nicol2hi. I have a stats project where I use java to load in about 400mb to ram by sequentially opening roughly 7000 files in a directory. it seems whenever I do this, kubuntu freezes during the next boot and i have to reinstall the OS02:15
* tekkbuzz recommends not doing that.02:28
tekkbuzznicol2: I would do a mem test.02:30
nicol2do i reinstall the operating system and then do a memtest, or boot up in recovery mode terminal and do a mem test?02:31
nicol2right now it freezes on the "kubuntu" loading screen02:31
tekkbuzzshould be an option in your grub menu.02:32
nicol2ok thanks02:32
nicol2pass complete, no errors, press esc to exit03:10
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shiggitayhey all...05:47
shiggitayI've been trying to install Kubuntu 14.10 on my Baytrail tablet.... I had it going, but then stupid me decided to try out a 15.04 daily build, and now I can't get 14.10 running again....05:47
shiggitay^ ^ ^ More detail05:48
valorie14.10 on a tablet is impressive05:48
shiggitayit ran pretty well too05:49
valorietrying 15.04 daily sounds .... slightly insane05:49
valorielike jumping off a cliff05:49
shiggitayI like its new UI05:49
valorieI'm glad you are still laughing05:49
valoriewell, how about doing ppa-next on 14.10 then?05:49
shiggitaythough it was initially running on an SD card05:50
* valorie is doing that on this laptop and running plasma 5 daily05:50
shiggitayso I wanted to see how it'd run on onboard flash05:50
shiggitayvalorie, so I just now reinstalled 14.10, but whatever I do I can't get it to load grub to load the US.... my LiveUSB stick has two additional folders on it that I added... would that f up anything?05:51
valoriedid you make it with persistence?05:51
shiggitayI didn't use Unetbootin05:52
valoriethen yes, it probably did05:52
shiggitayI used something called 'Rufus'05:52
valoriehowever, you can check by doing a md5sum05:52
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:52
valoriealways good to do that anyway05:52
shiggitaydid it for some reason not flag my boot partition as bootable or something?05:53
shiggitayI have two EFI boot entries labled as "ubuntu" and none of them boot05:54
shiggitayI guess I could redownload the ISO and reimage it to my USB stick05:54
valoriewell, you can md5sum the ISO05:56
valorieno need to re-download unless it is corrupt/incomplete05:56
valoriethis is why I try to always torrent ISOs05:56
valoriektorrent at least always verifies the files05:57
shiggitaytrying a TORRENT05:57
shiggitaystupid crapslock05:57
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valorieshiggitay: if you already have your ISO, you don't have to re-download it05:59
valorieonce the torrent begins, ask your client to verify the image05:59
shiggitaytoo late06:00
shiggitayreDL in process :P06:00
valoriejust ensure you are using the correct path to the ISO file you already have06:00
valorieit's never too late06:00
valorieI seed all the *buntu torrents, so no matter what you want, it will be available06:02
valorieall current releases, that is06:02
shiggitayokay I verified it... no issues06:03
* shiggitay reimages06:03
shiggitaygah brb06:04
shiggityReinstall in progress06:32
shiggityannnd I still can't get it to boot.... wtf06:38
shiggityvalorie, ...anyone?06:38
valoriejust... nothing happens?06:41
shiggityI think it could have to do with my tablet only support 32bit EFI booting06:44
shiggitybut when I use a 32bit image it refuses to boot, even with a custom compiled grub.efi made for x86 vs x86-6406:45
shiggityI copied over my bootia32.efi file to my boot partition, but it still doesnt work06:50
shiggitymaybe I forgot to run update-grub?06:51
shiggityif that's even possible to do on a liveUSB?06:52
shiggityOkay now I'm trying to install again but I manually made partitions... maybe it was a partitions issue06:59
shiggityOkay so I decided to boot up a 32 bit ISO with my added grub image, and it only boots if I boot the initramfs, but I can't get it to boot the installer07:25
shiggityI have to manually set up grub when it boots btw07:25
shiggityi.e. set root=(hd0,1 etc07:25
lordievaderGood morning.08:01
shiggityokay well it seems that the 14.10 installer decides to finish prematurely (i.e. right when it's installing Grub2). How would I properly install Grub2 manually?08:29
shiggityvalorie, anyone?08:29
shiggitayaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm trying to reinstall YET AGAIN but this time with a different USB OTG cable08:50
shiggitayI hope it doesn't crap out when installing Grub >_>08:50
shiggitayI think that's my problem08:50
