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shelloxI've just installed a ubuntu 14.04 vm and was wondering why the dynamic motd doesn't show the memory usage anymore03:15
shelloxdoes anyone know the reason behind that?03:15
patdk-lapdoesnt on 12.04 either03:25
shelloxreally? i thought it looked like that by default03:27
patdk-lapit's never looked like that for me03:29
shelloxi see thanks03:31
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Tobbe82Hi Everyone, I just want to confirm if i'm in the right channel. I'm currently trying to set up a webserver using Ubuntu Server 14.04 & LAMP and having some issues. Is this the channel were I should ask for help about this issue?09:58
Tobbe82And Merry Christmas btw ;)09:58
bekksThis is the channel to ask - merry christmas :)09:59
Tobbe82Excellent :) I will be back later (Time for breakfast noms) :)09:59
lordievaderTobbe82: What issues are you facing?10:00
Tobbe82Well I am following a guide and I update /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf     & /etc/apache2/apache2.conf  to reflect my vsftpd priviliages to basically try and set the webserver site folder to my /home/user/www folder from the standard default /var/ folder.10:01
Tobbe82now with the standard folder I can access the website from the webbrowser.10:02
Tobbe82when I change it I get an "Access not permitted" issue in the browser10:02
Tobbe82Is running a webserver from your /home directory disappreciated in Ubuntu server 14.04?10:02
Tobbe82(I'm guessing there might also be a permission issue but I'm rather new to Ubuntu to troubleshoot myself)10:03
Tobbe82any ideas on how to fix this?10:28
Tobbe82lolz that was wrong chat window10:29
Novice201yHello. Where can I find tasks to do as a volunteer Ubuntu sysadmin?11:10
lordievaderTobbe82: For home dir shares you might want to look into the userdir module: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/mod_userdir.html11:13
Tobbe82lordievader: thanks I'll look into that :)11:18
esdemerry christmas!12:39
VoyageI have apache2 but want different users to see different websites. I think pointing apache for each site to a /home/user/www directory would be a good idea, where /home/user is the directory of that user who can view / change site files?. Ok, If I have a site.com at some /home/user1/www and want to point site.com/demo2 to /home/user2/www; is it possible?13:16
patdk-laplook at using virtualhost13:18
patdk-lapor maybe hmm, what is that plugin13:18
Voyageyes, I know13:18
Voyageis it possible by using virtaul hosts?13:18
patdk-lapthat is the definition of virtualhost13:18
VoyageI thought it was only possible for subdomains13:19
Voyagesite.com/dir2      and site.com/dir2  can be of difference places. entirely different I mean13:19
patdk-lapwhat do subdomains have to do with anything?13:19
patdk-lapapache can only serve websites to ip addresses and hostnames13:20
Voyage I am installing a software that requirest json_extention. How can I install it on ubuntu? http://php.net/manual/en/function.json-decode.php16:11
Voyagenevermind ^16:24
kakamy ubuntu 14.04 x64 server showing 69 packages can be updated  30 updates are security updates17:09
kakahow to do thsi17:09
kakahow to do this17:09
kakaplease anyone help me17:10
queeqThis? http://serverfault.com/questions/270260/how-do-you-use-apt-get-to-only-install-critical-security-updates-on-ubuntu17:11
kakasorry but i am new in this can you please give command :)17:12
kakai read that article before17:13
queeqNever did it myself, have just duck-duck-go'ed it for you17:13
queeqAs far as I see there's no simple command to install only security updates17:14
queeqAh, there's a one-liner in the end of this article: http://kx.cloudingenium.com/linux/ubuntu/install-security-updates-command-line-ubuntu/17:16
queeqapt-get -s dist-upgrade | grep "^Inst" | grep -i securi | awk -F " " {'print $2'} | xargs apt-get install17:16
RoyKkaka: or just "apt-get update && apt-get -y dist-upgrade && apt-get -y autoremove"17:18
RoyKkaka: you can run those commands (separated by &&) separately if you like, and -y isn't needed for the last two, but I'm lazy17:18
kakai find this command somewhere on internet apt-get update && apt-get upgrade17:19
kakais this right17:19
RoyKit is17:19
queeqkaka, it will update everything, not only security updates17:19
RoyKbut I tend to use dist-upgrade17:20
RoyKkaka: see the apt-get manual to see the difference17:20
kakawhat about this apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade17:20
RoyKkaka: dist-upgrade implies upgrade17:21
queeqdist-upgrade implies upgrade17:21
queeqHas been typing and not reading :D17:21
queeqI know that theoretically dist-upgrade may cause some troubles. Never faced them though17:22
RoyKhaven't seen it either17:22
RoyKand I manage a few servers...17:22
kakathanks for your help @queeq, @royK17:28
JanCactually, it is often a good idea to do an upgrade before you do a dist-upgrade17:31
RoyKJanC: how come?17:32
JanCless likely to get conflicts in dependency solving, I guess?17:33
JanCin any case, it's what Debian's distro upgrade manual recommends IIRC17:33
JanCor at least, they did in the past17:34
shaunoI believe they still do.  'citation' would be 4.4.5 in https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/release-notes/ch-upgrading.en.html#upgrading-full17:37
JanC"""In some cases, doing the full upgrade (as described below) directly might remove large numbers of packages that you will want to keep. We therefore recommend a two-part upgrade process: first a minimal upgrade to overcome these conflicts, then a full upgrade […]"""17:39
JanCif APT doesn't propose to remove package on dist-upgrade it should be fine to use it immediately17:45
JanC(and sometimes removing packages is right, of course)17:45
patdk-lapthe only time removing a package matters, is if you installed software not under the control of apt18:03
patdk-laplike download/compiled/...18:03
patdk-lapyou might remove a dependence for it18:04
patel In ubuntu 14.04 x64 server how to run below command as root18:21
patelapt-get update  apt-get -y upgrade18:21
patelyou mean to say sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get -y upgrade18:22
pateli use digitalocean with ubuntu 14.04 x64 so how i reboot droplet by command18:25
patdk-lapask digitalocean?18:26
patelthanks @pardk-lap18:29
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kris|2есть кто русский?22:12
guntbert!ru | kris|222:14
ubottukris|2: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.22:14
acmehandleI can read Russian and communicate.  But I dont have russian fonts.  Would be cool if I could get those.22:26
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