popeyHappy Christmas! :D00:02
daftykinspopey: and to you sir o/00:07
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zmoylan-pi365 days to christmas :-P01:26
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MyrttiXPS 13 is teeny!08:59
MartijnVdSit's awesome though09:06
ChunkzZMerry Christmas! :09:50
SuperMattmerry christmas :)10:00
brobostigonmorning boys and girls, and happy christmas.10:17
SuperMattwould be happier if I wasn't WFH10:19
SuperMattworking from home10:19
SuperMattI've got to stay at my pc to take calls10:19
SuperMattI've already done about 610:20
SuperMattand I've updated 20 tickets10:20
* brobostigon bought himself the old nexus 4.10:20
shaunogotta be better than working from the office.  I have the classic vending machine lunch - two packets of crisps and a snickers bar10:21
zmoylan-pibut if you soak the snickers in the tape head cleaner it'll make the day fly by :-P10:22
brobostigonsoak the snickers in whisky, make a snickers smoothie.10:23
bashrchappy christmas ubuntuers10:34
zmoylan-pieven those crazy x/k/lubuntu users? :-)10:35
brobostigonhaiku'ers, :)10:39
zmoylan-pieven the last os/2 user10:40
zmoylan-pibut no cpm, we have to draw the line somewhere :-)10:41
brobostigonoh well.10:43
bashrcyes, I am a kubuntu user10:56
* zmoylan-pi uses lubuntu and xubuntu10:56
mapitofeel rough14:01
mapitogonna be one of those days14:03
penguin42is this feeling rough as a consequence of last night?14:16
mapitogib closed 214:17
mapitoso went into spain and bars were open till 5/614:17
mapitoof course i cant get enough14:17
mapitototal idiot again14:17
penguin42so not so much last night as this morning14:18
mapitogot a kebab at 6am14:19
mapitoand a can of cruzcampo14:19
mapitolike a fool14:19
mapitoclearly id had enough14:19
zmoylan-pihas anyone ever finished a story with the line 'got a kebab...' well?14:30
mapitoit was nice14:32
mapitov nice14:32
SuperEngineerzmoylan-pi, ` NO - but in the back garden I do I have a kebab well, so why I need any reading material about it?14:32
mapitothen i phond a girl and pestered her to come out14:33
zmoylan-piit's a food group that only sells to those so flutered that common sense has been compleely silenced14:33
mapitowell this kebab was nice14:34
mapitochicken kebab and a can o cruzcampo14:34
mapitolike an alcoholic14:34
mapitowhat a mug14:35
penguin42mapito has a surprisingly good memory14:36
mapitowhys it surprising14:37
penguin42well you must have been well pickled by then14:38
mapitoclown behaviour b me again14:40
mapitogetting too old to be doing it all the time15:21
mapitoit's draining!15:22
SuperEngineerSevere weather warnings of more than 10cm of snow are issued by the Met Office for 26 December for some parts of the UK....16:10
SuperEngineer!st to build a 10cm snowman wins!16:10
lubotu3SuperEngineer: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:10
SuperEngineer[& dear luboto3... you are dumber than I am, fool!16:12
penguin42yeh apparently we've got a chance of a little on Saturday16:12
penguin42heck, Sunday/Monday is looking like it's going to be around 0c; the last week or two has been pleasently above 10c16:13
SuperEngineerok, guys & gals: pack drill time.  Candles ready, extra quilt ready, plumber called just in case16:14
penguin42no, yes, no, but I do have chocolate16:14
SuperEngineer...dearest tux.... you may like it snow covered & frozen... I don't!16:14
SuperEngineeroooo chocolate..... darn - suddenly I feel unprepared!16:15
penguin42hmm, Amazon have a deal on the Sony DSCHX60 260->159 - I'd been eyeing it's cheaper older version that was typically retailing for 170 and was hoping someone would have that on sale, but I can't find anyone doing that cheaper16:20
penguin42(pocket camera with 30x optical zoom)16:22
SuperEngineersshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!  it's Dr. Who time!18:14
zmoylan-pidr. who saves the day /spoiler18:24
SuperEngineersurely - you mean "saves the Christmas Day" - fool!18:34
zmoylan-pihe has access to time travel he can save any day on christmas day he likes - noob!!18:49