nicol2hi. I have a stats project where I use java to load in about 400mb to ram by sequentially opening roughly 7000 files in a directory. it seems whenever I do this, kubuntu freezes during the next boot and i have to reinstall the OS. i tried memtest and there were no errors08:51
shiggitayBah yeah Grub isn't installing properly... why is this happening? >_>08:59
ikonianicol2: you have to reinstall ?09:07
ikoniathats just seems unrealistic09:07
shiggitayikonia, can you help me?09:07
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )10:33
user_Hi everybody10:34
valoriehow can we help you, user_?10:42
ubottuYour nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.10:43
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qdatawell that was fun. kvirc on 2 day old kubuntu 14.10 install just crashed for no apparent reason11:53
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noelcan anyone help me with ubuntu booting problems12:28
Graf_Westerholt!ask | noel12:29
ubottunoel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:29
noelso i downloaded ubuntu server 14.04.1 and installed it on another computer everything installed pefectly but it will not boot with out my flash drive how do i get it to boot on its own. also it doesnt exactly boot on my flash drive i have to go to run without installing..12:33
Graf_Westerholtnoel, it does boot only with your flash drive but does not boot from your flash drive?12:34
noelit only boots from my flash drive i have to use the option run without installing12:34
noeli want to start it up like a regular computer12:35
noelbut it will not12:35
Graf_Westerholtnoel, use punctuation.12:35
Graf_Westerholtnoel, is that the first time you use Linux?12:35
noelYes it is.12:35
Graf_Westerholtnoel, did you read manuals?12:36
Graf_WesterholtLong time to answer.12:38
noelI did,  I feel like i almost tried everything. Im getting the feeling maybe i shouldn't have deleted windows so12:39
noelsorry for the late reply12:40
Graf_WesterholtWhat manual did you read?12:40
noelthe stuff on the ubuntu website I downloaded it from the site.12:41
noeland on there forums.12:41
Graf_WesterholtCan you give me the URL?12:42
noelwell here is an exact to the server page www.ubuntu.com/download/server12:44
Graf_WesterholtThat is not a manuel. So you only read this?12:44
noeldo you have any idea or solution on how i can get it to boot on its own.. i just read the stuff from that site i dont have a physical manuel.12:46
noelim just going off forums and google searches12:47
Graf_Westerholtnoel, so you never used Linux, but want to set up a Linux Server? And you did not read manuals? That is very wired. But if you want to do that, you should read a manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation12:48
Graf_WesterholtIs this guy kidding me?12:49
Neo9noel: please watch some youtube videos for installation procedure, don't waste others valuble time.12:51
Graf_WesterholtNeo9, the guy left.12:52
BluesKaj_'Morning folks12:53
reb_I'm using Kubuntu with plasma 5 and everything is extremely hangy in a sense that any kind of input gets cut off. I mean I can still move my mouse but the desktop doesn't respond and the only way I could figure out of getting it back is to jump out of the desktop and jump back in (ctrl alt f8 and ctrl alt f7 for kubuntu). Am I missing something here, what's going on?12:56
soeereb_: i think this is know issue12:57
reb_soee: can I prevent it somehow ? what's the exact cause of it?12:57
soeereb_: can't remember what caused this, do you have effects one etc ?13:00
reb_soee: yeah I have them on13:06
BluesKaj_there doesn't seem to be much progress with the most annoying bugs13:06
soeereb_: try to disable them13:08
soeeBluesKaj_: well wait for Plasma 5.2, also there are several fixes in QT 5.4 that shoudl fix various craches13:08
BluesKaj_soee, when is this going to happen13:09
soeeBluesKaj_: what exactly ?13:10
reb_I do agree, I thought I'll try it out on my laptop but it's pretty much unusable on my machine13:10
BluesKaj_copy & paste, desktop freezes, krunner doesn't list previous entries13:12
BluesKaj_just to name a few13:14
soeeBluesKaj_: lets hope soe in 5.2 :) i have confirmation few days ago that shortcuts to pref/next activity are already implemented in 5.2 so this was only serious issue for me in 5.1 and it is fixed :)13:16
nanogeekhi there, I'm new to the channel13:18
soeehiho nanogeek13:19
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nanogeekhi soee13:20
nanogeekis there somethins i should know about this channel?13:24
nicol2yes there is nanogeek13:25
nicol2in this channel we work hard and we.... play hard!13:26
Graf_Westerholtnanogeek, check the topic. ;)13:26
Graf_Westerholt!ask | nanogeek13:27
ubottunanogeek: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:27
Graf_Westerholt!patience | nanogeek13:27
