xubuntu15wi did that too00:02
xubuntu15wi kinda liked the way voyager has the dock at the bottom but i like being able to just right click and bring up the aplcation doilog00:04
knomeyou can change your panel configuration to be similar in xubuntu too if you wish00:04
xubuntu15wyes i looked at that but decided i didnt really care for that I have an i mac with maverick and the lap top my Mom uses i put xubuntu voyager on and like the way it looks andfunctions but alot of it is not nessicary00:07
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knomefyi, voyager doesn't have anything else to do with xubuntu except it's based on xubuntu - it's not official, there is no cooperation between the two teams00:09
knomeso there isn't really an OS called "xubuntu voyager"00:09
xubuntu15wyes i know the voyager guys are al french00:10
xubuntu15wI like the help the have pretty good suport exept the is a slight language barier00:11
xubuntu15wI found the os qiute simaller though00:13
knomeof course, most of voyager comes directly from xubuntu00:13
knomeanyway, if you want to continue the discussion, you can join our general chatter channel at #xubuntu-offtopic :)00:14
xubuntu15walso i got the voyager theme or whatever out of linux mag cd ok thanks00:14
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xubuntu89wI need help03:02
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windobuhow can I remove the icons on the window buttons?05:17
cfhowlettsystem > appearance > settings > Toolbar Style > Text05:18
windobuWhere is this? I googled this and they said to edit the gtk theme itself, but I figured there was an easier way05:21
brainacidusing xmonad w/ xubunt 14.0411:21
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brainacidhi brainwash12:35
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rosaecaeruleaehi, I have a problem with radiotray. Terminal output here: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/7eRgvEdR6416:39
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: bug 103342118:51
ubottubug 1033421 in radiotray (Ubuntu) "fails to start due to XML error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103342118:51
brainwashrosaecaeruleae: I suggest that you try to google for a solution before asking here18:51
rosaecaeruleaethx brainwash +18:57
brainwashyou're welcome :)18:58
flux242yep, always ready to brainwash you again19:00
flux242; )19:00
squeegilyI have an Acer Aspire One 751h that can't suspend on Linux. Well, it suspends OK, but then it won't respond to any keys or the power button.19:33
squeegilyI already tried pm-suspend with different combinations of quirks19:33
squeegilyOnce it worked when I used --quirk-s3-bios, but I couldn't figure out why it happened to work that time19:34
squeegilyWindows XP suspends and resumes without issue on this laptop19:35
squeegilyI've already scrubbed Google19:36
brainwashsqueegily: did you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspend ?19:37
squeegilybrainwash: Okay.. Installing the mainline kernel nw19:47
squeegilybrainwash: Okay, did the pm_trace. System suspended and I pulled the battery. After it booted, I did dmesg | less and searched for "hash" and didn't find what it said to look for.19:52
squeegilyThe thing is, I think it's related to the BIOS since it doesn't even start to resume (no HDD access, the power light never turns green for a second) and the --quirk-s3-bios worked once19:53
squeegilyIT WORKED AGAIN19:55
squeegilyI booted with init=/bin/sh and then ran mount -o remount,rw /; pm-suspend --quirk-vbemode-restore19:55
brainwashsqueegily: sadly I have no idea how to deal with this problem, it's basically trial & error19:56
squeegilyI'm really having a hard time nailing down the constants19:56
squeegilyI can't tell what makes it work.. I haven't found the pattern yet19:57
squeegilyThe thing is, I'm a student going to do the NM supercomputing challenge, and coding on Windows is not an option.. but a laptop that can't sleep.... :/19:57
squeegilyIs just as much fun19:57
