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elfydkessel: at some point could you look and see if something you did when fixing the qa pages might be a cause for bug information not updating12:03
elfybug 140397612:03
ubot5bug 1403976 in Ubuntu QA Website "Bug info not updating on iso-tracker" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140397612:03
elfyI doubt it is12:03
dkesselelfy: iirc there is a cron job or something that updates bug info from launchpad regularly. This sounds like that job fails13:23
dkesselThere is the script. Maybe this fails because of some change.13:25
dkesselWill comment on the bug13:25
elfydkessel: cool - thanks :)14:25
elfywould perhaps sound right - iirc it was all working ok prior to the qa trackers going down while they did the drupal thing14:26
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