ubottunanogeek: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.13:27
shiggitayBah I give up... unless I use grub from another installed OS my tablet will NOT boot 14.10 no matter what I do13:27
nanogeekthank y'all guys13:28
shiggitayI've been working at this for like 8h13:29
shiggitayWTF >_>13:29
nanogeekwhat happened to your tablet shiggitay13:32
shiggitaynanogeek, I'm trying to get it to boot Kubuntu 14.1013:32
shiggitayit's a BayTrail tablet13:32
shiggitaywell let me clarify... I'm trying to get it to boot on its own... I had another OS's grub booting it, but then I deleted that OS, and now I can't get 14.10 to directly boot13:33
shiggitay@ nanogeek13:33
nanogeekcan you tell me what was the OS you deleted?13:35
shiggitayFuntoo Linux13:35
shiggitayFuntoo Linux13:35
shiggitayFuntoo Linux13:35
nanogeekhave tried to start a fresh, i mean reinstalling your 14.10? shiggitay13:39
shiggitay10-15 times already13:39
shiggitaysomewhat exagerrating13:39
shiggitayGrub will not boot up13:39
shiggitayI've gotta sleep... if anyone can help me out please PM me or highlight me.... thanks13:46
nanogeekyou're welcome, shiggitay really sorry13:46
user__Hi Guys/Gals, anybody familliar with the installation of Eclipse?13:52
nanogeekhi user_ use the  following comand in the shell: "sudo apt-get install eclipse"13:54
Graf_Westerholt anogeek, to type “eclipse“ in the bash is enough. ;)13:56
nanogeekGra_Weserholt; thank you, i'm a newby and i'm doing the best i can to help and improve13:58
Graf_Westerholtnanogeek, that is ok. :)13:59
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nanogeekGra_Weserholt; would you tell me which one is the best between kubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu that uses gnome?14:02
Guest11931bonjour, je cherche quelqu'un pour m'aider à connecter une enceint wireless direct / airplay14:03
Graf_Westerholtnanogeek, that’s like women.14:03
Graf_Westerholt!fr | Guest1193114:03
ubottuGuest11931: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:03
Guest11931ok, i try : I want to play music on a wireless direct speaker wich is connected via wifi. I'd like a player wich can send the sound via wifi to the speaker14:06
lordievadernanogeek: Try them out, find what works best for you ;)14:06
Graf_WesterholtOr use all. Oo14:06
the_geek42Graf_Westerholt it's because i've been using the previous LTS version of ubuntu, and after i've upgraded by the14:07
the_geek42by the "do-release-upgrade" command, i can't use the gnome environnement14:08
BluesKaj_Guest11931, the wifi speaker needsw to be recognized as a wireless device by your router and your computer14:09
BluesKaj_Guest11931, then the device is assigned an ip address on the network router and you can then stream music to the url with vlc I believe14:11
nanogeekGuest11931, I believe also that it can work using vlc14:15
nanogeekas blueskaj_ just told you14:15
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kater__hi @all14:56
trisshey all.15:12
trissso do you guys have any recommendations re: getting font and colour settings perfect fro your monitor?15:12
trissfonts are less than perfect on my laptop screen15:12
trissshould i just fiddle with the alias settings until I'm happy?15:13
trissor is there a way to find out what my laptop screen was designed around?15:14
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mparillotriss: I use slight RGB hinting when fonts get ugly (most frequently on other distros).15:34
trissthat's what I've just turned on. seems a lot better, but still a touch blurry. Unity and Windows don't seem to have this issue on this machine15:36
mparillotriss: I cannot tell you exactly what causes it, but sometimes an update can make my fonts much uglier. I sometimes give up, and do a fresh install, and for some reason the fonts get prettier One of the initial attractions of *buntu to me has been better fonts out of the box than Fedora or OpenSUSE.15:40
Walex2mparillo: "fresh install" is something that is essentially never necessary with decent package managers and configurations systems like (so far) in GNU/Linux.15:44
Walex2mparillo: as to the fonts it is a complicated issue, with two/three big sides: whether the fonts have good hinting, whether antialiasing/autohinting are enabled, whether you are using X11 or FontConfig.15:45
Walex2mparillo: "slight RGB hinting" is not quite right: there are different types of hinting, and different tyupes of antialiasing.15:46
Walex2triss: I have good recommendations, but they are not popular...15:46
sacardeis possible to install neon5-latest.iso by text based installer?15:47
