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17SAA9HNLhey guys02:41
17SAA9HNLI need to do full bckup of kubuntu. whts the best tool to do so?02:41
17SAA9HNLconfigurtion, system, folders etc.02:41
17SAA9HNLi found this - https://www.kubuntuforums.net/archive/index.php/t-65830.html - nd it sys I should crete  prtition. I will be using n externl HDD. Just wnt to mke sure this will be  decently sfe process02:42
DragnslcrYou could also look at tools like partimage or partclone02:45
17SAA9HNLimging prtitions?02:45
DragnslcrIf you just want a backup of the entire system02:46
Denza252Is your "a" key broken02:46
17SAA9HNLit's my left side of my keybord tht is not responding properly fter using the keybord too much02:49
17SAA9HNLit's like some wierd internl buffer tht gets filled nd then the left side of the keybord doesn't respond nymore02:49
17SAA9HNLthe issue pplies for within grub nd windows 8 on my system02:49
17SAA9HNLso I wnt to do n uninstlltion of the dul boot nd get windows 8 to run gin. if the problem persists, i'm returning the 4-month notebook to cer02:50
17SAA9HNLsorry, sus*02:50
17SAA9HNLnd I see...02:50
17SAA9HNLok, i see.02:51
17SAA9HNL"Partimage does not support ext4 or btrfs filesystems." - tht doesn't seem good02:52
17SAA9HNLi do hve ext402:52
DragnslcrI think partclone is better maintained that partimage02:54
DragnslcrI've used Clonezilla, which uses partclone, to create images of Linux and Windows systems02:54
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morgajelhey guys, I need some help... I just upgraded from the 3.11 kernel to the 3.16 kernel; now after selecting the new kernel from the advanced grub menu, my screen goes black and the machien freezes at the point where my disk encryption passphrase is supposed to pop up03:50
morgajelif I boot it into recovery mode, I'm stuck at a wonky resolution03:51
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Bomberi hve some uestions bout clonezill04:54
jdog83idc of having long term support.  my question is 14.04.1 or 14.10 for newer linux user?04:58
jdog83oh yeah Happy Holidays!04:59
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Bomberfor clonzill, i need to crete  redy prtition for the bckup process?05:10
Bomberi'm using n externl HDD05:10
jdog83hello, how can i change the image of splash screen? to match wallpaper.05:30
jdog83must be the holidays, quiet in here05:34
Bomberm I supposed to run Clonezill t boot stge? not inside kubuntu05:59
JesseDhammuhello i am using kubuntu, its default mail application has facility to send the retrive mails only. Unlike thunderbird, which your can configure to use as chat clients, add your facebook, google chat, and even IRC...06:03
JesseDhammuis there any other option so that i can use Kmail, with all the chat facalities, without opening other applicaitons like messenger and quassel IRC06:04
JesseDhammuor should i just stick to thunderbird..06:04
BomberHey guys, I think I did  mistke by mounting my Windows 8 prtittion to /mnt. is tht bd? cn I unmount without ny conseuences?06:35
buriedaliveBomber u can edit file /etc/fstab (only root)06:41
Bomberum....so if i unmount, will i lose the prtition from the disk?06:43
Bomberor will it just unmount>06:43
Bomberi men, the prtition ws probblly mounted somewhere else nd by doing wht I did I probblly shifted the mount to  different plce. I just wnt to mke sure I don't lose the prtition06:44
Bombernd....the prtition doesn't seem to be listed on my fstb06:45
buriedaliveu dont lose the partition06:55
buriedalivetypin in terminal sudo mount06:55
buriedalivesee the partitions that u want to unmount06:56
buriedalivefor example: sudo umount /dev/sdb106:56
buriedaliveits a dangerous! carefully06:57
Bomber reset fixed it07:23
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valoriewoah, thunderbird does CHAT? how bizarre07:48
Bomberhey. i'm still seeking help with clonezill07:58
Bomberor ny bckup method08:00
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donnieIs this channel and one on Freenode different?10:43
valoriethis is freenode, donnie10:51
donnievalorie: is irc.ubuntu.com a freenode server?10:54
valorie....I think it is just a re-direct, but don't know for sure10:55
valorieubuntu is one of the major users of freenode10:56
valorieI do know that10:56
donnieah okay.10:56
donnieI have just installed Kubuntu on my system.10:56
donnieTrasmission-qt isn't using oxygen theme.10:57
valorieexcellent, how is it going?10:57
donnieI am on Ubuntu 14.04.10:57
donniesorry kubuntu 14.0410:57
valoriewell, transmission isn't a KDE application10:57
valorienot sure how to get it to follow your theme10:57
donnieIt isn't but it has both gtk and qt version. The Qt version does use Oxygen theme.10:58
valorieyou'll want oxygen-gtk turned on, but that won't help with qt-only applicatins10:58
valorietransmission-qt isn't qt?10:58
valoriethat doesn't make sense10:58
valorie!info oxygen-gtk10:59
ubottuPackage oxygen-gtk does not exist in utopic10:59
valorieoh, pfff10:59
valorieI think that is a selection in your systemsettings11:00
valorietry alt+f2 and type gtk and see what you get11:00
donnieI don't think it does anything with gtk. It is a native qt app.11:00
donniehttps://www.transmissionbt.com/ see at the bottom of the page their is a pic of qt version of Transmission. It will look exactly like a KDE app.11:01
valorieperhaps someone who uses that will show up in a bit11:02
valorieI use ktorrent and like it11:02
valoriehaven't ever used transmission, but I know some do11:03
donnieKtorrent interface is way too cluttered.11:03
valoriewell, I don't often look at it -- I just seed all the *buntu torrents11:03
donnieI think kde-gtk-config is broken. The font stays at 12 point. If I change it back to something smaller like 10 points and restart the systemsettings, it goes back to 12 points.11:04
