TommyBrunnWhere should I file a bug for the emulator?13:57
ElleoTommyBrunn: here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/goget-ubuntu-touch16:06
TommyBrunnIs there any good way to inspect the qml scene? I'm trying to wrap my head around how positioning works, and it would be helpful to be able to see where the different components are, how big they are, etc.16:14
mardypopey: hi! Are there plans to have the file manager app declare itself as an importer of content?20:25
mardypopey: or, in other words, if I find time to implement the feature in these days, does it have a chance of being approved?20:25
popeymardy: not sure I understand20:35
popeymardy: so save something _to_ file manager?20:35
mardypopey: yes20:35
mardypopey: or do we have default apps for every content type?20:37
popeywe dont20:37
mardypopey: so, for instance, I would like to be able to download a document from the browser, and have the file manager store it; then I'll read it on the PC, when I connect it20:38
popeybut the browser wont let you download random files right now, will it?20:38
popeyIt only lets you download registered file types.20:39
popeyso you'd not get to the content-hub dialog for an unknown file20:39
mardypopey: true20:45
mardypopey: actually, let me explain my use case, maybe you know better how things works and can tell me if it makes sense20:46
popeymardy: you'd need to negotiate that one with dbarth and kenvandine I suspect20:46
mardypopey: I want to download images for later use, but I don't want them to show up in the gallery20:46
mardypopey: I'd like to keep the gallery only for images which I take myself20:47
mardypopey: so I thought that I could store them in the file manager, in some directory, and then retrieve them later with the PC20:48
mardypopey: do you think that this would work, or does the gallery app somehow intercept all the images stored on the phone?20:48
popeyI dont think it intercepts, it just finds anything / everything in ~/Pictures and below20:49
popeyI think the directories it looks in are hard wired, like mediascanner20:51
perrito666hey, has anyone managed to make qtdesigner to work for qml ubuntu components?22:38
popeyperrito666: i dont think anyone has, no.23:43
perrito666is there a component for a filesystem tree with listitems or should I build it by hand?23:55

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