you there?00:51
rosaecaeruleaeyes Chuck_Norris00:52
kldaftykins: I installed an X11 server on the mac, but running applications, nothing pops up.00:52
kldaftykins: should $DISPLAY be getting automatically set from ssh -X ?00:53
klOh, I see it should00:53
zykotick9rosaecaeruleae: are you using a nvidia or ati graphics card?  plymouth is known to be non-functional/"buggy" with the propritary drivers.00:53
rosaecaeruleaezykotick9, nvida graphics card, but xserver and no propietary drivers00:54
zykotick9rosaecaeruleae: oh, you're using nouveau?  well that "should" work then.  best of luck.00:54
rosaecaeruleaethat didnt sound very optimistic00:54
BlueProtomanlagbox: Any thoughts?00:55
lagboxim just wondering if there is an old version of gmp floating around00:55
Chuck_Norrisrosaecaeruleae: there an error message ?01:00
delinquentmehow do I configure my ubuntu system to ALWAYS only require ONE alt-tab to switch between windows?01:00
rosaecaeruleaeChuck_Norris, apparently is normal x doesnt show boot screens01:00
rosaecaeruleaedont bother, ignore it01:00
rosaecaeruleaeno error messages appear01:00
Chuck_Norrisrosaecaeruleae: where its stuck ?01:01
lagboxBlueProtoman, i feel there is maybe a symbolic link wrong for the libs pointing to the wrong version perhaps01:02
Bashing-omrosaecaeruleae: True; " x doesnt show boot screens " as X starts well after grub (bootloader) loads .01:02
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rosaecaeruleaethen ignore the question01:03
rosaecaeruleaeis x developing 3d acceleration?01:03
Bashing-omrosaecaeruleae: Well, "3d acceleration" is a component of the graphics card/driver that talks to the X layer .01:04
BlueProtomanlagbox: So how can I tell for sure, and how can I fix it?01:04
lagboxobjdump -tT /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgmp.so.10 | grep limbs    does that give you 5 lines ?01:05
BlueProtomanlagbox: Yes01:05
BlueProtomanlagbox: http://pastebin.com/7QiSN3Ug01:06
lagboxBlueProtoman, its something with hogweed and gmp and something linked to the wrong version01:08
BlueProtomanlagbox: So what can I do?01:09
lagboxim still looking01:11
lagboxthe odd part is that lib has those symbols01:11
lagboxldd /usr/lib/git-core/git-remote-https | grep gmp    does that point to  /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgmp.so.10  ?01:14
BlueProtomanYes libgmp.so.10 => /usr/local/lib/libgmp.so.10 (0x00007f3dc703c000)01:15
lagboxthats the problem01:16
BlueProtomanSo what's the solution?01:16
lagboxyou probably want to remove the copy you installed in /usr/local/01:16
lagboxand just have the one from the package manager installed01:16
lagboxthe one in /usr/local might not be the right version01:16
BlueProtomanOh, wait, right filename but wrong folder name01:17
BlueProtomanBut this is the package manager's version01:17
lagboxit shouldnt install it to usr/local01:17
lagboxbut that is more than likely your issue01:18
lagboxconflicting versions of headers and libraries01:18
ScratchMagnatehey, folks...  Anyone know what IRC server to chat about makemkv and vlc is?01:19
lagboxBlueProtoman, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nettle/+bug/1386882  someone had this issue with other software01:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1386882 in nettle (Ubuntu) "evolution does not start due to missing symbol in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libhogweed.so.2" [Undecided,Invalid]01:21
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ScratchMagnateSo, how do those thumbs feel?01:22
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mdanielkthanks lagbox01:23
ScratchMagnatemy question went ignored, therefore, I assumed everyone was enjoying a seat upon their thumbs.  Not an unreasonable assumption, considering the populairty of my subject matter.01:24
BlueProtomanScratchMagnate: Try #videolan01:25
ScratchMagnateon this swerver01:25
ScratchMagnatek thx01:25
ScratchMagnatenow, I can't rememeber how to leave...  it has literally been over a decade.01:26
ScratchMagnatebutt, my thumb feels fine...01:26
squinty!alis | ScratchMagnate01:26
ubottuScratchMagnate: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*01:26
Quittahoz do I chqnge the permissions of files and directories recursively from the current dir, so all users can read them? Im really bad with chmod commands xD01:27
daftykinsScratchMagnate: you are welcome to ask for a refund.01:27
ScratchMagnatethx guys01:27
ScratchMagnateThey always channel my shots to a scratch anyway...   wont help01:27
ScratchMagnateI can run the table, but miniclip will always screw me before or on my last shot.01:29
BlueProtomanlagbox: I have no idea what I'm doing01:29
EriC^^ScratchMagnate: are you talking about billiard?01:29
ScratchMagnateEver since I gave them a bad review...01:29
ScratchMagnateyeah....  those rotten bat's turds manipulate the shots01:30
ScratchMagnateI use "BRL!"01:30
ScratchMagnateand BRL!!01:30
ScratchMagnateBelly Roll Laugh01:31
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ScratchMagnateand 'Shhhh'   Bonghit Release Laugh...01:31
daftykinsScratchMagnate: drop the rubbish, ask an ubuntu support question or LEAVE.01:32
ScratchMagnateway better than Lol....  we should phase that one out01:32
ScratchMagnateI asked how to do that01:32
Angeles4fourI borked my X server whilst updating my nvidia drivers (with a broken package tool). see my most recent post in my thread with my Xorg.0.log: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/broken-apt-fail-to-boot-w-init-nvidia-persistenced-4175528488/01:33
Angeles4fouris there any more information i could provide here to help you folks help me?01:33
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Angeles4fourits quiet tonight01:45
lagboxBlueProtoman, just remove that file in /usr/local/lib and see what happens01:45
XCVBin xfce4 how do I have it put the program in fullscreen when I snap the window at the top01:48
Angeles4fourXCVB, double click the title bar01:48
XCVBI know I can do It that way01:48
XCVBbut it bugs that I can't snap it01:49
XCVBbut it bugs me that I can't snap it01:49
Angeles4fouryeah I am not sure if xfce has that feature where you drag the window to the top of your screen to maximize it01:49
Angeles4fourwindows 7 has it and gnome 3 has it and unity has it01:49
Angeles4fourbut xfce isn't there yet01:49
EriC^^XCVB: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/snapping-windows-in-xfce-4175432017/#post480481801:51
Angeles4fournice find, EriC^^01:52
Exagone313Angeles4four: (and kde has it too)01:57
Exagone313xubuntu can start with 512 mb ram?01:58
Angeles4fourand prolly a few other wms i am unfamiliar with. so XCVB: it appears that snap to full screen exists in xfce, just not by default01:58
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fsynchi, does anyone know of an Open Office-like equivalent of Microsoft Project, ie project management software?02:05
squintyfsync:  http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Linux_software_equivalent_to_Windows_software  (personally i know nothing about any of them)02:12
fsyncsquinty, thanks02:12
bodhi_zazenfsync, http://www.linux.com/directory/Software/projectlibre-project-management-software02:12
fsyncbodhi_zazen: good stuff, thank you02:16
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linuxwhat up pplz02:41
unopastelinux you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted02:42
unopastexfce you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted02:50
alex_lihey, guys, i want to develop on simspark, but find no good manual available. So, anyone can recommend me some useful books or sites? i would appreciate it02:55
bazhang!info simspark02:56
ubottuPackage simspark does not exist in utopic02:56
bazhangalex_li, try using alis to find a simspark channel02:57
bazhang!alis | alex_li02:57
ubottualex_li: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:57
mojtabaHi, I know how to extract geotags of the image using exiftool. Do you know how can I convert them to the location name? (ultimately I want to rename the image file based on the location.)03:02
mojtabaDo you know how can I remove some part of the filenames? (from beginning of the filename)03:03
SchrodingersScattest=filename.txt ; echo "${test##file}"03:04
SchrodingersScatmay only need one #, but i'm greedy03:05
Jen7i have question for someone i have ubuntu server 14.04lts how do i install tcl 8.5 on it whats the command for it please thanks03:05
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tewardJen7: sudo apt-get install tcl8.5   ?03:05
tewardJen8: that installs the runtime, if you need the tcl dev libraries that's tcl8.5-dev03:06
teward(in case you're building, say, ZNC)03:06
Jen8im setting up eggdrop obts03:06
tewardJen8: ah, well, it may not need the dev libraries, but i told you the package for that anyways if it needs it :)03:06
Jen8got it thanks03:08
mojtabaSchrodingersScat: Is it possible to specify number of characters which are going to be removed from the beginning of the filename, instead of specifying its exact name?03:10
mojtabaSchrodingersScat: I have lots of files03:10
SchrodingersScatmojtaba: you should check out http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide or maybe even join #bash, but reading bash guide or searching in it should help.  Yes, you can control name length.  http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide/Parameters#Parameter_Expansion03:12
SchrodingersScatmojtaba: also http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/10003:14
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mojtabaSchrodingersScat: Thanks. I will check them03:17
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AhmuckHi.  A script tries to run in the background when using hplip printing.  It appears it is trying to connect to a server when printing is done.  This is a brand new install.03:56
AhmuckA script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.03:56
AhmuckScript: http://static-hp-eus.s-msn.com/_h/d6ea042c/webcore/externalscripts/jquery/jquery-2.1.1.min.js:203:56
Ahmuckhp script?03:57
tewardAhmuck: actually, that looks like jquery embedded in MSN's site03:57
Jen8teward are you still here i am still having problems with the server with tcl8.5 you have pastebin i cna show you the problem03:57
nomadistI cannot access github. Every other website works fine. How do I debug this?03:57
Ahmuckhrm, ok.  maybe coincidence that it happened at the same moment i printed a test page.03:57
tewardJen8: use the Ubuntu pastebin if you do03:58
nomadisteven from the command line03:58
tewardAhmuck: probably is, the hplip scripts aren't externally on those locations :P03:58
Ahmucki just now saw the msn reference.  i think i saw the hp reference first03:58
Jen8can you give me address of that please03:58
teward!pastebin > Jen803:58
ubottuJen8, please see my private message03:58
nomadisttelnet github.com03:58
nomadisttelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused03:58
tewardnomadist: um... why're you telnet-ing them anyways03:59
tewardnomadist: do other sites work?03:59
nomadistteward, yes. Can't open with browser either03:59
tewardJen8: check your PMs - ubottu sent you the paste link probably.03:59
tewardnomadist: and pings are being responded to?03:59
teward(or are they too not working with github)04:00
nomadistteward, it seems so, for example04:00
nomadistping github.com04:00
nomadistPING github.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.04:00
nomadist64 bytes from static-mum- ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=45 time=122 ms04:00
nomadistkeep getting this until I control-c04:00
nomadist6 packets transmitted, 5 received, 16% packet loss, time 5003ms04:00
tewardnomadist: that looks like poisoned DNS04:00
nomadistteward, huh?04:01
tewardnomadist: github runs everything from - which is NOT
teward(https://help.github.com/articles/what-ip-addresses-does-github-use-that-i-should-whitelist/ is the source there)04:01
tewardnomadist: a DNS lookup on Google's DNS shows the same - it looks like your DNS servers that you query for everything are wrong, or possibly poisoned04:02
nomadistteward, like everything else on that domain I can't open it04:02
nomadisthow do I change my DNS servers?04:02
tewardnomadist: in network manager and the settings for your network of choice04:02
Ahmuckmy error.  printing works without script error04:02
tewardAhmuck: yeah, probably their JQuery got stuck for some reason :)04:03
tewardnomadist: right click network manager, hit "Edit COnnections"04:03
tewardselect the connection you use04:03
tewardnomadist: IPv4 settings tab.  Method: (set to Automatic (DHCP) addresses only)04:03
Jen8teward  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9585807/04:03
tewardnomadist: in the DNS Servers: box, add these:,,
tewardnomadist: (first two are Google DNS, last one is one of Level3's DNS servers)04:04
Ahmucki moved from Debian basic to Lubuntu.  I've put in two swap partitions at the end of the drive to help things out but it04:04
Ahmuckit's quite slow.04:04
tewardJen8: what's thea ctual error you see when you're working with the bot04:05
AhmuckShould the swap be in between the root and the home partition?04:05
tewardJen8: that what you've shown me is irrelevant, i need to see what's actually being sought after and such04:05
Jen8when we install the tcl04:05
teward(by eggdrop)04:05
Ahmuckthe root partition is at the beginning of the drive.04:05
abatorx11vnc client when move mouse i can see mouse pointer movin on server but i want to see mouse pointer moving when i move mouse on server, how do change this behaviour?04:05
nomadistteward, I don't see "Edit connections" how can I get to this?04:05
tewardJen8: I need to see what eggdrop is complaining about - and the exact error it generates.04:05
tewardnomadist: which Ubuntu version?04:05
nomadist14.04 (gnome)04:05
Jen8teward thats when we try installing tcl8.504:05
Jen8one you told me do sudo apt-get install tcl8.504:06
tewardJen8: stop04:06
tewardJen8: I just asked you: "When you run EggDrop, which needs TCL 8.5, what actually does it say?  Does it error?"04:06
tewardJen8: and if the answer to that is "Yes", then show me the error output04:06
nomadistteward, 1404 gnome04:07
tewardnomadist: ahh, okay, I have standard Unity, give me a moment04:07
tewardnomadist: i'm not sure how exactly to edit the connections in the GNOME variant - so, lets try a temporary alternative method...04:09
Jen8thats new one04:09
tewardnomadist: better, actually, try left-click and right click on your network manager - one of those might show an "Edit" type option to edit your connections04:10
tewardJen8: how're you installing eggdrop in the first place04:10
tewardJen8: from their source tarball?04:10
nomadisti think its better if I go to unity04:10
nomadistteward, brb getting into unity04:10
abatori want to see mouse movement on both client and server simultaniously but on client mouse pointer does not move when server is moving mouse04:11
Jen8i download the eggdrop from http://www.egghelp.org/setup.html 1.6.21 teward04:12
Ahmuckis there a program similar to dragon dictate04:12
tewardJen8: okay, you need the -dev package not just tcl8.504:13
lotuspsychjegood morning04:13
tewardJen8: and if you go back to where I told you how to install tcl8.5, I also mentioned you might actually need the tcl8.5-dev package04:13
teward(if building things)04:13
N0byteHow to shom list of menu in irc server by using xchat04:14
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lotuspsychjeN0byte: rightmouse inside xchat for more options04:16
N0byteLotuspsychj: i mean written command like /help04:20
cfhowlettN0byte, click inside xchat window then hit f104:21
BluewolfHi all can some one tell difference between "Ubuntu 14.04.1-Desktop" as aposed to "Ubuntu 14.04-Desktop"?04:21
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: .1 is the version up to date04:22
delinquentmewhat functions typically are stored within: /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions04:22
abatoris there any help on x11vnc?04:22
N0byteThanks it works04:23
lotuspsychjeabator: if you ask your question, others can help you04:23
Bluewolflotuspsychje: Okay thought as much, but I also thought it would be higher and confirm it is the better on to download?04:23
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: if you download 14.04 and update manual, it will get to 14.04.1 also04:23
abatorlotuspsychje: i did ask, let me do it again, thanks for responding, i want to see mouse movement on both client and server simultaneously but on client mouse pointer does not move when server is moving mouse04:24
lotuspsychje!vnc | abator04:24
ubottuabator: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:24
Bluewolflotuspsychje: Got it, so it does not matter in the long run?04:24
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: if 14.04 LTS is your base, it will update also to newer version of 14.0404:25
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: its bugfixing and other security updates etc04:26
N0byteAnybody know busy channels for chit chat/ simple talk04:26
lotuspsychje!ot | N0byte04:26
ubottuN0byte: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:26
cfhowlett!ot | N0byte04:26
Bluewolflotuspsychje: Last two questions, If I run the Gnome Desktop in Ubuntu will it cause any issues and where and how would I install my Nvidia drivers (GT 240)?04:28
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nomadistwhere are this IRC channel's logs stored?04:29
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: if you want gnome for daily use, its better you choose ubuntu gnome to install04:29
nomadistI was given steps to solve a problem, but I needed unity for that.. now that I log in those steps are gone04:29
lotuspsychje!logs | nomadist04:29
ubottunomadist: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.04:29
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: if you enable cable/updates during setup you grafix driver should be chosen for you04:30
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: you dont like unity?04:31
nomadistover here: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/12/21/04:31
nomadistwhich one is this channel04:31
Wichali 04:31
waxheadhas anyone built a system with a SATA RAID controller?04:32
lotuspsychjewaxhead: join the ##hardware guys04:33
lotuspsychjenomadist: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/12/21/%23ubuntu.html04:35
Jen8ubuntu server saying tcl not installed on this system and me and my netadmin tryed install tcl8.5-dev it installed can i paste what says04:35
lotuspsychje!paste | Jen804:35
ubottuJen8: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:35
Bluewolflotuspsychje: Sadly not, we don't see eye to eye. I feel untiy is ridged and does not allow me to customize my desktop. How broad is your knowlage on Ubuntu Gnome?04:35
lotuspsychje!gnome | Bluewolf04:36
ubottuBluewolf: GNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome04:36
azjoHi, i installed teamviewer on Live ubuntu 12.04 lts. now it says it has to be run from terminal. how do i install it so its with gui? or run it.04:36
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: you can autohide unity left bar if you like and install docky, for a gnome-like feeling04:36
lotuspsychjeazjo: where did you get this teamviewer?04:37
azjofrom teamviewer.com04:38
lotuspsychjeazjo: you installed the .deb ?04:38
waxheadlotuspsychje, is it a linux/hardware channel?04:38
nomadistteward, so i added to the "Additional DNS Servers" box under "IPv4 settings" the following: ",," but still I cant access github04:38
lotuspsychjewaxhead: no its just a hardware channel04:38
Bluewolflotuspsychje: No the unity look bugs me and makes me feel restricted. I did try my best use it. Now if I install the Gnome shell how well does the system run and how buggy is Ubuntu Gnome?04:38
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cryptodannomadist: in a terminal type in "nslookup github.com"04:39
azjobut it says its terminal only04:39
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: gnome runs fine, depending on your hardware ofcourse04:39
nomadistNon-authoritative answer:04:39
nomadist@ cryptodan ^04:40
cryptodannomadist: so your issue is your browser04:40
nomadistcryptodan, when I try to clone a repo I get an error04:40
nomadistso its not just browser04:40
nomadisthappening since two days04:40
Bluewolflotuspsychje: Thanks, may I pm you. I have other questions relating to distros which are not the right questions for her or I could ask in off topic?04:41
cryptodannomadist: can you do the same with nslookup github.com04:41
nomadistgit clone https://github.com/scrapy/scrapy.git04:41
nomadistCloning into 'scrapy'...04:41
nomadistfatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/scrapy/scrapy.git/': Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Connection refused04:41
cryptodanand dpaste.com the results04:41
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: rather not mate sorry, i only support ubuntu04:41
nomadistcryptodan, I don't understand04:42
azjothere is no solution to my problem?04:42
lotuspsychjeazjo: did you install the graphical installer?04:42
Jen8lotuspsychje http://paste.ubuntu.com/9585977/04:42
cryptodannomadist: do "nslookup github.com" and dpaste.com the results04:42
lotuspsychjeazjo: http://www.teamviewer.com/nl/help/363-how-do-i-install-teamviewer-on-my-linux-distribution.aspx04:42
azjoi have no clue. i just installed it using software center04:42
azjoyeah as it says.. with software center04:43
Bluewolflotuspsychje: Fair enough, how close does 14.04's stability come to Debian's Wheezy?04:43
nomadistcryptodan, http://dpaste.com/30B2YNG04:43
azjoso it should work.04:43
Guest58978hello.  i am attempting to install ubuntu 14.10, and need some help.  my computer currently has ubuntu 14.04, windows 7, and linux mint 17 installed on it, and in the installer there was no "replace ubuntu 14.04 with ubuntu 14.10 option" like there sometimes is, so I am forced to select "Something else", and use the partition editor feature.  I am in need of assistance.  my old ubuntu 14.04 install that I wish to replace04:43
Guest58978with a new ubuntu 14.10 install is on /dev/sda6, an ext4 filesystem..  please help.  thanks in advance.04:43
lotuspsychjeJen8: maybe the #tcl guys might be able to help04:43
cryptodannomadist: can you dpaste.com the results of cat /etc/resolv.conf04:43
lotuspsychjeazjo: try installing it from the web04:43
azjou mean terminal?04:44
lotuspsychjeazjo: no, download the .deb package from their website04:44
nomadistcryptodan, http://dpaste.com/2CT7KNB04:44
azjoyeah thats what i did04:44
azjoand it says it is installed04:44
azjobut its nowhere to be found in software center installed programs04:44