Walex2triss: the important details are: 1) set the right DPI for the screen. 2) use well-hinted fonts e.g. the Microsoft web fonts. 3) don't use antialiasing therefore. 4) if you use antialiasing use gray-levels only, not color-filtered. 5) well-hinted '.ttf' fonts don't require autohinting. '.pfb' fonts instead autohint quite well, on full hinting.15:49
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Walex2triss: mparillo: my notes on fonts and sample FontConfig files: http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxFonts.html http://www.sabi.co.uk/Cfg/Fontconfig/15:50
Walex2triss: mparillo: on screen DPI: http://www.sabi.co.uk/blog/14-one.html#14022815:51
Walex2triss: mparillo: fonts and gamma and dark/light backgrounds and testing fonts: http://www.sabi.co.uk/blog/12-two.html#12022515:52
Walex2triss: mparillo: fonts and gamma and dark/light backgrounds and testing fonts: http://www.sabi.co.uk/blog/12-two.html#120225 http://www.sabi.co.uk/blog/12-two.html#12020615:52
Walex2triss: mparillo: an older summary: http://www.sabi.co.uk/blog/anno06-2nd.html#06050915:52
Walex2BTW my tastes are relatively unpopular because I like well hinted antialised fonts in largish sizes on light backgrounds. Most "geeks" seem to like antialiased fonts in tiny sizes on dark backgrounds.15:55
sacardewhich is the name of ubuntu text installer ?15:55
Walex2sacarde: depends! 'debian-installer' or 'deboostrap' for example15:56
Walex2BTW as to fonts and visual quality display gamma is also quite important to check, another article on that: http://www.sabi.co.uk/blog/anno05-2nd.html#05060815:57
sacardeWalex2, and the package name?15:58
Walex2sacarde: 'apt-cache search ....' :-)15:58
sacardeI rebuild my question16:06
sacardeI run neon5-latest.iso in qemu16:06
sacardebut I am not able to run graphical installer16:06
sacardehow can I install it?16:07
yahyaacan someone please tell me why I can not copy a mp4 file to any of my devices in kubuntu?16:07
geniisacarde: That might be a better question for the #project-neon channel. The regular Kubuntu DVD comes with a text install option already.16:11
sacardewhich are different between neon and kubuntu ?16:12
geniisacarde: I'm not sure. that seems to be one of them ( no text install option in the Neon iso ). Maybe you could ask them, if anyone's awake in there16:12
sacardeok genii ... thanks16:13
sacardebut which is the name of text installer?16:13
sacardethat you have inserted in kubuntu ?16:14
geniiThe default installer is called Ubiquity.16:14
sacardegraphical, no?16:15
Walex2yahyaa: our psychic advisors are busy on other astral dimensions. Please wait...16:16
geniisacarde: The text installs are done with debian-installer16:17
genii( or d-i for short)16:17
geniisacarde: The thing is you can't really run that by itself, it needs an extensive preseed file16:18
sacardewith : debconf ?16:18
geniisacarde: Your likely best option is to use debootstrap. However, the arguments to put into debootstrap would not be the standard Ubuntu ones if you're using Neon. So in this case you'd still need to ask around in the Neon channel, or look for Neon-specific help on forums or internet at large16:20
sacardegenii, thanks a lot16:21
geniiyahyaa: If you've manually mounted the device as root, then the root of it will not be writeable for regular user. You'd need to make a folder on it that the user has rights to16:21
geniiAlso if that device is an iPod they need special instructions16:22
yahyaathese are just regular flash drives @genii16:24
geniiyahyaa: In this case, they should automount and be writeable for normal user. If your file is larger than 4G it will break the file size limit on them and not be able to copy16:26
yahyaaI don't think I have mounted them as root, don't even know how to do that I don't think16:26
geniiApologies on lag, was required here at work for a bit16:26
yahyaano prob its cool, I appreciate the help16:26
yahyaajust learning this linux stuff, I like it alot, but do to my lack of knowledge concerning it, I run into problems that really annoy the hell out of me!16:27
yahyaalet me try the folder thing real quick16:28
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pafurijazHi to all users, I ask an help please, I installed Natron in Kubuntu with its special installation, and now how can I remove it? Note, the program does not start on my old notebook. I do not have the last OpenGL 1.5 required, thanks for the help.18:04
BluesKajpafurijaz, just delete the natron.sh package from kubuntu18:15
buriedalivepafurijaz tell , how to get a package natron for your os?18:16
buriedalivemaybe in terminal - sudo aptitude purge ~nnatron ?18:20
pafurijaz@buriedalive  Grazie per l'attenzione, il pacchetto è stato preso dal sito http://sourceforge.net/projects/natron/  ed viene intallato automaticamente come in Windows..18:20
