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bluesabreochosi: made some progress on the xfpm/light-locker integration, should wrap up tomorrow.  lines 14, 308, 1914 (sorry, editor configured to drop trailing spaces) http://paste.ubuntu.com/9586039/05:05
bluesabrebe back in the morning05:06
JackFrostubiquity has been merged.06:18
ochosiJackFrost: yup, received the email. good stuff.10:01
ochosibluesabre: hmm, those indenting changes really make that diff hard to read10:02
ochosibluesabre: i wonder whether we could put the ll stuff in a separate file, sort of a "plugin" for the settings dialog10:04
ochosiit is quite massive and messy already10:04
ochosii guess we should clean up all those callbacks and replace them with xfconf-binds, then it'd be easier on the eyes...10:04
ochosialso, have you talked to anyone regarding ll1.5.1 yet?10:05
ochosiin terms of getting it uploaded i mean10:05
bluesabreochosi: can't do binds, the logic is special10:42
bluesabre autolock is disabled if screensaver timeout is 0, etc10:43
bluesabreI'll clean up the diff later, and get rid of everything that was because of trailing spaces10:43
bluesabreochosi: cleaner diff http://paste.ubuntu.com/9587493/10:49
ochosibluesabre: i wasn't thinking of light-locker stuff for binds, but all the other cruft of xfpm's settings12:24
bluesabreah, gotcha12:33
elfyochosi: yep - synaptic looks better now :)15:58
bluesabreochosi: this should do it... please give it a spin.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9589233/16:12
bluesabrelet me know if you have any questions, I should be aroundish16:13
ochosihey bluesabre 16:13
ochosionly here for a few mins now16:13
ochosihmpf, parole's buttons still don't look nice. meh.16:14
ochosibut yeah, good to see that at least synaptic is back to normal16:14
ochosielfy: ^16:14
bluesabreochosi: have not uploaded the latest greybird commit yet16:15
ochosiyeah, but elfy uses -daily16:15
ochosiand i just looked myself too to be sure16:15
bluesabreand the diff I gave depeneds on the light-locker 1.5.1 package currently in vivid16:15
ochosihave you talked to anyone about getting ll 1.5.1 to the archive?16:15
ochosiwoot? already uploaded?16:15
bluesabreshould be16:16
bluesabre!info light-locker vivid16:16
ubottulight-locker (source: light-locker): simple session-locker for lightdm. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.0-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 45 kB, installed size 938 kB16:16
bluesabrethought I did16:16
ochosii thought you uploaded it to the staging PPA only16:17
bluesabremaybe it got frozen along the way16:17
bluesabreseems that way16:18
bluesabrewas pretty sure I uploaded it, will do that next16:18
bluesabreanyway, also in staging16:18
bluesabreochosi: ^16:18
ochosiwasn't sure anymore whether it was part of the packageset16:19
bluesabrethat one should be16:20
ochosihumm, also need to write that patch for xdg-screensaver 16:20
bluesabreyou or me?16:21
ochosii guess either of us16:21
ochosiit should be a single elif in "detectDE"16:21
ochosiwith a dbus-testcall to see whether light-locker is around16:22
ochosiand then run the screensaver_freedesktop part16:22
ochosithat should pretty much be it anyway16:24
ochosigotta take off now16:24
elfynot looked at parole tbh - I always end up forgetting to reset the blank screen16:29
bluesabrealrighty, I'll see if I get to it16:31
bluesabreochosi: let me know once you've had a chance to test my patch out, then I'll package it for -staging for wider testing before pushing it to the archive16:32
ochosibluesabre: looks good in general, small issue i encountered: the first checkbox (enable ll) doesn't seem to have any effect. locking with ll still works18:47
ochosiso apart from that it's ready i guess18:48
ochosioh, plus, drop the security-frame from the system-tab if the ll tab is there18:48
ochosiotherwise that locking option is there twice18:48
ochosii mean lock on suspend18:48
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bluesabreochosi: ah, good point. the issue there is that we do not kill the running light-locker instance23:19
bluesabreI'll try to find a nice way to do that23:19

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