cryptodannomadist: check your modem to see if you have wrong dns servers there04:44
nomadistcryptodan, how do i do that?04:45
cryptodannomadist: login to the router / modem via the web interface04:45
lotuspsychjeazjo: can you find the teamviewer icon in your dash ?04:46
Guest58978i am looking for the simplest way to do this.  i tried double clicking on the partition i wish to use, and selecting "use as ext4 filesystem" and "format the partition", and setting the mount point to "/", and when i then highlight the drive and click "install now", i get the popup which says i need to select a partition for use as swap space.  how do i do that?04:46
nomadistcryptodan, I tether from the 3g network on my phone04:46
nomadistand this problem never happened04:46
cryptodannomadist: power cycle your phone and see if you get new DNS Servers04:46
nomadistcryptodan, ok. Will be disconnected for that. I'll be back.04:47
lotuspsychjeazjo: you have 32bit or 64bit?04:47
scragglezlikecolacola: better?04:47
azjooh! it is in the dash04:47
azjoweird its not in the software center..04:48
lotuspsychjeazjo: did you try to run from terminal maybe?04:48
scragglezHow do I fix the problem of "wand/MagickWand.h: No such file or directory"04:48
azjonever, i dont want terminal so04:48
scragglezI've installed libmagickcore-dev and libmagickwand-dev04:48
lotuspsychjeazjo: so its solved now?04:48
azjoso why isnt it in software center, but shows in dash?04:48
azjoyes, its starting up now04:48
Guest58978ok, i found how to do it, but i do not know which area to make be the swap04:49
lotuspsychjeazjo: it should show in software centre, maybe click 'show more advanced packages' on bottom04:49
tyraN|agood morning :)04:49
lotuspsychje!swap | Guest5897804:49
ubottuGuest58978: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info04:49
tyraN|ahelp me pls folks ;-)04:49
cfhowlettGuest58978, so you currently have ubuntu live session?04:49
Guest58978cfhowlett, yes04:49
lotuspsychjetyraN|a: only if you ask a question :p04:49
cfhowlett!help | tyraN|a04:49
ubottutyraN|a: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:49
tyraN|ahow to connect to undernet whats the command? thanks in advance, hehe :)04:50
lotuspsychjetyraN|a: are you on an ubuntu irc client?04:51
Guest58978i am wondering which of the smaller partitions already there was the swap for the last install, so i can just assign that partition to be the swap...  sda7 is 3.8 gb (ext4), and sda5 is 4.2gb (unknown), which one is the swap?04:51
tyraN|alotuspsychje yes04:51
lotuspsychjetyraN|a: wich one04:51
tyraN|aXchat for IRC...04:51
Guest58978i figure that one is supposed to be the swap for mint and the other for ubuntu, do i really need both of them?  or can one partition be the swap for both?04:52
_nomadistcryptodan, that didn't work04:52
lotuspsychjetyraN|a: open a new server window and connect to undernet..04:52
cfhowlettGuest58978, paste the output of this terminal command to fpaste.org         sudo fdisk -l04:52
tyraN|anope whats the command?!04:52
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cryptodan_nomadist: you may want to try this route https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StaticDnsWithDhcp04:53
tyraN|aanyone awake? =)04:53
lotuspsychje!patience | tyraN|a04:53
delinquentmeis there a clever way to test out when the last time $ apt-get update was run ?04:53
ubottutyraN|a: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:53
tyraN|aOk. Thank you. ehm..04:53
lotuspsychjetyraN|a: you can ask details in #xchat04:54
tyraN|aoki ;)04:54
Guest58978ok, cfhowlett thanks...  here:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9586027/04:54
azjowhats a good wol program?04:54
tyraN|aazjo what is wol program? lol ehm..04:55
azjowake on lan04:55
likecolacolascragglez, have you looked for the .h library you'r missing?04:55
lotuspsychjedelinquentme: you can use history in terminal, not sure howto view time/dates04:55
Guest58978cfhowlett, does it matter which one should i use for the swap?04:55
azjoapparently i have to download from a source called universe.. but its slow as $¤¤)#"?04:56
tyraN|aanyone awake? Hehe =)04:56
cfhowlettGuest58978, got it.  /swap *should* be safe to share, but I've not seen that in a multiboot system.  might scramble one or both of the sharing OS.  You can always test it - you DO have backups right04:56
cfhowlett!patience | tyraN|a, stop04:56
ubottutyraN|a, stop: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:56
tyraN|ait was something like -m /server eu.undernet.org right?04:57
azjocan anyone tell me a good wake on lan program? gwakeonlan is 500mb04:57
cryptodantyraN|a: its /server04:57
cfhowlettazjo, repos aren't slow but your software source might be ....04:57
scragglezlikecolacola: yeah, I have it in /usr/include/ImageMagick/wand04:57
tyraN|aand then what?04:57
cryptodantyraN|a: the server name04:58
azjoi want one that doesnt require 500mb tho04:58
tyraN|aundernet ?04:58
puranaazjo,  wakeonlan04:58
puranaazjo, cli tool04:58
tyraN|awhat should i write in the <port> field? hehe :p04:58
cryptodanit should automatically go there04:58
puranatyraN|a, dont type anything it will default04:58
Guest58978cfhowlett, ok thanks...  is there a way of knowing which one of the swap partitions i currently have is the mint 17 swap space, and which is the ubuntu swap?04:58
lotuspsychjeazjo: apt-cache search wake on lan, shows a few04:59
tyraN|awhat you mean it will default? lol04:59
puranatyraN|a, it will probably use 6667 by default04:59
tyraN|apurana thanks ;)04:59
_nomadisthey yo cryptodan. thanks for identifying the problem.04:59
_nomadistI found the solution here: http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/15453804:59
puranaremind me to sleep early tonight I am feeling so tired04:59
cfhowlettGuest58978, I see 2 /swaps on your paste ...04:59
azjodownloading wakeonlan. which i couldnt find when i searched wake on04:59
cryptodan_nomadist: you are welcome05:00
puranaGuest58978, I saw 2 swaps too, no idea which is whic, as you should of made note during last install which one you used05:00
lotuspsychje!yay | azjo05:00
ubottuazjo: Glad you made it! :-)05:00
Guest58978purana, ok thanks...05:00
cfhowlettGuest58978, fuser /dev/ada105:00
_nomadistalso thanks to teward05:00
Guest58978thanks cfhowlett05:00
peyamhi, I have gtk3 installed on y xubuntu. does it mean I can install gnome themes?05:00
lotuspsychje!themes | peyam05:00
ubottupeyam: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy05:00
cfhowlettGuest58978, eh, fuser is the command to ID a FILE process uuser --- not a partition05:01
azjopurana: is wakeonlan with a gui?05:01
Guest58978i love linux and ubuntu so much  :)  and seasons greetings to the ubuntu community that makes this os so great!05:01
puranaGuest58978, boot into gentoo and check the /etc/fstab, it will show which partitation swap is mounted from05:01
peyamlotuspsychje, was it a correct anwer?05:01
puranaazjo, cli only ;) shell use05:01
puranaazjo, man wakeonlan post install in a terminal/shell window for how to use it05:01
puranaazjo, super easy one to use though05:01
lotuspsychjepeyam: you can aks the #xubuntu guys whats the easiest way05:02
zero00My monitor resolution and screen refresh rate keeps resetting back to "automatic resolution and 60 hz" after every gaming session. What gives?05:02
azjowhat do i type to err execute it?05:02
peyamlotuspsychje, so it is possible? no #xubuntu is always asleep05:02
puranaazjo, wakeonlan05:02
azjoi figured that out myself. *proud* ;p05:03
lotuspsychjepeyam: im sure xubuntu can have themese aswell yes, check deviantart.com => search xubuntu for examples05:03
puranaazjo, wakeonlan [-h] [-v] [-i IP_address] [-p port] [-f file]05:03
purana       [[hardware_address] ...]05:03
peyamlotuspsychje, do you even read what i writing?05:03
puranapeyam, eye candy I can live without.. guess others cannot..05:04
lotuspsychjepeyam: whats that suppose to mean?05:04
azjohmm, i used mac to wol from windows. but there isnt an option regarding mac here?05:04
puranaazjo, yes hardware address = MAC address05:04
puranaazjo, same thing05:04
peyampurana, me too but i thogh i would test some changes. lotuspsychje that means my question was if i have gtk3 can I use gnome themes?05:04
azjoso i simply type wakeonlan -f XX-XX-XX etc?05:05
puranaazjo, yes probably without the -'s05:05
lotuspsychjepeyam: did you even read the themes trigger i pasted you?05:05
azjoso just the 12 digits in one?05:05
puranaazjo, I think I have a script I wrote that uses it, let me check05:05
peyamlotuspsychje, yes. i expected a Yes or No05:05
puranaazjo, think my laptop is downstairs..05:06
lotuspsychjepeyam: life is never what You expect..05:06
peyamlotuspsychje, agree05:06
azjoill try the 12 digit and see what happens05:06
devcros7shola mundo ! :D05:06
puranaazjo, it will either be in the format of XX:XX:XX... etc05:06
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:07
puranaazjo, or without05:07
puranaazjo, been a while since I used it05:07
azjoits not possible to wol a machine which is on wifi, right?05:07
puranaazjo, yes its wakeonlan 00:00:00:00:00:0005:07
puranaazjo, does wifi even support WoL?05:08
puranaazjo, I dont think it does ;)05:08
azjoyeah, kinda impossible heh but i had to ask05:08
puranaazjo, seems some wifi does according to google.. but I don't like chances on that05:08
puranaits sunday afternoon, work again tomorrow *sigh*05:09
azjoits only to test right now, since im on the machine i want to wol, but im not gonna shut it down now so ill wait05:09
lotuspsychjepeyam: http://www.deviantart.com/browse/all/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=xubuntu+gtk305:09
puranaazjo, I use to have a rpi with webserver and script that when I hit a webpage, it would execute the wakeonlan script to wake up another pc, which I could teamviewer against.. it would sleep again, and I would hit web page on rpi to wake it :)05:10
puranaazjo, worked rather well ;)05:10
puranaazjo, think I gave the webserver unix user sudo access to run script explicitly05:11
puranarpi = raspberry pi05:11
azjothought so05:11
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puranaazjo, I have 2 celeron based intel nuc's and they sweet gear.. runs Ubuntu out of the box with all hardware detected..05:12
puranaazjo, they dont run ubuntu now, got Windows 8.1 Pro unfortunately and run alright with 8gb ram05:13
puranaazjo, like the Intel NUC technology05:13
puranaazjo, http://heimic.net/2014/08/05/intel-dn2820fykh-nuc/05:14
puranaazjo, http://heimic.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/NUC_03.jpg (showing the size of the machine)05:14
azjohmm interesting. whats the cost of a nuc with 8gb ram? i want it as cheap as possible05:15
puranaazjo, you would need to research where you live.. I live in Oz05:16
azjoseen the wizard lately?05:16
puranaazjo, Australia05:16
azjoOz means australia, or its a specific area?05:17
puranaazjo, slang05:17
puranaazjo, I like outside of Sydney, Australia in the suburbs05:17
puranaazjo, live not like :)05:17
azjowhat are common speeds in sydney?05:18
puranaazjo, news had a siege last Monday, was on all over the world..05:18
puranaazjo, shit in my area ;) ADSL2+ only, but I am moving to a newer estate in the next 18 months where my house is fibre to the home05:18
azjooh great05:19
puranaazjo, so will get 50Mbps/20Mbps link or maybe a 100Mbps/40Mbps.. still deciding05:19
azjoim on 60/60mbps fibre now, more than enough for me :p05:19
puranaazjo, my adsl sync atm is about 16900/109005:19
puranaazjo, in Kbps05:20
puranaazjo, it does what I need..05:20
azjoacceptable i guess, but i love fibre more for the low pings05:20
puranaazjo, new house/estate will be better05:20
lotuspsychjeguys keep it ontopic please05:21
puranaazjo, sorted wakeonlan yet?05:21
azjoi can ping other side of city @ 2ms.. adsl usually means the conversion take 20 ping05:21
azjosorry lotuspsychje05:21
azjoyeah, its all done now05:21
azjohmm ubuntu live is not gonna go on sleep mode is it?05:22
lotuspsychjedelinquentme: init are system services, not sure what the /functions do05:22
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Guest50165hello guys05:23
lotuspsychjeGuest50165: welcome05:23
Guest50165what up here05:23
lotuspsychjeGuest50165: this room is for ubuntu support questions05:24
cfhowlett!topic | Guest50165,05:24
ubottuGuest50165,: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:24
lotuspsychjedelinquentme: http://bash.cyberciti.biz/guide//etc/init.d/functions05:24
Bluewolflotuspsychje: By the way, thank you for your time and help :D05:26
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: your issue is solved?05:26
iampozhi guys, anyone know the story about vlc?05:28
Bluewolflotuspsychje: Ah not quite, I'm just reading up on Ubuntu Gnome and trying to figure out the difference between it and plain ubuntu with the gnome shell?05:28
iampozI am getting this error: "Failed to fetch http://download.videolan.org/pub/debian/stable/Sources  404  Not Found"05:28
lotuspsychjeiampoz: wich ubuntu version are you on?05:28
cfhowlettiampoz, what is cat /etc/issue telling you?05:28
iampozthis seems to be related http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg4572884.html05:29
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: if your graphics be able to run it, gnome will run smooth05:29
iampozUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l05:29
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: just go try and install to experience :p05:29
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: maybe the #gnome guys might also set you in the right direction05:30
Bluewolflotuspsychje: Oh I am but the choices are going to be my end, suse, debian, ubuntu and now ubuntu Gnome, any idea on the least buggy? :D05:31
lotuspsychjeiampoz: you added ppa's in some sort?05:31
lotuspsychje!ppa | iampoz05:31
ubottuiampoz: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:31
iampozI am guessing this is not supported here eh?05:31
cfhowlett!ppa | iampoz05:31
puranacfhowlett, commands for channel operators05:32
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: i would advise you a 14.04 ubuntu variant, ubuntu, ubuntu-gnome, xubuntu, lubuntu05:32
iampozhumm, I will see if if the vlc irc room can help me out. I just thought some one here might know about it.05:32
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: 14.04 is rocksolid and support till 201405:33
cfhowlettpurana, since when?  I/we have been using factoid triggers for a LONG time05:33
puranazzzgeoffb, hello fellow australian user :)05:33
puranacfhowlett, your command generated no output05:33
lotuspsychjepurana: triggers are for everyone, related to the questions..05:33
puranalotuspsychje, good to know05:33
Bluewolflotuspsychje: Yeah I will continue the checking, Ubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome are two separate Os like xubuntu, lubuntu and so on right?05:34
cfhowlettpurana, ah.  I triggered it right after the same command was sent by lotuspsyche.  in such cases, trigger #2 is ignored.05:34
puranacfhowlett, had a feeling that was possible too05:34
Cobraaye guys.05:34
lotuspsychje!flavors | Bluewolf05:34
ubottuBluewolf: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.05:34
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Bluewolflotuspsychje: That clears things up, you said "14.04 is rocksolid and support till 2014" is that all, were at its end?05:38
cfhowlettBluewolf, 3 years for 14.04 = 2017 on desktop.  5 years for server05:38
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: support til 2020, after that another LTS version come05:38
cfhowlett!lts | Bluewolf05:39
ubottuBluewolf: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)05:39
cfhowlettBluewolf, lotuspsychje I was wrong: 14.05 has 5 years support / except for ubuntustudio = 3 years only05:40
Bluewolflotuspsychje: Thanks man, you just might have made my day and christmas :D05:40
iampozis there a way to do an update and skip a particular ppa?05:41
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: your xmass will come tru after installing ubuntu version of your dreams :p05:41
lotuspsychje!pinning | iampoz maybe this05:41
ubottuiampoz maybe this: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto05:41
lotuspsychjeiampoz: but the most logical way, would be remove your ppa :p05:42
iampozlol well I did, but I know I will forget to add it again later... videolan chat said that download.videolan.org is down right now05:43
lotuspsychjeiampoz: did you sudo apt-get install vlc?05:43
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: you know that trigger for ppa remove?05:44
iampozvlc is already installed, I was just doing an update and it was giving the error that it could not connect05:44
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, no idea.  (I staz quiet when I haz no infoz.)05:44
Bluewolflotuspsychje: I'll remember to convert Santa as you have done me :P05:45
BluewolfThanks again, best wishes!05:45
lotuspsychjeBluewolf: cheers05:45
lotuspsychjeiampoz: maybe try to update ubuntu later on05:46
lotuspsychjeiampoz: maybe apt-get update and reboot can do miracles05:46
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iampozthanks lotuspsychje, it was a clean boot, but I will reboot after the update I am doing now and add the ppa. maybe it will work then, but I don't think so if the videolan irc chat is saying that it is down05:48
HZunis it fine to skip the "select and install software" step of the ubuntu mini.iso expert installer when doing a minimal installation? will it prevent the system from being installed correctly?05:48
lotuspsychje!minimal | HZun05:49
ubottuHZun: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:49
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | iampoz05:50
ubottuiampoz: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html05:50
waxhead_first build on an uefi system.... really doing my head in.. :-/05:50
HZunlotuspsychje: yes i know what the mini.iso is. the question was weather i can "safely" skip the "select and install software" step.05:50
waxhead_in saying that, got the OS building to RAID1 second time around... lets see how things go on reboot05:52
iampozyikes, I don't want to purge my ppas!05:54
iampozi just went into software center and clicked the videolan ppa off and updated. works fine now... I just think I will forget to toggle it back on after a few days when it might be back online so I was asking how to temporarily exclude a ppa from an update. I don't think pinning is what I want, so maybe I  don't understand how to use it.05:55
shuvojitwhenever i open youtube and open any video page. the whole screen goes black, and only pointer can be seen, the audio of the video can be heard in background. any suggestions? !!06:08
lotuspsychjeshuvojit: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?06:09
shuvojiti guess not.06:09
cfhowlettshuvojit, try /html5 not flash06:09
shuvojitcfhowlett: how to switch to html5?06:10
cfhowlettshuvojit, http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2013/09/force-youtube-to-use-html5-player.html06:10
shuvojitcfhowlett : thank you. and by the way, youtube runs fine in firefox, but i cannot change resolution for some reason.06:11
cfhowlettshuvojit, ah!  different cause then!  still, flash seems to be dying out, so html5 is the future.06:12
shuvojitokay! thanks :D06:12
mr_snowf1akehey guys, i'm looking for a good eda software with simulation support. any suggestions?06:24
cfhowlettmr_snowf1ake, ##linux would know06:30
mr_snowf1akecfhowlett: alright thanks. i already tried asking there and didn't get any responses06:30
cfhowlettmr_snowf1ake, http://linuxeda.com/06:31
mr_snowf1akecfhowlett: yeah, thanks, i've seen that. i was more looking for personal experiences06:32
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roya /close06:46
tehgeekmeisteranyone know the status of CVE-2014-9295, beyond what's at this page? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2014/CVE-2014-9295.html06:49
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-9295)06:49
cinnamonrollzCan someone trace this image? https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t31.0-8/1601852_376486735863510_9167886186754124593_o.jpg06:50
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brentanyone know how i can start x11vnc server from the command line07:05
brentor alter session time outs? im having trouble where if i get disconnected from my home wifi (connected to a local vnc server) i cant reconnect for some time07:06
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PK2Hello everyone..07:12
PK2Ubuntu is refusing to install from mini.iso07:12
PK2I'm gonna post the output from ALT + F4 , wait07:12
ubottuBangla te Ubuntu bishoyok alochonar jonno #ubuntu-bd te ashun. Dhonnobad!07:14
PK2Takes much time, sorry!07:16
dharmitHello, I am unable to use my laptop with Epson projector. It worked with one model of Epson earlier. But it's not working with another model. I am using 14.10. What should I check from OS side for this issue?07:24
PK2OK, the setup restarted again, I'm trying to install again07:24
ararobdharmit, dmesg , see if any driver gets loaded....07:29
dharmitararob: Okay. Will try that. Not near a projector right now. Will report back 40-50 mins later.07:33
azjoHi, i have 1x2gb SDcard and 1x2gb USB, id like to install an alternative to raspbian which can fit in just 2gb. any alternatives?07:35
cfhowlettazjo, suggest you ask the raspberry pi channel - not ubuntu07:37
azjounfortunaly its very dead :)07:40
zoliHi, I try to install Ubuntu Trsuty (14.04) on fresh new 120GB Kingston SSD. However, when I choose the most basic option (delete all partition and install Ubuntu), it freezes! If I reboot and try another option to handle things manually and I try to create a partition table, it freezes as well. What can I do to overcome this ???07:44
zoliAny idea please?07:46
azjomaybe you should do a hd error check to make sure the drive is fully functional?07:47
PK2The Installer refuses to go on with this07:50
PK2It can't download the python pkgs.07:50
PK2I've working internet07:50
PK2Mirror -> in.archive.ubuntu.com07:53
PK2So, what should I do !?07:54
PK2hello? Someone?07:55
PK2It's in a Virtualbox VM with VT-x07:55
PK2It's a Ubuntu 64-bit07:57
PK2Virtualized with Virtualbox07:57
azjoaha, noobs is just an install manager? nothing else? no gui where i can install other programs??07:59
botnuthi all - anyway to view threads in each process using the built in system monitor tool with ubuntu desktop 14.04?07:59
azjooops wrong chan08:00
PK2Well, there's a command for CUI but I DK about GUI08:01
batmanisrunningThere's a problem with my PDF viwerer where when I highlight the text it would be black so I can't see what I have highlited. This is the pdf viewer that came with Lubuntu08:03
