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Guido1Hello, I have some trouble with syncronising my ipod nano 5G with rhythembox. If I add music to my ipod mini, everything works. If I do the same with the nano the music is copied, but the ipod doesn't see the music (using xubuntu 14.04). Can someone help me?00:02
brainwashGuido1: that's a general ubuntu question. did you already ask in #ubuntu ?00:05
knomeor if rhythmbox has a support channel, there00:05
Guido1brainwash: yes, no answer and by rhythembox there is also no one who can help - seams that only one person is online00:06
rosaecaeruleaeturns out xfdesktop-settings is the command in my machine00:06
rosaecaeruleaebut that only modifies settings once logged in00:06
rosaecaeruleaeI want a screensaver for the loading of the machine, im not sure if "splashscreen" is the correct term00:07
ubottuPlymouth is an application that runs very early in the boot process (even before the root filesystem is mounted!) that provides a graphical boot animation while the boot process happens in the background. To change your Plymouth theme use « sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u »00:08
rosaecaeruleaeNothing to configure.00:10
rosaecaeruleaeupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.16.0-29-generic00:10
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: did it show a boot screen at some point?00:17
rosaecaeruleaebrainwash, the guestsession? no00:18
brainwashthe boot process00:18
brainwashbefore the login greeter appears00:18
rosaecaeruleaelogging out00:19
rosaecaeruleaeno, bank screen, but i still have to reboot for the command to take effect00:19
rosaecaeruleaeblank screen00:25
rosaecaeruleaeis the a gui for plymouth?00:25
knomethere is no gui to configure plymouth.00:26
rosaecaeruleaeis any of you in the mood to list the commands I have to type to solve the issue?00:27
knomerosaecaeruleae, i don't even know what your problem is. first your wallpaper is black, then you want a "screensaver" before the login screen.00:28
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knomebesides, fixing issues isn't just listing commands. unless you know what you are doing, you could put your system in a worse state.00:29
rosaecaeruleaeknome, i have a wallpaper, I want a wallpaper to show while xubuntu loads, before Im prompted to write a password or choose a user00:29
rosaecaeruleaea plymouth wallpaper*00:30
knomeare you using proprietary nvidia drivers?00:30
knomedo you have plymouth installed?00:30
rosaecaeruleaegraphical boot animation and logger - xubuntu-logo theme, graphical boot animation and logger - label control, graphical boot animation and logger - ubuntu-logo theme <<< those are the installed packages00:32
rosaecaeruleaewait, i have also the main package00:33
rosaecaeruleaeknome, yes00:34
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: the missing boot logo/animation is a common issue. sometimes it can be fixed (-> google), but in some cases it's not possible to due to the graphics driver00:38
rosaecaeruleaebrainwash, i see a boot image when logging out00:39
brainwashyou mean powering off the system, or?00:40
rosaecaeruleaeyes, i click on log out, boot screen, machine off00:41
brainwasha logout just returns you to the login screen00:41
rosaecaeruleaeok rephrase00:41
rosaecaeruleaeturning off the machine00:41
rosaecaeruleaeturn off the machine icon is clicked, a boot screen appears, machine is off00:41
brainwashmaybe someone in #ubuntu can assist you with your boot screen problem00:42
brainwashI only see a black screen on boot also, but I never bothered to fix it00:43
knomeit's a known problem with the proprietary nvidia drivers00:43
brainwashopen source radeon driver here00:44
knomewell, at least ^00:44
knomei have it as well, but it's hardly a problem00:44
brainwashit's fine enough, if the screen does not flicker during the boot process00:47
pixelkatim installing xubuntu 15.0400:47
rosaecaeruleaebrainwash, what about on booting off the computer?00:48
pixelkatsup everybody00:48
pixelkati like chrome better than firefox i think00:49
pixelkatit seems faster00:49
