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tomattohi, please how can i upgrade lubuntu 12.10 to new 14.10?15:19
tomattowhen i run apt-get update it can't found repo and download updates15:20
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:26
Buddybhey zy3pd16:16
zy3pDhi Buddyb16:16
Buddybhow's it going16:17
zy3pDit's the same like whats up?16:17
Buddybyes, same thing16:18
zy3pDcool new words for my english knowledge ^^16:19
zy3pD...i deactivated ip v6 some minutes before16:20
Buddybwhat's ip v6?16:21
zy3pDits a new version of the ip protocol(which is used in the www)16:22
zy3pDthe old was ip v4 and my network runs with ip v4 so i dont need it16:23
Buddyboh ok16:23
zy3pDand do you have problems with lubuntu again? ;)16:23
Buddybevery now and then, sometimes it does not work, but it's ok16:24
Buddybsometimes i turn the computer on, and once i'm logged in, it defaults to the original wallpaper, the screen is blank, and i can only move my mouse up/down in a straight line16:25
Buddybso then i have to shut it down and start back up16:25
zy3pDyeah thats not cool, but lubuntu is such a minimalistic system ... we have to accept that :D16:25
zy3pDif your pc has more power then linux mint maybe is a better choice16:26
zy3pDbtw do you know how many ram/cpu your pc has?16:26
Buddybit's a laptop, it's decent. has 6 gb ram, 500 gb hdd and a second gen core i516:27
zy3pDand which speed has the cpu (e.g. 1,2GHz) and how many cores? (e.g. quadcore or dualcore)16:28
Buddybi believe 2 cores at 2.5 ghz16:29
Buddybhow do I check that on my computer? i'm so used to windows16:29
zy3pDi use hardinfo for that16:30
Buddybok cool16:30
Buddybyes, those are my specs16:31
Buddyb2 core 2.5 ghz16:31
Buddybhere's the thing, i use it for work, so i need it to be as stable and reliable as possible16:31
zy3pDon lubuntu it is preinstalled (system profiler and benchmark)16:31
zy3pDdo you play any big games or things like that on it?16:33
Buddybno, just work16:33
Buddybthe laptop isn't powerful enough to play any games16:33
Buddybat least graphic intense games i'd be interested in16:33
Buddybi like ubuntu, but dislike unity16:34
Buddyblubuntu is pretty good so far, but not perfect16:34
zy3pDi play on my laptop(dualcore, 1GHz) minecraft! :D16:34
tewardBuddyb: that *might* be able to run Mint.  It can definitely run Lubuntu though (my older laptop was a weaker dualcore with 3.5GB RAM, and Lubuntu ran fine)16:34
Buddybbut i am using the 14.10 release, would the 14.04 version work a little cleaner you think?16:34
tewardbut I do NOT advise using Mint - because it's an unsupported variant16:34
tewardBuddyb: 14.04 is probably more stable (but I stick to LTSes for stability, and power-user backport things which I need newer)16:35
Buddybteward, thanks. i pretty much want a distro that i can get support easily for online, i.e. in these forums16:35
tewardyeah, I push for Ubuntu and its variants, not the derivatives of Mint and such16:35
zy3pDi also use 14.04.1 ... good idea teward16:35
Buddybteward, if i swtiched from 14.10 to 14.04 lubuntu do you think i would notice a difference? in errors, issues i'm having?16:36
zy3pDno the theme is a bit different ...16:36
tewardBuddyb: forgive me but i don't have your errors scrollback so I don't know how to answer that16:36
Buddybwell not so much errors, it's just that i have issues from time to time16:37
Buddybfor instance16:37
tewardi can say the theme is a tiny bit different16:37
tewardBuddyb: there's always going to be nitpicky stupid edge case issues for everyone16:37
tewardi run into them regularly16:37
tewardin all variants16:37
Buddybi have 2 monitors plugged in to laptop, set the autostart and ran the script to where the monitors are extended. randomly the monitors will start up on mirrored16:38
tewardyou might have *less* errors, yes16:38
tewardbut you'll still have issues.16:38
tewardah, okay, I don't use Lubuntu with triple screens16:38
Buddybsometimes when i start the computer i can't do anything, it reverts to the default wallpaper, can only move mouse up/down, and can't access anything16:38
tewardBuddyb: you can always try, but I ALWAYS suggest backing up data16:38
zy3pDteward, we created an autostart script in /etc/xdg/autostart16:39
Buddybwell i just installed lubuntu sunday, not much on here so no worries for trying new things16:39
Buddybit's a dual screen setup16:39
