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dale____sudo apt-get update has problems on 15.0402:45
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BluesKaj_Happy Boxing Day to those who observe it :)13:08
elfyhi BluesKaj_ - same to you and I hope you had a good one yesterday too :)13:09
BluesKaj_Hi elfy, yes and same to you, hoping you had a Merry Christmas :)13:11
elfyit was :)13:13
* penguin42 finishes off his pannatone13:25
BluesKaj_ok, penguin42 what;s pannatone?13:26
penguin42BluesKaj_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panettone13:29
penguin42BluesKaj_: First time I've had one, it's very nice13:29
BluesKaj_penguin42, ahh, wife was mentioning that very cake-like bread from Italy , but nobody could think of the name, now we know ..thanks :)13:31
penguin42BluesKaj_: Apparently they have a few different ones; this was very nice - very light and fluffy with lots of sultanas and candied peel13:32
BluesKaj_sounds very good alright13:33
BluesKaj_makes me hungry, think I'll have a slice of fruitcake with my coffee :)13:34
penguin42BluesKaj_: Bizarrely I got it on discount at a recently opened chain of Danish supermarkets (Netto)13:34
penguin42getting an Italian bread in the UK from a Danish supermarket....13:35
BluesKaj_yeah, that's kinda cool13:39
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