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: what do you mean?00:49
brainwashpixelkat: 15.04? that's a development release00:50
rosaecaeruleaebrainwash, i dont see nothing during boot-turning on the computer. I see the blueish xubuntu splash screen when booting off-turning off the computer00:50
pixelkatheck yeah it is00:50
pixelkatrosae: download dban, make a bootable disk, erase HD and install xubuntu 15.04 :D00:51
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: the graphics card + driver are loaded during the boot process, so there might be a timing issue with plymouth -> no or late boot screen00:51
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: this is not the case while you shut down the system00:52
rosaecaeruleaei see00:52
rosaecaeruleaebrainwash, what if I want a picture to show while the machine boots (on)?00:52
rosaecaeruleaestatic, not animation00:52
pixelkatprint screen?00:52
knomepixelkat, excuse me?00:54
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: the boot screen is mainly a static picture already00:54
knomepixelkat, do you have a support question?00:54
knomepixelkat, though 15.04 isn't really supported yet...00:55
pixelkatjust chillin while xubuntu installs00:55
knomeokay. we have #xubuntu-offtopic for the general chatter.00:55
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: one could remove the little animation, but that won't resolve the actual problem00:55
rosaecaeruleaeforget it, waste of time00:55
pixelkatwell i have a question00:56
pixelkatwill i be able to play minecraft on 15.04?00:56
rosaecaeruleaewhat graphicas card should I keep in mind to be fully compatible with liux?00:56
pixelkatrosae, most are compatible00:56
knomepixelkat, if you are able to play it with earlier versions, then most likely.00:57
pixelkative never had an issue with graphiics cards00:57
knomerosaecaeruleae, is the boot splash not showing your only issue?00:57
rosaecaeruleaeknome, so far it is00:57
rosaecaeruleaewell at this moment it is00:57
knomerosaecaeruleae, then you're fine.00:57
rosaecaeruleaeis x developing 3d acceleration?00:58
pixelkatdoes anyone use instantbird?00:59
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:59
brainwashno general questions please00:59
pixelkatwill gmusicbrowser play mp3s?01:00
pixelkati had a problem with it in 14.1001:00
drcpixelkat: did you install the codecs (either on install) or afterwards?01:00
pixelkatwhen it gives the option to during install01:03
pixelkati hope 15.04 is stable01:03
pixelkatxfce is my favorite01:03
knomepixelkat, if you want maximum stability, use the LTS releases, not the development versions...01:04
drcpixelkat: 15.10 hasn't even reached alpha status yet, how can it be stable?01:04
knomepixelkat, there isn't even an alpha version of 15.04 out, so expect breakage.01:04
drcand what knome said^^01:05
pixelkatah poop01:06
knomepixelkat, please remember this is a family-friendly channel. also, check the facts before installing anything.01:06
knomepixelkat, for what it's worth, the release numbers mean year.month, 15.04 is going to be released in 4 months, so it's far from "ready" yet.01:07
knomepixelkat, 14.04 is the last LTS which you should use for maximum stability.01:07
pixelkatsweet! i didnt know that :D01:09
pixelkatlanguage packs take forever to download01:10
pixelkati dont even use them :/01:11
pixelkatwelcome :D01:12
pixelkati dont like the unity interface :/01:13
pixelkati mean its OK01:13
knomepixelkat, please keep the non-support questions and discussions at #xubuntu-offtopic01:13
pixelkatbut xfce 2 panel with transparency is better IMO01:13
pixelkathow do i join that01:14
knometype /join #xubuntu-offtopic01:14
pixelkatdone and done01:14
pixelkatno one's in there01:15
pixelkatdafuq is ubiquity01:31
knomepixelkat, and this one too, so please mind the language.01:32
pixelkatthe heck is ubiquity?01:36
knomepixelkat, please.01:36
pixelkatok ok01:36
pixelkatWhat is Ubiquity?01:37
knomeas replied in the other channel, it's the installer software01:37
pixelkatxubuntu installer?01:37
pixelkatlike apt-get?01:37
knomeapt-get is a package manager01:37
pixelkatubiquity installs xubuntu?01:38
