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LaneyRiddell: I don't see libxext in the utopic queue10:35
Laneyactually, I do, in rejected :(10:41
RiddellLaney: hmm10:43
Riddellany comment?10:43
Laneyonly goes to the uploader, afaik10:50
xperiahi all. i would like to build the newest ubuntu-desktop for a ARM Cortex A9 SoC. Can anybody give me a link to a working tutorial how this can be build ?14:28
smaudetHi, who would I contact about the cnjifilter-common package, and specifically where they are obtaining their binary blobs? I'm trying to enable my canon mx472, I've gone through and manually compiled most everything myself, I believe I need some binary blobs from the manufacturer though and I'm curious to know where you obtained them.16:23
smaudethttps://code.launchpad.net/~michael-gruz/+recipe/cnijfilter-common-daily is the repository I believe (or at least it is related)16:26
smaudetif this isn't the place to ask I apologize16:27
smaudetbit difficult finding the thing in the first place16:27
WhoopieHi, any reason why the linux-lts-utopic-tools-common package is empty? I hoped to find the same "binaries" for usbip and usbipd in there.16:27
smaudetThese are the files I'm referring to: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~michael-gruz/+junk/cnijfilter-common/files/head:/421/libs_bin64/16:28
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