ianorlinI wonder when will apport start collecting crash reports?02:13
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ianorlinI read it is usually about alpha 1 but that is now released and still wasn't on05:45
Nothing_MuchEvenin' everybody or anybody06:40
elfyhi Nothing_Much :)06:41
Nothing_MuchWhat's up, elfy?06:41
* elfy is, just - woken early :(06:42
* ianorlin hasn't gone to bed yet06:45
* elfy would be disappointed if he'd said that 06:47
ianorlinyeah you are 3 hours ahead of me06:47
Nothing_Muchelfy: Oh really? It's like almost 2am here06:55
Nothing_MuchI should be sleeping by now06:55
Nothing_MuchAnd I should have been alpha testing 15.0406:56
Nothing_MuchWhich I haven't because of a job06:56
elfyI was asleep then - it's 7am almost now06:56
Nothing_MuchA nice job but the security practices are atrocious.06:57
elfyno alpha to test - so I didn't :)06:57
Nothing_MuchIf I could, I would test out Mir on my old Nvidia machine, but sadly Nouveau just doesn't work with it yet, and neither does Nvidia, but thankfully Nvidia plans to support Wayland AND Mir as much as they do X currently.06:58
Nothing_Much*neither does nvidia06:58
* ianorlin hopes the dialies final get turned back on for lubuntu06:59
Nothing_MuchWhat are dialies?06:59
ianorlinI meant dailies06:59
ianorlinsorry my spelling is not good this late07:00
Nothing_MuchLubuntu has dailies as well?07:00
elfywxl probably needs to ask someone in -release07:00
ianorlinI think he did07:00
elfyNothing_Much: everyone who's a flavour using the tracker has dailies07:00
elfyianorlin: ok07:00
ianorlinmight have to wait to tommorow to continue making my hundreds of gigabytes of testing in vm images this year07:01
wxlomg. for real. i already asked about this07:02
Nothing_Muchelfy: I thought there were a couple of alphas then a Beta, then a Final Beta, then release for the other flavors07:02
elfyNothing_Much: nope - dailies, alpha's if they want, beta's if they want07:03
elfyI see wxl is awake then :D07:03
Nothing_MuchSo the old release schedule for other flavors is gone too?07:03
elfyold schedule ?07:03
wxlbarely, elfy07:04
elfywxl: :)07:04
wxlNothing_Much: there's only one release schedule07:04
elfyI'd have popped by and mentioned it before I wandered off07:04
elfyrelease that is07:04
wxli already mentioned about lubuntu07:04
wxlthis after my constructive concern over things not getting done on time was not well-received07:05
wxlperhaps this is my punishment for being concerned that the system isn't work07:05
wxlthey sort of took it as a personal attack.07:05
* wxl sighs07:05
elfywhat's up?07:07
wxl!info leocad-parts | recommend of leocad07:07
ubot5recommend of leocad: Package leocad-parts does not exist in utopic07:07
wxli've never seen it say "package not available"07:07
wxlebooks are $5 at packt btw folks07:08
wxlcouple qt books, one on gnome, buncha python stuff, test driven development, etc. just saying.07:08
wxlok time for bed07:08
elfyno idea what packt is - nor $ :D07:08
elfynight wxl07:08
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noelanyone know how to get ubuntu to boot on its own?13:07
elfynoel: what do you mean?17:02
noelanyone know how to get ubuntu to boot with out bootig from flash drive19:17
noelits will not boot up automatically19:18

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