brainwashbut that's linux, some things just don't work out of the box or don't work at all19:59
squeegilyOkay, running it with init=/bin/sh and then running pm-suspend --quirk-vbemode-restore DID work, but just now I tried suspending with --quirk-vbemode-restore in /etc/pm/config.d/gma500 and that didn't work19:59
brainwashgma500 :/19:59
squeegilyYeah Intel hardware is fun20:00
squeegilyMy Radeon HD 4350 was easier to use with Linux than this20:00
brainwashI'm using the acer travelmate 8471 (gm45 + radeon 4330)20:01
squeegilyRight now I have /etc/pm/config.d/gma500 containing the line: "ADD_PARAMETERS='--quirk-vbemode-restore'"20:02
squeegilyWithout the double-quotes20:02
squeegilyWhat should I do?20:02
squeegilyI ran pm-suspend from a console and it didn't work20:03
brainwashwell, the obvious answer: buy some better hardware :>20:03
squeegilyCrash again20:03
squeegilyYeah I just got $100 for christmas to go towards my computer savings20:03
squeegilyThis is a gift from a friend who didn't need it anymore20:03
brainwashyou could file a bug report, but this bring you a solution any time soon20:04
squeegilyIt still has the XP installation on it because I knew something like this would happen when I installed Linux20:04
brainwashwhich xubuntu version?20:04
squeegilyI think I figured it out20:05
squeegilyI installed it yesterday20:05
brainwashmaybe it's worth to test 14.10 or even 15.04 (dev release)20:05
squeegilyPerhaps the constant is the console20:05
squeegilyHow can I disable the graphical driver for the VTTYs?20:06
squeegilyIt seems that if the console looked all blurry (like with init=/bin/sh), it resumed fine20:06
brainwashyou want to unload the gpu driver (kernel module)?20:07
squeegilyI just want the vTTYs (Ctrl+Alt+F1-F6) to not have good resolution20:09
squeegilyLike 1360x76820:09
squeegilyI'm looking up stuff about Grub now20:09
brainwashso you want to disable modesetting20:09
squeegilyI just booted with nomodeset and the console still looks sharp.. in a second I'll see if suspend works20:10
squeegilyPerhaps I need to try the GFX_PAYLOAD thing20:11
squeegilyI used an Ubuntu derivative so I didn't have to do this stuff :(20:15
brainwashbut your gpu is trash (not supported by intel)20:15
brainwashso don't expect any miracles20:16
squeegilyThe point of Linux is you can pull a computer out of the trash, boot up a USB, and it becomes working20:16
squeegilyI expected a miracle :(20:17
squeegilyOkay, Grub is using 1360x768. How can I make the console use the same resolution?20:17
brainwashit won't work properly if the driver support is broken, incomplete or missing20:17
squeegilyUgh Grub didn't even use the right resolution20:18
squeegilyI'll take a break for now20:18
brainwashwell, please head over to the grub channel :)20:18
brainwashok, good luck20:18
squeegilyThanks for your helo20:18
bjorn_Hi there, just installed xubuntu 14.10 and have problem with computer suspending upon closing lid. is this a known bug?20:55
deshipubjorn_: what bug?20:56
bjorn_deshipu, before installing 14.10 I could close the lid and nothing would happen, now it suspends.20:59
deshipubjorn_: you can set it in the power manager settings21:00
bjorn_deshipu, But it does not work for me21:01
bjorn_therefore i ask21:01
deshipuI don't know, you could look for it on launchpad21:03
bjorn_deshipu, ok.21:04
bjorn_thank you21:04
flux242bjorn_: there was a bug related suspending.21:06
flux242at least in 14.0421:06
bjorn_Now it wakes up with the screen lit, its better than in 14.04, then it did not turn on the screen.21:08
bjorn_it is still annoying that it suspends...21:09
flux242you set it to not suspend?21:09
flux242try this: xset -dpms; xset s 0 0; xset s off &21:12
bjorn_it there such an option (explicit)21:12
bjorn_no difference21:14
flux242ok, there was some option to activate, cannot remember21:14
bjorn_and one probably trivial question, how can I see the battery percentage in the panel  :]21:23
bjorn_found it, had to click the battery, surely trivial!21:27
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