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nonix4hrm, I thought I reproduced bug #850672 I reported earlier and thus put it as new... but I think I should change it to invalid, as new similar issue was unrelated and original one I can't reproduce. So should I just change it to invalid?16:14
ubot5bug 850672 in nut (Ubuntu) ""port = auto" does not work with bcmxcp_usb (powerware 5115)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85067216:14
tewardnonix4: i put the original back to "Incomplete"16:15
tewardnonix4: as for your new issue, file that separately16:15
tewardnonix4: as before, 60 days of no activity will expire it again - since the original issue was on 11.04 and may still be replicated in other releases (we don't Invalid unless we can prove it's not a bug)16:17
nonix4Ok. For the new issue I think I could write a patch pretty easily. Any objections to filing the bug only when I have a patch ready as well?16:20
tewardwould rather see the bug exist first ;P16:22
tewardbut that's not my call really16:22
nonix4Well, the other issue reported as bug #1405822 with patch included.18:18
ubot5bug 1405822 in nut (Ubuntu) "Default ups.conf should have maxretry setting above examples section." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140582218:18

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