PK2Hello, someone help me, please08:04
cfhowlett!patience | PK2,08:05
ubottuPK2,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:05
PK2Changed mirror to de.archive.ubuntu.com08:07
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!08:07
PK2Agaqin the same problem08:08
waxhead_ Any tricks to this UEFI booting stuff?08:08
cfhowlett!uefi | waxhead_08:09
ubottuwaxhead_: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:09
waxhead_installing to 120G SDD, doesn't seem to be able to boot up08:09
cfhowlettwaxhead_, that's a NEW SSD?08:09
waxhead_cfhowlett, newish...08:10
waxhead_cfhowlett, probably 18 months old08:10
waxhead_older maybe!08:10
cfhowlettwaxhead_, never done that but as I understand, the ssd/hdd needs to be prepped before install/use08:10
PK2https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/ftp.crihan.fr-archive mirror seems to work08:10
waxhead_cfhowlett, I'll google it then..08:10
rwpwaxhead_, Can you change the bios to BIOS booting instead of UEFI? If so that is probably easiest.08:11
rwpMany BIOS's have that as an option.08:11
waxhead_rwp, yes, did that but it still didn't boot...08:11
waxhead_I get the flashing 'underscore'08:12
waxhead_it doesn't seem to progress through to booting08:12
PK2rwp: mistaked08:12
rwpHmm... Strange. Don't know.08:12
PK2BIOSs should be correct08:12
PK2Typo. :p08:12
rwpNot BIOSes? :-)08:13
* rwp chuckles08:13
PK2"s" means it's plural08:13
PK2But still "es" is not meant to be there...08:13
JoshH99Hey I have an apache install on 14.04. I've set "ServerTokens Prod" and "ServerSignature off" in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, but apache still exposes its version in the header and on error pages08:13
cfhowlettbios'    is the correct form ...08:14
rwpIn any case my latest hit on the UEFI problem I couldn't get Ubuntu to install either.08:14
PatserHi, does anybody know where to get libhttp-cookie-perl? None of the servers seem to have it and my system is compaining that my packages are broken...08:14
rwpBut was able to switch to legacy BIOS boot and that worked perfectly fine.08:14
cfhowlettjoshh20, if no answer here, ask #ubuntu-server08:14
JoshH99cfhowlett: ok, wasn't aware of that channel08:14
PK2JoshH99: Have you restarted Apache2 so it takes your new configs. ?08:14
rwpJoshH99, Did you remember to reload or restart after the change?08:14
cfhowlett!server | joshh2008:14
ubottujoshh20: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server08:14
JoshH99PK2: I have, but I'll try again just for the heck of it08:15
cfhowlettjoshh20, sorry, meant for your older bro, JoshH9908:15
PK2Aaand: well, that mirror worked fine. o.O08:15
JoshH99PK2: Just ran again for sanity check. Still exposes server as "Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)"08:15
rwpJoshH99, Also, the /etc/apache2/conf.d/security file sets it on. So if you don't change it there it will be on.08:15
JoshH99rwp: will check that file08:15
rwpJoshH99, Meanwhile I don't think turning it off has any security merit.08:16
waxhead_rwp, I'll have another go then back at legacy08:16
rwpwaxhead_, This reference is Debian not Ubuntu but I happened to have read it today. http://blog.einval.com/2014/12/21#Jessie-EFI_208:17
PK2Oh God...08:17
PK2It's written today !?08:17
JoshH99rwp: Yeah, it's a very little thing. I'm paranoid and so I like to reduce information I give out in headers if possible. I edited /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/security.conf and restarted, and the problem is fixed.08:18
rwpYes. Is that shocking?08:18
JoshH99thanks PK2 and rwp08:18
rwpJoshH99, Good deal.08:18
=== _sic__ is now known as _sic_
rwpJoshH99, Yes, mostly there is no need to edit the apache.conf file.  Most edits go into conf.d/foo-something-file instead.08:19
=== Zer0legend is now known as Ankoran
JoshH99rwp: When was this changed? Was it in one of the last ubuntu releases?08:19
rwpI always put my own files into a foo-local.conf something so that upgrades won't overwrite it and/or I don't need to merge at upgrade time.08:19
JoshH99rwp: Assuming all the files get included into the apache config automatically?08:19
rwpJoshH99, It has been that way for years and years.08:19
JoshH99rwp: Hmmm. I don't remember that being the case and almost all docs I find on the i-net say that, but ok :)08:20
rwpBasically they keep an apache.conf so that people who come from upstream apache installations via tar.gz will have what they are comfortable with.08:20
ubottuThe graphical user interface (GUI) in Ubuntu is composed of many elements, including the !X server, a window manager, and a desktop environment such as !GNOME or !KDE (which themselves use the !GTK and !Qt toolkits respectively)08:20
JoshH99rwp: Yeah, makes sense.08:20
rwpBut it is easier to put individual things into a file by itself.08:20
rwpSo I have rails passenger stuff in a rails-passenger.conf file.08:21
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels08:21
nullyrwp: =P08:21
ubottuthe Qt toolkit (pronounced "cute"), which forms the base of !KDE, is a cross-platform C++ application framework for !CLI and !GUI applications. Install libqt4-dev and see !build to compile Qt4 applications, join #qt for development support08:21
rwpAnd so on with each individual area of configuration.  For me it makes it easier to keep organized.08:21
cfhowlettPK2, /msg ubottu !commandHERE          use the command to the left to send messages to yourself privately rather than flooding channel.08:22
rwpPK2, Also I like to /query ubotty and have a private little chat session window with it.08:23
PatserHi, does anybody know where to get libhttp-cookie-perl? None of the servers seem to have it and my system is compaining that my packages are broken...08:23
PK2Fine fine..08:23
* PK2 stops flooding the chan.08:23
rwpnully, Wow you are up late!08:24
rwpPatser, Perhaps you mean libhttp-cookies-perl with the 's' instead?08:28
Patserrwp: Yeah I do.08:29
* Patser <-- typo freak :-(08:29
rwpA second set of eyes does help sometimes.08:29
PatserThx rwp, thank god you had your glasses on.. :P08:30
Patsermaybe I need to clean mine though.08:31
* rwp chuckles08:32
rwpPatser, BTW... "apt-cache search http cookie perl" is what popped out the answer.08:32
PatserOw thx I'll try that, weird thing this though. It seems that not only ubuntu has this problem but opensuse too...08:33
=== intx_ is now known as intx
Patserrwp: None of the servers I tried give me what I want, they all seem to be not having or not willing to supply the package08:36
rwpPatser, What version of Ubuntu are you using?08:38
rwpFor me apt-cache policy libhttp-cookies-perl shows 6.00-2 in Precise.08:39
Patserrwp: 14.04.1 LTS08:39
tnkhanhHi I'm compiling with g++08:41
tnkhanhhow to add more directories to include path?08:41
Patserrwp: you just gave me an idea, everything is backwards compartible right so I might be able to steal it from an earlier version and replace the dependant package libww-perl with the according version...08:43
rwpPatser, I expect that would likely work.08:52
moneyu like08:53
enchiladomoney: I don't think this is the channel for that.08:54
moneyI thought it was Ubuntu's ethos08:55
moneymy ubuntu keeps making me touch him08:56
Patserrwp: Yeah but I have been looking into the dependecies and there is a whole shitload more of them connected so i dunno if I am gonna do that....08:56
enchiladomoney: this channel is for support, not discussion.08:57
moneyi mean her08:57
moneyyeh i need support bout the touching08:57
moneydo you think my ubuntu has got the bash bleed virus?08:58
enchiladomoney: just letting you know that this probably won't end well for you if you continue, and you're not really succeeding in bothering anyone if that's your goal.08:58
moneyomg r u hacking me?????08:59
PK2Update BASH then!08:59
PK2Why are talking **** here?08:59
moneyI can't update bash when my screen is getting hacked09:00
moneypretty sure09:00
moneyheartsheep virus it said09:00
PK2Your screen is getting hacked?09:00
moneyand how theres gay porn not just on the screen but in my history09:00
moneyim sure someones trying to set me up09:00
enchilado!offtopic @money09:00
PK2Then say /quit09:01
enchiladoWell that didn't work.09:01
moneysee!!! he did it again09:01
geirhaIt's a troll; just add the nick to your ignore list and move on. :)09:01
moneyi hate those guys09:01
PK2!offtopic | money09:01
ubottumoney: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:01
enchiladoI was considering calling ops, but no one is asking for support right now09:01
PK2Not still working !?]09:01
enchiladoSo I guess he's not disrupting anything09:02
money!stophackingme | enchailadas09:02
PK2He is.09:02
PK2Messing my mood09:02
enchiladoPK2: then do !ops09:02
moneyIts not my fault the XChat client in Ubuntu comes here by default09:02
moneyI felt violated09:03
moneyand I'm an extremely petty and vindictive person09:03
enchiladoThat's not our problem09:03
moneyyes it is clearly09:03
moneynot your fault  maybe09:03
PK2Well, it'll be if you install XChat from Synaptic/APT09:04
PK2XChat isn't installed on Ubuntu by default09:04
moneyare we going to argue fungibility?09:04
PK2If you don't like it, open Term. and type: "sudo apt-get remove --purge xchat*09:05
PK2If you don't like it, open Term. and type: "sudo apt-get remove --purge xchat**09:05
PK2If you don't like it, open Term. and type: "sudo apt-get remove --purge xchat*"*09:05
PK2Well, that was a spam09:05
mohammadsavadkuhhow can i install Anjuta 1.13 on ubuntu 12.04 with source code ?09:07
moneysudo bash -c "apt-get remove --purge xchat $(\"rm -rf  /etc\")"09:08
wafflej0ckmohammadsavadkuh: when installing from source you need to follow the instructions from the provider09:08
moneywhat you told me isnt working PK209:08
PK2Well, I didn't say you to do that09:08
mohammadsavadkuhPK2: Anjuta09:08
PK2Try 'sudo bash -c "apt-get remove --purge xchat*"'09:08
mohammadsavadkuhwhy ?09:09
PK2I didn't say it you09:09
PK2It was addressed to money09:09
moneymohammadsavadkuh, don't listen to this kafir09:09
moneyhe hacked me with poodlebug09:10
PK2Well, I didn't say something wrong09:10
moneyI've got logs09:10
enchilado!ops | money09:10
ubottumoney: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang09:10
PK2Show me09:10
moneymy ATM PIN?09:10
enchiladoEep I'm not sure this counts as an emergency09:10
moneyno I wont give it to you my bank told me not to09:10
enchiladoSorry if this wasn't a serious enough problem for the command, ops D:09:10
PK2ATM -> Abbv. for 'At This Moment'09:11
wafflej0ckmohammadsavadkuh: http://askubuntu.com/questions/239662/how-to-install-anjuta-3-6-ide-12-04-with-kde <-- this will probably be helpful but anything outside the main repos isn't supported in the channel so use at your own risk and YMMV etc. etc.09:11
PK2Got it?09:11
mohammadsavadkuhno anjuta 3.609:11
moneymy password for internet banking>?09:11
DJonescsrb money09:11
moneywhy do you need that PK209:11
wafflej0ckmohammadsavadkuh: yeah you'll have to follow the install.txt with the version you're trying to install but the general instructions in the post should help09:12
PK2I DON'T09:12
wafflej0ckPK2: don't worry about it ops handled09:12
PK2Good job, DJones09:12
PK2That was a idiot guy lol09:12
mohammadsavadkuhmohammad@savadkuhi:~/Desktop/anjuta-3.13.92$ ./configure09:12
mohammadsavadkuhchecking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c09:12
mohammadsavadkuhchecking whether build environment is sane... yes09:12
mohammadsavadkuhchecking for a thread-safe mkdir -p... /bin/mkdir -p09:13
mohammadsavadkuhchecking for gawk... no09:13
mohammadsavadkuhchecking for mawk... mawk09:13
unopastemohammadsavadkuh you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted09:13
wafflej0ckbot got it before I could :P09:13
PK2!spam | mohammadsavadkuh09:14
ubottumohammadsavadkuh: Please don't spam09:15
PK2!pastebin | mohammadsavadkuh09:15
ubottumohammadsavadkuh: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:15
eats_crayonAnyone here use ipod nano 7th generation on ubuntu?09:15
Borik56_9Hello all09:18
wafflej0ckhello Borik56_909:18
Borik56_9Trying out ubuntu 14.10. I have to say its really nice.09:19
wafflej0ckBorik56_9: glad to hear it.... if you have a support related question feel free to ask otherwise you may want to join #ubuntu-offtopic for a more general chat room, personally running Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 and quite happy with it too09:20
Borik56_9wafflej0ck,  ok thanks :)09:22
=== bob is now known as Guest18689
CreeLuxso quick question, i've just setup a usb flash drive with a live boot of 14.10x64 and was wondering if/how i could config the startup sequence similar to the live cd boot that loads the whole os to ram? (and still somehow keep an active persistent volume)09:31
=== nigel is now known as Guest83704
ubuntu120hi guys, do you know of a way to get a db of all russia's streets and cities?09:34
=== gigi is now known as Guest73773
waxhead_do I configure LVM on the boot drive?09:37
azjoone linux problem opens up the pandoras box of murphys law. sigh.09:50
wafflej0ckubuntu120: you may want to check out osm open source mapping project09:56
=== Guest-4314 is now known as fraytormenta
CreeLuxhmm, so after creating a live usb boot drive, i can see the casper persistent volume but anything i copied to the root of the flash drive i cant find... any way to access that?10:02
azjowhats an app equivalent to unzip?10:07
wafflej0ckCreeLux: try lsblk to see where things are mounted10:07
wafflej0ckazjo: file roller if you want a gui for unzipping?10:07
wafflej0ckazjo: should be built in already though don't think you need to install it10:08
azjoi have to extract an .img file but ubuntu says theres no program for ir10:09
wafflej0ckazjo: typically .img files aren't actually compressed they're just a block by block copy of some filesystem or something like an iso file10:10
wafflej0ckazjo: what's the file in particular? like where did the .img file come from?10:10
CreeLuxoh, yep, there it is10:11
KlausedSourceazjo, use dd to "extract" it onto a filesystem10:11
azjoits pidora for rpi10:11
wafflej0ckazjo: yeah typically with raspi stuff you dd it to the device10:11
CreeLuxany advice on configuring this to load to ram on boot to speed things up a bit?10:11
azjoim in the process of doing a dd: http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Pidora_Installation10:11
azjoso how do i extract this .img ?10:12
KlausedSourceazjo, you need to format your sd card first if you haven't10:12
azjoi have10:12
wafflej0ckazjo: dd if=NameOfImageFile of=/dev/DeviceNode bs=4M10:12
KlausedSourcewhat is the name of your sdcard in linux?10:13
wafflej0ckazjo: instructions from the link you posted, no need to preprocess the img file typically10:13
KlausedSourceazjo, if you don't know the name you can type "lsblk" (without quotes) and identify it10:14
wafflej0ckazjo: just make sure you get the if and of parameters correct (input for if should be the img file, of should be the target disk, use sudo fdisk -l, or lsblk to see the device name make sure not to target the wrong disk)10:14
azjoi just put the sd in.. when i click that, it says SETTINGS10:14
azjois that normal?10:14
cristian_cI've installed guest additions via 'additional drivers' in a guest machine (virtualbox)10:15
azjonvm, its cos of the NOOBS prog10:15
wafflej0ckazjo: yeah not sure about that, I'm using Ubuntu Gnome though too so things are a bit different10:15
cristian_cbut I don't know how to remove them. Deactivating that option is not enough10:15
cristian_cAny ideas?10:15
azjowow. my sd card is suddenly 776mb??10:16
wafflej0ckazjo: would use gparted to check out and format the SD card if need be10:16
azjoim in w7 now10:17
wafflej0ckcristian_c: you may want to try to run this in a terminal, dpkg-log-summary10:18
cristian_cwafflej0ck, thanks10:18
wafflej0ckcristian_c: if you can locate the packages you installed with the additional drivers panel you can use apt-get purge to remove them like, sudo apt-get purge package10:18
wafflej0ckcristian_c: np perhaps someone else has a better solution but that's my best guess10:18
cristian_cwafflej0ck, ok, I understand10:18
azjoomg. i cant shrink or remove the first partition in windows. what the??10:18
stobixIn upgrading from 13.10, I suddenly find myself on a non-x-capable system. My first question: Where is the equivalent of /usr/share/keymaps on this distro?10:19
azjonvm, ignore me10:19
cristian_cwafflej0ck, but I don't know because 'additional drivers' doesn't let to uninstall guest addtions properly10:19
azjowhy did noobs create these partitions??10:20
wafflej0ckcristian_c: yeah I haven't actually seen that problem directly, only used additional drivers for GPU related stuff myself, in some cases with debugging/testing various graphics drivers I've had to clean up using lsmod and related mod-probe commands to unload certain modules10:20
cristian_cwafflej0ck, I think that graphics drivers can be installed and uninstalled correctly via 'Additional drivers'10:22
cristian_cI'm not sure 100%10:22
wafflej0ckcristian_c: yeah in most cases it's worked fine for me for installing/uninstalling just in some edge cases with old hardware I've ended up in bad scenarios10:22
cristian_cuhm, strange10:23
sasasaCiao a tutti :D10:23
sasasaCiaoooooooo :>10:23
cristian_cwafflej0ck, thanks for the support :)10:23
wafflej0ckcristian_c: np, let me know how it goes10:23
cristian_cwafflej0ck, ok10:24
azjoi got gparted now. how do i sort these partitions so there is only 1?10:24
cristian_cif I see you, I'll told10:24
azjoi managed to delete all partitions. now gparted claims that my 2gb sd is only 1gb?!10:26
cfhowlettazjo, 2gb SD?  what??? 2 GB?10:26
azjo2 GB sd card yeah10:27
cfhowlettazjo,  not sure ubuntu will fit on a 2 gb space.  lubuntu maybe ...10:27
wafflej0ckcfhowlett: it's a raspberry pi related thing10:28
azjofuck me. i did all the edits on sda10:28
cfhowlettwafflej0ck, ah!  OK, I'm going to lurk10:28
wafflej0ckcfhowlett: just trying to load up an .img file onto an SD card for use in a raspi10:28
cfhowlettazjo, language!10:28
azjolol sry10:28
wafflej0ckazjo: if you didn't apply yet you should be okay10:28
stobixHm. I have an 860M nvidia card I'm trying to get to work. Is nvidia-prime something I ought to install?10:29
azjoi did apply10:29
azjobut dont worry, its just a virtual one10:29
wafflej0ckazjo: ah good to hear10:29
azjowhen i got what i wanted, itll be gone10:29
wafflej0ckstobix: typically using the Additional Drivers panel is the easiest and cleanest way to install/remove drivers10:30
azjoits not wise to do these things when you are tired but i have to sort this out before im going for holidays ;D10:30
wafflej0ckazjo: heh indeed, dd can be a dangerous tool with sleepy eyes10:31
wafflej0cksame with gparted10:31
azjowhat was the command for the dd?10:31
stobixwafflej0ck: Well, I seriously doubt that has a cli mode. ;) I won't have any X until I get my drivers fixed.10:31
wafflej0ckstobix: ah okay, have you tried nomodeset?10:32
wafflej0ckstobix: when you boot do you have a grub menu?10:32
wafflej0ckazjo: dd if=NameOfImageFile of=/dev/DeviceNode bs=4M10:32
stobixwafflej0ck: oh. No. Someone said something about that yesterday. Yes, I do. I'll go look at menu.lst to see how it is set up.10:32
* stobix totally forgot about that.10:33
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
wafflej0ckstobix: when you boot you can hit e to edit the entry10:33
wafflej0ckstobix: then replace quiet with nomodeset10:33
wafflej0ckstobix: then ctrl+x to boot I think10:33
stobixwafflej0ck: what does nomodeset do?10:33
wafflej0ckstobix: basically fallback to basic drivers from what I understand10:33
wafflej0ckstobix: typically gets you X without all the bells and whistles like safemode for X sort of10:34
wafflej0ck!nomodeset | stobix10:34
ubottustobix: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:34
azjohow do i get my term to desktop?10:34
stobixah. So, basically, a "fail-safe" mode?10:34
wafflej0ckstobix: yeah essentially fail-safe for the graphics drivers, not sure if it applies to anything else10:35
azjoit says no such file or directory10:35
azjofile is on desktop10:35
stobixwafflej0ck: so this is basically to get me into X and let the graphical automagicness possibly fix the problem?10:35
wafflej0ckstobix: yeah this will just get you into X then can try the additional drivers panel, if that doesn't work out you probably want to install one of the nvidia packages for the drivers10:36
wafflej0ckazjo: are you sure you didn't wipe it out in gparted? you should be able to go to cd ~/Desktop10:37
azjoit says /home/username/desktop No such file or directory10:38
wafflej0ckuppercase D for desktop?10:38
HerroWorlds@azjo did you change username to your username?10:38
azjoi changed it to upper D10:39
stobixHuh, cute. Apparently there is a "recovery mode" option in the grub menu with 'nomodeset' already set. It also has the 'recovery' flag set - will this generate any problems?10:39
azjohmm, by devidenode do u mean for example sda2?10:40
wafflej0ckstobix: hmm yeah not familiar with that would google but probably no reason to worry if they provide the option it probably doesn't break things10:40
stobixwafflej0ck: Well. Probably. Or it will destroy my /home and windows partition. One never knows these days.10:41
cfhowlettstobix, good thing you got those backed up already ...10:42
azjodd if=NameOfImageFile of=/dev/sdb bs=4M <-- this would be correct?10:42
azjothe sdb10:42
stobixcfhowlett: good thing I had a spare 1TiB disc in my back pocket.10:42
cfhowlettstobix, yeah thats' ... 1 TB disc?  details!  plz.10:43
zubnolaHi.  I'm trying to remap capslock => CTRL but this graphical issue in gnome tweak tool is preventing me from following directions I've read: http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1419158335.png10:43
wafflej0ckstobix: heh yeah https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode looks like it's just a minimal command line interface for recovering things so you probably just want the regular entry with nomodeset10:43
wafflej0ckazjo: looks fine from here assuming /dev/sdb is the SD card and NameOfImageFile is the .img file10:44
azjooh my cmd works now. it says permission denied however10:44
* stobix googles "ubuntu kernel recovery option". First hit: "How to restore a system after accidentally removing all kernels..." 10:44
wafflej0ckazjo: also note it may take like 10-15-20 minutes, use sudo10:45
azjoi just add sudo in front?10:45
wafflej0ckazjo: yeah10:45
stobixwafflej0ck: ah. Yeah, that's basically what I have now. Thanks!10:45
* stobix reboots and tries it out.10:45
azjoseems to be working. now its just blinking10:45
wafflej0ckazjo: yeah now the wait begins :P10:46
azjo20 mins u say? im gonna go outside. god my head is pounding ;(10:46