donnieEven if I change fonts to 2 GTK+ apps look like they are using 12 point or larger font size. Chrome doesn't seem to use fonts I have set in systemsettings.11:06
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donnieIs Kubuntu the most widely used KDE distribution?11:38
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BluesKaj_Happy Boxing Day to those who observe it :)13:08
KolyanHello everyone! How can i get KDE SC 4.14.3?14:28
ikoniause a repo that contains it14:29
ikoniathat maps to your kubuntu version14:29
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tuorhi, when I'm playing minecraft an pressing Ctrl+Space my kde switches to the desktop, how can I deativate this?14:31
KolyanGive me repo with KDE SC 4.14.3 please14:31
soeeKolyan: i think its not packaged yet for Utopic or Trusty, as all work was about packaging application and latets plasma vor Vivid14:38
soeethe 4.14.3 should be package probably ~ first 2 weeks of 2015, but this is only guess as january 16th also beta of Plasma 5.2 is released and a this will require a lot of work to14:39
tuorIt's only when I'm in fullscreen mode. When I use windowed mode, is shows me the pointer, when I press Ctrl+Space.14:40
tuorHow can I deactivate, that Cortol+Space is doing anything?14:42
soeetuor: either check maincratfs shortcuts (im not sure how the look as i nevr played minecraft), or search in System Settings -> Shortcuts for such combination14:46
soeeand if it is some global shortcut that might have influance on your apps14:46
tuorsoee, when I login to Unity it works, it does nothing (Ctrl+Space).14:50
tuorsoee, I can't any Ctrl+Space. Is there a config file that I can grep on?14:51
soeetobiasBora: Unity and KDE are differend DE, so they also might have different combination of shortcut keys14:51
soeetuor: ^14:51
tuorsoee, yes. That's the reason why i'm searching the problem not in minecraft. So I searched for Ctrl+Space in the settings but found nothing...14:52
ademhello guys15:44
ademi have to keep typing this commant to use gui or even cli   sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock15:45
ademis there a fix for this15:45
emmaHey flash stopped working for me in Firefox. So removed flashplugin-installer, but now what?17:24
emmanow nothing works.17:25
ikoniaflash is a real problem emma17:52
ikoniaa few weeks ago adobe issued an update that's stopped some things from working unless you have the newer version, and as there never will be a new linux version it's locked a few things out17:53
ikoniait's also made a warning appear for a lot of critical software (eg: the vmware web interface)17:53
emmaApparently. So what are our options? This could be a linux on the desktop killer for a lot of normal users. Like my mom. Who expect to be able to view videos and stuff.17:53
ikoniapretty much none17:56
ikoniathere are many of suggested work arounds, but the bottom line is, flash is dead (in my opinion only)17:56
ikoniamove as much as you can to html 5 sites17:57
ikoniamaybe try pepper-flash, but thats just as bad as gnash in my opinion, and is a worse experience and headache than no flash at all17:57
emmaby 'move' to html5 sites you mean stop using sites you are now using and go to different sites18:00
emmathat isn't possible for normal people under a lot of circumstances.18:00
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emmaikonia: it looks like Mint did something to help its users. What do you think they did?18:09
emmaMint claimis you just update and the issue goes away18:09
ikoniaemma: they appear to be using pepper flash18:22
ikoniaemma: the debian wiki has a reasonable write up about it https://wiki.debian.org/PepperFlashPlayer18:24
ikoniait wasn't so much of a problem until Adobe's recent update that basically outdates the last ever version of Adobe Flash onlinux - to the point of not working for a lot of people18:24
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emmaikonia: i don't see how they can use peper because peper only works with chrome but mint comes with firefox.18:28
ikoniaemma: you can use it as a plugin with other browsers18:29
ikoniaemma: but this goes back to the hassle I was mentioning earlier18:29
me_I use kubuntu but too slow18:29
me_and system hangs a lot18:29
soeeme_: what version ?18:29
me_the new one18:30
ikoniaemma: just as an example http://www.webupd8.org/2014/05/fresh-player-plugin-pepper-flash.html I'm not massivly convinced by this page as a whole process, but you get the concept and hassle I am referencing18:30
me_and system is too slow too18:31
me_can you please recommend a good and stable distro?18:32
soeeme_: Kubuntu was always stable for me :) Atm. im running Kubuntu 15.04 Alpha 1 :)18:32
soeehave no problems with it18:32
ildefonsohi all!21:45
ildefonsoquick question, has any of you experienced X memory leaks recently?21:45
ildefonsoI am observing a serious one, from ~300MB to 2.8GB in just over 3 hours.21:46
ildefonsoand xrestop reports and usage of just ~191187K21:46
hakermaniaildefonso: 5 hours uptime at 60MiB21:49
ildefonsohakermania: thanks, yeah, all points toward a serious memory leak somewhere.21:53
ildefonsoI am using kubuntu 14.04, with AMD proprietary drivers.  I'll try switching to open drivers or something like that to discard a possible driver bug.21:53
ildefonsohowever, this morning I had a hard time after uninstalling fglrx packages: system would fail to complete boot, due to a problem on radeon module... is anybody using AMD R9 adapters with kubuntu 14.04?21:54
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dario_ciao a tutti22:37
dario_come va?22:37

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