SuperEngineerzmoylan-pi, not quite true - you need to be aware of the tangerine effect to understand that though ;)19:15
StevenR_hrmph. Updated to trusty. Rebooted. Grub says "file not found" and gives me a grub rescue> prompt.19:34
penguin42StevenR_: Oops19:38
penguin42StevenR_: Anything odd about your install?19:38
StevenR_penguin42: raid 1 /19:47
penguin42StevenR_: Ah19:49
penguin42StevenR_: Try telling your BIOS to boot off the other disk, my suspicion is that the grub.cfg is only on one of the drives?19:50
penguin42StevenR_: that might not help if the boot sector your booting off is just trying to read it off the wrong drive19:50
StevenR_ls shows all the partitions.19:51
StevenR_rebooting to try that now19:51
penguin42StevenR_: How many drives do you have in ? Just the two? Do you have any USB storage devices plugged in?19:52
StevenR_penguin42: 6.... I think19:52
StevenR_(it's my dad's Mythbox)19:52
penguin42StevenR_: Hmm, fun19:52
StevenR_from memory, 2xSSD RAID1 (system) 2x1.5TB (myth-data), 1x500GB (backups), SATA DVD19:53
StevenR_other ssd says file not found too19:53
penguin42StevenR_: Grub has to figure out a mapping between it's idea of say /dev/sda  and the BIOS drive number, so that it can then write into the boot sector which drive to go and read other bits off, if that gets screwed up odd things happen19:53
penguin42StevenR_: Similarly, if something like one half of your RAID has the grub.cfg on and it's trying to read it off that then it could happen19:54
StevenR_grub appears to be written to one of the 1.5TB drives19:55
StevenR_login screen!19:55
StevenR_still got an error about some filter thing19:58
Myrttinew laptop ♥19:58
penguin42StevenR_: OK, make sure your RAID is sync'd19:58
StevenR_penguin42: mdadm says they are both in sync (two arrays)20:03
penguin42good good20:05
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StevenR_penguin42: sorted I think - reinstalled grub to the SSDs21:25
StevenR_next problem - keyboard map reverts to US for xterms/XFCE4terminal/etc21:26
StevenR_I've run setxkbmap and sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration .... both fix it for that session, but if I reboot, then it's back to US21:27
StevenR_penguin42: thanks for the grub pointers btw21:28
penguin42StevenR_: No problem; with RAID1 just keep an eye out whether it works fine if one of the RAID pairs dies; I think Grub these days should know how to deal with RAID directly21:41
StevenR_penguin42: is rc.local still executed on boot in trusty? (there's a command that sends a mail, and the mail doesn't show up in either the dest or logs21:57
penguin42heck, not sure21:58
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daftykinsHappy Christmas to all in -uk :)23:22
penguin42hey daftykins23:22
daftykinshi sir, how goes your day?23:23
penguin42good, and yours?23:23
daftykinsyep ta, just home now after visiting the olds :)23:23
daftykinsnow i can push tosh on the TV ;)23:23
daftykinsheh there are some high frequencies the cat really doesn't like!23:25
daftykinspenguin42: did you get yourself any new toys to play with today? :)23:27
penguin42daftykins: I've got myself a little dev board; ST Micro Nucleo board23:30
penguin42not done much with it yet, except checks it powers on and grabbed all the docs23:30
daftykinsneat :D23:31
penguin42yeh, hopefully23:31
daftykinsi got myself a bluray TV set of 'The Sopranos' and got it working under Linux with makemkv's libaacs substitute :D23:31
penguin42oh nice, I hadn't realised anyone had got bluray going23:31
penguin42(not that I have any bluray)23:32
daftykinsi didn't until now :) i have an xbox one to play them too now but i thought it'd be a fun task to just give it a go too23:33
daftykinsso my ubuntu running HTPC, with the addition of a makemkv PPA, quick file transplant and hey-presto XBMC/Kodi can play :)23:33
daftykinswell, symlink of course :>23:34
daftykinsit's more for films though i think, on my series discs it just kinda picks the longest title and plays that23:35