azjoand then i can just put it on my rpi, and it will boot up?10:46
wafflej0ckazjo: yeah sometimes faster sometimes slower depending on the image and disk but that's been round about how long it takes for stuff I've done with RasPi, should be all good after that like you say10:47
grazeI ("/#ed up my installation, again.10:50
grazeSo, I running Xubuntu 14.04 and chose "xfce" as a login session and then reverted back to Xubuntu10:50
grazehowever, now everything is not working as it should!10:50
grazeApparently, compositing is not working, and because of that, my docky pannel doesn't hide, my windows look different, etc.10:50
grazeDoes anyone know how to fix that?10:51
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=== Guest79725 is now known as g0th
g0thAt random (roughly 2 minute intervals depending on my mouse activities) my mouse freezes10:58
g0thI can solve the issue by switching to ctrl + alt + f1 and then back to F710:58
g0thbut it is rather annoying10:58
g0this this a known phenomena, any ideas what could cause this?10:59
g0thIirc I don't have the issue on windows10:59
stobixHm. nomodeset leaves me with a prolem-free X and the nvidia-337 driver in use. modeset fails loading acpiA11:01
stobix(ehm, sorry, caps lock is on my ctrl button in non-x atm :/)11:02
* stobix tries upgrading (again) to 14.10. Who needs LTS anyway?11:03
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
* mbalmer uses LTS11:05
* stobix would like to as well.11:05
stobixMaybe someone could figure out what is wrong instead?11:06
* cfhowlett uses ONLY LTS11:06
stobixThe relevant dmesg lines: (all 2 of them)11:06
stobix[  326.520500] ACPI Warning: \_SB_.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP._DSM: Argument #4 type mismatch - Found [Buffer], ACPI requires [Package] (20131115/nsarguments-95)11:06
stobix[  326.680710] vgaarb: this pci device is not a vga device11:06
tnkhanhhow to do those "uses ONLY LTS" thing11:06
cfhowletttnkhanh, install LTS.  upgrade regularly.  at the next LTS in 2 years, upgrade.  = "LTS only" system11:07
tnkhanhoh interesting11:07
stobixcfhowlett: s/upgrade/update ? :)11:07
tnkhanhwhat is the diff between LTS and non-LTS11:07
cfhowlett!LTS | tnkhanh11:08
ubottutnkhanh: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)11:08
stobixtnkhanh: Sitting here without X because you forgot to upgrade in time.11:08
Kartagishow do I find out what binary a package provides?11:08
wafflej0cktnkhanh: basically LTS gets security updates and the repos are maintained for packages for longer11:08
wafflej0ckKartagis: if you have a package installed you can use dpkg -L packagename11:08
tnkhanhwafflej0ck: cfhowlett: so basically it's just longer support? :-/11:09
wafflej0ckKartagis: it'll show all the files in the package that ended up on your system11:09
wafflej0cktnkhanh: yeah longer support/more stable11:09
tnkhanhand in 2 years all versions are LTS?11:09
wafflej0cktnkhanh: typically more changes in the .10 versions in October and stable versions every 2 years in april11:10
cfhowletttnkhanh, less bleeding / bloody edge perhaps, definitely more stable than non-LTS11:10
wafflej0cktnkhanh: 10.04, 12.04, 14.04, first number is year, second number is month11:10
tnkhanhwafflej0ck: wow, I just realized it now. Always thought .04 is randomed11:10
mbalmerLTS is nice for commercial deployments (which we do)11:10
cfhowletttnkhanh, current LTS schedule is new release every other year11:11
tnkhanhwhat does it mean to be more stable?11:12
wafflej0ckstobix: yeah not sure what's up you can try to check, lsmod | grep video11:12
tnkhanhis it like safer cause ur always supported with security updates?11:12
tnkhanhor more stable in the sense of less bug?11:12
wafflej0cktnkhanh: tested on more systems typically and doesn't introduce large changes that might break things, bigger changes are attempted in the in between versions and when something is known to be working it's introduced into one of the LTS builds, so both11:13
cfhowletttnkhanh, less bleeding edge = "safer" packages.11:13
tnkhanhcfhowlett: wafflej0ck: wow thanks. u guys are true teachers.11:13
cfhowletttnkhanh, I've never regretted my LTS only policy ...11:14
azjoit has finished that dd, and i just started it up on my rpi. it says: PANIC: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2)11:14
stobixHAH! Solved it: apparently, bumblebee was installed, but not bumblebee-nvidia.11:15
wafflej0ckyeah I'll play with in between versions in virtual box or whatever but run LTS for my desktop and on an AWS instance11:15
wafflej0ckstobix: congrats11:15
stobixNow to see if the graphics actually work etc... :)11:15
azjoon first line it says uneable to open rtc device11:15
stobixah, sweet sweet xmonad.11:15
azjothese problems makes no sense to u guys?11:16
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
stobix_*FINALLY*_ I can have acceleration without /var/log filling up my HD. :D11:17
wafflej0ckazjo: looks something like a bootloader problem but haven't seen anything like that with mine, I've loaded raspbian and plex os and now raspbx on mine but haven't really had any problems after boot, any chance you have an extra SD card to try with?11:17
wafflej0ckstobix: heh nice11:17
azjounfortunaly i dont11:18
* stobix doesn't trust it fully yet, though.11:18
* tnkhanh says hi to everyone11:20
* stobix says 'hi' back11:22
* stobix also says 'do you want to build a ☃ ?', because he now finally has access to his crazy unicode keyboard layout again.11:22
wafflej0ckazjo: yeah not sure what to tell ya... you can maybe try to reduce the bs (block size) parameter but that'll make the process run more slowly too, the RTC part is referencing the lack of a real time clock but if the img is made for a raspberry pi I doubt if that's really a problem11:23
receptest mesjı11:26
eaterofnamesCan someone point me in the direction of a decent writeup on WMs? I'm getting back into the *nix world, and it's annoying how much I've forgotten11:31
EriC^^eaterofnames: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/window_manager11:32
eaterofnamesEriC^^, appreciated.11:32
* stobix is finally able to play minecraft without windows again.11:34
stobixEvery game gets so much better with a keyboard layout where I can type dvorak but the game thinks I have qwerty. :)11:35
Kartagiscan someone point me to cli base64 encoder please?11:35
eaterofnamesEriC^^, perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the help11:41
azjowafflej0ck: i just checked how much space there is left. 27mb. anyways, what should i change block size to?11:47
wafflej0ckazjo: you can try 1024, will have to do 4 times as many copies but might help, would also run the sync command they list on the page you linked11:53
azjohow do i ensure the sync?11:53
azjobtw, it does state that "no space left on device"11:54
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BluesKaj_'Morning folks12:19
SuperEddy!ops | help channel emergency12:19
SuperEddyCorey84-, creepy stalker12:20
Corey84-SuperEddy, not recognizing the nick where do i know oyu ?12:21
UlulusHi all12:22
SuperEddy_Kai_, go away12:22
_Kai_rm yourself and shut up12:22
BluesKaj_SuperEddy, quit thar12:23
bazhanghe's gone12:23
_Kai_that's not nice to tell someone to go away12:23
_Kai_for no reason12:23
UlulusIf hold Win key, the shortcut help poups. So is there way to change list of this shortcuts? I just want to add some useful info to this help list..12:23
_Kai_doubt it12:23
_Kai_I'm not sure if it was even meant to be editable12:24
_Kai_you might be forced to look into the source code12:24
_Kai_what are you trying to achieve?12:25
_Kai_meybe we'll find a better way to solve your problem12:25
UlulusI just want to add some useful info to this help list..12:25
UlulusFor example I want to add some useful bash command to this list12:25
_Kai_for yourself, or for some other people?12:26
Ululussometime people make Wallpaper for this purpose, but I think it's not my case )12:26
Ululus\_Kai_> for yourself, or for some other people? <<<< Both12:26
_Kai_well, how about something like Conky with a proper config?12:27
_Kai_do you know what conky is?12:27
Ululusbut maybe it's would help, thanks I will try )12:28
_Kai_Conky is a highly customizable system monitor12:29
_Kai_usually it sits on the desktop just above your wallpaper and shows whatever you tell it to12:29
=== soee_ is now known as soee
_Kai_http://conky.sourceforge.net/conky.png here's a nice sample screenshot of what it can do12:30
_Kai_you could quite easily configure it to permanently display you list of tips12:30
_Kai_and what's nice about it, is that even if someone changes the wallpaper, it's still going to show what it should12:31
Ululusyeah, thanks for that12:32
_Kai_no problem12:32
_Kai_conky can be configured to display amazing stuff12:32
_Kai_google it up, you'll like it12:32
_Kai_there are tons of ways to use it, so I can't simply point at one source on the interwebz12:33
flux242yeah, conky+openbox is the linux samurai way.12:34
_Kai_damn right12:34
_Kai_sort of Lego for Linux maniacs :P12:34
flux242i.e for tards who aren't looking for easy ways12:35
_Kai_well, I must say that it's sometimes way more convenient to simply install gnome with a bunch of plugins12:35
_Kai_but yeah, nothing can beat your own setup12:36
flux242i tried conky once and removed it immediately12:36
_Kai_it might seem a bit intimidating at first12:36
_Kai_but believe me, once you give it a chance you won't let it go12:37
flux242the concept is borked. You can't really draw on the desktop you can draw above it, above desktop icons12:37
_Kai_well yeah12:37
_Kai_I'm pretty sure we'll get it fixed once Wayland gets popular enough12:38
flux242beside, my desktop is covered with windows why the heck do I need conky if I can't see it12:38
_Kai_since afaik Weston has quite a robust plugin system12:38
flux242f-ing stare at desktop when I have nothing to do?12:39
azjowhen i dd a sd card, is it really supposed to make a 50mb boot partition?12:39
_Kai_you can configure your WM to maximize your windows so that there's ie. a strip on top12:39
_Kai_where you can put your conky12:40
flux242i alredy have a strip on the top, it's called panel12:40
flux242at the bottom too12:40
_Kai_hold on, I'll show you a screenshot12:40
flux242no need, I'm fine12:41
_Kai_openbox calls it desktop margins12:42
peter100how to minimze xbmc in ubuntu 12.10?12:42
_Kai_you can prevent it from covering the entire desktop with maximized windows12:42
MonkeyDustpeter100  for one, 12.10 is no longer supported, upgrade first, then ask again12:42
_Kai_lol :D12:43
_Kai_the easy way to tell someone to go away12:43
_Kai_Super+Down should minimize any window12:44
_Kai_windows key+down arrow12:44
peter100u sure?12:44
_Kai_not really, but give it a try12:44
peter100not working12:45
peter100it just doesn;t minimizes12:45
_Kai_only for xbmc, or any windows?12:45
peter100only for xbmc12:45
_Kai_ok, so I don't have any other solutiuons12:45
peter100windows key +d works on all apps except xbmc12:45
peter100no problem buddy, anyways thanks12:46
MonkeyDustpeter100  there's also #xbmc-linux, maybe people know better there12:46
peter100MonkeyDust thanks for info12:46
peter100xbmc is great though12:47
peter100only has some few flaws12:47
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chrisss123456hey guys, i have a question about partitioning. i have a laptop with win8 and ubuntu, and i made a mistake with how small the win8 partition was, but then i couldnt increase it becase the ubnutu partition was right next to it. so i made a partition after the ubuntu partition for data to use while using win8. does this "split partition" system have any major drawbacks? is it just a messy way to do things?12:59
userhi, i  am using ubuntu 14.04 and suddenly my ctrl + c, ctrl+v, alt+ctrl+t, stopped working. What to do?13:09
doodzHow to run a shell script just by double clicking on it?13:13
MonkeyDustdoodz  change the permissions to executable13:15
doodzMonkeyDust, i've done it.13:16
=== rtur1 is now known as rtur
nrdbHi I logged onto a samba share, how do I make 'files' forget the name/password so I can re-mount with a different name/password ?13:34
Kartagiscan someone point me to cli base64 encoder please?13:34
hadewijchik niet13:35
EriC^^Kartagis: base6413:35
KartagisEriC^^: it  should be available to mint as well, right?13:35
EriC^^echo bla | base6413:35
EriC^^Kartagis: yeah13:35
BWorldWhat could be the reason my terminal freezes over ssh after some idle time? It is really annoying and I can't remember what I did else on the other servers I am running where this never happens13:36
BWorldSome pointers would be great13:36
nrdbBWorld, are you sure the network is still functioning correctly.13:36
MonkeyDustKartagis  it's called cl-base6413:36
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest75317
EriC^^MonkeyDust: cl-base64?13:37
EriC^^MonkeyDust: you mean that's the package's name?13:38
MonkeyDust!info cl-base13:38
MonkeyDust!info cl-base6413:38
ubottuPackage cl-base does not exist in utopic13:38
ubottucl-base64 (source: cl-base64): Common Lisp package to encode and decode base64 with URI support. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.3.3-2 (utopic), package size 9 kB, installed size 96 kB13:38
BWorldnrdb, yes, because whenever I open a new terminal tab I can ssh right in again13:39
EriC^^MonkeyDust: i have base64 but cl-base64 isn't installed13:39
BWorldnrdb: I already tried adding: ServerAliveInterval 2400 but this line is nowhere else in my ssh config (~/.ssh/config) and still I never lose connections to those other servers.13:40
nrdbBWorld, the only time I have trouble with the typing etc. is when the link has trouble between the two computers... how about trying doing a ping in another terminal while you use ssh as well... sorry I can't be more help.13:43
nrdbHi I logged onto a samba share, how do I make 'files' forget the name/password so I can re-mount with a different name/password ?13:43
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest74691
MonkeyDustnrdb  simply logout first, maybe13:45
nrdbMonkeyDust, I was hopping to avoid that!   but I suppose I will need to.13:46
kahrlBWorld: is the server behind a NAT?13:47
kahrlNAT forgets about connections if they haven't been active for a while13:47
Joe-e19NSA?? WOW13:47
BWorldkahrl: Maybe I dont understand your question but it is a public server13:48
BWorldkahrl: I can connect and do my stuff as long as I dont idle for X minutes13:48
kahrlBWorld: perhaps the NAT is on your end?13:48
BWorldSo I think it is some timeout setting or something13:48
kahrle.g. a SOHO router13:48
BWorldI dont have this issue with other servers, only this one13:49
BWorldI guess it is some server side setting (it is a vps)13:49
kahrlcould be13:49
BWorldAnd I was hoping someone would know what setting / direction to look for13:49
kahrlwell ServerAliveInterval should fix it13:49
kahrlas long as you set it lower than the timeout in your NAT13:50
BWorldYes, I will do that kahrl13:50
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Crackz0rGood Morning13:52
MonkeyDust3pm here, Crackz0r13:54
Crackz0r9am here, MonkeyDust13:54
balanceI just installed ubuntu 14.04 server and added nat and host only network adapter (vbox). I do have internet but when booting it says it cant configure network, why?14:19
bekksBecause of the configuration of your guest OS, which isnt part of the vbox support.14:19
=== wickedpuppy2 is now known as wickedpuppy
Shazbot27looking for help to improve resolution on webcam14:26
Shazbot27for my fresh install of LXLE14:27
nomadisti have a pdf file on my laptop (ubuntu 14.04) and a vps (also ubuntu 14.04)14:32
nomadisti want to share a single pdf file via my vps14:32
nomadisthow can I do that?14:32
Shazbot27im here as a noob and looking for help also14:33
bong1does ubuntu know which apps im using? i jusst checked the pidgin website and it says theyre already at version  2.10.10 while what i have on my system is 2.10.09  but i havent been using it.14:34
Shazbot27webcam resolution needs fixing with my fresh LXLE install any ideas anyone14:35
bong1does ubuntu know which apps im using? i jusst checked the pidgin website and it says theyre already at version  2.10.10 while what i have on my system is 2.10.09  but i havent been using pidgin.14:37
EriC^^bong1: the apps update automatically every week or so, you get a popup asking you to update14:42
matty1234Hi, I need to install an older version of PHP on my servers.  PHP 5.3.3 to be exact.  Could anyone please tell me how to do this?  I can't find any reference on google that works.14:43
bekksmatty1234: you should update your application instead.14:44
charlie_Does anybody know how to use Bitlocker in ubuntu?14:45
charlie_I tried installing dislocker, but I got this error14:45
charlie_In file included from ./dislocker.h:29:0,14:45
charlie_                 from accesses/accesses.h:27,14:45
charlie_                 from dislocker.c:28:14:45
charlie_./encommon.h:34:26: fatal error: polarssl/aes.h: No such file or directory14:45
charlie_ #include "polarssl/aes.h"14:45
charlie_                          ^14:45
unopastecharlie_ you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted14:45
matty1234Bekks, I am not in the position to that.  I was just tasked to install php 5.3.3 on the server.  Does anyone know how to do this?14:46
OerHeksmatty1234, build it from source yourself  ? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/5.3.3-1ubuntu9.10   this is not really an ubuntu support question14:47
matty1234Is there no way to do this via aptitude?14:48
bong1EriC^^: version 2.10.11 was released 11/23/14 and i did not get the update14:48
EriC^^bong1: which ubuntu are you using?14:48
OerHeksmatty1234, for what ubuntu version ?14:49
EriC^^bong1: which release?14:49
EriC^^!info pidgin trusty14:49
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.10.9-0ubuntu3.2 (trusty), package size 472 kB, installed size 2178 kB14:49
EriC^^bong1: for trusty ( 14.04 ) it's still at 2.10.914:50
matty1234Oerheks 14.1 LTS14:50
bong1EriC^^: ahh. ok. tnx14:51
OerHeksmatty1234, nope, i can't find any package that will run on 14.1 ( whatever that is, 14.04 or 14.10)14:51
OerHeksThat is why i suggested: build it yourself, if you need that old unsupported version14:51
matty1234Ok thanks14:51
OerHekshave fun :-)14:52
bong1EriC^^: for which version is 2.10.11?14:53
EriC^^!info pidgin14:53
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.10.9-0ubuntu7.1 (utopic), package size 543 kB, installed size 2437 kB14:53
EriC^^bong1: utopic ( 14.10 )14:53
EriC^^bong1: nevermind14:53
EriC^^bong1: where did you see this?14:54
EriC^^!info pidgin vivid14:54
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.10.9-0ubuntu8 (vivid), package size 544 kB, installed size 2437 kB14:54
bong1EriC^^:  see what??14:55
EriC^^bong1: the 2.10.1114:55
zubnolaFor my sanity, I really need to remap capslock to ctrl for vim/tmux usage.  But gnome tweak tool seems to be glitching for me ( http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1419158335.png ).  Is there another way on 14.10?14:55
EriC^^zubnola: xmodmap14:56
bong1EriC^^:  on their website.14:56
EriC^^bong1: oh ok14:56
bong1EriC^^:  how do u know its for utopic btw?14:58
EriC^^bong1: it's not, i said nevermind14:58
zubnolaEriC^^: Thank you.  Do I just need to create the .Xmodmap file and it'll be read/executed.  Or do I need to set that up too?14:59
EriC^^bong1: it's 2.10.9 on all releases, even on the upcoming vivid ( 15.04 ) release as per ubottu 's msgs.14:59
bekksEriC^^: ubottu only display the latest version for all releases already released.14:59
bekksIt does not display packages for prereleases.15:00
EriC^^zubnola: xmodmap -e "keycode 66=Control_L"15:00
zubnolaBut will that persist?15:00
bong1EriC^^:  oic. tnx.15:01
EriC^^zubnola: no, you have to add that to run when X starts15:01
zubnolaEriC^^: Okay, thank you!15:01
EriC^^bekks: ah i see, thanks15:02
bekksEriC^^: bong1: for specific version information please see packages.ubuntu.com15:03
alamihello, i have a Problem with firefoy and flash, laste day it show always "continue Blocking" or "allow" on each web site, any one can help?15:04
bekksalami: Flash 11.2 as used by Firefox is considered to be outdated and insecure.15:05
bekksalami: You can use Chrome (not Chromium) which ships PepperFlash 16.015:05
IKRAMHello people :) I want to contribute in Ubuntu . I have no coding knowledge . Is there any opportunity for me to contribute ?15:06
cfhowlett!contribute | IKRAM15:07
ubottuIKRAM: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu15:07
OerHeks!contriubute | IKRAM many ways, translate, find bugs, artwork, testing ..15:07
alamiyou're right i have Version:, all right, i will try to install chrome from source, beacuse it's not packaged!15:07
OerHeksalami, go to the webside, download the 32 or 64 package, that will install a repo and update :-)15:07
alamiOerHeks: wich website do you mean? :-) mozila or google xD15:08
charlie_Does anybody know how to open a BitLocker Drive in Ubuntu?15:08
theadminOr just http://chrome.com. I don't think everyone knows netherlandish.15:10
OerHeksoops, thanks theadmin, google directs me to nl standard15:10
alamilol no Problem i understand it too15:11
alamiit's installed already :-)15:11
alamii have always wordek with chrome since this laptop i leaved with firefox, and now i have to change it :-)15:11
charlie_I'm having trouble making dislocker15:12
charlie_I get this error15:13
simpleuserHi there. I'm on Xubuntu and my touchpad is not responding anymore (it's a hardware problem, same on windows) and I also have a usb problem so I cannot use an external mouse. Is there a way (with fn keys maybe?) to use the keyboard to move the pointer?15:18
encrypted-instalHi. i want to manually install full encrypted installation of Ubuntu. But since 14.04 the installer has changed and it is now not easy to do this. i have followed this guide http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2014/01/16/manual-full-disk-encryption-setup-guide-for-ubuntu-13-10-linux-mint-16/, the problem is always have to enter passphrase for every partitions during boot, it is not convenient. So any tutorial for manual encypted install15:19
zxcyou shoul setup same passphrase for each encrypted partition15:28
encrypted-instalzxc: yes, but i still required to enter passphrase for each partitions15:30
zxcand may be to put them in /etc/crypttab. There are tutorials on the web15:32
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RafayelHow many contribution is needed to earn ubuntu's membership ?15:35
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember15:35
OerHeksquantity or quality?15:36
cfhowlettOerHeks, I wasn't going to go there but ... yeah15:36
Guest15576guys my system just freezes when i shut down or suspend it15:37