tewardtriple if you include the laptop :P16:40
tewardunless it's just the external and your laptop16:40
* teward has a triple screen setup o.o16:40
zy3pDBuddyb, one idea is that you test linux mint mate (i dont like it because of the ugly green ^^) or you downgrade to lubuntu 14.04.116:40
zy3pDteward, on laptop or pc?16:41
Buddybits laptop plus 2 external but only 2 work at a time, the 2 external16:41
tewardzy3pD: on my laptop.16:41
tewardzy3pD: VGA -> DVI, HDMI -> DVI, external butterfly monitors16:41
zy3pDahhh i tried 3 screens with 2 gpus but it didnt worked16:41
tewardthe third screen is my laptop's screen16:41
BuddybIf I downgrade to 14.04 do i just need to reinstall it?16:43
zy3pDyes but dont expect your files to be saved ... so do a backup!16:43
Buddybwell what do you suggest between ubuntu and lubuntu?16:44
zy3pDlubuntu<linux mint<ubuntu16:45
zy3pDor what do you mean?16:45
Buddybif you had to suggest a distro for me to use, which one do you think is best16:45
Buddybi'm not sure the diff between ubunut and lubuntu, not sure how much slower ubuntu would be16:46
tewardubuntu and its variants.16:46
zy3pDBuddyb, you dont like unity right?16:46
Buddybteward, when you say variants does that include mint, or lubuntu, xubunut etc16:46
Buddybzy3pd, right, can i install cinnamon on ubuntu?16:47
tewardBuddyb: Ubuntu.Xubuntu,Lubuntu,Kubuntu,Ubuntu GNOME16:47
tewardBuddyb: i call mint and elementary and such that are based on ubuntu derivatives16:47
tewardbecause they're based off of Ubuntu but they make changes16:47
zy3pDBuddyb, yes but you can also use linux mint cinnamon there is cinnamon preinstalled and configurated and works with the other system components16:47
Buddyband how would you compare support for lubuntu vs. ubuntu? the same or will things vary16:48
Buddybfor instance if i have a probelm in lubuntu, is it harder to fix or the same as an ubuntu issue16:48
Buddybzy3pd, i mean can you install cinnamon on ubuntu, not linux mint cinnamon16:48
zy3pDBuddyb, if it is a problem with the gui then it is harder ... if it is a problem with the system the it is the same16:49
zy3pDBuddyb, yes you can install cinnamon on ubuntu but for me this doesnt make sence because with linux mint cinnamon there exists a ubuntu based distro which already has cinnamon16:50
tewardi thought cinnamon already it the repos16:51
tewardzy3pD: he loses Ubuntu support vectors since Mint changes their repositories substantially16:51
tewardhis goal is to use a variant that has web support like this one that is useful16:51
teward(I believe)16:51
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Buddybyes correct16:51
Buddybso before i had linux lite for a while, which was a derivative of ubuntu16:52
Buddybi loved it, it looked great, no bugs that i came across, but when i had a question, issue, it was hard to get help16:52
Buddybi loaded ubuntu 14.04 to a usb. i'm going to reboot and give it a try17:03
Buddybthanks for the help, i'll be back a little later17:03
tewardBuddyb: Ubuntu or Lubuntu?17:03
Buddybi am currently on lubuntu 14.1017:03
Buddybso trying ubuntu 14.0417:03
tewardBuddyb: don't forget that Ubuntu is in #ubuntu if you come back seeking support17:03
tewardif you want a similar DE to lubuntu 14.10 use lubuntu 14.0417:04
Buddybyes, correct17:04
tewardas Ubuntu is *vastly* different17:04
Buddybyes, i've played with it before, but not too much17:04
Buddybmy needs are faily basic as most of my work is done online17:04
Buddybi'll spend some time in it and be back a little later17:05
Buddybthanks again17:05
markus_hi everyone. I'm new in the linux-world. I've startet with Lubuntu and now i would like to know, is there a easy way to get the "original" lxde dark theme?18:41
zy3pDwith the application lxappereance you can change the theme18:43
markus_thaks for your answer ,with this tool i got the windows "black" with the cleanlooks theme and onyx but didn't get the lxde theme on the bar at the bottom18:44
zy3pDrightclick on the bar→panel-settings→sec tab18:46
markus_alright i'll try, thanks :)18:47
Buddybhey all19:31
zy3pDhi Buddyb19:32
Buddybso i've been playing around in ubuntu for a little bit19:33
zy3pDtried dualscreen setup?19:34
zy3pDi think ubuntu handels this automaticly so you dont need to change anything19:35
tewardehhh you might19:35
tewardespecially if you have a hybrid graphics card19:35
Buddybit was fairly straight forward19:35
