JackFrostyano: I have to ask, how many clients did you have to start after losing your special flag?00:57
yanoJackFrost: 2 more, i already was using 200:58
* JackFrost is glad yano can no longer check on his clones!01:00
JackFrostThough with /who it does make it too easy. :P01:01
yanoand stalker.pl :p01:01
JackFrostYou stalker...01:02
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skellat.nws 4400420:20
jenniHIGH Wind *WATCH* issued December 23 at 3:14PM EST until December 25 at 10:00AM EST by NWS20:20
jenniComplete weather watches, warnings, and advisories for Ashtabula, OH, available here: http://alerts.weather.gov/cap/wwaatmget.php?x=OHC007 -- You may also PM the bot to get the full list.20:20
skellatApparently I don't get a white Christmas this year20:20
skellatI also won't have a lush, green, tropical one like I did in 2006 out in American Samoa either...20:20
skellatAnd no, JackFrost, you don't want to see the written copy of my orders that was received today20:38
JackFrostI actually meant about not having a white Christmas...20:40
JackFrostAh, now I see.20:55
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