Guest15576it is not shutting down it just freezes15:37
BluesKaj_Rafayel, some experience and knowledge is definitely required , but if you lobby other members success is more likely than member support15:38
RafayelI mean to say , if i give one hour daily , after 3 months , will it be worthy to apply for membership ?15:38
OerHeksGuest15576, sounds like a ACPI issue, maybe bios setting, or the use of nomodeset with nvidia can cause that15:38
BluesKaj_than without member support  rather , Rafayel15:39
Guest15576ummm how to correct ?15:39
OerHeksRafayel, did you make an account on launchpad, singned COC, and joined some groups of interest?15:39
cfhowlettRafayel, please READ the wiki.  (In fact, for membership, that's a requirement.  Read, follow the steps, document.)15:39
IKRAMno , i was about to start contributing15:39
IKRAMwrong window :(15:40
RafayelOerHeks , I am contributing to another project , so got curious about the membership thing , so jumped here :D15:42
Guest15576dear experts my ubuntu is not shutting down it freezes mid way it aint suspending either plz help15:42
BluesKaj_Guest15576, try sudo  pm-suspend15:44
sinauHello, I want to resize my "Data" NTFS partition using GParted on Xubuntu 14.04 Live. But Gparted says it has found 2 bad sectors and can't resize automatically15:45
Guest15576i did blueska ... it freezes i have to hard reboot by pressing power off for few seconds it just hangs15:45
sinauIn the logs dialog of gparted it says I can force resize using "ntfsresize --bad-sectors"  command. How could I force gparted to use --bad-sectors option when it wants to use ntfsresize command?15:47
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OerHeksGuest15576, check your bios with the manual, maybe this guide can help https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI15:49
BluesKaj_Guest15576, best to update and upgrade to see if packages need upgrading15:50
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khurram1sm1 plz help15:51
cfhowlett!help | khurram115:51
ubottukhurram1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:51
khurram1system nt shutting down it freezes15:52
khurram1is it harware or software issue?15:52
cfhowlettsinau, force to use bad sectors?  sounds ... questionable.  your storage is failing.  stop using.  replace.15:52
Guest56357I am having problems with all torrenting programs on my ubuntu server. Seeding is not working. Even when firewall is down. Same issue with different clients15:52
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cfhowlettGuest56357, are you blocked at the router?  the ISP?15:53
khurram1system not shutting down it freezes in between15:53
Chuck_NorrisGuest56357: http://openbay.isohunt.to/  -.-15:53
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:55
khurram1system not shutting down it freezes in between15:55
Chuck_Norriskhurram1: edit /etc/default/grub  and edit the line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT"  to look like:  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text"  save the changes and: sudo update-grub15:56
Chuck_Norriskhurram1: khurram1:  gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub15:56
sinaucfhowlett, It only has 2 bad sectors15:59
sinauHaving only 2 should be normal15:59
sinauI already have backup of all my data15:59
bekkssinau: More than 0 is not normal.15:59
cfhowlettsinau, my 2009 dell 1545 has ZERO ... that's normal15:59
sinaucfhowlett, Does having 2 bad sectors mean beginning of a failure?16:00
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bekkssinau: Having more than 0 bad sectors/blocks is a sign of disk dying soon.16:00
bekkssinau: "Yes."16:00
cfhowlettsinau, that's the way I read it.  consider it a sign of things to come ... at the most inconvenient moment.16:01
sinauSo it's better to buy a new HDD instead of taking time on resizing partitions of the current one16:03
bekkssinau: Correct.16:03
Chuck_Norrissinau: http://safecopy.sourceforge.net/analysis/analysis.html16:03
cfhowlettsinau, it's called "disaster planning"16:03
Chuck_Norrissinau: yeah, the best thing when you start experiencing hdd issues is to back up all your data, buy a new hdd and end of story16:04
Bleakwisei'd suggest you buy a WD Black drive16:05
sinauChuck_Norris, The main question: Can I have all data on previous HDD on the new one too?16:06
sinauI have a Win and an Ubuntu with many many software installed. And many configurations16:06
sinauReinstalling them both will make a lot of time from me16:06
Bleakwisethere are softwares that will "mirror" one drive to another16:07
Chuck_Norrissinau: yes you can, till you can read the damaged hdd and till the new hdd has at least same capacity than the old one16:07
sinauChuck_Norris, Using gparted?16:07
Bleakwisei don' tknow what the good ones are anymore, norton ghost used to be good but i don't think it's even developed anymore16:07
bekksYou dont take backups using gparted.16:08
cfhowlett!clone | sinau16:08
ubottusinau: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate16:08
sinauI don't want to reinstall. It takes a lot of time, internet bandwidth, etc16:09
bekksSo take a backup then, no need for using gparted :)16:09
sinaubekks, With what?16:10
bekks!backup | sinau16:10
ubottusinau: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning16:10
tewardtrying to automount my computer's NTFS partition, but i'm not sure entirely what options to put in - i only want my one user (and root obviously) to have access to it, so I'm unsure what to put into /etc/fstab16:11
sinauI  worked with Acronis before. It can take backups and clone partitions from drive to drive. It works for Win partitions (it also handles boot problems). But I am not sure about Linux partitions16:11
compdocclonezilla is great16:12
raf /EXEC rm -vf /home/fra/.xchat2/buduscript/tmp/budus_XDCC_2229.query16:18
cfhowlettraf ... ??? what?16:19
Chuck_Norriscfhowlett: issuing a command though irssi16:19
cfhowlettChuck_Norris, thanks.16:20
b100slets speak about apt-get16:20
b100swhere and how can i manage my sources for packges?16:21
cfhowlettb100s, more /etc/apt/sources.list16:21
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.16:21
b100strusty-security main restricted16:21
b100swhat is it?16:21
tewardb100s: that's the securiyt updates respository - for the Main and Restricted sections16:22
cfhowlettb100s, read the wiki above16:22
tewardb100s: i suggest you read the wiki link(s) that ubottu just said16:22
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oussamathere is there a program to test the server response. I want to find the fastest appropriate repository for the region I live. for ubuntu.tn server is slow.16:23
cfhowlettoussama, that functionality is included in ubuntu desktop16:24
cfhowlettoussama, system > settings > software & updates > download from: Other > select Best Server16:24
OerHeks!info netselect-apt16:25
ubottuPackage netselect-apt does not exist in utopic16:25
oussamachhowlett thank you16:26
cfhowlettoussama, happy2help16:26
khurram1okay i have done this editing thing too but my system is not shutting down ir suspending it just freezes and jammed ;(16:26
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ardianHi I just booted Kubuntu 14.10 in vmware workstation, I see that ruby is pre-installed16:29
ardiandoes ubuntu come with Ruby pre-installed now ?16:30
cfhowlett!info ruby | ardian16:30
ubottuardian: ruby (source: ruby-defaults): Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 1: (utopic), package size 5 kB, installed size 46 kB16:30
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ardiancfhowlett: I have it pre-installed16:31
khurram1my system is not shutting down ir suspending it just freezes and jammed ;(16:31
cfhowlettardian, as do I ... "optional" seems to mean something other than what I thought it did16:31
vksguys, some of my keys comb. are not working , ctrl + c , ctrl+ v, alt + ctrl+t16:32
vksany help16:32
OerHeksruby isn't standard, so i guess you didn't load a standard installed kubuntu16:33
ardianOerHeks: yes I know16:34
ardianruby was never pre-isntalled16:34
ardianMaybe some vmware feature16:34
cfhowlettOerHeks, I've got it too and I've added nothing developer like other than virtualbox ...16:34
EriC^^cfhowlett: something must have pulled it, i have it too but it's not in the initial packages list16:35
OerHekssome IDE ?16:36
cfhowlettEriC^^, mind fart: what's the command to check dependencies?16:36
ardiancfhowlett: you have ruby too ?16:36
cfhowlettardian, yes16:36
joshh20Lol, cfhowlett thanks but I am not sure who JoshH99 is :) I am an only child16:37
EriC^^cfhowlett: that depend on ruby?16:38
cfhowlettEriC^^, right.16:38
EriC^^cfhowlett: i was just going over them, i have no idea what pulled mine in. apt-cache rdepends ruby16:38
ardianI am on live-session16:39
ardianand ruby is pre-installed16:39
cfhowlettEriC^^, inkscape!  I've got ubuntustudio so ... yeah16:39
vkssome of my keys comb. are not working , ctrl + c , ctrl+ v, alt + ctrl+t, guys any help?16:39
vksdnt know what to do?16:39
EriC^^ardian: it's preinstalled on kubuntu i think16:41
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b100sso, looks like 'trusty' is a name of my distribution ?16:56
bubbasaures!cookie | b100s16:57
ubottub100s: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!16:57
bubbasauresb100s, 14.04 is trusty.16:58
b100sok. continue reading16:59
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* bubbasaures pulls out their copy of fear and loathing17:00
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=== karim is now known as mirak
jozefkhow do I get oracle java 8 working in Midori 0.5.9 ?17:10
ProfessorKaos64how do I use --showformat with dkpg-duery?17:10
bubbasauresjozefk, This is ubuntu support is all.17:11
cfhowlettjozefk, ask a midori or java channel for support of their products17:11
jozefkyeah, on Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit17:12
mirakwhy there is no locate by default in ubuntu ?17:12
mirakwhat is supposed to replace it ?17:12
EriC^^mirak: there is a locate17:12
mohcinehi all17:12
cfhowlettmirak, man locate and read17:12
mohcineplease help me :'(17:12
cfhowlett!help | mohcine17:13
ubottumohcine: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:13
mirakcfhowlett, there is no man locate17:13
cfhowlettmirak, false.17:13
mirakEriC^^, so what is it ?17:13
mirakcfhowlett, because you installed it17:13
EriC^^mirak: type which locate17:13
cfhowlettmirak, false again.17:13
cfhowlettmirak, i've a standard ubuntu studio 14.04.117:13
mirakEriC^^, I am telling you, it's not installed17:14
mirakI have ubuntu-desktop and it's just not installed17:14
mirakby efault17:14
cfhowlettmirak, paste the output of  cat /etc/issue17:14
EriC^^mirak: ok, we're trying to see why not, play ball17:14
ProfessorKaos64mirak, just about every install I have of late had it installed...17:14
EriC^^mirak: type "which locate"17:14
mirakEriC^^, it returns nothing. wich is te reason why I asked the question the first place17:14
BlasterHow do you diagnose the reason Ubuntu 14.10 keeps freezing?17:15
EriC^^mirak: ok, type echo $PATH17:15
cfhowlettmirak, paste the output of  cat /etc/issue17:15
mirakPATH :  /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games17:15
mirakcfhowlett, Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l17:15
mohcineI have a problem in the heat high on my laptop and also the problem of the definition graphics card nvidia Geforce Gt 520M17:15
mohcineubuntu mate17:16
EriC^^mirak: ok type apt-cache policy mlocate17:16
bubbasauresBlaster, depends on on what seems to be the issue, hardware, or software.....etc.17:16
EriC^^mirak: does it say it's installed?17:16
mirakEriC^^, can I  paste 5 lines ?17:16
mirak  Installed: (none)17:16
mirak  Candidate: 0.26-1ubuntu117:16
mirak  Version table:17:16
mirak     0.26-1ubuntu1 017:16
unopastemirak you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted17:16
EriC^^no just the installed line17:17
cfhowlettmirak, use fpaste.org or pastebinit17:17
EriC^^mirak: ok, that should be installed by default17:17
EriC^^mirak: sudo apt-get install mlocate17:17
EriC^^mirak: is it a fresh install?17:17
mohcine<ubottu> I have a problem in the heat high on my laptop and also the problem of the definition graphics card nvidia Geforce Gt 520M17:18
mirakEriC^^, yes it's fresh17:19
EriC^^mirak: ok, no ppa's added etc?17:19
mirakEriC^^, i noticed that since some release17:19
mirakEriC^^, there was17:19
mirakbut I have another fresh install I can check17:19
b100sso, i have question how can i install old package version ?17:19
mirakbut I am pretty sure they removed it17:19
bubbasauresBlaster, Give us some details if you think it might help. ;)17:19
EriC^^mirak: was the iso checksummed ?17:19
BlasterI have no details, it just happens sometimes...17:20
mirakEriC^^, a debootstrap install, no iso17:20
b100sfor example i want to install php 5.3.29, but current package php5 is php 5.5.x if i'm right17:20
bubbasauresBlaster, Have you checked if it is swapping?17:20
Blasterbubbasaures:  One of my VM is low on disk space without swap, but my host OS has plenty of disk space.17:20
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bubbasauresBlaster, THe host is the freezing OS right?17:21
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bubbasauresbubbasaures, So have you checked if it is at the memory use point it starts to swap, it if on a spinning hard drive makes it seem to freeze.17:23
bubbasauresBlaster, Check out swappiness, just a guess but a good starting place.17:24
stadvisorhttp://pastebin.com/DabxDiwm - irc botnet disclosure, 21 dec, check your system17:25
Blasterbubbasaures, I have swap on host.17:25
bubbasauresBlaster, Are you understanding what I'm addressing?17:26
jeevan how to mount open unc pat in ubuntu17:27
jeevanin my network i am having NAS box wherer from windows i mornaly use und cath an copy date to windows17:28
anonymous_i'm new ubuntu user17:29
cfhowlett!ask | anonymous_17:30
ubottuanonymous_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:30
mohcineI have a problem in the heat high on my laptop and also the problem of the definition graphics card nvidia Geforce Gt 520M17:30
bubbasauresmohcine, Heat can be to a dirty setup...etc, however set this up anyway. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto17:32
bubbasauresdue to*17:32
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madaniany one help me "the zend projects are in htdocs folder but when i open the browser and write the path it gives an error"17:42
ikoniamadani: what is the path you are putting in your browser URL17:42
madaniikonia: http://localhost/megamart17:43
madaniaccess forbidden17:43
ikoniamadani: ok, so that is either file system permissions or apache internal permissions17:44
ikoniamadani: have you checked either, what does the apache error/access log show ?17:44
madaniikonia: You don't have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server.17:44
ikoniamadani: ok, so check my last comments to you17:44
madaniikonia: but how:17:45
ikoniaexactly what I said17:45
madanii am novice, plz tell me to do how?17:46
ikoniamadani: open the log files I suggested and see what they are telling you17:46
madaniikonia: where it lies>17:47
madaniok i a going to check it then will tell you17:47
ikoniaevaulate it yourself17:47
ikoniato get a clue about where the problem lies17:47
madanithere is no httpd file.17:48
madaniin log17:48
ikoniathat makes no sense17:48
ikonia /var/log/httpd is a directory containing log files17:48
ikoniathere is an error log and an access log in there17:49
ikoniaread the contents to understand where the error is17:49
b100sare there way to install old package? example php 5.3.29 instead 5.4.1 ?17:49
madanihtppd is not present in that directory17:49
ikoniamadani: where are you logging17:49
ikoniab100s: if those packages exist for your distro, yes17:49
madanimy lampp is installed in opt/lampp17:50
b100show can i check it? it should exists cos few years ago it will be in old ubuntu version for suer17:50
ikoniathen it is not an ubuntu installed package, it is something like xammp17:50
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ikoniab100s: why don't you start by telling us what version of ubuntu you are using17:50
madaniin xampp17:50
ikoniamadani: then look for the xampp support resources17:50
ikoniab100s: then you are unlikley to find suitable php 5.4 packages17:51
b100sikonia, but i need 5.317:51
ikoniab100s: I appreciate that, you'll have to look at 3rd party repos however I suspect you won't find it and if you did it would be an unstable questionable package17:51
theadminb100s: Why do you need an ancient, unsupported PHP version?17:52
seekingI just put ubuntu 14.04 lts on another desktop, it loads all the way up, once it comes to home screen the monitor after a few seconds goes to black lines and white dots17:52
b100sikonia, how can i check is my repo has php package with other version then i have installed?17:52
ikoniab100s: it won't have other versions in the same repo17:52
b100stheadmin, application requirements17:52
b100sikonia, why?17:53
ikoniab100s: because it's dead/unsupported versions17:53
b100sikonia, you are wrong17:53
ikoniawhen why are you asking me if you think you know already17:53
b100sphp 5.3 was updated few month ago it is still supported17:53
ikoniayou asked me, I'm telling you, then you tell me I'm wrong ??17:53
b100sikonia, i ask cos i dont know17:53
ikoniab100s: not by the ubuntu version you use17:53
ikoniab100s: right, so when I tell you, telling me "you are wrong" seems pretty odd when you are telling me you also don't know17:54
b100sbut i'm sure that php 5.3 is still support which is not what you told me17:54
b100sif you add by 'ubuntu' i can accept17:54
ikoniab100s: not by the versoin of ubuntu you are using17:54
ikoniab100s: php 5.3 went EOL worldwide 4 months ago17:55
ikoniab100s: http://php.net/eol.php17:55
b100syep, looks like17:56
seekingI just put ubuntu 14.04 lts on another desktop, it loads all the way up, once it comes to home screen the monitor after a few seconds goes to black lines and white dots ,can someone tell me what might be the problem17:57
b100sso, ikonia , if i put some repo URI from old version of ubunut where was php 5.3. will be suitable for my trusty it?17:57
ikoniab100s: no, it will break your system17:57
cfhowlettb100s, b100s but it might just work in ubuntu 12.04 ...17:59
b100si'm going compile it from source, think will be easier17:59
b100sand one more question, are there way to search in console through apt-get or tool some like that ?18:01
b100si mean search package by keyword in name or description18:01
b100sbut using console18:02
SchrodingersScatb100s: apt-cache search is one way, apt-cache search term18:02
cfhowlettb100s, apt-get show packagename        apt-get policy packagename18:02
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b100sapt-cache search looks into description or just package name?18:04
SchrodingersScatb100s: yeah, some description18:05
b100scfhowlett, i havent apt-get show nor apt-get policy commands18:06
cfhowlettb100s, I don't know why your system doesn't have system standard tools ...18:06
SchrodingersScatb100s: might mean apt-cache show apt-cache policy ?18:06
b100sapt-get i have for sure )18:06
SchrodingersScatb100s: says show and policy are invalid operations for apt-get, but apt-cache works, apt-cache also depends on an apt-get update to have the updated info.  it can accept some regex.18:08
cfhowlettb100s, yep.  sorry for bad info.  apt-cache show && apt-cache policy are valid commands.18:11
SchrodingersScatb100s: but yes, for example, apt-cache search editor ; brings up anything with 'editor' in the name or description, should bring up a long list, including most text editors for example.18:13
krzysztofHi all!18:16
x00eguys, it`s ok setting up swappiness to 1 - SSD optimizaion - or is it a bit extreme ?18:18
rypervenchex00e: You can set it to 0, nothing wrong with that.18:19
x00erypervenche, if I set it to 0, can I still do suspend-to-ram ?18:19
DiogoSaraivahi, anyone know how i can have a "gpio like" in my ubuntu? Thanks18:20
rypervenchex00e: That I don't know. I wouldn't think it would hurt it at all, but I don't use suspend personally.18:21
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BluewolfCould someone enlighten me as to what the point of encrypting ones home folder is, during the installation process. What is encrypting the home folders purpose?18:22
ikoniaBluewolf: to protect others from accessing the home directory from outside of the install18:23
Bluewolfikonia: Others as in on the internet and lan alike, should it be ticked during the install?18:24
BluewolfAnd also during the install what is the LVM tick box for?18:24
ikoniaBluewolf: no,18:25
ikoniaBluewolf: you'll find that a most home users will have no real use for this18:25
ikoniaBluewolf: if you don' tknow what it's for, it's probably best not to use this at this time18:25
Bluewolfikonia: Where can I find more information on it explaining a bit more on it?18:26
ikoniajust google disk encyption18:26
ikoniaBluewolf: realistically though, I suggest you keep away from it at this time18:26
ikoniaBluewolf: it's to stop people getting access to your disk if your machine is stolen and has sensitive informaiton on it18:26
ikoniaBluewolf: hence most home users don't need it18:26
DiogoSaraivaikonia, i use LVM in my installation, its a problem?? cons? thanks18:27
ikoniaDiogoSaraiva: no problem at all18:27
BluesKaji can understand encrypting sensiteve data folders but the whole dir is a bit much for home users18:28
Bluewolfikonia: So it's for advanced users or just those seeking to protect their software?18:29
BluewolfAnd what is the purpose of LVM which is also an option during the install (In Ubuntu Gnome at least)?18:29
ikoniaBluewolf: it's for exactly the situation I explained18:29
ikoniaBluewolf: that is for logical disk volume managment18:29
ikoniaBluewolf: again, if you don't know what it is, at this time you'll be better served staying away from it18:29
DiogoSaraivaikonia: know you how i can have a "gpio like" like in RPi in my normal PC? Thanks18:30
Bluewolfikonia: I've just never paid attention to them and decided that perhaps I should and learn. Anyway thank you for your time and help :D18:31
ikoniaDiogoSaraiva: just buy a logic board18:31
DiogoSaraivaikonia: and i can program in python like in RPi with GPIO?18:32
bekksDiogoSaraiva: No you cant, using a RPi.18:32
bekksDiogoSaraiva: You need some GPIO capable logic board.18:32
ikoniaDiogoSaraiva: yup18:32
DiogoSaraivaknow you a brand logic board18:33
DiogoSaraivaa worldwide logic board18:33
DiogoSaraivaok thank you very much18:33
bekksDiogoSaraiva: What exactly do you need GPIO for?18:33
DiogoSaraivasee: github.com/DiogoSaraiva/DiogoSaraiva18:34
