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thebozzHey guys, we're doing an Ubuntu Cloud (MAAS + juju + Openstack) deployment in our cluster, and I need to know some stuff about how it works.13:52
thebozzNamely: will we be able to deploy Openstack software in whatever node we deploy juju to?13:53
thebozzLet's change the question: how does node provision in juju+MAAS work?14:21
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josethebozz: still around?16:46
josethebozz: here for your juju+maas question16:47
joseso, when you have a maas cluster, your machines will be ready for provisioning16:48
thebozz:D! Alright! What we need to know is how will Juju affect further deployment of programs when used with MAAS.16:48
joseas the machines are available, you do 'juju deploy servicename' and it will randomly choose one of the machines in the MAAS cluster in order to deploy that16:48
josethat service*16:49
thebozzFor example, we do a `juju bootstrap` and deploy Juju to a node in our cluster. Will we be able to use that node to install other stuff?16:49
josethebozz: of course you can.16:49
joseso, when you check your juju status, that will be machine 016:49
thebozzjose: cool, that's all we needed to know. Thanks!16:49
joselet's do an example16:49
josenp :)16:49
josejuju deploy wordpress --to 016:49
joseif you don't specify the --to, then it will get a new machine16:49
thebozzBTW, can you bootstrap to a specific node?16:50
thebozzIf I'm not wrong, `juju bootstrap` starts one MAAS node as the juju master, right?16:50
josethebozz: correct, one of the nodes will be provisioned to serve as the bootstrap node16:53
thebozzjose: then, can you choose which node to use in the bootstrap process?16:54
josethebozz: not entirely sure, but you can probably work it out with tags16:54
thebozzAlright, I'll check out those details by hand. Thanks for your help!16:54
josenp, just highlight me if you need a hand, I'll be around all day16:55
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X-Robjose: since you're offering openstack help. How do I trigger 'rebalance rings'?20:40
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thebozzHelp! We've got a node that kernel panic'd during deployment. We tried to destroy the machine... its life status changed to "dying" but didn't advance at all. We restarted the node, recomissioned it in MAAS... but it just doesn't change. How do we fix it?21:21
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