pixelkati see01:38
xubuntu01wHow do i stop xubuntu from booting up directly? i want to boot my usb drive instead02:02
JackFrostxubuntu01w: That'd be a BIOS option, normally Esc or F12 at the POST screen (logo of the computer).02:06
xubuntu01wi keep getting "booting in insecure mode" then it logs me in02:11
xubuntu86wHow do i stop xubuntu from booting automatically and boot my usb instead?02:41
xubuntu86wSeems like it should be simple but nope.02:43
helpmei want to boot an .iso file from my usb but ubuntu starts up automatically. What Function button do i press to get the BIOS to boot my usb stick instead?03:15
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Guest94958i want to boot an .iso file from my usb but ubuntu starts up automatically. What Function button do i press to get the BIOS to boot my usb stick instead?03:17
bazhanghow is the iso copied to usb03:18
Guest94958well im using DriveDroid app for android & it lets me boot .iso on my pc03:20
bazhangwhats the iso of03:20
Guest94958i installed this xubuntu iso with it but now i cant boot other isos because xubuntu just automatically starts03:20
Guest94958the iso is android x86 5.003:21
bazhangyou have xubuntu installed already03:21
Guest94958yes i do03:23
bazhangso you have grub, and the other iso on your hdd03:23
Guest94958i used the app DriveDroid to install the xubuntu iso03:23
JackFrost!info grub-rescueboot03:24
ubottuPackage grub-rescueboot does not exist in utopic03:24
Guest94958i believe i do have grub03:24
JackFrost!info grml-rescueboot03:24
ubottugrml-rescueboot (source: grml-rescueboot): Integrates Grml ISO booting into GRUB. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.4.5 (utopic), package size 6 kB, installed size 62 kB03:24
bazhangnice call JackFrost03:24
JackFrostbazhang: Thanks, used it a few times and it's great.03:24
Guest94958do i type in the command that JackFrost posted?03:24
bazhangsounds like what guest here wants03:24
bazhangsudo apt-get install package03:25
JackFrostGuest94958: No, you'd install that package, then drop the iso in /boot/grml/  and run sudo update-grub03:25
Guest94958So i'll type in "sudo apt-get install package"?03:26
Guest94958Idk what package im supposed to be installing..03:28
Guest94958i havent used ubuntu in a while. would i need root access to drop the iso into /boot/grml/? its not dropping in there03:31
Guest94958and im not even sure that the package grml-rescueboot actually installed03:31
Guest94958i remember typing a nautilus code to get root access03:33
bazhangyou never want to do that03:34
Guest94958HOW do i drop this .iso on my desktop into the boot/grml/ folder..03:35
Guest94958thanks for the help.03:50
RJ45how come when I try to install SSH server on my i385 machine, it says it has-to remove some packages, and when I click install it says there's broken dependencies?, this is a fresh install of Xubuntu 14.04, with Synaptic installed and package information reloaded04:37
cfhowlettRJ45, current and updated xubuntu - 14.04.104:38
RJ45cfhowlett: this is04:38
cfhowlettRJ45, cat /etc/issue04:39
RJ45:~$ cat /etc/issue04:39
RJ45Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l04:39
RJ45as I said, it is.04:40
cfhowlettRJ45, hmm.  since this channel is currently so quiet, you might ask #ubuntu04:40
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paolohi, i'm using xubuntu 14.04. it was a fresh install and worked perfectly for months, today i get this08:56
paolomount: warning: /etc/mtab is not writable (e.g. read-only filesystem).08:56
paolocan you suggesting what to do?08:57
paolocan you suggest what to do?08:57
paoloi wonder why the root partition is mounted read-only08:58
paoloand how damaged is my sistem08:58
flux242paolo: you need to check your lvm volumes. Remember that you shouldn't do it while your volumes are mounted. Start system in a rescue mode or start a live distro from usb09:52
paoloflux242: thanks. if it matters there is a piece of dmesg output with errors http://pastebin.com/Ya1XHzdA09:55
schruteHi! How can I change the GTK theme and background for light locker?13:42
Alexfrenchat the start or on the desktop ???13:48