DiogoSaraivafor smal projects18:34
bekksFor small projects? GPIO is more like a enterprise standard, not for "small" projects :)18:35
BluewolfHow does one run a md5sum check on removable media?18:36
DiogoSaraivai used the GPIO of Raspberry pi for small projects18:36
DiogoSaraivabut now i have a a most powerful pc18:37
DiogoSaraivathat have NO gpio18:37
=== saschpe is now known as zz_saschpe
DiogoSaraivasmall projects now, big projects one day... i'm learning18:38
bekksBluewolf: What exactly are you trying to do?18:38
Bluewolfbekks: I want to double check the checksum of an Ubuntu .iso I have on my usb thumb drive.18:39
uboneis there a way to move linux partition /dev/sda4 to be /dev/sda1  /dev/sda1 and  /dev/sda2 will be formated and resized, i would like to move /dev/sda4 and make it  bigger18:40
bekksBluewolf: Did you just copy the iso to the USB, or did you create a bootable USB using the ISO?18:40
cfhowlett!md5sum | Bluewolf, see the section : verify the CD18:40
ubottuBluewolf, see the section : verify the CD: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:40
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
Khurram1dear my system not shutting down i have done changing grub settings even its not even suspending properly only shuts down when i hard press the power button for long18:43
Khurram1is it hardware or software issue?18:43
ubonepoweroff  work?18:43
bekksKhurram1: We dont know what you changed, actually.18:43
Bluewolfbekks: I created a bootable drive and this is the command I used: sudo dd if=ubuntu-gnome-14.04.1-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdd bs=1M conv=fdatasync?18:43
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
Khurram1i have told before to edit grub18:44
Bluewolfcfhowlett: Thanks, got it :D18:44
Khurram1 GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash reboot=bios"18:44
cfhowlettBluewolf, happy2help18:44
Khurram1i did this but it didnt work18:45
Bluewolfcfhowlett: Greatly appreciated ;-)18:45
=== root is now known as Guest50013
Chuck_NorrisKhurram1: i was the one: but... the edit was for you to see where your shuting down is stuck: i tell you to edit /etc/grub/default line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text"18:47
bekksKhurram1: Keep it in the channel please.18:47
Chuck_NorrisKhurram1: when you do that, you will see text insted of a image at boot and when shuting down the system18:47
Khurram1chuck dear i did wht u said and i was left all in terminal i dnt knw hw to use sudo commands there18:48
OerHeksyeah, how did you come up wit "reboot=bios" ?18:49
Khurram1sorry bekks18:49
Chuck_NorrisKhurram1: no, i wrote you: gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub    and that was the last line betwean us18:49
Khurram1i tried everything from text to reboot bios and than reboot pci18:50
Khurram1ok what i do next18:50
bekksKhurram1: but you did not try "nomodeset".18:50
Khurram1how to ttry nomode?18:51
bekks!nomodeset | Khurram118:52
ubottuKhurram1: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:52
raudin abend18:53
BluewolfThanks all for the time and help, happy holidays! :D18:53
raudihellooooo guys....18:53
Khurram1it didnt work either18:57
Khurram1nomodeset and save and reboot and it hanged in between again fressed18:57
bekksDefine "didnt work". What exactly did you do, what happened, what did you expect to happen, what were the errors?18:57
elc /leave18:59
bekksKhurram1: I just asked you a couple of questions  :)18:59
uboneyou should update grub after edit19:01
Khurram1no solution is it hardware ?19:01
=== jocas is now known as Guest95007
bekksKhurram1: You did not answer my questions.19:01
ubonetry TLP19:01
Khurram1ask again i didnt get you dear19:02
bekksDefine "didnt work". What exactly did you do, what happened, what did you expect to happen, what were the errors?19:02
Khurram1because it was working fine before ...19:02
bekksBEfore what?19:02
=== naturalog is now known as naturalog_
Khurram1i did this GRUB_DEFAULT=0 #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true GRUB_TIMEOUT=10 GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian` GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset" GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""19:03
BluesKajKhurram1, dear is term one uses for relatives , not strangers19:03
Khurram1and saved and reboot but as ubuntu secreen appeared it frezzed there forever until i press power off for few seconds to switch it off19:04
batabatuanyone know how to disconnect a 3g modem while it's in a data session, without resetting it? I'm connected to it over a serial line via minicom. +++ isn't working, nor ATH19:05
OerHeksKhurram1, after edit, did you update grub ?19:05
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:05
Khurram1okay i se dear to give respect nothing else19:05
Khurram1yes i did update by sudo command19:05
Khurram1i updated grub oerhecks19:07
BluesKajKhurram1, respect means one doesn't use terms that note familiarity and friendship, respect can be shown by politeness19:08
squintyBluesKaj:  it depends where you come from... using dear when talking to everyday people is normal for some of the places I have lived in.  get off your high horse19:09
notzeguys what can i do : GPG-Fehler: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com precise-backports Release: Die folgenden Signaturen waren ungültig: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>19:09
notzeW: Fehlschlag beim Holen von http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-backports/universe/i18n/Translation-en  Hash-Summe stimmt nicht überein19:09
Khurram1okay blueskaj i will be careful can any1 look into my issue?19:10
squintyKhurram1:  by the way Khurram1   frezzed is not correct english.  use   froze or frozen instead19:10
Fleetflamehow do I set myself as root in a Unity window?19:10
* cfhowlett has been called lots of things on irc ... never "dear" but other things.19:10
BluesKajsquinty, same goes for you .. i'm giving some respectful advice that's all19:10
Ahmuckhi.  what are the specific ubuntu/firefox components?19:11
bekksFleetflame: What are you trying to accomplish actually?19:11
squintywrong advice19:11
bekks!root | Fleetflame19:11
ubottuFleetflame: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:11
Fleetflamebekks: I'm trying to edit a folder in /usr/lib and I don't have permission19:11
Khurram1squinty eng isnt my native lang. i beg your pardon over my mistakes19:11
bekksFleetflame: Why are you tryong to edit it?19:11
FleetflameI want to move a folder into it19:11
Fleetflamebut I don't want to use terminal to do it :-\19:11
squintyKhurram1:  no need to be sorry. just though I mention it that's all :)19:12
squintythought  that is19:12
bekksFleetflame: Thats what you should be doing, you would be done with it already.19:12
Fleetflamethanks for your help.19:12
Khurram1yep okay now my system isnt shutting down ... it hangs in between19:12
Ahmucku can change the root password19:12
BluesKajsquinty, I'm in Canada too, would you like me to call you "dear" ?19:13
cfhowlett!root | Ahmuck19:14
ubottuAhmuck: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:14
squintyBluesKaj:  sure very common around here19:14
Ahmuckheh, i've changed the root password19:14
bekksAhmuck: Which doesnt change the fact that logging in as root is a pretty bad idea.19:14
supercom32Does anyone know how to use avconv to change the bit-depth of a video under Ubuntu?19:14
Ahmuckit's also a bad idea to not have control over root19:15
BluesKajsquinty, well i won't, it's not common around here19:15
Khurram1my system is not shutting down it freezes in between can any1 help?19:15
cfhowlettsupercom32, you can use the same command structure as you would in ffmpeg19:16
AhmuckKhurram1: ctl-alt-del and bring up task manager and then see what is hogging proc or mem processes19:17
squintyBluesKaj:  whatever turns your crank.  try getting out more... you may learn something  ....just some "respectful" advice for ya  :)19:17
supercom32cfhowlett: does specifying the codec as libx264 automatically imply 8-bit color instead of 10-bit?19:17
cfhowlettsupercom32, completely and far above my level of knowledge.  suggest you consult the documentation19:18
Eldunarhello, i wanted to launch eclipse in xubuntu 14.10 but i have such an error: http://pastebin.com/AZUKD6tu19:19
BluesKajyeah sure squinty, it wasn't any of your business in the first place19:19
traorecmmnt faire fonctionner freetuxtv sur linux19:24
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:24
batabatuhe just asked how freetuxtv works on linux19:26
SchrodingersScatje ne sais pas?19:26
Eldunarhello, i wanted to launch eclipse in xubuntu 14.10 but i have such an error: http://pastebin.com/AZUKD6tu19:27
OerHekstraore, http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/freetuxtv19:27
=== jack is now known as Guest99350
onlawhat channels does freetuxtv offer for non-french?19:32
tewardonla: I believe that's offtopic here, and not related to Ubuntu19:32
tewardis there any way to define which user/group a drive should be mounted as in /etc/fstab?19:33
tewardtrying to mount my Windows dual-boot partition at boot in Ubuntu but for my user specifically19:33
Eldunarhello, i wanted to launch eclipse in xubuntu 14.10 but i have such an error: http://pastebin.com/AZUKD6tu19:33
OerHeksEldunar, is this with openJDK or oracle java blob?19:35
Eldunaropen jdk19:36
Eldunarczesc wam! Chciałem odpalic Eclipse Luna na ubuntu 14.10 przy java runtime 8 lecz przy probie odpalenia dostaje taki error19:36
=== tcpman is now known as Guest64413
EriC^^Eldunar: nice l, i just almost sheered a pixel off my screen trying to remove the tiny /19:37
Eldunarsorry for Polish words but i pasted it by mistake19:38
EriC^^no probłem19:38
* EriC^^ saves the l, will be fun :)19:38
=== kitten_ is now known as kitten
EmlodnaorNeed help with setting up dual amd graphics cards and a total of 4 screens on a fresh install of 14.10,almost ready to throw the computer out the window... Been googeling for days... Will tip in bitcoin...19:45
daftykinsthis channel isn't about bribing volunteers19:46
daftykinsEmlodnaor: if you've been trying for that long, at least outline what you've done so far (possibly in a pastebin if it'll go on for paragraphs)19:46
EmlodnaorOk, I'll be back in a bit...19:48
iceroot_Emlodnaor: if all 4 monitors are connected, is "xrandr" showing 4 devices connected?19:49
djznis dist-upgrade a overall CLEAN process when performed on a system properly?19:50
bekksdjzn: It is the recommended way.19:51
iceroot_Emlodnaor: maybe also "arandr" is interesting for you http://christian.amsuess.com/tools/arandr/19:51
djznbekks, recommended over a clean install right19:52
iceroot_djzn: dist-upgrade has nothing to do with a release upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10 for example19:52
iceroot_djzn: and for security updates ALWAYS use dist-upgrade insteads of upgrade but it WILL NOT update ubuntu 14.04 to 14.10 it will just install the latest (sec) updates for your ubuntu version19:53
djznyes, i meant release upgrade19:53
djznfrom 13.10 to 14.0419:53
=== QueensMelons is now known as shoe14
iceroot_djzn: ok, that is something completly different19:53
iceroot_!upgrade | djzn19:54
ubottudjzn: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade19:54
iceroot_djzn: upgrade instead of reinstall is fine and a backup always (not only when upghrading) a good idea19:54
djznwhat i meant is...19:54
djznthe process of upgrading vs reinstalling is actually six over half-dozen...... it ends up being the same, apart from the old files and logs19:55
iceroot_djzn: nearly the same19:55
iceroot_djzn: there are cases where an upgraded system will have different packages then a clean installation19:56
iceroot_djzn: but the end result is fine, so the do-release-upgrade is ok, no reinstall needed19:56
djzniceroot_: i'd like to know an example of that, different packages....19:57
=== Sagitt is now known as Sagitt_iPad
=== soee_ is now known as soee
djzndifferent packages as in... if i installed a third party software that will hold a certain version of a pacakge19:59
k1mmyyyhi guys, I partitioned my HD a while ago and installed ubuntu alongside W7. i'm pretty sure I used W7 after the ubuntu install, but I'm not 100% sure I did. anyway ubuntu works fine but when i select W7 from the grub menu, it shows the W7 loading screen but then just reboots19:59
k1mmyyyi can still access my W7 partition from ubuntu though, it appears in the file manager as an external drive kinda20:00
k1mmyyyanyway from what i've read from googling it looks like i might've messed up the MBR or something?20:00
k1mmyyythe problem is I don't have any windows disks because they just shipped the comp with it already installed20:00
k1mmyyyi'm having trouble figuring out exactly what the problem is though, can anyone help me?20:01
Eldunarhello, i wanted to launch eclipse in xubuntu 14.10 but i have such an error: http://pastebin.com/AZUKD6tu20:01
davey_k1mmyyy: if I understand you correctly, you damaged your MBR?20:03
davey_(I'm here for the first time, btw)20:03
squintyk1mmyyy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI   see if anything applicable to your system.   ...and you may have a recovery windows partition which holds all the necessary files to reinstall windows on your hard drive.  you can bring up Disks  to see if there is one (or gparted etc)20:04
=== codechewing_ is now known as codechewing
daftykinsEldunar: looks like a wrong JRE/JDK issue - ask in a java development channel for sure.20:04
Chuck_Norriswelcome davey_20:04
davey_thank you, chuck20:04
k1mmyyydavey_, i'm not really sure, but that's what forum threads online suggested to other people20:04
k1mmyyysquinty, ok thanks lemme check that20:04
squintyEldunar:  there is also a #eclipse channel here on freenode20:04
davey_k1mmyyy, if nessecary, turn off secure boot?20:05
Eldunari asked but noone was interested20:05
k1mmyyydavey_, sorry, what's that and where do i do that?20:05
squintyk1mmyyy:  that is explained in the link that was posted20:06
k1mmyyysquinty, sorry reading it now20:06
davey_k1mmyyy: i'm sorry, I don't think it will be nessecary for you, since you said you already installed ubuntu20:06
=== shoe14 is now known as QueensMelons
Guest20668buenas, conocen algun programa para envio y recepcion de sms que no sea gammu20:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:10
AhmuckGuest20668 - pidgin ?20:10
Guest20668no creo20:11
Eldunarhello, i wanted to launch eclipse in xubuntu 14.10 but i have such an error: http://pastebin.com/AZUKD6tu i asked everywhere so plz help me20:11
daftykinsEldunar: i already told you what to do20:11
Ahmuckproper english plases the ; after #ubuntu-es , but does not allow click and open because of the ;20:11
Eldunarand i have done this20:11
Ahmuckperhaps it needs changed?20:11
Eldunari was in ##java channel20:12
Eldunarhey said that they won't help me20:12
Eldunarnoone answered in eclipse20:12
daftykinsAhmuck: the command after it is spaced nicely so i don't see why more help is required20:12
Eldunarso i returned here20:12
Guest20668how to send and receive sms from the pc20:12
SingamOhh Eldunar start using windows its better than shit like ubuntu20:12
AhmuckEldunar: what do u need?20:12
Singamu need windows dvd20:12
daftykinsEldunar: how did they say they won't help if nobody answered?20:12
daftykinsSingam: take the childish trolling elsewhere please.20:13
Eldunarjava they said that they won't help20:13
Eldunareclipse noone answered20:13
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
Singamno eldunar im serious why code java in ubuntu20:13
Eldunari need to run eclipse from eclipse.org official stable release20:13
Singamwhen u can code in...........windows???20:13
AhmuckGuest20668 - https://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/Protocol%20Specific%20Questions#CanIsendSMSmessages20:13
Eldunari do not have windows20:13
daftykinsSingam: you're not being helpful. stop.20:14
AhmuckGuest20668 - usas pidgin20:14
Eldunarand i will not use it:)20:14
Singamthen get one dood.....java is cross platform20:14
lenziI need help. I cannot update my packages. It says apt-transport-https is missing. What can I do?20:14
Eldunari do not have money for it:)20:14
AhmuckEldunar, let me check20:14
Singamwhy not??? ubuntu is worse than windows in selling out ur private data20:14
daftykins!ops | Singam20:14
ubottuSingam: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang20:14
Singamwhat the fuck20:15
daftykinsSingam: you have shown how incredibly ignorant you are on this topic, so please take your childish trolling elsewhere.20:15
Singamno dood im serious20:15
Guest20668Ahmuck, reviso20:15
daftykinsyes, seriously ignorant.20:15
phunyguySingam: please stick to the channel topic and guidelines20:15
phunyguyyou too daftykins, don't egg it on20:15
Singamno wait a minute this canonical group is selling out eir customers20:16
lenziInteresting discussion guys, I could use some help over here though.20:16
ikonialenzi: what's up ?20:16
Singamwhy was i kicked20:16
lenziI need help. I cannot update my packages. It says apt-transport-https is missing. What can I do?20:16
phunyguySingam: again, please stick to the guidelines, and keep offtopic chatter in #ubuntu-offtopic20:16
ikonialenzi: are you using a proxy20:16
Singamgot it20:17
lenziI am not ikonia20:17
ikonialenzi: does "sudo apt-get update" work ?20:17
Singamphunyguy what do u gain from helping these noobs and wasting ur time20:17
Singamim curious please answer20:17
lenziNo, it says the driver for the method /etc/.../https could not be found and asks if apt-transport-https is installed.20:18
ikonialenzi: what's happened to your machine recently ?20:18
lenziI have no clue how to install the package if I cannot even update package info. ikonia20:18
ikonialenzi: could you please do "sudo apt-get update" and pastebin the ouptut please.20:18
=== ara is now known as Guest39373
lenziwell its an older machine i havent used it for half a year20:18
AhmuckSingam i'm interested in the reference to "private data"  i'd like to follow up20:19
ikoniaAhmuck: what's your actual question ?20:20
Ilhamihow do I download sources?20:20
IlhamiNo packages are available atm20:20
ikonialenzi: interesting so it doesn't even try to update20:20
lenzithat's why I am totally helpless20:20
ikonialenzi: https shouldn't stop it though,20:20
lenziI tried sudo dpkg --configure -a, sudo apt-get -f install20:21
squintyIlhami:  type   apt-get   in terminal  see the various options20:21
ikoniayeah, thats not going to do anything lenzi20:21
Ilhamieven git is not there squinty20:21
lenziikonia anything I can do?20:21
IlhamiI need that sources.list20:21
Ilhamifilled with the sources20:21
k1mmyyysquinty, so it appears that my ubuntu is installed in Legacy mode, but I don't really know what that means20:22
ikonialenzi: well, it seems to want that package, so the quick fix would be to put that package on, the longer query is why are you needing that package20:22
iceroot_djzn: for example, older version of ubuntu had ext3 as default filesystem, newer version have ext4, if you reinstall you would have ext4, upgrading would result in ext3.20:22
k1mmyyysquinty, do I want to convert it into EFI mode?20:22
daftykinslenzi: "cat /etc/issue" ?20:22
lenziikonia how do I "put the package on"... I was wondering the same. there is no https link in my sources.list either20:23
ikonialenzi: manually grab it from the repos and just install that one package, but as daftykins said it would be interesting to know what version your system thinks you are running20:23
lenzidaftykins Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l20:23
djzniceroot_: excellent and quite an example20:23
iceroot_djzn: but i dont know when the switch between ext3 and ext4 was made :)20:24
ikoniaiceroot_: 13.04 I think20:24
ikoniamaybe actually 12.0420:24
iceroot_djzn: but there are other examples as well where an upgraded system will be different to a reinstall20:24
ikoniait looks like 12.0420:24
squintyk1mmyyy:  sorry but I am not familiar with all the ins and outs of uefi.. someone else should speak up though.  :)20:24
iceroot_djzn: but the differences are fine, so the reinstall is not needed20:25
djzniceroot_: uninstallled packages are really removed from the most remote file to the most remote directory20:26
Ilhamihow do I download sources for my debian dist?20:26
daftykinsIlhami: debian? this isn't a debian support channel.20:26
Ilhamiwell nobody is answering in there and since ubuntu is debian based I can ask in here.20:26
lenzidaftykins ikonia installing via software-center is ok?20:27
daftykinsIlhami: sorry, that's not really acceptable. though your question may be the same between the two, channels are for distros for a reason20:27
squintyIlhami:  you need to ask in debian related channel.  you also need to be more clearer on exactly what you mean by "sources"  (in a debian channel of course)20:27
daftykinslenzi: well i'd just run "sudo dpkg -i file.deb"20:27
Ilhamisquinty, I cannot even install git since the package is not there.20:28
k1mmyyycan anyone else help me? i'm not exactly sure what the problem is, whether i messed up the MBR or something20:28
Ilhamialso a lot of other packages are missing.20:28
daftykinsk1mmyyy: i never saw your original question/problem20:28
MonkeyDustIlhami  please elaborate in a debian channel20:28
MonkeyDustIlhami  not here20:28
IlhamiMonkeyDust, ok you monkey.20:28
k1mmyyydaftykins, sorry, lemme copy and paste it20:28
squintyIlhami:  you have been answered.  probably a good idea to heed the advice before you get kicked or banned  :)20:29
Ilhamisquinty, banned? for what?20:29
IlhamiI said ok. I will ask there.20:29
k1mmyyyhi guys, I partitioned my HD a while ago and installed ubuntu alongside W7. i'm pretty sure I used W7 after the ubuntu install, but I'm not 100% sure I did. anyway ubuntu works fine but when i select W7 from the grub menu, it shows the W7 loading screen but then just reboots20:29
k1mmyyyanyway from what i've read from googling it looks like i might've messed up the MBR or something?20:29
k1mmyyythe problem is I don't have any windows disks because they just shipped the comp with it already installed20:29
lenzidaftykins missing dependencies :D im fucked20:30
EriC^^k1mmyyy: did you did anything to the windows partition20:30
EriC^^k1mmyyy: you mean you messed up the boot sector?20:30
daftykinslenzi: just grab those too and install in order. also don't use that language in here please20:30
ikonialenzi: there is zero reason to swear, pleaes don't20:30
lenzidaftykins, ikonia I'm sorry about that20:30
k1mmyyyEriC^^, I'm not sure, let me get a screenshot of my partitions from gparted20:30
Ahmuckthe bot needs word replacement for obcenities20:30
daftykinsit wouldn't boot at all if the MBR were damaged20:30