teward(observed on my laptop)19:35
Buddybno graphics card, intel built in graphics19:35
Buddybits a laptop with no discrete gpu19:36
Buddybso check it out, here is a link to my current lubuntu setup19:36
tomattowhat is difference between lubuntu-desktop and lubuntu minimal instalation?19:36
Buddybdon't be mad, i'm easing myself away from windows... this helps me feel a little more comfortable19:36
* teward throws dark matter at Buddyb19:37
Buddybhaha I said forgive me19:37
BuddybI can't quit cold turkey, i need to take baby steps19:37
tewardnope, i think i'll just dump my dark matter and exotic particles from cross-dimensional energy generation onto your workspace :p19:37
teward(sorry, i'm just kidding :P)19:37
Buddybi know you are, trust me i dislike windows very much19:38
Buddybbut it helps me feel at home, what i'm used to19:38
Buddybi like in lubuntu how i can have the panel at the bottom, and that it extends across both displays19:38
Buddyband i like how if i have a firefox window open it will display it in the taskbar19:39
zy3pDbut its in many de s like that, only in windows not ;)19:39
Buddybyes, so i want a distro that can look like this19:39
Buddybwith a "start" button, and tabs on the bottom panel19:40
zy3pDe.g. lubuntu? ;)19:40
tewardhe means windows :P19:41
Buddybyea so to me lubuntu seems closer to windows than ubuntu19:47
zy3pDBuddyb, if it look like windows then try zorin os ;P19:47
Buddybreally it's between ubuntu and lubuntu, and since i have 14.10, i want to install 14.04, so i need to reinstall regardless19:47
Buddybyes, but will zorin be as compatible, and will i be able to get support and answers online easily?19:48
wxlBuddyb: it *IS* linux. you can configure it any way you want.19:48
zy3pDas i said: if you have problems with the graphical user interface then you will get less support, there is no difference if you ask for system issues19:49
janolap1hi there, I would like to try to add some "eyecandy" to my lubuntu box. So I go to gnome-look, download the tar.gz file from http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ultra-Flat?content=16747321:08
janolap1then I go to customize look and feel, but I don't know what to do next...21:09
janolap1The "custom look and feel" application crashes when I go to "icons theme" and trying to install the .tar.gz file21:14
ianorlinjanolap1: what version of lubuntu are you using?21:15
ianorlindoes a window open up to choose the theme?21:15
janolap1hummm... I don't know...21:15
janolap1I think it's 14.04, or 14.1021:16
ianorlinlsb_release -rd in terminal will tell you21:16
janolap1ok, it' 14.0421:16
ianorlindo you know what kind of theme you are trying to install?21:16
janolap1this one : http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ultra-Flat?content=16747321:17
tewardianorlin: GTK - (from #linuxpadawan) [14/12/26 16:11:56] <janolap1> Hi there, I would like to add a GTK3 theme on my Lubuntu Box (this one : http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ultra-Flat?content=167473). But I don't know how to do this...21:17
ianorlinI am not sure if GTK3 themes will work21:18
janolap1What kind of theme should work ?21:19
ianorlinI think it should support gtk2 and gtk321:20
janolap1ianorlin : I will try first an icons theme...21:20
janolap1step by step...21:20
ianorlinah yeah that button is for icon themes21:22
ianorlinI think you have to do gtk themes manually21:22
janolap1Do you think it's the same for icons ?21:22
janolap1ok, for the icons, I unpack the tar.gz into ~/.icons and use "Customize look and feel" after. Working21:25
janolap1let's try the theme now...21:26
janolap1could i create a ~/.theme directory for this ?21:26
janolap1Yes ! it's working like icons...21:29
ararobhi, I've created a .desktop file on my desktop, and pointed it to a bash script like this, Exec=lxterminal --working-directory=/home/ara/nfs3.sh -e ./nfs3.sh, but lxterm just opens, and nothing happens.21:30
ararober, i meant --working-directory=/home/ara of course.21:31
janolap1But I can't se the caption in the TaskBar pannel... to light...21:31
ararobnvm, got it to work.21:41
Ahmuck_i have a panel which i set to dynamic.  however i thought i would change it back but am not able to click the panel (as it only has a task manager assigned to it and clicking the buttons do not bring up a panel modificaion menu22:38

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