Neo31yo elacheche12:44
* oix salut la team20:46
Neo31ahla oix20:59
Neo31how r u doing :)20:59
oixHey Neo31 :D21:00
Neo31hhh yeey21:00
oixi'm doing good ! u ?21:00
Neo31it's been a long time21:00
Neo31i'm good enough21:00
oixa long long time !21:00
* Neo31 is still breathing21:00
Neo31just a little sick :p hh21:00
Neo31how is algeria man!?21:00
oixlol like me ! take a lemon herbal tea ! i'm feeling better since I took it21:02
Neo31lol u r a cyborg u shouldn't get sick in the first place :p21:02
Neo31i'm taking fresh orange juice every day but nothing helps, it's a rootkit injecting messy windows code into my system21:04
Neo31anyway glade to see u again on irc :)21:05
oixI'm like pinocchio, I turned into a human being, so I'm getting sick, tired, I do a lot of mistakes ... it's freaky !21:06
Neo31lool oix21:19
Neo31yep, indeed hhh21:19
Neo31r u a director/producer yet ??21:21
oixassistant director, I'm working on TV series21:22
Neo31coool ^_^ mabrouk mabrouk :)21:32
Neo31let me watch some of ur work (not a big fan of TV series, but i would love to see few EPs of yours :) )21:33

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