acmehandleI know I can use netstat to check network connections but how can I check say for example unix socket connections between applications?01:08
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pmatulisacmehandle: try lsof02:15
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sergeyHow to setup PHP's "mail" function to make it sending emails?09:07
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bekkssergey: you need to setup your mailserver, not "mail()" :)10:30
ikonia"how do I do that...."10:31
sergeybekks: How can I do it?10:32
ikoniaseems to be a large ammount of people at the moment seeming to be trying to setup php spam mailers10:32
sergeyikonia: I need it for testing. It will spam only my email10:32
sergeyneeded for "Contact Us" form on web site10:33
bekkssergey: By carefully working through https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and setting up a mail server instance - and never ever forgetting to secure it and not turn it into a spam bot.10:33
ikoniaI wasn't talking about you specfically10:33
sergeybekks: thanks10:35
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linuxmintI've tried fixing apache, but error: http://dpaste.com/1SM3B6R12:42
linuxmintOops, easy error. I fixed that, but web interface still doesn't load?12:45
jerrcsuh, the config doesn't exist?12:49
jerrcscan httpd read it?12:49
linuxmintjerrcs: how can I test if httpd can read apache2.conf?12:50
jerrcslook at the permissions. look at the error log files in /var/log/apache2 ?12:51
linuxmintjerrcs: hmm, in /var/log/apache2/error.log, I see error: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message. I fixed this error, but web interface won't load. Logs shows http://dpaste.com/02PTV6912:58
jerrcsokay, so the error on the actual terminal is probably the one you want to look at. have you reviewed the permissions?12:59
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linuxmintjerrcs: no, I'll check the apache2.conf permissions?13:00
linuxmintjerrcs: permissions seem fine and web interface loaded before. Not sure why its stopped yet? -rw-r--r-- 1 root root  7135 Dec 26 22:55 apache2.conf13:04
jerrcsThat looks fine. I'm not sure, sorry.13:05
jerrcsYou might have more luck in the Apache channel13:05
linuxmintjerrcs: ok, thanks.13:06
jerrcslinuxmint: try #httpd13:07
jerrcsYou'll get a lot better help in there13:07
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YamakasYjerrcs: hell no15:33
linuxmintwell, no action in #httpd, so still trying to make the web interface work on Ubuntu.15:52
linuxmintI ran a command # apachectl -S, which output showed ok results I think. http://dpaste.com/0J36EPZ15:53
tewardit's called 'patience'15:53
linuxmintteward: yes, well I have to go to bed now. It seems my IT issues are advanced and a bit too difficult for chat rooms to fix. I usually end up fixing on my own. Have another Ubuntu issue I'm working on since 20/09/2014.15:56
tewardthat's the patience problem - he's not patient enough to get help16:09
tewardor chooses bad hours16:09
tewardanyways, back to beatin gthe command line >.>16:09
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queeqDoes anyone has experience with streaming from webcam? I'm trying to use ffmpeg though standard configs give errors.20:53
tewardqueeq: probably better to ask that in #ubuntu because webcams20:54
teward(they're not typical with servers)20:54
tewardbut you could also wait here, just sayin.  :)20:57
* teward lurks20:57
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linuxmintI tried # /etc/init.d/apache2 status > # apache2 is running. But I can't tell if there's a fault there, as web interface still doesn't load?22:39
ikoniaweb interface ?22:47
ikoniawhat web interface ?22:47
linuxmintikonia: ZoneMinder web interface.22:53
ikoniabut that won't work if apache isn't running22:54
linuxmintikonia: yes, I suppose so. I have tested the ZoneMinder server with command # /etc/init.d/apache2 status, which shows output * apache2 is running.22:55
linuxmintikonia: I did find /etc/network/interfaces had the router old IP address, (I could still ping, so updated gateway IP and reboot, but same issue.22:57
linuxmintikonia: unless the device is on but faulty, or the device reset its IP address which I can't access. Anyway, I should still be able to see the ZoneMinder's web interaces as ZoneMinder server is running and I can ping the ZoneMinder server.23:01
linuxmintikonia: well, only other option is to rebuild the whole server again and test if it works and find the error, as noone seems to know how to find the problem?23:03
linuxmintikonia: a rebuild might take 3 hours, but finding the error (which I prefer to do) might take weeks or months.23:04
ikonialinuxmint: I'm missing the point here23:11
ikoniahave you verified that apache is actually responding on the IP address you think it should23:11
linuxmintikonia: sorry, just trying to make the web interface show.23:11
ikoniayes, but the web interface NEEDS apache23:12
linuxmintikonia: no, I didn't know that could be checked.23:12
ikoniaso that would seem a basic check23:12
ikoniacan you connect to port 80 on the ip address you think you should be able to23:12
linuxmintikonia: I'm not sure how to do that. I think I changed the port from 80 to 8063, to allow remote access.23:13
ikonialinuxmint: "you think" - you need to be sure of that23:13
ikoniaattention to detail is critical, and it's pointless to debug things unless you know basic details as fact23:13
linuxmintikonia: well, yes, the port was changed from 80 to 8063, but I can't remember how to check that, unless it's in httpd.config or a file like that.23:14
ikonialinuxmint: knowing how you changed the port is crital23:14
ikoniabut either way you can confirm you can connect to port 8063 on the IP you think it should be available on23:15
linuxmintikonia: yes, you're right. I referred to my history notes. /etc/apache2/ports.conf show syntax: Listen 8063. The URL worked. I tried before but maybe I made a typo.23:19
linuxmintSo, now the final issue is connecting to the actual camera, which isn't loading, but the camera is turned on.23:19
linuxmintIt is possible the camera reset its IP, but I need to think how to access the camera's set or default IP address.23:20
ikoniais the carmera wireless/networked or connected via usb23:21
linuxmintikonia: networked.23:21
ikoniaok - so thats just going to be accessed via web/url forwarding23:22
linuxmintikonia: ok. I typed in the camera's IP, but error: This web page is not available. I can't do a ping test on the camera.23:24
linuxmintThe power is on.23:24
ikoniaso thats up to you to solve with the camera23:24
ikoniathats not really anything to do with ubuntu23:24
linuxmintikonia: I did notice when plugging the PoE with LAN cable to WAN the wrong way around, it made a difference, but I'm pretty sure the cable is the right way around now.23:24
linuxmintikonia: ok then. Thank you.23:24

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