schruteboth probably13:50
Alexfrenchi presume it is xfce ?13:54
knomethere is no trivial way to change light-locker theming13:55
Alexfrenchhere on a french forum  it seems they use lightdm13:56
schruteno trivial ways are not a problem, I'm an experienced linux user13:56
Alexfrenchthey modify the configuration file with png backdrop13:57
schrutewhere is the configuration file located?13:57
Alexfrenchtry /etc/lightdm/13:59
Alexfrenchsorry at this time i am on my windows pc, my xubuntu virtualbox is on my laptop14:01
schruteit works14:03
schruteboth for lock screen and log in14:03
Alexfrenchcool but you see it was on the ubuntu documentation14:04
schruteaha, also I didn't know that light-locker uses lightdm14:05
schrutethanks for your help14:05
rosaecaeruleaehi, on firefox, every time I leave the mouse over an icon and wait for a description of it, I only get blank squares with no tex15:18
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xubuntu27wI was wondering, why is it that I can shutdown using the graphical interface without any higher permissions while shutdown via the terminal requires those aforementioned permissions?17:29
brainwashxubuntu27w: here's the reason why http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polkit17:32
jozefkwhich dock works best for you?17:57
cfhowlettjozefk, standard xfce3 dock works fine17:57
brainwashtechnically the Xfce dock is just a panel17:58
brainwashjozefk: I suggest that you test them all18:00
jozefkhow many there are?18:02
brainwashjozefk: http://linuxthemer.blogspot.de/2014/07/xfce-docks_3.html18:04
jozefkhow do I get AWN?18:06
jozefkor DockbarX?18:07
brainwashdid you read the blog post and follow the instructions?18:07
brainwashyou have to scroll down a bit18:08
jozefkoh ok I see now. those are links there. let me see. thanks :)18:08
brainwashsome of these dock apps are available in the official ubuntu repositories, others are not18:08
jozefkI think I wil try dockbarx18:09
jozefkis that in the repo?18:09
brainwash"There are ubuntu/debian packages available for both Dockbar series inside the Dockbar Main Group PPA, which is located at https://launchpad.net/~dockbar-main/+archive/ppa ."18:11
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge18:11
jozefkadding the repo now18:13
xubuntu27wbrainwash: About the gui shutdown & stuff: Thanks18:15
jozefkis it going to load automatically after reboot or I have to do something special about it?18:19
jozefkdon't see that option in settings18:19
rosaecaeruleaeas a screensaver I want a picture, not an animation, how do I acheive that?18:21
artagthat wouldn't be a screensaver, would it ?18:22
brainwashjozefk: I'm not familiar with dockbarx. If dockbarx is not able to create a startup launcher, then you'll have to do it manually18:23
rosaecaeruleaeiy hides the regular screen18:23
artagtrue. so does a blank, and it's more effective than an animation at extending screen life18:23
artagthough I think it's arguable whether screensavers actually do that any more18:24
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: xscreensaver should be able to display images18:24
rosaecaeruleaebrainwash, how do I choose the image I waNT?18:25
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: http://askubuntu.com/questions/74200/how-do-i-use-a-photos-directory-as-my-screensaver18:27
rosaecaeruleaethx brainwash , any ideas for seeing just the screen with no animations?18:36
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: did you try to configure it?18:37
rosaecaeruleaethere is no pause option18:38
brainwashsadly, I don't know18:39
brainwashI would assume that you can configure some of the animations18:41
brainwashmaybe even remove them completely18:41
artagrosaecaeruleae: can't you nominate a photos directory that has only one photo in it ?18:42
rosaecaeruleaebrainwash, true, found it18:42
jozefkhave to see now if it will autostart. thanks for everything18:47
maddawg_Hey guys, I would like to know how to permanently enable root access on linux OS'20:01
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo20:01
holsteinmaddawg_: you have it20:01