squintyk1mmyyy:   <squinty> k1mmyyy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI   see if anything applicable to your system.   ...and you may have a recovery windows partition which holds all the necessary files to reinstall windows on your hard drive.  you can bring up Disks  to see if there is one (or gparted etc)20:31
EriC^^k1mmyyy: sudo parted -l20:31
daftykinsk1mmyyy: that can be done from command line too. "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"20:31
EriC^^man im using chrome for the first time cause bekks mentioned flash sucked and it had a pepper flash20:32
lenzione of them is a "virtual" package ikonia daftykins... what do I do now?20:32
EriC^^sound it is really low and im offended by google20:32
ikonialenzi: get the virtual package ?20:32
lenzihttp://packages.ubuntu.com/de/lucid/libapt-pkg-libc6.10-6-4.8 sooo.. get apt?20:33
EriC^^*had a better flash20:33
ikonialenzi: how can you use apt-get if it's broken ?20:33
daftykinslenzi: i don't really get why your install can be so broken you can't even update packages, if it's new why don't you just start over?20:33
EriC^^how come everything is different in it? fonts and close/maximum buttons on the right?20:33
k1mmyyydaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9591012/20:33
iceroot_djzn: there are two states, removed and purges. remove = installed files are removed, conffiles (that is a special term and does not only mean foo.conf) are still there, 2 purge = everything is removed.   in both cases this DOES NOT affect files in your home directory, that will never be removed20:34
k1mmyyydaftykins, the first two are my windows ones20:34
lenziikonia daftykins, its not new but it wasn't used for about 6 months.... so i can only reinstall at this point?20:34
ikoniadaftykins: have you any thought why it's failing on the https transport before the actual check20:34
EriC^^k1mmyyy: type sudo testdisk20:34
EriC^^k1mmyyy: sudo apt-get install testdisk20:35
EriC^^k1mmyyy: then sudo testdisk20:35
ikoniadaftykins: I don't understand what could have happened to make it fail before the actual parsing of the sources20:35
daftykinslenzi: maybe booting a liveDVD/USB and chroot-ing the install would be best20:35
EriC^^k1mmyyy: we're going to try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootSectorFix20:35
k1mmyyydaftykins, okay, I did testdisk20:35
k1mmyyyEriC^^, Ok i'll read that too20:35
EriC^^k1mmyyy: ok select your drive in testdisk20:36
EriC^^k1mmyyy: then Intel20:36
k1mmyyyEriC^^, daftykins, just to be totally clear, i'm currently on my working ubuntu partition, it works fine, it's not a livecd or anything20:36
EriC^^k1mmyyy: ok20:36
lenzidaftykins, errr whatever... im just going to backup and reinstall.... maybe try something else... what's new in the world of lightweight simple debian based systems?20:36
k1mmyyyso the only choice is /dev/sda, 500gb, selecting that20:37
EriC^^k1mmyyy: ok20:37
k1mmyyyintel, okay20:37
EriC^^k1mmyyy: then advanced20:37
daftykinslenzi: lubuntu for super lightweight, xubuntu next up, before the full ubuntu or kubuntu - depends what spec you're dealing with20:37
EriC^^k1mmyyy: is there a partition with boot next to it or something20:38
EriC^^k1mmyyy: check the website to know what i'm talking about20:38
lenzidaftykins, I think the installlation was dist-upgraded gradually from 12.04... afaik that tends to ruin the system20:38
EriC^^k1mmyyy: i've never tried this before btw and use efi with win8 myself so i can't see it here on my ntfs partition20:38
daftykinslenzi: well it'd still work, something must've gone very wrong with yours. but yeah, nothing like a nice fresh start20:39
Ahmuckdaftykins: i want fluxbuntu20:39
xulubroI have a dual monitor problem. Whenever I fullscreen a video on my second monitor intending to watch movie on the second monitor, it would show up on the main monitor instead.20:39
lenzidaftykins, I think the installlation was dist-upgraded gradually from 12.04... afaik that tends to ruin the system20:39
lenzidaftykins I love xubuntu and use it on my main pc... this is and old dell laptop with a 2GHz c2d.... is crunchbang any good?20:39
daftykinsAhmuck: good for you. don't highlight me again20:39
xulubrolenzi:  how fast do you type?20:40
k1mmyyyEriC^^, Yeah, I see on the website, but i'm confused -- the website says "then select the broken partition with [Boot], it will display something like..."20:40
batabatuI can't get my 3G modem to connect. It does work when I use it via a USB connection, but not over the serial port. The modem itself seems to work fine when connected over serial, I can send AT commands via minicom, use it to send SMS etc and it works fine. But running wvdial doesn't work. It seems really strange that wvdial does work over USB but not over serial. I think the problem lies in the setup of pppd but can't quite f ind20:40
batabatuwhat the problem is. Any troubleshooting tips? I've enabled ppp debugging message20:40
k1mmyyybut how do i know which is broken?20:40
daftykinslenzi: we don't talk derivatives, official only.20:40
lenzidaftykins ok20:40
EriC^^k1mmyyy: it should be the 210mb boot partition20:40
k1mmyyyok, so just the first one20:41
xulubroUbuntu is the best thing in the world, every problem is a life challenge.20:41
OerHeksAhmuck, what is fluxubuntu? it is not in the list of official supported desktops20:41
brx_how can i change the ubuntu icon, the one at he top of the launcher ?20:41
BlueProtomanHelp!  I can't push to a remote git repo on Ubuntu 14.10!  I get this error: git-remote-https: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libhogweed.so.2: undefined symbol: __gmpn_cnd_add_n  Any tips?20:41
Ahmuckfluxbuntu was a version of ubuntu that had a launch that somewhat failed.  based on flux20:41
k1mmyyythe one that is 409600 in size in sectors i guess20:41
k1mmyyyEriC^^, hmmm, strange20:41
Ahmucki opened my mouth and fear i help kill it20:42
Ahmuckand it was fast for old machines20:42
EriC^^k1mmyyy: what is?20:42
k1mmyyyEriC^^, it has as an example on the website "Boot sector20:42
k1mmyyy Status: Bad" but when i did mine it says boot sector status: ok20:42
k1mmyyy"sectors are identical"20:42
lenzixulubro pretty slow why?20:42
ikonialenzi: what ?20:43
EriC^^k1mmyyy: ok20:43
EriC^^are you still about to mount the other partition?20:43
EriC^^k1mmyyy: maybe the other boot sector is corrupt?20:43
EriC^^try the other partition20:43
EriC^^in testdisk20:43
k1mmyyyEriC^^, you mean my other windows one, the 85GB one?20:44
EriC^^see if it says status ok20:44
Ahmuckbtw, daftykins Eldunar now has a solution20:44
k1mmyyyok but i don't select [boot] with that one right?20:44
EriC^^if it does then just alt+f4 and close, nothing bad should happen20:44
EriC^^k1mmyyy: nevermind20:44
EriC^^dont try anything20:44
madaniany one help: how to make partition after installing ubuntu without any problem making20:44
EriC^^k1mmyyy: press alt+f4, hit close20:45
k1mmyyyEriC^^, okay, so that means that the MBR is good?20:45
k1mmyyywhat could be the problem then...20:45
EriC^^k1mmyyy: try to mount it sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt20:46
k1mmyyyEriC^^, yeah, that works, i can browse it in my file manager, i could do that before though20:47
k1mmyyyi can read all the files and such20:47
EriC^^k1mmyyy: ok20:47
EriC^^try sudo update-grub20:47
k1mmyyyi should also point out that the boot partition, the 210mb one, also appears in my file manager20:47
EriC^^k1mmyyy: no problem20:48
k1mmyyyis that bad?20:48
EriC^^k1mmyyy: type first20:48
EriC^^k1mmyyy: no20:48
k1mmyyyEriC^^, i actually already did that20:48
k1mmyyyearlier today, i read it in an askubuntu.com thread20:48
k1mmyyyit didn't help20:48
EriC^^k1mmyyy: type grep -A20 Windows /boot/grub/grub.cfg | pastebinit20:48
k1mmyyyEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9591096/20:49
k1mmyyythank you for all the help btw20:49
k1mmyyyi'm worried that it might not be a grub/mbr/ubuntu problem and maybe a windows problem, in which case i'd be screwed because the (free) support for windows is awful20:50
Ahmuckk1mmyyy: tried the channel #grub20:53
squintyk1mmyyy: should be a "recovery" option via the initial computer boot splash screen which can be used to rewrite the windows mbr.  you will not be able to reboot into ubuntu though until you have updated grub again (via livedvd and chroot)20:53
k1mmyyysquinty, sorry, which splash screen do you mean, the lenovo one, the grub one, or the one after i've selected windows?20:54
squintyk1mmyyy:  just something to consider if your problem can be solved here.  EriC^^  is very knowledgable about this kind of thing though....  :)20:54
squintyk1mmyyy:  as stated "the initial computer boot splash"  the very first screen you see when turning on your system20:55
squintyk1mmyyy:  sorry   that should have read as ".....can't be solved here"20:56
k1mmyyysquinty, thanks, i'll try that if this doesn't work20:56
squintyk1mmyyy:  yw20:56
TheBlackRussianGuys, what is  drm-intel-nightly20:57
OerHeks!find  drm-intel-nightly20:57
ubottuPackage/file drm-intel-nightly does not exist in utopic20:57
EriC^^k1mmyyy: sorry i got dc20:57
k1mmyyyEriC^^, no worries20:58
TheBlackRussianim asking what is drm-intel-nightly20:58
EriC^^k1mmyyy: do you have a windows 7 cd?20:58
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
k1mmyyyEriC^^, that's part of the trouble, i don't, it was shipped with it installed already20:58
OerHeksTheBlackRussian, i had to google myself, it is a vivid kernel http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/drm-intel-nightly/20:59
TheBlackRussianhow do i install it? I have problems and i went onto the ubuntu bug forum. they told me a workaround was found and it was fixed. It stats "Workaround is now merged into drm-intel-nightly, should land in 3.19"21:00
EriC^^k1mmyyy: ok well i have no experience with this, i can help you out until someone more experienced chimes in if you'd like21:00
OerHeksTheBlackRussian, kernel 3.18 is not supported here, join #ubuntu+1 for vivid Q & support21:00
k1mmyyyEriC^^, sure, i'll take any help21:00
TheBlackRussianokay, thank you21:00
brx_im using unity desktop, is it possible to change the icon in the launcher from the stock ubuntu icon to my own?21:00
EriC^^k1mmyyy: do you have a live usb?21:01
k1mmyyyEriC^^, of ubuntu?21:01
EriC^^k1mmyyy: yes21:01
k1mmyyyEriC^^, i don't, but i have a usb stick right here21:02
EriC^^k1mmyyy: ok21:03
k1mmyyyEriC^^, is there a specific version or something i should put on it21:03
EriC^^k1mmyyy: do you have an ubuntu .iso?21:05
k1mmyyyEriC^^, no but i can download one quickly21:05
EriC^^k1mmyyy: ok, cool21:05
k1mmyyyshould i just get a 64 bit version of the most recent ubuntu?21:05
x00eguys, what flash version do you recommend installing ?21:06
EriC^^i'd recommend the 14.04 lts21:06
k1mmyyyEriC^^, ok, do i want the intel x86 one or the AMD64 one?21:07
EriC^^amd64 if you have a 64bit cpu21:07
k1mmyyyuname -a gave me i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux21:08
EriC^^ok it's 32bit21:08
k1mmyyyso intel x8621:08
OerHeksx00e, depends what browser, i use chrome only, with build-in pepperflash21:09
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
squintyx00e:  afaik, the pepperflashplugin is the current flavour of choice.21:09
x00ei use both firefox and chrome21:09
k1mmyyyok, gimme a couple minutes, says it should take 8 mins21:09
tewardx00e: Chrome + pepper flash is current flavor of choice, but the pepper flash plugin / wrapper for firefox is another choice as of late21:09
squintyx00e:  apt-cache search pepperflashplugin-nonfree21:09
EriC^^k1mmyyy: ok21:09
x00e10x :)21:10
Bashing-omk1mmyyy: EriC^^ // Just joining the channel. We looking to establish the hardware architecture ? Terminal command -> sudo dmidecode | grep Processor <- will tell .21:14
k1mmyyyBashing-om, that gives me "type: central processor"21:16
Bashing-omk1mmyyy: No second line "  Version: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ " as in my case ?21:17
Ntemissome minor issue21:17
k1mmyyyBashing-om, nope21:17
Ntemislsb_release -a returns Description:Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS BUT am pretty sure i have latest updates21:18
Ntemishow i fix reported os version?21:18
Bashing-omNtemis: 14.04.1 ?? is the updated 14.04 (point release) .21:19
theadminNtemis: Having all updates doesn't mean having the latest Ubuntu version.21:20
theadminNtemis: However, you normally don't want the latest version. Just stick to the LTS, and update to the next LTS when it's out.21:20
NtemisLinux D525NAS 3.13.0-43-generic #72-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 8 19:35:06 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:20
Ntemisam up2date21:20
Ntemisand shouldnt that be 14.04.4?21:21
Ntemisoh is a server btw21:21
Bashing-omNtemis: Yep, that is the latest . For 14.04 / less you are "testing" you do not wamt 14.10 as a general rule . Short term releases are for a need/want to basis .21:21
Bashing-om!release 14.0421:22
Ntemisdo i need to  install lsb-core21:22
theadminNtemis: 14.04.4? That's not even out yet. 14.04.1 is the latest currently.21:24
theadminFor the LTS.21:25
Bashing-omNtemis: ^^ see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule .21:25
theadminFor the regular branch, 14.10 is the latest. But don't install that on a server.21:25
Ntemisoh thanks21:25
Ntemisi always stick on lts21:26
Ntemisi lost time it seems21:26
Ntemisi thought sp2 and 3 should be out by now21:26
Ntemissorry guys21:26
theadminlol sp21:26
theadminThis ain't Windows21:26
Ntemisi know21:26
Ntemiskindoff see *.x releases as sp's21:27
k1mmyyyEriC^^, okay, i downloaded and installed the disk image on the usb stick21:27
k1mmyyyEriC^^, what next?21:27
Ntemisbut basically are21:27
EriC^^k1mmyyy: boot the live usb21:28
LuvununtuI can see that I try to connect like 15 times and I didn't got it21:28
Ntemisi have another issue on my basic pc21:28
Ntemisthat runs 14.04.1 also21:29
k1mmyyyEriC^^, ok, i'm on this computer though, so i'll have to log out and stuff21:29
tewardNtemis: FYI: "I have an issue" is bad - just say what's going on21:29
EriC^^k1mmyyy: ok21:29
Ntemisi installed many file managers for testing21:29
k1mmyyyEriC^^, what should i do after that? or can i access xchat from within the livecd21:29
DishDemonHi. I am looking for some help with a suspend issue.  I have a LUKS USB partition which I have configured to unlock at boot with a keyfile.  Since then I cannot suspend as screen goes black but fails to power down. Any ideas? Thanks21:29
Ntemisand now and then loading desktop with no desktop icons and ubuntu crashes on me21:30
EriC^^k1mmyyy: yeah you can install xchat or go to webchat.freenode.net21:30
k1mmyyyokay, brb21:30
Ntemisi have console access and i can killall etc but that dont actually fixes anything21:30
=== Guest39373 is now known as ararob
zerowaitstatesome USB devices have issues with APM21:30
Ntemisi have to reboot several time to gain desktop access21:30
DishDemonbut even without the drive connect it won't power down.  I think it is because I changed fstab and crypttab files21:31
k1mmyyyEriC^^: hi, on the liveCD21:34
EriC^^k1mmyyy: wb21:35
=== Mr is now known as Guest58752
EriC^^k1mmyyy: try to install boot-repair and follow this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreUbuntu/XP/Vista/7Bootloader#How_to_partially_fix_the_Windows_bootloader_using_an_Ubuntu_CD21:36
snypW: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-backports/main/i18n/Translation-en  Hash Sum mismatch21:37
snypE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.21:37
snypwhat do21:37
Trickster1someone can tell me what is the difference between lubuntu, lubuntu netbox et openbox before we log in our session plz ?21:38
bekkssnyp: You could try using another mirror21:38
k1mmyyyEriC^^: ok i'll try21:38
xulubroso how come when i go fullscreen on my second monitor, fullscreen goes tothe main/primary monitor?21:38
daftykinsxulubro: flash?21:39
xulubroeverything is updated21:39
snypbekks, ok21:39
xulubroi want to game on my primary and watch video on my secondary but when i go fullscreen it would knock me out of my game and opens up on the primary21:39
snypbekks, still there21:40
snypthe same error21:40
EriC^^xulubro: game and watch a video?21:40
snypapt sucks.21:40
bekkssnyp: Then you are not using another mirror.21:40
snypbekks, i just changed it from software sources21:40
bekkssnyp: Changed it to what?21:40
snypsome hong kong server21:41
bekkssnyp: Try using the main servers.21:41
EriC^^xulubro: siamese twins, or ...?21:41
Skurryheeeeeeello what can i do? so someone told me to chmod 777 / etc/apache2 and now its fucked up my pc21:42
xulubroEriC^^:  well. i'm overtimulated.21:42
xulubrooverstimulated and i prefer to have something going on on my second monitor instead of just textchat.21:42
Bashing-omsnyp: Many times that error is generated as the mirror is also in the process of updating, Changing the mirror to one that has "updated" often resolves.21:42
snypbekks, it persists21:43
basichashis there a cli utility that lets me paste files to pastie.org, or some other pastebin?21:43
xulubroit's fine when i don't go fullscreen though but damn it would be nice if it was.21:43
bekkssnyp: Then the error has changed, hasnt it?21:43
Skurrywhat can i do??? :(((21:43
k1mmyyyEriC^^: ok, so i got boot-repair and ran it, but i'm about to have it do the recommended repair, which the guide you sent me suggests, but i just want to be sure first21:43
bekksSkurry: Save your config, purge apache2, and reinstall it.21:43
bekksSkurry: Nothing else but your webserver is affected.21:44
k1mmyyyEriC^^: for example if i check in the advanced options it says it's gonna reinstall grub, but not restore the MBR, is that what i want?21:44
snypbekks, it's the same file it seems21:44
snypW:Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-backports/main/i18n/Translation-en  Hash Sum mismatch21:44
snyp, E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.21:44
EriC^^k1mmyyy: nope, you need to have restore mbr checked and reinstall grub not checked21:44
Skurrybekks it's gave loads of errors it was chmod 777 / etc/apache221:44
Skurryit has a space and i didnt notice21:44
snypW: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-backports/main/i18n/Translation-en  Hash Sum mismatch21:44
snypE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.21:44
k1mmyyyEriC^^: oh wow so the oppsite of what it was by default??21:44
basichashis there a cli utility that lets me paste files to pastie.org, or some other pastebin?21:45
EriC^^k1mmyyy: dont do the recommended repair, press on advanced21:45
bekksSkurry: What has a space?21:45
bekks!pastbinit { basichash21:45
ubottubekks: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:45
k1mmyyyEriC^^: ok, any other important options?21:45
EriC^^k1mmyyy: yeah, check the picture in the link and check everything it has checked and stuff21:45
bekks!pastebinit | basichash21:45
ubottubasichash: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com21:45
EriC^^k1mmyyy: mmm that's about it21:45
Skurrybekks here chmod 777 / etc/apache2    space between / and etc21:45
EriC^^k1mmyyy: then click apply21:45
Skurryits fucked up my pc now21:45
bekksSkurry: It didnt.21:46
EriC^^xulubro: you mean you're understimulated, what game are you playing?21:46
k1mmyyyEriC^^: oh crap! sorry i was looking at the page for boot-repair, not the one you sent me. the one you sent is what you just said, my mistake21:46
Skurryeverything is chmod 777 on my p21:46
bekksSkurry: It is missing the vital part of the command to actually harm your PC.21:46
snypbekks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9591472/21:47
Skurrybekks I asked how to fix perms for apache2 so he said this command chmod 777 / etc/apache2 -R21:47
k1mmyyyEriC^^: ok here i go!21:47
Skurryhe said the space is important so i did it and now everything is chmod 77721:47
xulubroEriC^^:  japanese pornographic games.21:47
snypdo i delete something in /var ?21:47
bekkssnyp: That will make your system unusable.21:48
snypgoogle says i need to delete stuff from /var/lib/apt/lists/*21:48
k1mmyyyEriC^^: ok rebooting now21:48
EriC^^k1mmyyy: ok21:48
bekkssnyp: Which is different from /var21:49
snypso what do i do now?21:50
bekkssnyp: "google says i need to delete stuff from /var/lib/apt/lists/*"21:50
snypok ok21:50
EriC^^xulubro: lol21:51
xulubroEriC^^: something wrong?21:51
EriC^^xulubro: that's not really gaming21:51
xulubroyeah ti is21:51
k1mmyyy_EriC^^: hm, so i rebooted and it went straight to windows without asking, but it's giving me the same thing of the two options of "launch windows normally" or "start recovery", what i had before21:51
snypdammit it still shows that error21:51
basichashbekks: where is the config file for pastebinit? can't find any documentation21:52
bekkssnyp: So which command did your run?21:52
EriC^^k1mmyyy_: hmm, you didn't mention this before21:52
bekksbasichash: Why would it need a config file?21:52
basichashbekks: to change the default service i use21:52
basichashor is there none?21:53
snypsudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -rf21:53
basichashif not i suppose i could just use an alias21:53
EriC^^k1mmyyy_: i thought after you pressed on windows in grub it takes you back to grub immediately?21:53
k1mmyyy_EriC^^: oh crap i thought i did... yeah i mean i've been able to get windows to *start* kind of, but it never loads21:53
bekksbasichash: It has no config file.21:53
snypok stackexchange tells me to wait a bit21:53
k1mmyyy_EriC^^: no, i can select windows, and it says something is messed up, and gives me thoes two choices21:53
EriC^^k1mmyyy_: ok, so what do the options do?21:54
k1mmyyy_the 'launch normally' one seems like it tries to start windows, has the little W icon, but then just reboots the machine21:55
k1mmyyy_the other option tries to do a recovery and fails21:55
k1mmyyy_there are a bunch of options like "image recovery" and "restore to a previous point" and "memory diagnositc" but they don't fix anything21:55
BTJusticeCan someone point me to an easy tutorial on how to install OwnCloud on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (not server)?21:55
snypdo you like systemd?21:56
bekksBTJustice: http://doc.owncloud.org/server/7.0/admin_manual/installation/index.html21:57
EriC^^k1mmyyy_: hmm21:58
EriC^^k1mmyyy_: do you get a command prompt21:58
k1mmyyy_EriC^^: yeah, i can get one from that screen with the choices, inside the recovery place in windows21:58
EriC^^k1mmyyy_: ok try chkdsk maybe21:59
bekksk1mmyyy_: chkdsk /f21:59
sebastianI can not reduce the brightness, Im new in ubuntu22:00
EriC^^k1mmyyy_: is there an advanced boot options menu too btw? start with last known good configuration or something?22:00
EriC^^sebastian: settings > brightness22:00
