silverliongood $daytime elfy08:35
elfygood morning silverlion :)08:37
elfyhappy hols too - if you do that :)08:38
silverlionI've taken some projects with me from work08:38
elfyI've not :D08:38
silverlionmy brain want's to be productive08:39
silverlionI hate to spent time for nothing08:39
elfywell - I'll be doing things08:40
* silverlion too 08:44
silverlionlike learning some new stuff for office08:44
elfyyep - always good to learn things :)08:47
elfyhi czajkowski :)11:24
elfyand hi to you too11:25
czajkowskielfy: popey ello :) how are you both ?11:27
elfyvery good thanks - hope you both had a good day yesterday11:28
czajkowskiwe did thanks11:28
czajkowskiwe also got engaged on Monday :)11:28
czajkowskibit of a crazy week11:29
elfyooh - awesome \o/11:29
elfycongrats to you (both)11:29
czajkowskithanks - prtty much still in shock11:29
elfyhe he he11:29
elfyit get's shockier lol11:29
czajkowskithanks .... i think :p11:30
popeySet the date yet?11:30
czajkowskiNo :)11:30
popeyslacker ☻11:30
czajkowskilol I just keep walkig around looking at my hand going ohh shiny and forgetting stuff11:31
czajkowskipopey: he even went down on one knee!11:31
popeyhe can join one-knee club11:31
czajkowskistill in shock at how organised he was, had the ring gotten in time, asked my dad that morning and then went to my fav place and went down on one knee while we were walking11:32
popey\o/ asked dad too.11:32
popeygood lad11:32
czajkowskiBeen an excellent trip home11:32
popeyHe's been trained well.11:32
popeyKeep it up.11:32
czajkowskiohh and he bought me  awaffle maker11:32
elfyha ha ha11:37
popeyClare bought me a lava lamp for our first christmas, that's when I knew it was meant to be ;)11:38
popeySeems the waffle maker sealed the deal for you ☻11:38
czajkowskihah got it afterwards but oh so cnanot wait till we're back to use it11:42
czajkowskiwe're back midnight sunday to pembroke and then a 4 hr drive to Guildford11:42
czajkowskipopey: kids and wifey have a good christmas?11:43
elfyoh lord - I just worked that out ...11:44
elfyso he waited till you were both in Ireland till asking - and hoping that it went right :)11:44
czajkowskiwe got here sunday and monday he asked :)11:44
elfykudos to him :)11:44
czajkowskihe's a good egg :)11:45
popeyczajkowski: yes!11:50
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