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo20:01
maddawg_I know it's not recommended but I want it.20:01
holsteinmaddawg_: sudo grants what you wish.. use that20:01
holsteinhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/44418/how-to-enable-root-login outlines alternatives and risks, and how to do what i suggest you dont do, and dont need to do..20:03
maddawg_What exactly do I have to type into Terminal?20:03
holsteinmaddawg_: sudo -i20:03
holsteinmaddawg_: ^ that *exactly* gets you a root shell.. above, in the link i shared, you will see *exactly* what to copy paste into a terminal that i suggest you dont, and dont need to20:03
maddawg_Okay thanks. Now does this root access remain even throughout reboots?20:04
holsteinmaddawg_: sudo is *always* there..20:04
maddawg_Lol smart alec20:04
holsteinmaddawg_: i dont enable a root account, but, if you choose to, that would be persistent.. as the link i shared states20:04
knomemaddawg_, if you enable the root account, your system will be unsupported20:05
knomemaddawg_, so please don't.20:05
holsteinyup ^ and you really dont need to20:05
maddawg_Ok so heres the deal. Im trying to install a gnome theme that i downloaded from deviantart and the install guide tells me to drop the theme into a specified folder20:06
holsteinmaddawg_: again, you *dont* need a root account enable for that20:06
maddawg_i cant do that without root access apparently20:07
holsteinmaddawg_: if you have *no* idea how to move files with access like that, you can always use a live iso via USB20:07
maddawg_well im not skilled with linux like you guys are.20:07
holsteinmaddawg_: you can use sudo in the terminal, as i suggested before.. sudo mv /path/to/file /path/to/where/to/move20:07
holsteinmaddawg_: if you are not very skilled, i suggest just using the themes in the default repos til you become more comfortable20:08
maddawg_that seems a bit much but thanks for that bit of info20:08
knomemaddawg_, you can copy new themes to ~/.themes as well20:08
knomemaddawg_, ~ being your user directory20:08
drcmaddawg_: Can you use ~/.theme ?20:08
knomemaddawg_, then they are available for your user account without need to use sudo (or root to that matter)20:09
maddawg_thanks for the help, i got it sorted out20:10
dalekusaCould I get suggestions about easy to set up DLNA servers for Xubuntu?20:49
bekksInstall minidlna20:55
dalekusaahem, in English, please20:56
Alexfrenchone minute i am french but i read and try to speak correctly english so !!!20:58
Alexfrenchoften you have no choices !!20:58
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dalekusado you think it will work for Xbox One?21:00
RayneSplitdalekusa, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=minidlna%20ubuntu.com21:01
knomeRayneSplit, please, that's not nice.21:01
Alexfrenchah sorry i don't know21:01
dalekusaI just did that before you posted that link, so nor harm21:02
RayneSplitdalekusa, Setup of minidlna is really simple and fast, so try it :-)21:02
Alexfrenchin the documentation for 360 yes21:02
knomedalekusa, xubuntu isn't generally supported to run on xbox one... but if xubuntu works and minidlna usually works, then i don't see a reason why not21:02
dalekusa(by the way, glad to know that I am not the only Dalek on here, DalekSec)21:02
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pixelkatmy internet sucks22:58
pixelkatwhat do?22:58
pixelkatalso, how do i play minecraft?22:59
dalekusaanother question: I plan to use wi-fi for my Xbox One, but my computer is connected to the router via an Ethernet cable. Is that an issue?23:04
knomedepends on your router (and i guess there are better channels for questions like that), but mostly likely not23:05
rosaecaeruleaewhere do I find a list of my preferred applications? new urls are opened not in firefox, but in another browser23:06
pixelkatwhere do i find a list of channels to join?23:13
knome!alis | pixelkat23:13
ubottupixelkat: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*23:13
knomepixelkat, did you read the reply at all?23:14
pixelkatnothing happens23:15
pixelkatwhoops nvm23:15
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