daftykinsso there's no menu support23:35
Azelphurso, I just bought a chromecast, and it seems to...well, suck.23:41
penguin42Azelphur: Out of interest, in which particular way?23:42
Azelphurpenguin42: well, the documentation on googles website says that you can push photos and video from your phone to the chromecast in the photos app23:42
Azelphurread the documentation, the button shown in the screenshots is not present on any of my devices, no way to push photos/videos out of the box.23:42
penguin42fun, is it enabled by some switch somewhere?23:43
AzelphurI heard that you have to turn on google plus photo uploads in order to be allowed to use it23:43
penguin42I vaguely remember a flag that sounded like something related but can't remember what23:43
* penguin42 waits for his phone to boot23:44
Azelphurthat said, the documentation makes no mention of any buttons, switches, or google plus requirements23:44
Azelphurit just says go into photos, select a photo, and hit the chromecast button23:44
Azelphurand, the button just plain isn't there, so that's frustrating.23:44
Azelphurso then I tried a bunch of third party apps, localcast, ES File explorer chromecast plugin, and bubbleupnp, none of them could stream recorded video from my phone to the TV without lots of buffering.23:46
penguin42where's the button supposed to be?23:46
Azelphurpenguin42: https://support.google.com/plus/answer/6045071?hl=en click on "Android app"23:46
penguin42hmm maybe it was the 'wireless display certification' I was thinking of23:47
penguin42Azelphur: On mine under settings->display and lights->cast screen   do you have that?23:48
Azelphurpenguin42: in Android settings? Yea I have that, that's for screen casting23:49
Azelphurbut you can't really stream video over that, it's low framerate and choppy23:49
Azelphurit's not designed to do video23:49
Azelphurso yea, that was gripe #123:50
daftykinsi'm surprised it's giving you grief, everyone touts those things as the best since sliced bread23:51
Azelphurdaftykins: exactly, that's why I bought a couple23:51
Azelphurbut honestly I'm regretting the purchase, the only thing it's useful for is screencasting and youtube23:51
Azelphurand youtube Kodi already does, anyway. So it's pretty much just screen casting, and Miracast is better.23:51
penguin42Azelphur: I wonder if it expects some app installed or something being registered somehow to enable that button23:52
Azelphurpenguin42: no idea, it's certainly not a update issue, my n5 is up to date, I've also tried it on a 4.4 N7 2012, and a Huawei Ascend Y300. None of them have the button present23:52
penguin42Azelphur: anything odd in the wifi setup on them?23:53
daftykinsthis may be quite dumb, but have you tried clearing the data and cache of the apps in question?23:53
Azelphurnope, standard Sky home setup.23:53
Azelphurdaftykins: nope23:54
daftykinsi tend to do that to sort out any android app woes i have23:54
Azelphurnope, after cache and data wipe button still isn't there - as I say if it was some kind of app issue it wouldn't be present on all 3 devices23:55
Azelphurso yea, tl;dr documentation is wrong, doesn't work.23:56
daftykinsyou raise a fair point there23:57
daftykinsi've never touched one so don't really know how they function23:57
daftykinsalthough lemme just go into the same apps on my Nexus 423:57
Azelphuroh the other rant I had about it, volume control was extremely laggy23:58
Azelphurpress volume down - wait 20 seconds23:58
daftykinswhich incidentally became super unresponsive on the lock screen earlier, then promptly reset itself =|23:58
Azelphurand there was nothing wrong with the wifi, all in the same room as the router, and I could shove 5.6MB/sec over it23:58
daftykinswell i have no device on my network so i guess mine is a moot point ;x23:59
daftykinsbut yeah i'm on a pic and i don't see the icon ;)23:59
daftykinsi have it in youtube though since my youtube app is paired with my TV23:59

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