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vinay_hello every one.. can i get any information of how to use Qt Creator and how to create an application using it.10:10
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gcolluraMerry Christmas!10:37
gcolluravinay_, do you need some help? :)10:39
gcolluravinay_, this may help you :) http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/sdk/tutorials/10:40
DanChapmanmerry christmas gcollura!11:15
gcolluraDanChapman, you too :)11:18
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TommyBrunnHey. Does anyone know if there's a working example of an UbuntuListView with pullToRefresh in QML? I can't quite get it to work. If I essentially copy the example at https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/Ubuntu.Components.UbuntuListView/#pullToRefresh-prop, I get an error saying that the `enable` property doesn't exist.22:32
ElleoTommyBrunn: looks like a typo in the docs, that should be "enabled"22:34
ElleoTommyBrunn: it'd be really handy if you could file a bug against the uitk for that22:34
TommyBrunnSure thing. Thanks for the help.22:35
Elleono problem :)22:35
TommyBrunnAnother question. I've never been able to get the toolbar to show in qmlscene. Is this a bug or am I just misunderstanding how it should work? To test it out, I've set `locked` and `opened` to true, but it's still not there. https://gist.github.com/Nevon/ecf0e99fe189b2c38b2223:13
TommyBrunnOops. Nevermind. Spotted my mistake.23:16
ElleoTommyBrunn: there's a few things there actually, 1) you need an Action { } where you set action: 2) you need a MainView around the page and 3) you should probably set useDeprecatedToolbar: false in the MainView (so your toolbar items go in the header, which is the why modern UT apps should handle that sort of thing)23:19
Elleothe way*23:19
TommyBrunnYup. #1 was my problem. The gist is just a page component that's used elsewhere. Thanks for the help anyway. :)23:20
Elleookay, cool23:20
TommyBrunnTime to go to bed, I think. Making some stupid mistakes. :)23:22
Elleonight :)23:23

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