EriC^^sebastian: if you're using a laptop there should be a button22:01
k1mmyyy_EriC^^: chkdsk gave me a bunch of stuff, what should i be looking for?22:01
EriC^^k1mmyyy_: what'd it say?22:01
k1mmyyy_bekks: chkdsk /f said "the type of the file system is NTFS. cannot lock current drive. windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected"22:02
daftykinsit'll then ask you if you want to do a disk check at reboot22:02
bekksk1mmyyy_: Thats a good point for asking in ##windows now :)22:02
k1mmyyy_bekks: okay, i'll try there, i don't remember having much luck last time i tried though22:02
k1mmyyy_but i guess this is a windows issue now...22:02
k1mmyyy_i'll come back when i need to fix my grub so i can get into my ubuntu partition again22:03
snypok i waited. and it's still not working.22:03
daftykinsk1mmyyy_: you need to boot windows media now, you can chkdsk from the installer - shift-F10 for a command prompt window i think it is22:03
EriC^^k1mmyyy_: is there the advanced options menu?22:03
sebastianOk eric thanks.22:03
k1mmyyy_daftykins: sorry, the windows installer you mean? part of the problem is that i don't have any windows install disks, it came preinstalled22:03
k1mmyyy_EriC^^: hmm, I'm not sure, i don't see one22:04
daftykinsk1mmyyy_: oh right, one moment22:04
k1mmyyy_EriC^^: chkdsk said "the type of the file system in NTFS. the volume is in use by another process. chkdsk might report errors when no corruption is present. volume label is Boot."22:05
daftykinsk1mmyyy_: see my PM22:05
basichashI'm using pastebinit to paste my docs easily, anyone know how to extend this so that instead of writing cat file.txt | pastebinit, i can just call pb file.txt?22:05
bekksbasichash: Just type: "pastebinit file.txt"22:05
basichashbekks: thanks22:06
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basichashHow can I hide all the 'Started GET /assets/[styles/js/etc]' logs from my server console?22:12
daftykinsZebra111: got some connection issues there.22:13
erdwesentest, test, test22:13
daftykinserdwesen: please don't use this channel for that.22:13
basichashi.e. hide superfluous info about js/css/etc resources in the server console22:14
daftykins"the server console"22:14
daftykinsno idea what you're talking about22:14
basichashdaftykins: the output from "rails server"22:14
basichashdaftykins: console's probably the wrong word22:14
daftykinsthat's a ruby thing, ask in a ruby dev channel22:14
daftykinsit has nothing to do with ubuntu support22:15
basichashsorry, wrong channel22:15
basichashdaftykins, how can I change my shell prefix info (e.g. user@ubuntu: /home/user/$)?22:20
daftykinsbasichash: it already is, but ~ = /home/currentuser22:20
xulubrocan you type /home/user in the terminal for it to do anything?22:21
xulubroi t yped it in and nothing happened22:21
daftykinsxulubro: please don't reply when you don't know.22:21
xulubroi have a question though22:21
xulubroi want to game on my primary and watch video on my secondary but when i go fullscreen it would knock me out of my game and opens up on the primary22:22
daftykinsoh yeah that one, sorry i'm not interested with helping there22:22
xulubroyeah wasn't expecting an unexperienced person to help me22:22
daftykinsis that an attempt at an insult? :)22:23
ikoniadaftykins: just ignore it, he's missed out on experienced help22:23
daftykinsroger that22:23
Ahmuckxulubro: it's ur game resolution22:28
xulubrono it's not22:28
Ahmuckmost often that is what causes it on my system22:28
xulubronative is standard22:28
Ahmuckok, i reread the question22:29
mr_frenheightPlease join #vy Zebra111 Bashing-om finlstrm mr_snowf1ake ShaMz JU1CE MartynKeigher wadie guig33k AlphaTech Alphakarem trustyhank Enissay dolmen nonomad Guest85690 Gremlin_ jfive Schnabeltierchen n-st aau welovfree DaniGemini alexandros_c pauljw Techguy305|2 kop jazzzu m4db0y Wuphon GusBricker MadHatter42 Darkvapour soee_ jfigie BTJustice That_random_guy2 k1mmyyy_ cmdshftn basichash snyp eXistenZNL ByT3b0N3 ZuluHost_ kursd ter22:37
mr_frenheightan_ glebihan sudohq_ Pilot_aus jsoft22:37
mr_frenheightPlease join #vy ariscop xulubro DzAirmaX darkbasic Corey84 zubnola Ntemis FreezingCold Anakat ki7rw boichev L0rD` rayq len tomcheng76 athran gr33n7007h phinxy x00e zyxelthrone trism EriC^^ Walex NEXUS-6 labinnsw gusnan Borkr AlexPortable notze brx_ voidfire kitten_ Jammerx2 Defaultti baunax alexandros_tab sergio-br2 Guest59755 arun hspcd genpaku MonkeyDust kl sandertje Ilhami aburass meLon casey CRaneo PaulEycks Guest20668 sta22:37
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mr_frenheighto MrAlexanB rustyraptor jottr monkeyjuice22:37
unopastemr_frenheight you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted22:37
xulubrowhat just happened22:37
Flannelnothing, just ignore it.22:37
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Corey84damn spammers22:39
Ilhamistop highlighting me guys. :D22:39
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SidPaytonQUESTION: In which channel do I have to ask regarding unity8 in lxc?22:46
MrSavageSidPayton: what's lxc?22:54
bekksMrSavage: Linux containers - virtualization stuff.22:55
MrSavageSidPayton: you can try #lxcontainers22:56
MrSavageSidPayton: /msg alis list *lxc*22:56
SidPaytonMrSavage, thx22:58
SidPaytonMrSavage, but my problem is unity8 specific22:58
ubuntu-studio#ubuntu(CLcnfit 5:10 #ubuntu-unregged)23:00
rwwalrighty then.23:00
=== luiz is now known as Guest1933
CrellGood time(), folks.  I'm having trouble upgrading an old server.  It's currently on 12.04, and I want to get it up to at least 14.04 if not 14.10.  However, apt-get update gives me a bunch of 404s for the second half of the servers it's connecting to, and do-release-upgrade tells me it can't update the tool signature (also a 404).23:01
CrellI know my version is old, but shouldn't the existing upgrade tools still be available?23:02
ikoniaCrell: can you pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get update" please.23:02
rwwCrell: copy the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and link the page it creates here23:02
CrellThe system does have Internet connectivity; I already verified that.23:02
ikoniaCrell: (full output please)23:02
rwwor what ikonia said, either works23:02
CrellStand y.23:02
Bashing-omCrell: Might also check what is set -> cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades <- .23:04
Crellhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/9591989/ - First part is update output, second part is my sources.list.23:04
ikoniawhy don't we find out what's 404'ing first23:04
ikoniamixed releases23:05
ikonialucid + quantal23:05
CrellBashing-om: It's set to prompt=normal.23:05
Crell(The system has been offline for quite some time.)23:05
ikoniaCrell: have you manually changed the sources.list to include quantal, or have you maually addid the lucid component?23:05
ikoniaCrell: how did both distros end up in htere23:05
CrellUm.  It's been long enough since I was working on this box that I'm not 100% sure.23:06
ikonialooks like this has come from edgy too23:06
CrellIt's been through a number of version upgrades.23:06
CrellAt least 2-3.23:06
ikoniafrom that alone I personally wouldn't trust it's state23:06
CrellI thought ubuntu was supposed to be able to handle upgrading from one version to the next.23:07
* Crell has his laptop scheduled for a 14.10 update later this week, hopefully.23:07
ikoniaCrell: you've got upgraded (which are fine) at the moment you've got 2 distro versions in your sources.list23:07
ikoniaCrell: this could mean the packages are mixed23:07
ikoniafrom that I wouldn't trust it to be stable - or a sane place to do an upgrade from23:08
ikoniathe 404's are from the distro that's gone EOL23:08
CrellHow would I clean that up?23:08
ikoniaso the repos are gone23:08
ikoniaCrell: I would personally backup the data - and do a clean 14.04 install23:08
CrellOh, I didn't realize the old ones were completely taken off line.23:08
CrellHm.  That could take a while. I'd have to find enough disk space to back it up to. :-)23:08
ikoniaCrell: even if they where active, 2 active distros = mess/problems23:08
rwwthey're moved off the mirror network to old-releases.ubuntu.com. I'm with ikonia though, upgrading from a mixed system isn't supported for good reasons.23:09
CrellOh, wait. The only lucid mentions are for Plex.23:09
CrellThat's a 3rd party application.23:09
ikoniawhich has dependencies23:09
ikoniait's totally up to you, I wouldn't trust it23:09
OerHeksCrell, really is that server up since hardy ?23:10
CrellI can see the use of a full wipe/rebuild periodically.  I just don't relish doing that on this box. :-)23:10
CrellOerHeks: I don't recall when it was first installed, just that it's been around a long time.  It's my home server that I've not used much in the last few years so didn't notice when it shut down at some point. :-)23:11
CrellOnce upon a time it was my home email server, but I eventually moved that to a hosted mail service because... email, ugh.23:12
lurch /msg NickServ SETPASS lurch dxzqfxsgkouh rainbow23:13
lurch /msg NickServ identify rainbow23:13
OerHekstime to change password, lurch23:13
CrellOopsies. :-)23:13
CrellAt least we know he has a secure password approach.23:13
lurchyea dictionary words ftw23:13
lurchAt least I'm using diff names/pw's lol23:14
usrmaquinabuenas noches23:14
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:14
CrellAh, yes, 260 GB of data on this server to backup if I'm going to do a wipe.23:15
* Crell does not look forward to this.23:15
daftykinsthat's tiny.23:16
CrellAll things are relative.  It's the only system in the house with a 1 TB or larger disk. :-)23:16
pixelkatwhat what23:16
* Crell ponders if it's time to just get a new server, given that the hardware is about 8 years old.23:16
daftykinswell if it's just a headless server, no reason to run anything too modern23:17
CrellRight.  The current hardware servers just fine as a dumb file server, which is all I really use it for.23:17
CrellGotta head out for a bit.  BBL.23:17
BTJusticeI've got a serious problem which may destroy my Ubuntu install.  I was trying to install OwnCloud to set up sync'ing from other devices to my computer, but the directions and tutorials out there are terrible so I gave up and did 'sudo apt-get remove owncloud owncloud-client lamp-server^' and now I see a lot of apparently good apps are no longer needed... http://pastebin.com/3uSMmLYs23:20
BTJusticeCan I save my Ubuntu install?23:20
stdvectorHas anyone got tips on making mouse movement in Ubuntu just like in Windows w/o mouse accel?23:20
pixelkathow do i play minecraft23:21
ikoniaBTJustice: looks ok23:21
pixelkatis it not working?23:21
ikoniaBTJustice: if nothing needs those, you can remove them23:21
pixelkati havent been able to play since i upgraded to 15.0423:21
daftykins15.04 isn't even out yet23:21
BTJusticeikonia: I use wine and the libs I have no idea.23:22
SchrodingersScat!ubuntu+1 | pixelkat23:22
ubottupixelkat: Vivid Vervet is the codename for Ubuntu 15.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+123:22
daftykinsif you upgraded to 15.04, it's your own fault and you should ask in #ubuntu+123:22
ikoniaBTJustice: I would remove them - and add back what you need: eg wine23:22
ikoniaBTJustice: unless you are using kde as your desktop looks like nothing that would cause any problems23:22
pixelkati just want to play minecraft23:23
ikoniapixelkat: install a stable ubuntu version then23:23
batabatuI'm trying to find my wan address from the command line. curl ifconfig.me works well for eth0, but I can't get it to work for ppp0 which is the interface that I want to check. I've tried curl --interface ppp0 ifconfig.me but it just hangs.... I can ping -I ppp0 www.google.com23:23
ikonianot a development one that may change/break23:23
pixelkati dont know how to get it working on wine23:23
ikoniayou don't need wine23:23
pixelkati know just java23:24
pixelkatright click the jar, open as executable23:24
pixelkati did all that and it will load up but wont download anything from the servers23:24
bekkspixelkat: Thats not how java applications are started.23:24
pixelkatretries 10 times and gives me an error23:24
bekkspixelkat: java -jar filename.jar23:25
BTJusticeikonia:  I guess it was a fluke or something.  'sudo apt-get purge' and sudo apt-get autoremove' show nothing.  I saved a list of the programs which were listed and just tried installing them all and terminal now says they are the latest versions.23:25
ikoniapixelkat: I sugguest first you get to a stable ubuntu release23:25
ikoniapixelkat: 15.04 is a moving development release, it will cause you pain23:25
pixelkatwell, it was working on 14.1023:25
ikoniapixelkat: moving to say 14.04 will get you a stable platform to play your game23:25
ikoniapixelkat: you're not using 14.10 - you're using 15.04 which is unstable/development23:25
pixelkatbut i want to try out 15.0423:25
ikoniaget to a stable release first23:25
pixelkatthis one is more fun23:25
ikoniapixelkat: you want to try out a development release, yet you have no idea how to manage it23:25
SchrodingersScatthen here is not the place to ask23:25
pixelkatthings breaking is awesome23:25
UpTil4MusicGreetings. Who can help me out with a dual boot RAID1 install?23:26
ikoniapixelkat: then fix them rather than complaining it's broken23:26
ikoniaif it's awesome - whats your problem23:26
bekksUpTil4Music: Just ask your question please.23:26
BTJusticepixelkat: Install VirtualBox and create a LiveCD session.23:26
BTJusticeI do that all the time with .iso files of other distros I might be insterested in.23:27
pixelkaton a side note23:27
pixelkat15.04 is dreadfully slow23:27
UpTil4MusicRunning LiveCD now, shows 4 mirrors, each with sub(?) mirrors. 1st q - mirror or sub mirror?23:28
pixelkatmaybe after i install the upgrades23:28
bekkspixelkat: This is the rong channel for 15.0423:28
Flat4ForLifeHello. I'm having issues booting past Grub on my dual gpu laptop. After choosing boot option, no text or prompt is visible. I have tried to do a few video params but nothing works. I have a Intel HD on board and Nvidia 840m card. Anyone have ideas?23:28
daftykinsUpTil4Music: what OSs are you intending on dual-booting?23:28
pixelkattheres a song on the new royksopp album called rong23:28
daftykinsFlat4ForLife: version? tried nomodeset yes?23:28
UpTil4MusicWin7 and 14.1023:29
bekksUpTil4Music: Which raid controller is it?23:29
daftykinsUpTil4Music: what is providing the RAID setup?23:29
Flat4ForLifeYes I've tried nomodeset. 14.1023:29
UpTil4MusicIntel Matrix
pixelkatforget it im going back to solaris23:29
bekksUpTil4Music: Thats a software raid controller.23:29
pixelkateverything worked better there23:29
pixelkatno, no. forget that. im going back to DOS23:30
pixelkatat least i could play minecraft in DOS23:31
daftykinsUpTil4Music: install Windows how you want, boot an Ubuntu live session... then see what you see.23:31
BTJusticeIntel Matrix is the devil!  I did figure out how to set up RAID1 Mirroring on a Ubuntu install though.  You need ot set up 1 main EXT4 partition and 1 sap partition in GParted using only the mapper drive (not the members).  Format the main EXT4 partition, start the installer and select Do something else.  Select the main partition on mapper and select to mount as /23:32
BTJusticeDo not let it format.23:32
BTJusticeInstall Ubuntu reboot and enjoy.23:32
bekksBTJustice: "The Intel Matrix controller is a software raid controller."23:33
=== jfive is now known as jonyfive
BTJusticebekks: I know.23:33
UpTil4MusicInstaller shows 4 mirrors, 0-3. 0 has "sub" mirrors 1-3, mirrors 1-3 each have a single sub mirror with the same number as the mirror. I'm targeting 3, but which "3"?23:33
pixelkatmy internet is slow23:33
pixelkatwhat do?23:33
pixelkatcan i dual boot ubuntu and mac os x?23:34
Flannelpixelkat: Do you have a genuine ubuntu-related support question?23:34
bekksUpTil4Music: Forget whatever you see there, you cant use it the way you want. Your controller isnt capable of hardware raid, so you have to disable all and every "raid" functionaility on it, and create a software raid.23:34
pixelkatwhen is 15.04 gonna be supported23:34
pixelkatand are they switching to gnome?23:35
Flannelpixelkat: Once it's released.  Until then, #ubuntu+1 is the channel for questions.23:35
pixelkatdoes it come with gnome 3.14 or 3.12?23:35
kostkonpixelkat, there is support in #ubuntu+123:35
pixelkatand what happened to gnome 3.13?23:35
minyngHi is there a way to reverse rm -r command?23:35
kostkonpixelkat, wrong place to ask those questions. Please ask in #ubuntu+123:35
BTJusticeUpTil4Music: Now let Intel create your RIAD set up in its BIOS then do the GParted directions I did earlier.  This drove me crazy for several days but I was able to get it to work.23:36
MasterOfDisasterminyng: generally speaking, only through restoring backups.23:36
bekksBTJustice: Wrong advice. Do NOT use te raid functionality.23:36
BTJusticebekks:  I have a Dell desktop in another room that says otherwise.23:36
pixelkatno on is there23:37
Bashing-omminyng: No easy way . see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery .23:37
bekksBTJustice: Your gparted directions include destroying the formerly created raid setup, so it is not necessary.23:37
daftykinspixelkat: then you can talk about it in #ubuntu-offtopic . but not here.23:37
Flannelpixelkat: Just be patient.  Vivid questions are completely off topic for this channel, please stop asking them.  Thanks.23:37
Flat4ForLifeAnyone have ideas on my booting issue?23:37
pixelkatwhats the problem?23:38
minyngBashing-om, Thanks I'll look through it.  My crazy bf deleted my entire home directory23:38
Flat4ForLifeRead above, I posted it earlier during your "I'm going back to dos" rant23:39
pixelkathey minyng23:39
pixelkatwant a new non crazy bf?23:39
pixelkatdo you play minecraft?23:39
minyngpixelkat, lol, still trying to figure out to recover my precious data23:40
pixelkatwhat happened23:40
Bashing-omminyng: Unserstand, makes keeping a 'backup' to the point in the furure . Never can tell what might happen .23:40
pixelkatfair enough minyng23:40
pixelkattheres a windows program called "recuva"23:40
Flannelpixelkat: Please stop being off topic.  This channel is for technical support.  Please don't chit chat, or ask about future versions of ubuntu, or anything else that's offtopic.  Thanks.23:40
pixelkatmaybe that will work23:40
MasterOfDisasterminyng: for starters, make sure the disk doesn't get touched anymore. Keeping it in use diminishes your chances of recovering data.23:41
minyngBashing-om, yeah huge life lesson learned23:41
pixelkati accidentally deleted all my photos23:41
pixelkathow do i get them back23:41
pixelkati formatted my sd card with fedora 21 on it23:41
EriC^^!info testdisk | pixelkat23:41
pixelkatbut thats all ive done23:41
ubottupixelkat: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.14-3 (utopic), package size 314 kB, installed size 1269 kB23:41
EriC^^pixelkat: install testdisk and try sudo photorec23:42
pixelkatsweet thanks23:42
UpTil4MusicBTJustice: Where are these instructions of which you speak?23:42
pixelkatsudo apt-get install testdisk?23:42
EriC^^pixelkat: yes23:42
bekksUpTil4Music: Disable all raid features, remove all volumes you created, and use the disks as single disks.23:42
=== cobracommand is now known as pchote|afk
EriC^^pixelkat: it's in the universe repository23:43
UpTil4Musicbekks: not an option23:43
bekksUpTil4Music: Thats your only option.23:43
=== pchote|afk is now known as cobracommand
bekksUpTil4Music: You dont have a hardware raid controller.23:43
BTJusticeUpTil4Music: I PM'ed you.23:45
=== cobracommand is now known as Ripley`Whaling|a
Bleakwisewhere are extra drives mounted in hadoop? /mnt? /mount?23:45
=== Ripley`Whaling|a is now known as Ripley|afk
EriC^^Bleakwise: pardon?23:45
Bleakwiseerp, sorry, in ubuntu23:45
=== Ripley|afk is now known as cobracommand
EriC^^Bleakwise: depends on how you mounted them23:45
UpTil4Musicbekks: There's instructions for 10.4 (kind of), haven't things improved for 14.10? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto23:45
MasterOfDisasterBleakwise: look at /media23:45
EriC^^Bleakwise: yeah ^^23:46
MasterOfDisasterBleakwise: running 'mount' in a terminal will tell you.23:46
bekksUpTil4Music: that fakeraid instructions tell you exactly what I told you already.23:46
UpTil4Musicbekks: for the sake of discussion, let's say I'm going ahead with the installation. Where would you put the boot loader? With Win7, or Ubuntu?23:49
Bleakwiseactually what i was doing was installing ubuntu, didn't have a system handy, and i wanted to have a 2nd hard-drive under mouth, but anyway, i just looked up the FHS and going to go with that, /mnt23:50
Bleakwiseunder mount*23:50
bekksUpTil4Music: I'd just follow the "normal" dualboot instructions.23:50
Bleakwisesome distros abandon the standard and go with /mount so i wasn't sure23:50
oussplease how can i install a .taz.gz app?23:53
BTJusticeUpTil4Music: http://productive.me/blog/installing-ubuntu-64-bit-on-intel-raid-0-configuration23:53
bekksouss: You unpack it, and follow the installation instructions contained.23:53
MasterOfDisasterBleakwise: /media is usually where the per-user automounted volumes go (GNOME/KDE automounting of optical media/usb sticks), /mnt serves as a convenience root to create mountpoints shared by all users in.23:54
BTJusticeUpTil4Music: I just did those directions on the RAID1 instead of RAID0.23:54
MasterOfDisasterBleakwise: I might be wrong though.23:54
BTJusticeUpTil4Music: Skip installing kpartx.23:54
MasterOfDisasterouss: what software do you want to install?23:55
BleakwiseMasterOfDisaster: makes sense, glad i went with /mnt then, because this is system wide not just user drive, it's going to be an HDFS volume23:55
BTJusticeUpTil4Music: And use EXT4.23:55
BleakwiseUpTil4Music are you using ubuntu for music productoin?23:56
oussbekks: thanks, I did but still not working23:56
Bleakwiseouss: looking "make make install"23:56
bekksouss: So did you follow the installation instructions contained in the archive?23:56
Bleakwiseusually that's how it goes, but there are other ways23:57
Bleakwiseif you can you should make a package out of the sources and install hte package instead of just make installing it, so that way it can be easily removed later23:58
MasterOfDisasterouss: unless you share more about the software, it's almost impossible to help you.23:58
oussyes i did but something goes always wrong23:59
MasterOfDisasterBleakwise: *if* it's a source package...23:59
Bleakwisei just have to assume because not much else to go on23:59
bekksouss: So what exactly are you doing, which error do you get and even more important - which software are you trying to install?23:59

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