pafurijaz@BluesKaj Natron also created the icon in the menu graphics18:22
pafurijaz@buriedalive in termina not recognize the command18:22
BluesKajpafurijaz, what is the file extension for the natron package/installer?18:23
buriedaliveBluesKaj I see 7z archive from link18:24
pafurijazThe package was taken from http://sourceforge.net/projects/natron/ and is automatically installed as in Windows. our package is a file-executable18:26
buriedalivepafurijaz show out from command - 'sudo aptitude search natron', plz18:26
BluesKajburiedalive, yes i see that, pafurijaz you probly had to compile natron with make and make install, correct? if so just run make uninstall in the directory where you installed it18:26
buriedalivepafurijaz in dir where u run 'make install' - typing 'make uninstall'18:32
pafurijazThe package is installed in the home, and when I try to delete I noted no error, but I would not do damage. I have not used any type command make .. the program is installed automatically as it does in Windows. From the terminal can not run the program, says that the command was not found .. But I have a nice icon that launches it18:32
buriedalivedownload a new source18:33
buriedaliveand run 'make uninstall'18:33
buriedalive1.  ./configure && make18:34
buriedalive2.  ./make uninstall18:34
pafurijazThis type of installation in linux I had never met. But there is no file to delete .. and with any terminal command is not found .. probably get scared unnecessarily and delete it and enough is enough!18:36
BluesKajpafurijaz, click on the composting software icon in the kmenu there will be a dialog, choose remove all components the next dia;og will give the option to uninstall18:36
pafurijazThis is not installed with make and not from the source18:37
BluesKajerr next dialog18:37
BluesKajpafurijaz, read above18:37
BluesKajkmenu>graphics, pafurijaz18:38
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BluesKajpafurijaz, sorry choose the natron maintence tool in kmenu>apps>graphics then choose remove all components the next dia;og will give the option to uninstall18:41
pafurijazBlueKaj.. in grapichs there's the voice that you say, only add to the desk, bookmark and add to Panel18:43
pafurijazok now i try to faind maintence, probably in the Natron folder18:43
BluesKajpafurijaz, there should be a natron maintenance tool icon in the kemenu>applications>graphics18:45
BluesKajitremoives everything including the tar file18:45
BluesKajit removes18:45
pafurijazBluskaj Thanks it was just like you said now I remove it, the maintenance program built with the package18:47
pafurijazSome of you, had never found a program like this, that to install programs using a wizard procedure18:51
pafurijazThis way it would be useful for many users .. like some of my friends. thanks again for the help.18:53
BluesKajpafurijaz, glad to help :)18:59
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shiggitay* slimo_927 has quit (Client Quit)20:12
shiggitay<shiggitay> okay guys so for those of you not in the loop with my issues, I've been trying to install Kubuntu to my BayTrail tablet, and while the OS itself installs fine Grub does not. I have it installed as 64bit. I just did a 'grub-install /dev/mmcblk0p1' <== my ESP and it complains of not being able to fine /boot/grub/i386.20:12
shiggitayshiggitay> would I need 64bit Grub?20:13
shiggitay<shiggitay> the tablet can only be booted with 32bit UEFI20:13
shiggitayif that's of any constelation20:13
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bennypr0fanehello, I'm trying to set my phone up for ssh to Kubuntu with keys authentication.- I generated a key pair on the client device (phone). Now it says I'm supposed to copy the key to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the Ubuntu host, but there isn't one in this loaction, only a known_hosts file. I've previously made an ssh connection betweeen these two devices, but from the Ubuntu host. Any ideas what I can do?20:58
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Guest51863Hi, only a quick question: Does anyone know, when there will be binary packets available for KDE 4.14.3 release in Utopic or the Kubuntu backports PPA? There seem to be a few noticeable bug fixes in that release.23:35
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valorieGuest51863: we've had a few helpers packaging that, but with the holidays/traveling etc. it's been pretty slow indeed23:47
valoriewe need more help23:47
Guest51863Thanks for the quick answer!23:50
valoriebennypr0fane: make the file and copy the key into it23:54
valorieor just save the key from kate or whatever as ~/.ssh/authorized_keys23:55

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