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jin7at_hey! i was already there in this chat for another problem, now my problem is, after i tried to reinstall the android stock for nexus 10, the adb devices command dont show me my device, i can not enter ubuntu cause something went wrong, so i had to reinstall android but its not possible, plz help someone. me04:37
jin7at_my device is in a bootloop and i cant not flash the stock cause the terminal shows: after typing in sudo ./flash-all.sh: command not found04:40
mhall119nhaines: Kazam04:45
mhall119it's quite simple and gets the job done04:46
jin7at_what do you mean?04:49
shiggityhey all06:26
shiggityrsalveti, have you had a chance to work on the n5's UT lately? :)06:29
kurainhello all06:56
kurainI am building ubuntu touch from scratch, but after make -j8, what should I do to add android image to syspart06:56
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nhainesmhall119: awesome, thanks for the recommendation.  :)07:56
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b2850guten morgen11:12
nhainesGuten Morgen!11:18
aquariusChipaca, ping about how notifications are supposed to work, and push helpers11:19
b2850em, wiko bloom isnt compatible with ubuntu touch? (sorry for my bad english)11:26
nhainesThe only devices that are officially compatible with Ubuntu are the Nexus 4, the 2013 Nexus 7, the Nexus 10, and the bq Aquarius that will be available for sale in February.11:27
b2850ok thx11:27
aquariusotherwise I get highlighted every time someone talks about it :)11:27
nhainesaquarius: well that's not all bad.  I mean you weren't paying attention to anything else at the moment, right?  :)11:27
aquariusb2850, there are "community ports" for other devices, but those are not official devices. YOu can see that list at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices. Bear in mind that some may be almost complete community efforts to bring Ubuntu to a particular phone, and some may be barely even started or abandoned.11:29
aquariusnhaines, trying to get a project finished before Christmas :)11:29
nhainesHm, me too.  :)11:29
b2850aquarius: u have a highlight on touch, ubuntu? ^^ crazy, in a chan like this xD11:29
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aquariusb2850, nope, I have a highlight on "Aquarius". The first official phone to be released with Ubuntu on it from a carrier (rather than installing it yourself) is the Bq Aquaris. :-)11:30
b2850hum i have to live with the ubuntu themes....till my handy is compatible11:32
nhainesb2850: hopefully you'll be able to enjoy Ubuntu on your phone some day soon. :)11:33
b2850i hate the google11:34
nhainesYou should be able to buy the bq Aquaris easily in February.11:36
b2850ah ok11:38
nhainesDie bq-Seite sagt dass es nur €159,90 kostet.  Dass ist nicht sehr teuer.  :)11:38
b2850ist hier deutsch erlaubt, ja?11:38
aquariusein bisschen. :)11:39
nhainesMm, in kleiner Teilen, aber Englisch ist vielleicht besser.  :)11:39
nhaines(Ich spreche kaum Deutsch--ich tue nur so!)11:39
b2850ja, verständlich^^11:39
verterokaquarius: hi there!, how's going? you know about http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/platform/guides/push-notifications-client-guide/ right?14:55
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aquariusverterok, heya! Sorry, I was afk16:35
aquariusverterok, I know how to use push stuff -- the app I'm going to release shortly uses them and that all works fine :)16:36
verterokaquarius: ah, ok. :)16:36
aquariusverterok, I have some questions about the *details*, like: why don't notifications marked as persist:true stay in my Notifications status menu until I open them explicitly? Can a push helper read and write files? That sort of thing :)16:37
aquariusthe basics are fine :-)16:37
verterokaquarius: ah, yes..chipaca is the guy to ask about that16:39
aquariusI thought he might be :-)16:39
aquariusis he gone for Christmas now?16:39
verterokaquarius: regarding files, I'm pretty sure you can do it in the helper. but you are confined to the app directories16:39
verterokaquarius: probably16:39
aquariusyeah, I want to read my app's u1db16:39
verterokyes, I'm 98% sure you can do that :)16:40
aquariuswhich I can do from python fine, although I need to check that the qt implementation uses the same database format, which I begged cdwyan to do :)16:40
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aquariusverterok, also, do you have a way of generating an incoming test message on the phone itself, rather than having to send one via push.ubuntu.com?17:27
aquariusthat would be really handy for testing my app which uses push17:27
verterokaquarius: sorry, was afk17:42
verterokaquarius: yes, there is a way using gdbus...let me find the proper cmd line (in my notes)17:42
verterokaquarius: http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/platform/guides/push-notifications-server-guide/#com-ubuntu-postal-post17:44
aquariusverterok, nice one!17:50
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aquariusHow can I know which version of the OS my emulator is running, and whether creating a new emulator will give me something new with bugs fixed?18:41
aquarius(the SDK says it is Ubuntu version 20141124, Device version 20141119, Image 9: is there something newer I can run? I don't know how to work that out.)18:42
verterokaquarius: depends on which channel you are18:45
aquariusverterok, I do not know how to find out which channel it is!18:46
verterokaquarius: cat /etc/system-image/channel.ini :)18:46
aquariusgood answer, that man18:46
aquariustrying it :)18:46
aquariusverterok, channel: ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.0918:48
verterokaquarius: http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09/generic_x86/ ;)18:49
verterokaquarius: you could also run a "check for updates" in the emulator18:49
aquariusverterok, aha, so I'm on version 9, and there's actually a version 11!18:49
aquariusI don't think check for updates in the emulator works :(18:49
verterokfrom the settings app18:49
aquariuslet me try though in case I'm wrong18:49
aquariushm, the update checker just spins18:52
aquariusah, Dash has crashed again, maybe I'll restart that first to see if it helps18:52
aquarius(this is one of the reasons I want to upgrade :))18:52
aquariusyeah, update check just spins forever and doesn't find anything, hmph18:55
aquariusdoes the update manager have a logfile somewhere I can check to see why it isn't returning anything? I don't know who knows about this stuff18:57
aquariuswell, now it has stopped spinning and says "software is up to date", which it isn't. :(19:00
aquariusI am confused.19:00
verterokaquarius: indeed weird. I think you need to add you U1 account in order to use store, maybe it's the same for the updater19:07
aquariusI have added it -- that's how I install stuff :)19:08
verterokaquarius: no idea, maybe it's easier to just create a new emulator instance/image19:08
aquariusverterok, yeah, that's what I was worried about19:11
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aquariusthis is not overly friendly to emulator users. :(19:12
verterokaquarius: I think the updater has a CLI client, maybe you can try with that one19:13
verterokaquarius: system-image-cli19:14
aquariusit doesn't do anything. Do I need to be root to run it?19:16
aquariusah, yeah, I do19:17
verterokaquarius: --help ?19:17
aquariusok, trying with -n to see what it says (that's a dry run)19:17
verterokhad to run some errands, bbl19:19
* verterok waves19:19
aquariuscheers, verterok! have a good Christmas :)19:20
shiggitayrsalveti, r u here19:59
Chipacaaquarius: poke23:12
Chipacaaquarius: ok, ketch you later23:20

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